Samsungrefrigerator - I am totally unsatisfied with samsung!

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My husband and I bought a samsung refrigerator model # rs257barb in november of 2005 for our new house. On may 15 we noticed that the number 34 on the refrigerator was flashing and started to rise to the 40's and then the 50's. I placed a call to best buy where I bought it, in which I also had a 3 year warranty. They placed a call into the maytag services and a repairman came out on may 17th (Gjeran). He saw that my refrigerator needed a part so he took a heater gun and got the frost off and told us he didn't know how long it would take for the part to come in but my refrigerator should be good until then. Well, the refrigerator didn't last until the part came. It went back to 58 degrees spoiling our food. When the part came in and another repair man (J. Candi) came on may 27th, he took the brand new part out of the box that was shipped and put it into the refrigerator stood back, looked at it, the temp started to come down from 58 degrees and then went back into the rear of the refrigerator took that part back out and put in the other old one. At the time I asked him what was going on he said, "oh, your refrigerator is going into defrost automatically, so thats a good sign. " when he put the refrigerator back, it was still on 58 degrees and I asked why is it still on 58 degrees he said it will go down. He complained about how he hates to do someone else's work and how he hates to put on parts. This was the weekend of memorial day, my husband and I lost over $135.00 worth of food that weekend because the refrigerator stayed at that temperature. On may 31st a repairman (G. Jerdan) came and I asked was the new part put into the refrigerator by the other repairman because the refrigerator stayed the on the same temperature since after the 2 day the first repairman left. He said it looks like he didn't put in the new part. He asked me did he bring a part with him, I said yes he opened it up out of the box and put it in and took it off. He said I don't know why he would do such a thing. He called his tech people and ordered another part. Mean while he took the heat gun and defrosted it again and said we would have to wait for the parts. The refrigerator went back to 58 degrees in two days again, and none came back until june 15th. On june 15th a repairman came, the parts were sent to our house so he fixed the refrigerator.

We had been without a refrigerator, from may 15 to june 15. I talked to several people at maytag, and samsung. Samsung (Gwen novak) told us to fax them our food receipts, when we did, she claimed that they could not reimburse all of my food only one for $121.00 because the repairman came out and fixed the refrigerator with the heat gun. This only lasted 2 days each time!!! I have 2 medical children, and 1 grand baby that is 1 years old that lives with us. He needs milk constantly.

Now our ice machine is broken. On june 26th a repairman came out to confirm that our ice machine was broken. Now we are in the process of getting a new refrigerator that samsung finally approved to refund, but it this is another problem because best buy has to take the old one out and then we have to come into the store and buy the new one, then wait for the new one to be delivered which is more time without a refrigerator.

I am totally unsatisfied with samsung and will never buy or recommend a samsung product. When we go to pick out another refrigerator I will not get a samsung. I don't like how we were talked to by some of the people that represent samsung. Not having a refrigerator for a whole month and losing food because we were told that the heat gun would fix it until the part came was the worst experience we've had that has involved our children and our grand child.

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    I have posted a video on YouTube about my experience with Samsung's Customer Service:

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    Bad after sales


  • Ch
    Chris Nov 17, 2006

    I purchased a Samsung RS2534WW side by side white refrigerator. The warranty on parts and service was for a paltry 1 year. Well, just after one year had passed, the ice maker quit working and the freezer temperature control seems not to be working as well, freezing most of the food it contains. I called the local service repair shop given to me by the Samsung customer service rep and was told that it would be at least $150 for the service call and repair. Well, I made this call about 10 months ago and decided against allowing them to get any more money out of me for a product that should have lasted well in excess of 1 year, so I haven't been able to make ice for most of the time I've had this refrigerator. Frankly, because of this, I'll never buy another Samsung product again, instead choosing to pay more attention to the scores of individuals out there who are unsatisfied by the quality of any Samsung product. I urge you to do the same. It's ridiculous the company can basically steal $1000 and not stand behind the quality of its products. Rather than replacing this refrigerator, I've chosen simply to purchase a more reputable, quality-driven brand of refrigerator. Sure I realize it's going to cost more to purchase a new refrigerator than repair the current 1 I have but it's worth the peace of mind I'll have not being concerned with when my Samsung will break again.

    I should say that I also have 2 Samsung phones, a 61 inch Samsung big screen TV, and 2 Samsung DVD players. But these will be the last Samsung products I ever puchase.

    Fort Worth, TX

    Feel free to email if you've had the same problems or know any email addresses of Samsung executives. I'd like to email blast all of them with my concerns but, of course, they hide in secrecy because of the poor service and quality policies they endorse.

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  • Le
    Les Johnson Nov 28, 2006

    I purchased a Samsung Refridgerator from Best Buy about 4 years ago...I contacted Samsung after having it for about 6 weeks. People complain about the ice maker not handling a family of five....this thing can't handle a family of two. The Icemaker finally quit completely about 2 months ago. I am reluctant to call anyone to fix it, because it didn't work worth a crap when it was new. Thank goodness I have GE in the garage with an ice maker that makes enough for us and then some. I have had several other Samsung products with no complaints, but I too have decided that I will never buy another Samsung product again.

    Casselberry, FL

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  • Ca
    Carmine Apr 29, 2007

    Most of the trouble are noisy ac line paths especially in older homes. Causing microprocessor to glitch up/lock up. Remove noisy fluorescent lights and use an ac line filter/spike suppressor. As fridges become more electronic they get more sensitive.

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  • An
    ankur mittal May 23, 2007

    I purchased a samsung split 2 ton a/c from firozabad-gupta electronics on mar. 2006, i complaint for a prob. (less cooling) in nov. 2006. But up to march 2007 no response was coming, again i do a complaint in mar.2007 then a engineer visit to my home after 3 days ,on that time electricity were not coming so it goes back and still now no response is coming, i also complaint in customer care .my family faced too much prob. As i have use this samsung a/c 1st time, really its a very bad experience, and surely if no response coming then i'll go to media and consumer court.

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  • Ra
    Ravin May 31, 2007

    My freezer has broken twice in less than a year. Samsung customer care was horrible to deal with and they are insisting that I get a diagnostic don out of pocket before they will authorize someone to come out and fix the freezer. I just got the fridge in Oct 05. The model is a RS253BASB do yourself a favor and don't buy SAMSUNG home appliances. I believe their specialty lays in flat screen TV's.

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  • Cu
    CUSTOMER8520215454 Jun 18, 2007

    My Samsung refrigerator is a POS as well. Plastic bin cracked in half just opening the drawer. WTF? Its 13 month old of course. Its like it had a timer in it. Spending all day trying to find a replacement part even though its stamped inside the panel... Yeesh DA63-00806, anyone got one of these?

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  • Ma
    M.A.KUMAR Jul 07, 2007

    My name is m.a. kumar. contact : c-2 / 101, swapnanagari complex, opp. annasaheb magar stadium, udyamnagar, pimpri, pune. tel : 020 2750 2008.

    We bought a samsung refrigerator on 27.01.2007 from radhika sales corporation, pimpri pune. this refrigerator was not functioning from 04.07.2007 and a complaint was lodged with the dealer on the same day. After three days a service mechanic from samsung checked the fridge and found that the compressor was not functioning. We tried to contact the service agent, dealer, samsung service but was in vain.

    To avoid spoilage of food the service to be attended immediately.


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  • Di
    Dinesh Jul 15, 2007

    I am now a grate hater of Samsung Refrigerator and Samsung as a Product Company after purchasing a Refrigerator and the mental harassment that followed later.

    On 15th July 2006 I purchased Samsung Refrigerator RT23 . It makes so much noise that I registered a complaint with the Samsung Customer Care Center (Phone : 30308282) on 9th Dec 2006. The technician came to attend the problem on 20th Dec 2006. The technician gave a really absurd explanation that it is a new and high pressure compressor so it would make this such noise for first 6 months. He asked to monitor and wait for 6 months and went back without resolving the problem.

    So after 6 minths, bearing with the high noise level from the refrigerator, as the problem yet prevails, I called the customer center again. Due to my schedule mismatch the appointment the technician was delayed by 2~3 weeks.

    The call center said technician would come on 23rd June 2007 at around 11 or 12 in the noon. So I kept waiting for him. But till 2pm also when the technician did not turn up I had to again call the customer center. (Unfortunately being alone at home I did not have food so far being waiting for the technician). Then the customer center confirmed that he would be coming by any time till 5pm... poor myself starving till 7pm waiting for the technician again called the customer center but all in vain. Please bear in mind to get connected to the customer center some times takes an hour or more also. Finally at 8pm hopelessly I left house for dinner. The next day morning at around 10 pm the technician called from the Samsung Service Center intimating me about his visit by 12 noon again... poor myself again starved waiting the technician till 2pm...7pm and desparatly out of unbearable hunger left house at my surprise technician called at around 8:15 saying that he is at my house... perfect example of Murphy's Law :( So I had to return home without dinner...

    Finally on 24th June 2007 technician from Samsung analyed the noise problem and gave the same old explanation. He also said that this is the normal noise level . (What a disgusting reply from Samsung.). He went back with promise to come the next day with the a noise level measuring instrument for my clarification. But as expected nobody came the next day. I did wait patiently till 30th June 2007 and ultimately called the service center again. Call center execute confirmed the technician/engineer visit on the same day at 5pm but same story was repeated. I kept waiting and starving myself with the fear of Murphy's Law... and nobody from Samsung came. Even today on 15 July 2007 no engineer came to solve the problem. As the noise level is unbearable I had to call the customer center once again... executive said the engineer would come tomorrow...

    So it is of no use wasting time and money following the call center... better to throw out the refrigerator from the house and buy a new one from any other company but not Samsung.

    CONCLUSION Samsung is the worst company with the worst products and the worst customer care... rather it is the mental harassment center for the customers. Due to this refrigerator from Samsung I lost my peace of mind I got mentally harassed, got starved on 2 days. I have decided not to buy any product from Samsung and recommend not to purchase it.

    Go for it if you want to loose your money, if you want to loose your peace of mind... if you want to get mentally harassed / tortured following the call center and service center which is useless.

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  • Ra
    Ravin Patten Jul 17, 2007

    Man I feel your pain, our fridge looks great but I don't trust it. It has broken on us to many times, and dealing with Samsung service center is awful.

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  • Eu
    Eugene Jul 23, 2007


    Or maybe at least one, I purchased my $1400 Samsung RS253BASB side-by-side one year and one month ago and I am now experiencing the frequently posted problem of the temperature rising in excess of 55 degrees on the freezer side. I did not purchase the extended warranty from Best Buy thinking surely it would last... I reported the problem to Samsung and they stated I only have 8 days left to on my manufactures warranty to have the issue resolved! From all the posts on this web site and others I'm sure these problems are well known and documented by now. I'm going use the service on my remaining warranty but any additional advice would be appreciated.

    Richmond, VA

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  • Ra
    Ravin Jul 26, 2007

    Eugene me and you have the same fridge, it just jumps up in temp. A temp fix is to unplug your fridge and let it thaw out for 12-24hrs and then plug it back in. The freezer will work again, (trust me this thru trial and error). If you have any questions e-mail. [email protected] Love the look of the fridge but I don't trust it.

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  • Va
    valerie Aug 03, 2007

    OHMYGOSH!!! I wrote to Samsung after not one but TWO of the plastic shelves broke apart. I promise, I alone did not cause these parts to disintegrate after very little use. I got a FORM letter back from the company. What a Crock! I had asked them where to purchase the parts and was willing to pay for them. I suppose after reading these reviews and others the fault really is with the manufacturing. What a load of crap. I love the digital read on the thing. It's great with food and the freezer on the bottom is great. Why can't the company answer some emails? Any one with suggestions on where to buy the bottom two shelves.. Please post.. Thanks.

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  • Ke
    Keith Feerrar Aug 29, 2007

    We had the exact same problem with freezer not defrosting, then cooling fan freezes/stops working and freezer temp climbs up into the 50's. Had a service person out three [3!!!] times at our expense [over $ 500.00] over 15 months and they are unable to diagnose or fix. Persistent calls and faxes [all documented] to Samsung FINALLY got me to a supervisor who seemed shocked and sympathetic, she put me on hold for 5 minutes and then came back saying there's nothing they could do, just like that!!! So my $ 1450.00 Samsung is going out to the curb and it's the last thing I ever buy from them. I was even told a few months ago by a woman who called my asking if I would like to take part in a satisfaction survey for Samsung [I readily agreed !!] that this is a VERY common complaint about their fridge/freezers, but apparently they have NO desire to address the problem. Ill vote with my feet...

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  • Hi
    Himasu Goddem Sep 10, 2007

    I owned a Mitsubishi projection TV since 1984 and had no problems with it. I decided to upgrade to a moe modern TV and purchased a 50"DLP from Samsung. Warranty is for 2 years.

    At 2.5 years, the color wheel went out. The original TV cost me 3900.00 in 2003. The color wheel cost me 1100.00 to repair. 8 months later, the power supply dies and costs me another 720.00.

    Samsung said that no one has had these issues and refuses to allow me to trade the TV in for a LCD or some other non-mechanical Samsung TV. Incredible Universe is where i purchased the TV. They are no longer located anywhere in Texas.

    Stick with a Mitsubishi or something other than a Samsung!!!

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  • Ki
    Kim Sep 11, 2007

    First off don't buy a samsung!!!!!! We purchased our samsung rs257barb 3 years ago and have had nothing but heartache!!! Within 5 months of purchasing it the refrigerator side decided to stop working, going up to 60 degrees! Of course spoiling all of our food. The repairman came and looked at it and said he needed to order a part. Almost 2 weeks later he came back and replaced the pump. That solved the problem until thanksgiving when it decided to quit on us again (of couse since we were having all the family over to our house to celebrate). I once again called and a repairman came out, looked at it and said he needed to order a part. This whole process took about 3 weeks. He replaced the motherboard and said it should solve all of our problems. What a lie!!!! Christmas time the fridge side decided to quit yet again. This time was the same as the first except it took even longer, a little over 4 weeks and they replaced the pump yet again. Then this summer right before we were to leave on vacation for 2 weeks the fridge decided to quite again. Well this time they told us that we were filling our freezer too full with stuff and that the cold air couldn't circulate over to the fridge side. Well we took almost eveything out and put it in our stand alone freezer in the garage. Well that worked for 2 months. Luckily we had bought the extended warranty, i called up best buy and told them that i wanted them to replace the "piece of crap" and i was tired of calling about every 6 months to have someone come out and "fix" it. Now we're waiting on the "replacement authorization", who knows how long that will take. I'm just thankful that we decided to put our old refrigerator out in the garage so we had something to fall back on. By the by that refrigerator is a maytag and we've had for 10 years without even one problem...... Think we'll stick with them for our next.

    Hope this was helpful,
    Eugene, oregon

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  • Vi
    Vincent Sardo Sep 12, 2007

    I purchased a Samsung Refrigerator Model R5267LABP Serial # 295743CL500630P on July 29, 2006. From the very start I had problems with the Ice Maker. If you tried to get Ice it wouldn’t give any Ice. You had to remove the ice bin and shake it and then put it back several times before it would work. When it does give you Ice it fill the glass and dumps ice all over the floor. If you switch it to crushed ice and go back to cubes, it stays in crushed ice mode.

    We have had several service calls to repair this problem and the problem still exists. We called Samsung, and Lowes Home Center where we purchased the Refrigerator, and was told that they will send a repair man out. How many times will they send someone out to repair a problem that is an engineering design defect from Samsung? To Top it off they now tell me I will have to pay $119.00 plus parts & labor for the service call!!!!!

    They refuse to refund our $2,260.96, so my next step is to file a complaint in the courts and ask for the courts to order the Lowes Home Center and the manufacturer to refund in full the purchase price of this defective product. The bad publicity from the law suite may alert other potential buyers to stay away from Samsung products and be careful of where they shop.

    I know I will do my research in the future, and definitely stay away from all Samsung products in the future. I hope this report prevents another consumer from getting ripped off.


    Fort Myers, Florida

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  • No
    Not Happy Sep 16, 2007

    Brand new Samsung Appliances came with the house we bought. it was never used until we moved in. The second day we moved into the house the and I used the microwave it stop working after 1 minute. I called the Samsung support center and was told there is no service center in my city and I live in a semi large city of 600,000 residents and only one 1 place is authorized to fix Samsung. Samsung refused to honor the 1 year waranty since warranties donot transfer when you sell or buy a house. Noone was living in the house for 8 months and all the appliances were brand new and just bought. So had to pay someone $200 to look inside the microwave to be told the fan was never put in the correct spot inside the microwave when it was being built. Samsung refused to honor that. Had to buy a new microwave since the samsung was fried and unfixable. Then 1 month later the fridge defrosted during the night and once again Samsung refused to honor warranty. Had to call the appliance person and was told they think it is the PC board. we unplugged it and replugged it and it worked again. Then it defrosted again during the night 2 months later. Now it defrosted again during the night. I tried the demo button and that seemed to be the problem but the digital temperture said it was working, but the compressor was not working and dead and everything melted and defrosted. Called appliance person again and they donot have the part and it can be awhile before they get the part. Though it will cost me more to buy a new fridge then to fix it I donot trust Samsung. This is the 2nd product within 7 months that have completely broken and samsung refuses to cover the warranty since the products came with the house we bought. I know I will pay all this money to fix it and it will just break again.

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  • Valerie Sep 17, 2007

    T-Mobile USA

    I bought a Samsung T809 from T-Mobile. It sh*t the bed, and they told me they wouldn't have anything to do with a new phone or a refund. Don't go to T-Mobile for phones or service.

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  • An
    Angela Waters Sep 17, 2007

    I hate Tomobile. they have been screwing with me for the past month. i bought a new sidekick id and its a piece of sh*t. I have went thru 3 of them in a 3 week periond (i had to pay $100.00) and extend my contract 2 years and they refuse to send me a new one. I ve only had the ohone for going on 4 weeks and complained constatnly through out my 14 day buyers remorse. they refused to replace it until the 15th day and now they keep sending me used phones ehat a rip.

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  • Ma
    Mark Mellor Sep 22, 2007

    Did you know that it is very easy to change your own water filter on your Samsung even if it is behind connected to a water line. Just turn the water supply off and the connections screw on and off easily with an adjustable spanner. BUT how do you get rid of the water filter red light?? Samsung have it locked and it needs some kind of code known only to the engineers in essence forcing you to call their miserable engineers!

    Furthermore this red light is only illuminated by a timer! It does n't actually light up because your old filter was blocked or something(otherwise it would go off when it was changed) Any solutions from people in the know?

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  • Bi
    Bill Kapelanski Sep 24, 2007

    This past February I purchased a Samsung side by side refrigerator at Costco for $1099. The look of the unit was great, but I forgot the old saying that "beauty is only skin deep". In a short 6 month span I experienced the following problems: 1. freezer temp would rise and thaw food 2. food in refrigerator would freeze (eggs, fruit, milk...) 3. in door water stopped working. We had a service company come out, but they were unable to fix it. I spent 10+ hours on the phone with Samsung to try to have my unit repaired or replaced. They just didn't seem to care. Even at the Samsung Executive Customer Relations department level they would put me on hold for 20-30 minutes and tell me they would phone me tomorrow with an action plan to resolve my problems. They never would call me back. This is the worst company that I have ever dealt with! Not only do they make a lousy fridge, but no service companies will support them. One service company that tried to repair my unit dropped Samsung and stated that Samsung wouldn't pay them for warranty repairs. Fortunately I purchased the refrigerator at a great company, Costso. After 6+ months they gave me a full refund on the unit. Of course I had to haul it back to their store and the replacement Maytag unit cost me $800 more. I will never purchase anything with the Samsung name on it again (not even at Costco).

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  • Du
    Duane Thomas Sep 27, 2007

    I am also a member of this group of unhappy Samsung refrigerator owners. In the 3 years that I have owned this side by side unit, I have had the mother board replaced 3X, Ice maker replaced 3X, refrigerator evaporator replaced because of a burnt out defrost heater.
    This was a really stupid design idea to have a resistant heater be part of the evaporator. Instead of just replacing an electrical part, the technician has to recover the freon, open up the refrigeration system, replace the evaporator and then recharge the system with new freon. Parts have also been replaced in the ice maker bin. I have had warm temperatures in the freezer and the refrigerator requiring unplugging of the refrigerator for a minute and plugging it back in. I can't even guess how many times this has been done.

    I have had the water not dispense from the door. Apparently a frozen water line is the cause of that problem Warranty is over now and I have a freezer that won't cool down. I also will never purchase another Samsung product and will let others know of my experience.
    Several of the service technicians have recommended a Whirlpool refrigerator. When I am ready to spend another $1200.00 plus dollars, that is what I will get.

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  • Da
    Dan Cusi Oct 06, 2007

    Thank you for sharing all your unfortunate experience with Samsung Refrigerators.

    Our Whirpool lasted 17 years. It looks like we will stick to same brand.

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  • Co
    Col K John Verghese Nov 05, 2007

    I bought a RT 34 RVMS about 2 weeks ago and from the first day I have been complaining that the fridge is unstable and that it rocks every time you open the door.

    I dont know whom to contact for help as the dealer has stopped responding to my calls and I need to officially complain to some responsible person in the company before I put this in consumer court.

    One repair person had come but he said there is some part that has to be replaced, some base plate or something. You can make the fridge rock back and forth by pushing it with you're little finger.

    I think this is a case of a defective piece damaged in transit and the company wants to wash its hands off quietly, otherwise if all models are like that, then consumers in India must be alerted, as adequate choice of brands are available.

    I had used a Kelvinator for 18 years this is a shock after spending good money.

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  • Ja
    Janell Nov 07, 2007

    In December 2005, I purchased a Samsung side by side refrigerator Model number RS 533VQ, Serial number 884043CW900076 P. This model has had two major malfunctions, during the months of August and November. First the start relay failed, and then the compressor broke. These two catastrophic problems have been very costly in service charges, and the lost of food. First, it was very difficult to obtain a service repair man to come out and diagnose the problem. Finally, after calling different companies (that refused to work on Samsung) Sears’s service department came to check the refrigerator and indicated that the compressor is bad. They were paid $76.00 for the service trip and referred me to the manufacturer number for possible replacement of the compressor. The company referred me to Willingford, and they detected a bad compressor too. Thus, I have paid a total of $160.00 in service trips only and $85.00 to have the compressor shipped overnight, in which an appointment has to be set up upon arrival of the part.

    In the past, I have purchased Samsung products with minimal or no problems. However, this appliance has been very inefficient and the most costly. Moreover, the appliance is less than 4 years old, and it has been a BIG hassle. Not only have I obtained my meals at fast food restaurants, for myself and my daughter, I lost an enormous amount of food during the downtime of the refrigerator. I have had to take off from work to meet the repairmen at the house, loosing time at work. Needless to say, I am one discontented customer.

    Janell Sample.

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  • Kb
    K.Brown Nov 08, 2007

    I'm glad I've reviewed these comments. I thank all the people who have written to let other consumers know of the problems they have had with Samsung. I'm in the process of buying a new refrigerator and Samsung is what I've been considering. I believe I'll look elsewhere. Thank you!!! Kevin C. Brown.

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  • Ma
    Matt Robinson Nov 11, 2007

    My wife and I bought our first new fridge a year and a half ago, the problems are starting. The fridge side heats up, I took it apart and discovered the fan was not working and the evaporator was frozen. I ordered the parts and two weeks later they arrived. I installed the parts and it worked for a week. It started to heat up again. I am very unhappy with Samsung. I own several other Samsung products and worry they are going crap out too. I will never purchase another Samsung product. Is there something we can do? Is there a class action lawsuit in place at the moment? Please keep me informed of any updates to this effect.

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  • Ch
    CHER BLANCO Nov 17, 2007


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  • Ro
    ROBERT MARTINEZ Nov 19, 2007

    Samsung and Best Buy service don't work together very well.
    My refrigerator, which cost about $1400 sucks.

    Temperature of freezer gets too cold or not cold enough, Ice cream is too mushy or too frozen to eat. Freezer is really noisy after eight months. Called Best Best Buy service and they keep sending the same serviceman who says he can't fix what he can't hear. I tell him to wait a a few minutes and he says to call the service department next time we hear it. He heard it once, removed the back panel, noise stopped. He said bye, it's fixed.

    Dirty dog, he did not fix anything. I have Fridays off, Guess what I am going to be doing every Friday morning.

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  • Mi
    Michael J. Sawczak Jr. Dec 16, 2007

    I also have a Samsung side by side fridge which cost me over $1500 just over three years ago. Beauty was skin deep. The fresh food side doesn't stay cold and recently the freezer started to do t he same. When I called Samsung to locate a factory authorized service center in Cleveland , Ohio - I was told to look in the phonebook for one! I cannot find any servicer that works on Samsung fridges and no one carries their parts. Judging by the other comments and by my personal experience with Samsung, they just don't give a damn as long as they can sell their crappy fridges - I don't know if any TV consumer advocates can give them the publicity they so desperately need to keep other people from wasting their money on such unreliable garbage the Samsung dumps on us. All I can say is STAY AWAY FROM ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCT UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY GARBAGE! And the best part about saying that is Samsung cannot sue me for slander for telling the truth - they know what kind of crap is out there because they put it there!

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  • Ch
    CHER BLANCO Dec 17, 2007



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  • Do
    Donald R Martin Dec 18, 2007

    Just came back from Lowes where I was looking at a Samsung refrigerator, thought it was built better than some of the others but after reading this board I think I will stay away from this brand. I have a 50 inch Samsung TV and have had no problems with it but there refrigerator and customer service seem to be lacking in quality.

    The problem with the temperature going up most likely due to the defrost elements not working and can be temporally fixed by running a hair dryer into the vent at the bottom of the freezer to melt the ice on the elements and also blow it on the back of the freezer to melt that ice, this is what I have done a couple of time on boxes I have had that did not cool.

    But the report on the customer service is a red flag for me.
    Thanks to all who have posted on this board.

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  • Ks
    K. Smith Dec 26, 2007

    My Samsung refreigerator is only 2 1/2 years old and the fan motor has gone out. When I called to get a fan motor to repair it, I was told that parts are no longer made for my refrigerator any more. I could not believe it. I was told that the law requires appliance manufacturers to keep making parts for up to 5 years after the warranty expires. Well to my surprise my Samsung is a Japanese piece of Crap and the law does not apply to them. I will never buy another product from Samsung again and neither should anyone eles. It is rediculous that all these other countries make millions and millions of dollars off of American consumers and at the same time they screw us.

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  • Ho
    holly niemic Dec 29, 2007

    We purchased a Samsung refrigerator 4 years ago and have had nothing but problems. I purchased it from best buy in Raleigh north carolina and the service they offer is terrible. My ice-maker has gone on the brinks three times since I purchased it and a few weeks ago my right door would not close at all. It remained half way open. I called best buy and they told me they could not have someone out to my house for three days. I said but I have no where for my food to go and my door won't open. They didn't care. Best buy needs to stand by the products they sell too. the repairman came out and said that the door had dropped and when it did it bent the hinges. He had to order them. I did not have a fridge for over 1 week during the christmas holiday and my son had medicine I had to keep cold. The repairman said that it is a problem with samsung refrigerators that they make the doors to heavy. He came over to repair the door hinges and the door still wouldn't close. he said the door was warped now. Samsung would not replace the entire door even though I purchased a 5 year service contract. I called best buy again and they are sending someone else over in 1 week. I told the girl that was not good enough but she didn't care. I am turning in my food bill and they better pay it because this has been a huge inconvience as I have 4 children and no refrigerator. I'm thinking the executives at samsung need to go a month without a refrigerator and see how they like it. I will never purchase anything at bestbuy again and I will never ever purchase another samsung refrigerator. We paid $1800.00 for ours because we liked the beverage door on it. We never put anything heavy in it like milk but we should have been able to because that is what the picture has it being used for. I am going to write samsung and contact a lawyer. I think everyone has such similar complaints that we all need to file a complaint with the better business bureua and with best buy and samsung and the attorney general of your state. WE need to get word out there of how bad they make their refrigerators and I am tired of going out to buy bags of ice when we entertain because the stupid ice-maker can't make enough ice. 3 of my plastic shelves broke, one was to my beverage door. It just is cheap quality. I think Samsung should be ashamed to sell it.
    If anyone has any idea of what is the next step maybe filing a class action suite please email me.

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  • Ja

    Purchased refrigerator of samsung model code - ra20tvpsi / xtl (Control no. (Not sin) p800904— compressor - vd143ksiusi1— model 0317 ra20f — - model year ra20/2007 / gross volume 195 liters - - storage 188 liters / type direct cool

    Complaint details—
    My self not satisfied with the services provided by samsung - whenever we open the door of the fridge the gasket removes from the channels two times perssonnel visited at home but there was no result the problem still continues the refrigerator was purchased 2/3 months back from mira road (E) dist. Thane golden nest township phase no. Vi - city - mumbai—state maharashtra— country india

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  • Gi
    Gina Sewruk Jan 02, 2008

    I agree whole heartedly with the previous complaints because I am in the same boat with my Refrigerator model # RS2533SW purchased in Feb of 2003. I have had the repair people out here 6 times 4 times for the freezer and 2 times so far for the refrigerator. This is the 2nd time for the same problem and has to be de-iced. Samsung doesn't stand behind their products. I am so glad that I bought the extended warrany from Best Buy because it is surely put to good use.

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  • He
    Heather Edwards Jan 05, 2008

    I would like to inform you that my Samsung refrigerator
    seems to ice up every summer.Last summer I had to get
    the mechanic to fix it and it happened again this year.
    Hoping that this information may help you to fix the problem for your customers
    Heather Edwards

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  • Ma
    Matt Brackmann Jan 11, 2008

    Agree about the shelves being poorly manufactured/designed. We've had our digital stainless steel side-by-side for just over a year now, and already two shelves in the doors have broken through no abuse on our part. Why do I say no abuse? Because this is the third side-by-side fridge we've had over the past 15 years and neither of the other two EVER had a shelf in the door break. I've been googling the part number that is stamped on the bottom of the shelf and am getting no returns at all. Also, one of the drawers broke. Cheap, cheap, cheap material/design for way too much money.

    Makes me wish I'd gone with Whirlpool again.

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  • Ca
    Caroline Jan 12, 2008

    Thank you to everyone who wrote about their complaints with Samsung appliances. My husband and I just purchased one of their refrigerators this afternoon and we WILL be going back to return it for another name brand!

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  • Ga
    Gary Gonzales Jan 24, 2008




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