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Items not received

I purchased 2 topiary plants in June 2020 and as yet have not received them. I managed to contact them and was told a refund would be made if the plants could not be sent. I was told that they were lost by the courier! It is now impossible to get in contact with them. What can I do? I have tried the ticket system but the security you have to go through does not work.

4 plants ordered mid may 2020

Ordered mid May - after a month or so received one dead plant and one only 1" tall-no Sign of two other plants ordered still to this day
Sent about 15 emails and constantly receiving impersonal emails with pathetic excuses how busy they are and level one tier one etc - considering legal advice as they should not be allowed to get away with this - so many disappointed and upset angry customers on trust pilot with same experience - no contact tel no -
More than Appalling Service - this website wont accept two photos so I can't send with this email - please let me know how I can send

4 plants ordered mid may 2020

Dwarf patio apricot tree - prunus armeniaca

I ordered a Dwarf Patio Apricot Tree in April and it arrived 2 months later, dead and overpruned.
A neighbor, who's a gardener was horrified and confirmed it looked dead.
I sent an email and photos the next day and have continued sending emails to no avail. 0 replies and 0 refund.

I think they're acting fradulently in sending out knowingly dead plants. The issue seems widespread. They should refund customers or face being investigated for fraud and shut down.

Details below:

Your order #[protected]
Placed on 8 April 2020 00:36:46 BST

Item Sku Qty Subtotal
Dwarf Patio Apricot Tree - Prunus armeniaca FT20523 1 £19.99
Subtotal £19.99
Shipping & Handling £5.99
Grand Total £25.98

Thanks, Alex House

Dwarf patio apricot tree - prunus armeniaca
Dwarf patio apricot tree - prunus armeniaca

Dead plants

Ordered on the 2nd June 2 evergreen fragrance clematis. Order number#[protected]
£37.89. It was so difficult to Contact the company.
The plants came after sending
Emails stating I needed to cancel because of the weeks of waiting.
The return email stated they were in transit.
The paper work stated when the eventually arrived dead, that they were listed on the 1st June and arrived on 1st July.
I find this company so frustrating and are using the pandemic as an excuse. They really do not care and should be closed down. They money and do not follow through with service.

Dead plants

Retail sale of flowers, plants

I was promised max 15 day delay. I placed my order on 15th April. On 6th May I raised a 1st ticket asking for a full refund - no answer. On 13th May - 2nd ticket asking for a full refund as terms of delivery has been broken - no answer. On 26th of June part of the order were delivered, but the plants were packed upside down and arrived with broken, brown or yellow leaves. One plant is still missing. On 26th of June I raised 3rd ticket. Today is 02nd of July and still no answers, no missing plant, no refund...

Retail sale of flowers, plants

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I placed an order [protected] on 6 may 2020 with a delivery of 3-5 working days which may extend to 10-15 working days in busy periods. I cannot contact them, social media cut off, no phone number and when emailed a "ticket" has to be raised. This gives a delivery number which means nothing and suggests that if a further enquiry which will result in a further "ticket" being raised will not improve response. Weekly general emails have been sent from what I assume is the company chief "plantologist" advising that extended delivery has been incurred by covid 19. But no proper delivery is promised it appears that orders cannot be cancelled after 24 hours from placing the order. Summer is progressing and it would have been nice to have the plants. Please advise if you can help.

Topiary gardenia tree

Order no. #[protected] May 2020

I ordered the plant as a gift. It arrived to my relative's home in a very poor state. Packaging was battered, pot was broken, soil was completely dry, buds & blooms had dropped off, plant was practically dead. This was truly disappointing and embarrassing. The contact "ticket" i raised was acknowledged but no further correspondence has been received. I would request a full refund please.

Topiary gardenia tree

Dying and neglected plants

I have attempted to contact via their support ticket system together with photos but have only received an automated reply. My plants arrived suffering from a lack of water and light. Two were crushed due to a larger heavier plant being packed on top of them. I have planted them and will also take photos of them in situ. It was also stated that they would be in 1litre pots, they weren't. They offer a 5 year guarantee 😂, how do they honour of their responsibilities as a retailer if you are unable to contact them.

Dying and neglected plants
Dying and neglected plants

Non-delivery of order

My order [protected] was placed on 6th April 2020. Despite raising questions through their contact portal, I have had no response or delivery of the items.
There is no other way to contact, the complaint phone line listed is no longer active.
After one full month I would have expected delivery despite the problems caused by the coronavirus lockdown.
A complete lack of service and I fear I have lost my money.

I have only received part of my order

This morning as promised I received my Order #[protected] Mar 7 2020 The items I received were 2 Deal01015 but not but not included were the following

Deal76515 special deal Tête-à-tête Dwarf Daffodils in bud

H10832 Succulent plant collection-SixContemporary trendy plants

U10068 Pink Hyacnths in bud

Order# [protected] was sorted by10, checked by 29 and packed by28.

All these items were marked off

Is there another box to be delivered? Please advise.

Cypress trees

Ordered a pair of Tuscan Cypress trees. On unpacking one was damaged, in that the leader branch was broken. Immediately emailed Gardeningexpress with pictures, took a week for them to reply (after I chased them) to be told that there was no detrimental damage. Having stated that I was unhappy with this I was told to return them at my cost to get a refund, when all they had to do was send a replacement tree. Rest assured I will not use them again and would strongly advise against anyone else using them.

Poor service and quality of plants

The plants arrived in two batches, one 2 weeks after ordering and the other 3 weeks after. There was no prior warning so the people they were being delivered to were away for the weekend and the plants were in a sorry state. I had tried to cancel the order when I realised the order was going to take more than the normal 3- 5 days but is seemed impossible to do so. The only way of contacting the company is by filing out a support ticket online. There is no way of speaking to anyone on the phone. I submitted a complaint a week ago and have heard nothing.

Supply of plants

plants not as described.
most are dead or about dead, small when described as large.
not fit for purpose.
The plants arrived after 3 weeks and were dry and dying.
No means to contact the company other than a ticketing system which i never got a reply to within their allotted time.
they refuse to correspond and will not allow returns under statutory rights.
they refuse to accept the plants are not fit for purpose so as they got out of paying return carriage costs.
their advertising is misleading regarding health size and type of plants.
they are posting fake reviews on trustpilot using multiple accounts over and over again.

Supply of plants
Supply of plants
Supply of plants
Supply of plants
Supply of plants
Supply of plants
Supply of plants
Supply of plants

  • Updated by michael drinkwater · Aug 28, 2019

    dead plants, incorrect descriptions and no reasonable means of contact

Dead tree

After ordering a 'dormant tree in April, I had to wait a month before aything arrived. When the tree arrived, it was in a crushed cardbord box, had 2 broken branches, and no instructons for reviving it. I consulted the RHS website for accurate info about planting on dormant trees, and followed them to the record, but 3 months later I still have a 'dead twig' as it was when it arrived from 'Gardening Express' I contacted them by email on numerous occaisions but have not had any reply (would hace phoned, but could not find a number that would contact them!) Obviosly a cowboy outfit that sells crap, so would never use them again.

Dead tree

Really damaged plants was damaged in postage didn't want to help

It took 15 days to receive my plants the bales was damaged some of the plants very scruffy yellow, I had to have a ticket to complain had this only to be told just cut leaves off they will grow back the boxes wasn't damaged that bad 60 pounds worth of plants I think I'd have had them cheaper and healthier in garden centre no more gardening express.

Really damaged plants was damaged in postage didn't want to help

blechnum brasiliense 'volcano'

Order [protected]
Plant was ordered on 20th June.
Dispatch on box shows sent 27th June.
Plant arrived 1st July and was completely toast.
My wife opened box as i was away and found plant plant was
dead - we had a really hot spell between 27th and 1st July.
I did explain in my previous contact that we were away until 25th July
and requested a replacement plant be dispatched after that.
All of my previous purchases from you have been fine

plant delivery and quality order ref [protected]

I received several plants 16 days after ordering them on 10/7/19 (4 days after they were dispatched) The box was all battered and inside several of the plants were diseased, the tubers were all limp and one of the plants was very leggy like it had been in the box for some time. I have requested to return the plants for a full refund.
Despite opening a ticket 8 days ago, I still have not received a response, I have sent photos and requested to return the plants for a full refund...there is no customer service number or email so there is no way of following this up.
This is the second time I have received sub-standard plans from them. Their customer service is appalling.
Half of the plants are now dead, despite my efforts to revive them.

plant delivery and quality order ref [protected]

Received dead plants

I waited for a very long time only to receive a box full of dead plants! I cannot get in contact with anyone for a refund. They have a ticket system for complaints but I'm still waiting for a reply 2 weeks on. I've never had such bad service! Terrible company! Avoid at all cost! Good reviews are probably fake! This company are making a lot of money and not providing a service and are getting away with it! It's so u fair!

Received dead plants
Received dead plants
Received dead plants
Received dead plants
Received dead plants
Received dead plants
Received dead plants
Received dead plants

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    Valerie Downs Jun 03, 2020
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree. I bought in April 2020 and received dying and yellowing pathetic plants. Also not in 1 litre pot as described. Have raised a support tivket, sent an email and numerous photos. No reply except automated response on 8 days. Stay away from this company you will not get a refund as they only want sales, no aftersale.

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wrong goods delivered by hermes tracking number [protected]

After waiting several weeks for my goods which I ordered from Gardening express, I received a mixed up order from Hermes delivery service. Instead of receiving a plant, I received a cricket bat!

I've tried to contact Hermes without success. I understand that my contract is with Gardening Express and therefore the responsibility lies with them. I have paid for my order and request an investigation.

The plant I ordered is for a 60th birthday present to my friend and I am desperate to receive it in time for her birthday.

Please help.

Jenny Coates

2 x plants

Absolute joke of a company with zero morals. AVOID! I ordered my mum 2 plants for her birthday. It took 2 weeks for them to arrive. The box was bashed up and the plants, 1 in particular, was dying and wilted. My mum who's a very keen gardener has said they're beyond salvage. You can't phone this company (alarm bells) but I managed to contact them via chat. I sent pictures and this was their reply (below). I order plants for my mum every year and the state these were in is nothing I've ever seen. 

Having reviewed the photographs you sent over of your plants I can confirm that (although they are dry and some of the foliage is wilted), they are alive and will perk up (once planted out and cared for as per instructions).

Live plants are always going to be a little thirsty on delivery after being transported in a carton for a couple of days but please rest assured that they are tougher than they look and will perk up within a few days of being planted out and watered well.

2 x plants