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Aug 31, 2008 - scotts lawn service is crooked

I actually worked for Scotts Lawn Service, located in Runnemede, NJ. Scotts has been around for years and have built their brand name. However, having worked for the company, I've seen the inside...

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Jul 09, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - destroyed my lawn

Just used Scotts Turfbuilder with *** control last week on our lawn - which at the time was already pretty nice and green. We followed the instructions on the bag EXACTLY. Our lawn is now completely...

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May 21, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - don't sign up for these crooks

Scott's products for sale at places like Home Depot are fine, but avoid the fertilizing lawn service unless you want to get trapped into it like a bad cell phone company! We signed up for the service...

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May 15, 2008 - no results!

I hired scotts in the spring of 2006 to get rid of the weeds in my lawn and help to establish a new bahia grass lawn. The sales rep left me a form indicating which weeds I had and what would be done to fix it. The brochure said "If you're not satisfied, we'll make it right!". The treatments were to be done six times at a cost of $175 each. The first couple of times they treated for weeds and said (in writing) that weeds should turn yellow and die in a few days. That never happened, plus i now had a new, different type of growth (a clumpy, large-bladed thing) I had never seen before.

I called and asked them to meet me on site to explain what was going on. Three times they came out without calling me and left notes saying they would get it resolved with more treatments. Thia continued until November, when the treatments were finished and my lawn looked like hell...Worse than before I started with them!

I demanded a visit. The first guy who met me was just an applicator. He told me my problem was my whole lawn was infested with crabgrass and they had nothing to kill crabgrass. Scotts sells a crabgrass preventer over the counter, Roundup would certainly do it, as well as many other products .( The University of Florida Agriculture Dept. sent me a list of over 30 chemicals that would do it.)

Their 'expert' then came out and said the same thing, plus he said I should not be watering the lawn because water rots Bahia and crabgrass thrives on it. After each application, they had left instructions to water thoroughly for several days!!!
I asked them all if they could not kill crabgrass, why did they not tell me that before taking my money. Long story short, I hired a local expert, Mr.Stan DeFreitas, also known as Mr. Green Thumb, who has been on TV, radio and published a book on Florida gardening. He discovered many different varieties of weeds in my lawn and only two very small patches a couple inches square, near the driveway, of crabgrass.

I sued and and won all my money back plus court costs and the expense of stan's report. Last year I did weed and feed, planted winter rye and the lawn looked great. I am now seeing the bahia sprouts coming up. Finally, last year Scotts changed their warranty policy. If you're not satisfied, their liability is limited to refunding the cost of one treatment!
What does that tell you??

Please, please, stay away from scotts lawn service and do it yourself.

I purchased two of the 32 oz bottles of Scott's Turfbuilder Liquid Weed and Feed to attach to my garden hose, and neither of them will dispense from the bottle. I get only water coming from my hose. The price I paid was $17.97 per bottle. Please let me know how I can be reimbursed for this product. Thank you.

Sep 12, 2008

Also, stay away from Scotts Patch repair...the mulch is shreaded magazine paper...after you water it the paper/mulch dries hard . The new grass can't breath resulting in a waste of time and money. I also complained about the delayed refund which was 4-6 wks. I e-mailed them back saying that I would be blogging them of course.

Sep 07, 2008

two weeks ago, scotts lawn service(new castle delaware)came to aerate my lawn.They drove the machine over the entire lenght of my driveway, popping holes in the black top. I immediately called, and got no response.I called again and cancelled my service.I mailed them photos of the damage and a request for repair or reimbursement for the damages, again, no response!They showed up today and applied more fertilizer which I didnt authorize, as I had cancelled. The guy left my gate open and my dog got out and took 3 hours to find.
Bottom line is, these guys suck! Do not use SCOTTS! They do a shoddy job and my grass still looks like ###, but the aggravation they caused is more trouble than a ### looking lawn. I am very pissed off with them.If you'd like pictures of what they can do to your driveway, just email me.

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