Samsung Refrigeratorrefrigerator

Z Oct 09, 2019

We bought the refrigerator 6 years ago, it suddenly stopped working we called the call center they told us it will cost from 6000$ to 11000 $ and then they send us message we can't fix your refrigerator so you can throw it, is it logic a durable good like a refrigerator to stop working after 6 years !!! It should at least from 15 to 20 years to start to face problem with the refrigerator not after 6 years we bought it by 3000 $ how come we fix it triple it's original price and may be more !!! We trusted you Samsung a multinational company not to disappoint us ! I visited the head office here in egypt I meet mr. Youssef called wimbli in Korean language and ms. Rehab head of complaints and mr Bishoy head of customer service all are unqualified they didn't solve the problem they didn't help us they just left us and didn't get our right or made us satisfied please we are dealing with top brand you should act as top with your customers please I need any one to contact me urgently urgently urgently

  • Updated by Zemos · Oct 10, 2019

    The company at egypt told us it can’t be repaired and send us message it can’t be repaired, it is unfixed problem, I’m not pleased with this at all we are in egypt, no maintenance center here, the company told us just there is no maintenance here for the refrigerator, this is not accepted at all we are really unsatisfied and will not leave this problem without solving here in egypt ! We will take the law route to get our right

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