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Complaints & Reviews

Interest incurred due to SharafDG failure to convert to Flexipay

I have emailed the email add provided but I am still waiting for a reply from SharafDG. I have been running after this issue for a very long time and SharafDG has blatantly disregard my emails regarding this matter despite the fact that I have been contacted by 2 agents previously who keep making promises which are yet to be fulfilled. I have emails to prove this.

  • Updated by Nirmala Rai · Mar 21, 2020

    I do not know how many time I have to make complaintS regarding this matter but I will not stop until I get my refunds on the interest that was incurred to my credit card due to SharafDG failure to convert it to Flexipay. I purchased MacBook Air online on June 2 and opt for the Flexipay and I was charged for the conversion as well. When I found out about the failure of the conversion I contacted SharafDG and I was promised that the amount would get converted and that the interest incurred to my credit card will be refunded as well. In order for the conversion to be done I had to swapped my card again and have it converted while the initial payment was to be refunded. I waited for months for the refund after I made a complaint about it here but the interest was not refunded. I had to bare the interest from June 2 to Dec 12 last year and I have been following up regarding this. I had been contacted by 2 agents Savio and Beatrice previously who promised me my refund (I have proof of mails for this) and kept on telling me that this matter has been accelerated to the higher management. I do not know how long the higher management needs to resolve this problem or if they are just giving me a goose chase thinking I might just get tired of chasing and forget about it. Now I have not been getting any replies from any of them since the start of this year despite my countless emails for update. SharafDG has blatantly been disregarding this matter for very long time and I demand my refund to be made.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Mar 22, 2020

    Dear Customer, we are very sorry to know about your experience with us. Please let us know your order number at [email protected] so that we may further look into your complaint to offer the best possible solution on your concern.

Interest incurred due to failure of SharafDG converting payment to Flexipay

I have submitted a complaint before regarding a situation where SharafDG failed to convert a purchase to Flexipay and it took me months of callings and emails for it to be finally have the payment refunded and converted and now I am waiting on the interest that has incurred on my credit card for that 6 months. I have mailed many times regarding this matter and I was in touch with someone who eventually stopped responding to my calls and emails now. I did get calls back before and it was of no updates. I have been waiting patiently for updates regarding the interest but I'm told that my matter has been accelerated to the higher management and she is waiting for a response.
I do not understand what is the response I am to wait for as SharafDG has told me they would be responsible for the interest incurred as the fault lay on SharafDG failing to convert my payment to Flexipay when I had opted for it during the payment. I am stuck with the interest incurred for the 6 months now. I have not gotten a reply from the person who was in touch with me since the start of this year. I have been checking my bank statements for the refund every month but no refund has

  • Sh
    Sharaf DG Mar 13, 2020

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

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  • Ni
    Nirmala Rai Mar 13, 2020

    @Sharaf DG I have mailed couple of days ago requesting update. Someone should be contacting me regarding my mail.

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Nokia 7 plus warranty claim

My mobile no. Is +[protected].i bought a nokia 7plus from sharaf dg uae alwahdah mall shop. Same time i bought 1 year extended warranty. Now its under extended warranty period.suddenly phone got a issue with charging.1 week after it stoped charging. But i used phone until battery die. There was no any single issue with phone that time except charging.i gave my phone to same shop i bought the phone. After 1 week after i received a call that my display is brocken need 300Dhiram to fix phone never has an issue with display. I need justice. I dont want to loose my phone because of someone else's mistake.
Ticket id -2716598
Invoice /Ref. No - SIWM101201018030

  • Sharaf DG's response · Mar 11, 2020

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension, please feel free to write your concern with the details of your purchase invoice to offer you assistance.

  • Updated by Dilshan1994 · Mar 12, 2020

    SIWM101201018030 IS invoice reference number. Thanks for your feedback. . Wainting for justice. They just pointing out the damage on the corner. If you inspect you will see it happened 1 year ago. And my phone worked as usual without any single issue until this charging issue.


My friend and I purchased two iphones from Sharaf DG. They convinced us to take their flexi pay services for 24 months payment. We did exactly after they explained that they will...

misleading displayed laptop

13 December 2019 Dear Sir, I would like to log a complaint against Sharaf DG for misleading the consumer with fake advertising. I ask for the advice of the salesman, and he...

super general washing machine

I both this super general front load washing I avail the Ew for another 1yr but this Ew from sharaf DG is very bud and very foor service first my washing machine have a problems showing error as per tech who check the washing the part is not included as per sharaf DG and now I'm already agreed to pay the part but still very foor service almost 1 week to resolve the issue but still not done repaired I'm very feel bud this sharaf DG Ew and I will not buy again anymore at sharaf store and I'll inform to all my friend don't buy at sharaf store because is bud service at all...

  • Sharaf DG's response · Dec 18, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.


Order was made on 28 Nov. No feedback after 2 weeks and customer support thru multiple channels (call, emails, chat) are not very helpful. Poor customer service even after daily follow ups on email calls and chat, a tracking number from the courier has been provided but physical item has not been forwarded to courier yet. Will not order to Sharaf DG online again. No customer should suffer with this kind of hassle.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Dec 11, 2019

    Dear Customer, we regret to hear that and apologize the delay caused. Please feel free to write us at [email protected] with your order number to offer you further assistance.

  • Zh
    Zhuldyz balbaeyva Jan 04, 2020

    On 31 th dec we brought 65 inc hisense tv from sharafdg sharjah city centre we informed to tv salesmen for that we r flying back to our country 1st night they said on 2nd i will get deliver but today is 4th jan till now we not get any deliver why they cnfm our delivery if they r not able...means for increase his sale they can say lie with buyer its shame on your company and staff

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regarding a refund


I would like to make another complain regarding a situation which have been going on for a very long time. I purchased a MacBook Air online on June 2 which was supposed to be on Flexipay but later I realised that it has not been converted despite the fact that I opted for 18 months and even paid for the Flexipay conversion. When I called the bank they told me that they won't be converted and I have to be in touch with SharafDG regarding the matter. I managed to get in contact with Savio from the warehouse and he told me that I would need to swipe my card again at a store and once it been converted, the amount that I paid on June 2 and the interest that has incurred for that amount till date will be refunded back to me. I have his email as a proof. The amount I swiped at the store has already been converted. Now it has already been more than 6 months and I am still paying for the interest and I have not received the refund of June 2. Whenever I called the call centre they are giving me vague answers not telling me what is happening and when I speak to Savio he is giving me a goose chase saying refund will be in my account in 1-2 days or it will be done on that day. I have been very patient with this situation which is the first place is not my mistake but yet again I am calling the call centre and Savio literally begging for my refund and the interested incurred to me. I would like to know what is being done about this and I could like my refund back as soon as possible to stop the interest from piling up and pay the interest incurred to me since June 2. This is very unprofessional the way SharafDG call centre and Savio has been treating me. I am really upset and frustrated with this situation.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Dec 06, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension and apologize the inconvenience caused to you. Please feel free to share more details of your invoice or order reference number at [email protected] to offer you further assistance.

  • Updated by Nirmala Rai · Dec 06, 2019


    Yes I have been contacted by one of your agent and I have been told that I have to wait yet another week for the refund which is really ridiculous because I have been waiting for it for the past month. I have been very patient with this matter but unfortunately I do not have any patience left in me and having to actually get the attention of such a big company through this website shows how little the company thinks of a consumer’s problem and once again it wasn’t even my mistake to begin with. I will give it another week. I will see if I do get my refund plus the interest charged to me or if it is another goose chase yet again.

Sharafextended warranty

I write this to express my disappointment to sharaf dg ibn batuta mall. On October 2019 i purchased samsung note S10 with extended waranty. The lady who handle payment suggested me to buy extended waranty. She told me it will cover physical damage and battery replacement. But replacement only apply for 3 months if i purchase the extended 1 year warranty.

When my phone actually broke a month after i purchased, i went back to sharaf dg batuta mall but the customer service said, my waranty only cover extended software malfunction, and not physical damage.

I feel cheated my false information or lack of product knowledge given by the employee when i purchased it.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Nov 25, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice number at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

fun pass

FunPass redemption is hopeless exercise. I had 2 fun pass I was outright rejected without any reason. I am following on email from last 18 days n Everytime I get same response...

tlc rewards and sharaf dg support

We raised so many issues with these vouchers since the time we received them. There were so many calls and emails. This back and forth communication in order to use the vouchers is taking more than a month of active calls, emails, chase ups from our side and literate no response from Sharaf DG support except the automatic reply "we are investigating the issue". Very proffessional really, i am really speachless. Definitely the worst service i have experienced ever.

I had owful experience with Sharaf DG online delivery and thought ok, lets give them one more chance, it can happen, but this is not "it can happen" the case, this is "i dont care at all" case. Taking our time, nerves and money, because activities we planned to use vouchers for in the end we paid from our pocket.

By the way, while i am writing this, still no response from Sharaf dg side on any of my multiple issues. I believe thise vouchers also expired by this time.

Thanks Sharaf for the worst ever experience rating, will make sure to put this rating wherever possible and spread the word.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Nov 11, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice or online order reference no. at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

service is incredible bad!

I bought a bosh built-in dishwasher online. It was one of the most expensive dishwashers on the website. The delivery team brought it in 2 days and the problem was started. The team did not tell me that this model is not fitted right in my kitchen. They just said that I need to cut the wooden panel for the machine. But when they already installed it I understood that still it won't work properly. Even it won't open correctly. So I asked them to take the dishwasher back. They refused and said that I need to call to sharaf. It was another challenge. For the whole week they could not solve my problem. They sent a technician to give the ideas what to do with my already installed machine. He came and asked why the delivery team installed it? Of course it will not work here and do they do it for purpose or what? So sharaf dg received a report from the technician but still does not think that it is their fault! I am not a proffessional and can not understand will it work or not and why they installed it? The dishwasher is still in my kitchen and I am not able to use it because I want to do a refund. So in few days they told me that I need to pay 30% of the whole amount for the non-use machine! I asked them to change for the model that will be ok for my few days they came back to me and said that they can exchange it in 10 days but still I need to pay the refund fee which is 30% (in my case 1260 aed). I agreed that okay, I will pay just take back the dishwasher and still they did not do that. I am waiting for the delivery to take away this machine with the refund fee! The company is very bad. The service is very bad. Never never buy there anything!

delayed delivery, poor follow up and support

I placed an online order for a TV on 31st Oct2019 and today is 4th November 2019 still have not received the delivery. Upon calling Sharaf DG they ask me to follow up with the courier company but my argument is i did not choose the courier company so they must follow up. Still, i called courier company and they say Sharaf DG is dispatching it today!!! So it's a total mess and don't know whom to trust... Two days i stayed at home awaiting for the delivery and from tomorrow i will be away.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Nov 04, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension.Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice or online order reference no. at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

redeem reward problem

207291 Im very disappointed from Sharaf Dg and will never buy again from you guys I purchased some items in Gitex and they gave me a travel pass after that i sent email with the receipt...

iphone xs max 256 gb gold

Paid for the product on 1-Nov @ Sharaf DG, China court, Ibn Batuta Mall, with a promised home delivery by 2-Nov 10pm. No delivery; no call; no updates from anywhere. I called Helpline and visited the store customer service, all said NO STOCK, wait for it. If you hadn't had the product anywhere, why so rush to take the money? Just to reach everyday store sales target!! The store staff clearly doesn't know anything about customer acquisition cost, because they're making things only worse to hold one. Receipt ref no.: BPI0103011119031; SOI015401111980505

  • Sharaf DG's response · Nov 03, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

  • Updated by Sumeetesh · Nov 05, 2019

    Issue got resolved in less than 72 hours. Wonderful job! Customer retained... Thank you Sharaf DG

product not delivered

Really bad experience, the date of delivery for the items that i ordered was 23rd October 2019, 23rd it doesn't delivered and when i call the city center Sharaf DG they promise to...

worst customer service

Im very disappointed from Sharaf Dg and will never buy again from you guys
I purchased some items in Gitex and they gave me a travel pass after that i sent email with the receipt and they replied that i can redeem the travel pass by clicking the link, i did it then i came a blank page !!! This is how i redeem the travel pass it's ridiculous then i sent many emails and they ignore it that means they give fake voucher to make people buy from them then nothing happens, i tried calling the number in the voucher which never gets answered!!! I will raise a complain to UAE all authorities about them to stop cheating people

  • Sharaf DG's response · Oct 24, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension, please feel free to share your concern with the details of your purchase invoice at [email protected] for further assistance.

delivery of purchased item

We purchased a Super General A/C 1.5 ton which was to be delivered on Sunday 20th October. No delivery has taken place after numerous follow ups with the driver?delivery...

I phone 7 32gb

207291 I Bought a i phone 7 32gb from sharaf dg abu dhabi mall on 06/10/2019 and i have returned phone on 13/10/2019 in mushrif mall store becuase of phone getting heat as normal use...

late delivery and cancellation the order

i ordered portable Ac unit, supposed to deliver in 5 working days and not deliver
even after 8days.
i cancelled the order and ask for refund and it is being three weeks and refund not come.
only customer service says checking checking and checking...

this is very bad experience and not recommending to buy anything.
after sales service very BAD..

Check with JUMBO...

  • Sharaf DG's response · Oct 08, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with us at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

changing my phone on dg shield

Dear sharaf dg,

Im trying to call customer care number like 100 time but the number not working then I try to call [protected] also no one answer me.
I want a solution to now what happen with my phone.
This totally not accepted when company like sharafdg doing like that with customer.
Im looking forward from your company as soon as possible.

Yusuf hajjaj
Phone number:[protected]
Ticket id: 165952

service complaint

I have purchased a tab from ur burjman centre and due to some problem I gave it for servicing at the same center in 20.09.19. It was informed to me that it will take Max 10-15 days. However I am yet to get my tab back. It's my son, s school tab and it is very difficult for him to attend the classes without tab. Please provide me my device urgently by looking into it personally.
Rupesh Sankhla
MO No [protected]

  • Sharaf DG's response · Oct 05, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension, please feel free to share your your concern with the details of your purchase invoice at [email protected] for assistance.

delivery time after buying a product

I bought a new TV 7 days ago, I was told it was going to be delivered within 5-7 days, but now I received an update that it'll be delivered after 2 more weeks (because it's out of...

customer service

I purchased 2 Fossil Smartwatches online through Sharaf DG in May and my troubles started then. Both were purchased to be gifted and upon seeing delivery within 5-7 Business days on the site.

Product Delivery - Even after 7 days i did not receive any confirmation email on the shipping or delivery dates. I Kept following up with them through their customer care number as well chatted with them online regarding the same. No News or updates ; all they could tell me was somebody from concerned department will get in touch with me. Finally after about 10 or so days i get a call from the customer care department telling me one watch was not in stock and if i could confirm another model for them via email. This was done the same day and after that it still took them about another 2 weeks to deliver the products by which time my idea of gifting these watches couldn't be done.

Product - Once it was delivered i realized that the watch which they replaced since the original requested one was not available was a piece that was probably used as display piece before since it already data configured on the phone.

Since the phone appeared to be in new condition despite the configured data i went ahead and gifted it.

After 2 months of using the watch, the back panel of the watch came undone. We could see some sort of sticky substance around the panel ( almost like glue). We immediately took the watch to the nearest store and handed it over to the customer care person, who without even looking at the problem said the watch was thrown down and it will not be covered in warranty. I was obviously surprised that this man had such great powers of deduction that even without looking at the product(On which there no scratches at all) he decides that it was thrown down.

Anyways the watch was accepted by them, and warranty was issued and i was told that i will get it back within 10-15 days. This happened on 31st August 2019. Today is the 3rd of October and i have not received any calls from Sharaf DG.

I chatted with them online 2 weeks back, they promised i will get a call within 24 hours... no call. My husband called them on the customer care number given last week and he was informed that they will escalate that issue and get back to him in 24 hours.. till now nothing.

I really have no idea why such a reputed company is so shabby in its customer service and response levels. We have asked them for a full refund as they haven't even had the decency to contact us even after a month.

As a consumer i believe UAE consumer protection laws covers our rights to at least have a proper communication channel in place.

The irony is that we have no complaints with the other watch (same model) that was purchased at the same time.

Sharaf DG absolutely does not care to keep contact after sales/during delivery/post sales service. No courtesy to even update the customer on the status . Its amazing how every customer care executive you speak to has only one thing to say... " Im not from the concerned department, i will escalate the issue to the team and somebody will contact you in 24 hours"

Sharaf DG will definitely loose customers if this the way they treat them. Me and my immediately family of 23 people for one will definitely not buy anything else from them no matter what deals they bring out.

bosch dishwasher

Bosch Dishwasher under warranty stopped working and was attended by service agent 25 days ago. Sharaf DG team does not update with any information. Have called 3-4 times to follow...

sony hts500rf 5.1 soundbar

207291 purchased the product on 14th sept 2019.i was informed that it will work with any tv home i connected the sounbar to my LG tv's HDMI(ARC) input but no sound output.i took...

samsung galaxy s9

I purchased Samsung Galaxy S9 one year before from sharaf dg time square. When I was buying this mobile .sales person insist me to buy extended warranty for 309.90dhs .at that time he told i will get many benefits in that . Like .any thing happened to my mobile they going to change it with new .Either its crash under car or fall in to wc .they going to exchange for me with new mobile . Last day. By accidentally it fallen in to sea while I'm was fishing. After 3, 4 hours of hard effort we found it . When I try to power it on.. it was not working. After that I took it to sharaf dg store at same place from where I bought this mobile. I ask for repair it under warranty .they told it's not covered on warranty. They told me to speak with costumer care. I went there and I explained them everything .while I was buying this mobile one of your salesperson has told me many benefits .that you are going to exchange. They surprised me .they told .this warranty is not covered for accidental damage. They told its covers only manufacturing fault only . I am asking from sharaf dg .if this warranty is not covered in extended warranty. Then why your salesperson lie to me at that time .when I was buying this mobile. I want tell all .please don't go to buy like these warranties. It's like waste of your money.

samsung galaxy s9

  • Sharaf DG's response · Sep 19, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension, please feel free to share your specific concern with the details of your purchase invoice at [email protected] for further assistance.

dishwasher and washer dryer

I bought both appliances at Sharaf DG in ibn battuta mall. Before the paying the AED3000 I stated the installation was to be at 7pm fir both appliances. Sept 15 for washing machine and sept 17 for dishwasher. The delivery person called me directly and stated no installations after 5pm. Customer also states this. I am not available at the apartment until 7pm; this is the time I bought fir the delivery and installation.

dishwasher and washer dryer

  • Sharaf DG's response · Sep 15, 2019

    Dear Customer, We are sorry to hear about this, we are very much here for your help, please share your details at [email protected] for us to offer you prompt assistance

customer service

When I purchased a laptop from you it was meant as a students laptop so it is not supposed to be away from the student as he always needs it, after 6 months from purchasing the...

mobile phone warranty

I bought two mobiles from Deira city centre branch, samsung S10 and S10plus, I even opened a loyalty account, Paid for the product and walked away without noticing that they charged me for the extended warranty without my knowledge, after a week I seen my statment and curiosity made me check my bill and that's when I found out I have been cheated,
I would like to get my refund of both phones extended warranty,
Please get back to me how will I get my refund, If I have to go to customer rights and place a complain I'll do it,

mobile phone warranty
mobile phone warranty

  • Sharaf DG's response · Sep 08, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with us at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

siemens washing machine

I bought a Simens washing machine on 18th of August 2019 With 3 years extended warranty Then the product that i received was damaged So they replaced it and i received the new...

philips beard shaver

207291 I have made an advance payment and purchased an Phillips beard shaver from sharaf dg dalma mall Abu Dhabi on 6th Sept 2019 at 3:58pm. As per the sharaf dg delivery policy, the...

Sharaf DG UAEonline purchase - not delivered

Online order: W1119103
Never received and it shows as delivered. I called SharafDG customer services 5 times, made 2 complaints, called delivery company 2 times.
Still nothing happened, no one did any follow up although all the customer services agent said someone will call ..
This is the first time I experienced such a bad service!
Please get me an answer to know what I need to do? And will I ever receive the goods ordered?

I can't make exchange or refund on damaged item

I bought IPhone XS on 25 of AUG 2019, on 4 of September on screen of my IPhone appeared mark like fluid inside screen, it did not fall down and there is no any single scratch on...

beats x wireless headset not working

Hi i bought these headphones from sharaf dg dubai mall,
Beats MLYG2SO/AX WLS Earphone BLU -
Serial No.: SFTRTF0GUH18X
Ref.No.SIDM106250819010DateSun, Aug 25, 2019

Are not working i bought them and i tried but they r not charging and not switching on

Now i am in pakistan what should i do?
Shall i send it back to sharaf dg dubai?
Plz advice

beats x wireless headset not working

  • Sharaf DG's response · Aug 27, 2019

    Dear Customer, please feel free to share your concern with the details of your purchase invoice at [email protected] for further assistance.

Shipment is lost from aramex

we has been sent courier to Dubai month of 26/08/2018. and tracker no.[protected] but still shipment is not yet receive to Consignee. we had complain to Aramex office his name hi...

purchase of epson l4150 printer

On Friday 23rd August 2019, I purchased an Epson L4150 printer from your store in Dubai Mall. At the time of purchase, I SPECIFICALLY stated to the salesman in the ‘Printer Section' that I was only looking for a printer which had AIRPRINT capability. As such, the salesman directed me to purchase the newly released (his words) EPSON L4150 EcoTank Printer, whilst ASSURING me that the printer was fully AIRPRINT enabled. I double checked by stating that it did not have AIRPRINT on the box, to which he ASSURED me that the new release Epson Printers were now ALL AIRPRINT enabled.

I have this evening (Saturday 24th August 2019), spent some 2 hours setting up and trying to troubleshoot the AIRPRINT capability, only to discover from both Apple and Epson that this model isn't AIRPRINT enabled.

What part of AIRPRINT ENABLED didn't the Sharaf DG salesman not understand??? My ONLY prerequisite was that the printer be AIRPRINT enabled, only to be sold a printer that wasn't!?!?

I will be returning the item immediately to Sharaf DG and ensure that the company addresses the issue with the useless salesman. I'm so disappointed that I will NEVER purchase an item from Sharaf DG again ! Their incompetent salesman is to blame for this.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Aug 25, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice reference no at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.

microsoft software

207291 hi i buy microsoft student and home account which perice is 449aed an i buy also there from basic annual perice which perice is 99 aed to assist me about my software' and...

online service

I ORDERED 2 ITEMS LAST AUGUST 8 2019 THAT WAS GOING TO DELIVER IN 2- 5 BUSINESS DAYS..BUT UNTIL THIS DAY AUGUST 20 2019..THE ITEMS THAT I ORDER IS NOT YET CAME. AND THE DELIVERY TIME OF IT.."It takes 2 - 5 business days to deliver the order within UAE. In case of items such as refrigerators, Television of size 40" and above, Washing machines and other major appliances, which are delivered by the supplier, the delivery happens within 5-7 business days."

  • Sharaf DG's response · Aug 21, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your feedback, please feel free to share your Order details at [email protected] so we can look into it and offer you a prompt assistance. We regret the delay and inconvenience caused.


I have bought a Samsung TV at Dubai Mall on the 17th Aug 2019 and there are a few misinformation was given towards me during the purchase.

1. I was asked to be a member of Sharaf DG and was not told that the free JBL headset is not included in the member price until I did my purchase.

2. I told the salesman I need the TV delivered before 4pm. And I was reassured that it will be delivered before that time.

3. I called the call centre at 3:54pm and was told that there is no specific time for delivery and they will call me an hour before the delivery.

4. I called them again, and I was given the driver contact number, I called them and guess what? They can deliver at 8pm.

I am truly disappointed with the misinformation as it has been used to convince me to purchase the TV.

I hope that Sharaf DG can guide the salesman to be straight forward in passing information to the customers next time.

I cannot be sitting at home the whole day waiting for this as I have so much more important things to do.

  • Sharaf DG's response · Aug 18, 2019

    Dear Customer, we are concerned regarding your apprehension. Kindly share more details with the scanned copy of your Invoice at [email protected] to have required assistance for your particular concern.