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Below is an complaint e-mail I sent to Samsung HK, their respond is they won't change the policy. Surprisingly, they said they don't have the e-mail address of Samsung Korea !
Peter Tang

"(Content of complaint to Samsung)
“After talking to your Customer Service Dept. today, I was shocked by your After-sale Service Policy that after my above TV warranty (3-year) expired, I would not be provided for any maintenance contract. I bought 2 Samsung TVs (46” & 37”) 3 1/2 years ago, the above model broke down & cost me HK$1, 060 for repair in Nov 2011; while the other doesn't function well, and may cost me similar repairing charges.

It’s the 1st time I experienced that the supplier of household electrical products does not provide maintenance contract after warranty expires.

As such a huge worldwide organization, this after-sale policy is absolutely ridiculous & will surely cause lots of costs / troubles to the customers.

I was once told by a friend that Samsung TVs normally break down after 3 years (it was incredible to me at that time, but it proves to be true now). I believe I could hardly do anything but to advise my relatives / friends to think clearly before purchasing Samsung products to avoid subsequent costly repair charges !

Meanwhile, pls. provide me with the e-mail address of Samsung (Head Office - Korea) as I want to forward this complaint to them directly.

Peter Tang
12 Dec 2011”


  • Sr
    Srikant Mahapatra Jun 25, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Mr.Hong,
    Hope you must have gone through the chain of mails that I had with you and other members in the office. After waiting for about a week you have come out with a disgusting reply. Mr. Nelson from VOC department called me saying that you can change the mother board, which costs about Rs. 13500, but no warranty would be provided. This shows the business model you are following. In the first place you must have put some some sub standard materials and sold the product as a flagship model. You must be knowing that when I purchased the unit, it was the top most model of Samsung. But the unit went out of order just after the warranty period. Now you are ready to change the mother board, with out any warranty. This shows that you will put some used mother board and sell that piece to me on a profit.If the mother board will go out of order just on the next day you will have no responsibility and you have already earned Rs.13500 coolly. More over samsung being a multinational company, you are saying that since the unit was purchased from other country, you cannot repair. So, I think when you sell any of your mobile in future you should mention the following do's and dont's.

    1. When one purchase a Samsung mobile one should also purchase a stand by mobile, because it can go out of order any time.
    2. When one purchase a mobile from other country, he should be assured that when he will take the mobile to his home country, he cannot repair it there.
    3. If he agrees to both the above point, he should then only purchase a Samsung mobile.

    I find the customer relation of LG is better than Samsung. I purchased a LG LED TV in Dubai and brought to India. Just after its guarantee period, there was some problem. LG changed the LED panel free of cost.
    If you will change the mother board and other damaged parts free of cost then you can go ahead. Else why should I spend the money to purchase another damaged spare. It is better I should purchase a cheap mobile for Rs.15000 and get a guarantee of one year. At least I will not be fooled by the claim of Samsung.
    Mr.Hong I want a reply from you personally.


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  • Ms
    Msrpdy Nov 08, 2017

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased Samsung S7 Edge ( S/N : R58H82NXAYA & IMEI : 357224/07/551631/9 ) mobile from Dubai - UAE on 5th Sep 2016.When I was in India (August 2017) phone got stuck suddenly and couldn’t power on after that consulted Samsung service centre in India, they advice for service at Dubai, I came to Dubai on 21-Oct-2017 and reported the problem, simply told motherboard problem to replace AED 920/- I have to pay. problem came within 10 months motherboard problem, manufacturing fault. As on reporting date at Dubai, warranty period is over, so, I have to pay AED 920/- to replace the motherboard. free of service rejected (S.O No: [protected]) to do the manufacturing fault. motherboard problem within a year is a serious issue of that product. very worst product and irresponsible reply from service centre

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  • Mo
    Mohamed Alkheshin Oct 14, 2017

    Dear Sirs, Samsung International
    Good greeting
    I submit to you a complaint of a recurring defect and for the third time in the TV system
    LED TV 40 SERIES 5
    Model UA40F5000ARXUM
    S / N ZY9Z3MFF300919
    Made In Malaysia
    Where I bought the items on [protected] and after 6 months the dark appeared covering the bottom half of the screen so I went to the approved maintenance center
    Technical Service Maintenance Company Limited
    Group of United Matbouli
    Head Office: Jeddah-C.R. 6268
    P.O. Box 556, Code 21421 - Tel.-6512111 -or- [protected]
    The maintenance center changed the lower lamp of the screen after one month of receipt, and after about a month and a half of the repair, the same defect reappeared and the maintenance was prepared for maintenance, and I confirmed to them the need to repair the element causing the return of this defect. After about twenty days the lamp was changed for the second time
    Now, after about eight months of repair, the same defect has returned for the third time but in the upper and lower lamps of the screen (The screen is 100% black. Only the audio is working) and also after the expiry of the warranty period is one year for the screen.
    Is that reasonable ?????
    Is this the quality of a product for a global company like Samsung competing for the uniqueness of the summit ?????
    Or is it required to buy each year another new device ?????
    This commercial fraud will not be allowed by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and will not be allowed by consumer protection
    It's a bad thing to get a TV set of this size and go to maintenance for the third time
    And waiting for the length of the repair period, which is usually wasted for 20 days without a telephone screen
    I lost a lot Confidence of spare parts, technicians and company
    So I want you to repair the screen with the warranty period similar to the first warranty period and the promise to correct the defect causing the failure and not return again or compensation to refund the value of 1500 SAR or compensation by replacing by a new one.
    Mohamed Alkheshin
    Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA

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  • Sy
    SYP Jun 29, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir,
    I purchased Samsung S7 Edge Gold Color Phone from Dialog Axiata PLC showroom in WTC on 6th July 2016.I have noticed some heat issues of this phone from beginning, but I have been able to manage my work with the phone. But recently phone got stuck suddenly and couldn’t power on after that. With my agent’s direction I gave my phone for repairs on 31st March 2017 to The Phone company. The technician informed that there was a fault in battery and the liquid has exposed outside and it damaged the motherboard of the phone. As per his confirmation they have replaced the motherboard and battery and returned my phone on 12th April 2017.Again after two weeks I got the same problem .Phone gives an excessive heat when charging, calling using the phone. Also got two automatic restarts due to excessive heat of the battery while working. I doubt there is an internal problem remain in the device. Because I can’t keep my phone in my hand for more than 15 minutes when the heat is there. Now the front face gets more heat and I’m unable to touch the screen at that time. I have attached a screenshot of temperature at a time when heat goes upto 40.8 C (which is above 104 F) for your reference.
    Again I spoke to the technician about this and this time he said they will send to Samsung Company and get the test done. I have given my phone for the 2nd time for testing on 04th May 2017 and they has sent the phone for Samsung Charles Team for the test through a manual request (Work Order No-A 081306) where as a customer I couldn’t trace where my product is through Samsung system. I have to struggle to find whether my phone has really gone for the testing unit. Call center person called Manoraj has checked with Charles team and confirmed me verbally the phone is with them on 8th May 2017. This is how a reputed Brand gives service to their customers.
    Samsung Team has recommended there is no issue in this phone and they have sent an email to the technician regarding that and asked not to use the phone sticker which I have pasted for the phones’ safety. But, I have pasted that sticker after 3-4 days of repair and within these days issue was the same .I won’t accept that as an answer. When I asked for the detail test report from technician, he said Samsung will only send an email and they can’t provide a report as such, he said If I want a report, the service center can arrange a test report for me. What the purpose of having a manual test report if the team has done a honest testing to the device? If they have done the testing there should be an evidence of the test carried out. This has to be a transparent transaction where we have invested on these devices and as a customer I have a right to know what the real situation of the product.
    At the time of collecting the phone on 16th May 2017 they have some how arranged a QC Report for the Phone which taken from Samsung Portal with a Manual Test report from the company. I doubt how come the all unavailable reports become available just to pass the phone to the customer. If I’m uncomfortable to use the phone in this manner there is no point report gives a pass result, because when it comes to practical usage customer has to be comfortable with the product.
    After these testing also time to time I’m suffering from this heat issue. Where I didn’t use my phone properly for more than two months due to these issues. What the point of paying and taking a faulty product for the usage. Due to uncomfortable status of this phone I rechecked with the Engineer of Samsung (Charith Fernando )who did the test to believe this phone is in good condition. But his response shows me how this service center people misleading their customers just to pass the phone. I’m really disappointed to say this I gave my phone because of this heat issue but he had tested the phone for three days for stuck and boot issue not my main concern and recommend based on that. Therefore, how can we trust the companies like you which misleads customers. And asked me to give the phone for again 1-2 weeks to test for heat. I really don’t want to give this for any testing anymore. I have tolerated enough with this issue. We take phone to use for our purpose but not for testing purpose of Samsung.
    There are so many parties involved in this transaction (Brightstar Telecom Services- Dialog, The Phone Company, Samsung Lanka), but seems nobody is taking the responsibility after sale. When you are collecting the money you will eager for the sale, but when it comes to service everyone will get rid of the situation and customer has to suffer after investing in a reputed brand like Samsung and agent like Dialog. If I have purchased a cheap Brand from a normal place I have no worries I will tolerate all these issues, because I have gone for a cheap product. But is Samsung Cheap ? I have already paid a premium price expecting for a quality product and service .Therefore, I really don’t want a repaired phone again or a tested phone. I’m really disappointed about this situation and the service got from all these companies. With these conditions I’m very uncomfortable to use the phone properly. Still time to time I get the mentioned issue and I can’t keep the phone in my hand and it’s a risk to me .I REALLY DON’T WANT TO PAY AND KEEP A RISK ON MY HAND.
    How come the customer trust the product in this manner and recommend your companies?
    1.)Replacing a battery means you’re giving me a factory refurbished product for the brand new price.
    2.)How can a Brand new product has a damaged battery? That means haven’t they done a quality check before releasing the product?
    3.)In a case if the battery get blast and caused a damage who will take the responsibility? Is Samsung repair center or Dialog ?
    4.)Why you people are misleading customers by providing faulty reports and recommendations? All the reports provided to me are not relevant to the test carried out to my issue and those invalid to this matter.
    5.)Though I got an extended warranty for this product for extra three months I really don’t want to use this product with uncertainties.
    Therefore, as still I’m under my original warranty I need a proper solution from your company to my issue. I really don’t want to use this phone in this condition. In this case I need a replacement of Brand new phone with sealed pack if not refund my money back. I don’t want to buy a product with faults from a reputed company like Samsung. From all the other brands I selected Samsung due the high reputation and the standard that have.
    Your attention and understanding is highly appreciated in this matter. Please give me a solution to this.
    Phone details as mentioned below.
    Phone Type Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB GOLD
    Purchased Date 06/07/2016
    Serial No [protected]
    Invoice No DINCBDWCSD0000520
    IMEI 357220/07/692550/5
    IMEI 357221/07/692550/3
    1st Repaired (Phone stuck/Boot) 31/03/2017 to 12/04/2017
    2nd Tested (Phone Heat Issue) 04/05/2017 to 16/05/2017

    This is the complaint i logged for Samsung.Please provide me what is the acceptable temperature standard of Samsung to categorize a phone has a defect and what the product specification.

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  • Ma
    Madhan Mohan K B Apr 16, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir

    With refer to the complaints reg no [protected] and my claim no [protected]

    I have raised a complaint on Samsung TV led smart without any problems of high voltage or any damages found in the TV. The panel problem found in service point and given wrong statement of Mr Ganesh who is working at chennai headoffice. he didn''t answer my questions that the TV working fails with in 745 days only। . He replied yes and this TV belongs to home 🏡 edition TV not an displays in railway station or airport.

    Even though am waiting since last few days no calls received by me for my trouble causes. Or nor sulotion rectify.

    And we are ready to return our TV smart which is we purchased a new recently model no 32h5570 and 32f550
    Due to less quality of replies and services.

    Kindly arrange necessary action on my issue.

    Kindly do needful



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  • Vi
    vidhuraa Apr 04, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing this to inform you that Samsung service in Sri Lanka is not up to the world standards.
    I am a Samsung client for long period and recently I have bought a phone and details are given below.

    Made: SAMSUNG
    S/N: R58G21MVKYZ
    Model: SM-A300F/DS
    Date Purchased:20/04/2015
    Dealer: Singer Sri Lanka PLC

    I have taken a warranty as well to make sure that I will use this phone without any hassle.
    Unfortunately my phone went out-of-order during the warranty period and I have return the phone for repairs to Sri Lanka Samsung Dealer.( The Phone Company INTL. PVT.LTD., No 04, 1/1, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 04.)
    For my surprise Sri Lanka service centre telling that there are a small scratch in edge and asking LKR 28, 000 (200 USD) to repair the phone even my phone is still under warranty.
    Being in several countries including United Kingdom, Samsung always gives the best service to their clients, but not in Sri Lanka.
    I would like to get your attention in this regard and please take necessary steps to improve your service in Sri Lanka.

    *** I have complaint about this matter to India/Sri Lanka web site costumer care page but yet no answer from them

    Thank You

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  • Sy
    SYP Jun 29, 2017
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    Verified customer

    @vidhuraa That's really true and I too experiencing the worst customer service from Samsung Sri Lanaka. I never thought a reputed Brand will treat their loyal customers in this way.I too have issues with my Samsung S7 edge and the parties involved in this transaction just passed the responsibility to each other and get away from the issue (Brightstar Telecom Services (Pvt) Ltd, The Phone Company, Samsung Lanka (pvt) Ltd ).After investing a lot of money customer has to suffer with the Samsung's fault.Really dissapointed with the service.We expect the reputed Brands to give the Brand Promise to the customer and provide a value for the money we paid.I also would like to sya creating customer will not enough you have to retain your customers by providing a quality customer service.I am following my matter nearly for 3 months and ultimately i got a reply from Service Manager the product is safe to use.But which is uncomfortable for me to use.I'm really dissappointed about SAMSUNG .

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  • Go
    Gouranga Ganguli Mar 22, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchase One New Fully Automatic Washing Machine Model No. WA65H4000HD from one of
    Samsung Authorised Dealer M/s.Amba Aircool (Ph.[protected]), N.Delhi., vide Inv.No. AA/3983 dt. 31/12/2014 – First I being thought bought the world best WM, but my assumption seems to be wrong, coz from beginning of washing cloth remain dirty and all dirt accumulate on the cloths various parts, first my wife thought she is doing something wrong while washing, so she contact the demo personal over telephone quite a few times, but when solution not done we complaint at your service centre through Email on dt. 10/2/14 (as we could not reach Samsung customer care over telephone). However, 3 to 4 technician visits and wash cloths and everyone found that WM is defective. Now, Samsung customer care Partner – Mr.Pramod Kumar Singh - telling me that 2-parts were defective on Brand New Machine and that is to be replaced. My Q How a New Machine comes for Sale with Defective parts? Did I get one Old repaired WM ? So, Immediately I turn down Mr.Pramod Kr. proposal and told him to give me a new WM, for which he is declining us. Therefore, I request u to look into the matter and gave an inquiry order – if any sabotage is going inside and selling seconds product as New product. And pass an order to give me a New Automatic Washing Machine. With this attitude, it seems to be that “Samsung” ignoring sentiments of his customer and only about their so called policy matters. Regards, G. Ganguli (Mob.[protected]-New Delhi)

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  • An
    Anil Sharma 90 Aug 15, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I puchased a Samsung galaxy mega 5.8 (gt-9152) on 20.08.2014 and have a genuine invoice and the handset have many problems as usb tethering, WiFi hotspot, hanging, battery drainage, touch and many more. Regarding this I have visited the Samsung authorised service centre many times in during which they changed each and every part of it to solve the problem but still its unrepairable. I talked to the seniors of Samsung regarding the issue many times and they said u summit the handset for observation 1 last time and if still its unrepairable then forward the handset to head office for replacement through same service centre and unfortunately the same happened so I forwarded the handset to head office for replacement with all the formalities complete. Today I received a mail from H.O. saying the handset cannot be replaced due to early activation dated 23.07.2013. It is not possible at all as I have the original invoice dated 20.08.2014 and a copy of the same is submitted to service centre and H.O. So I hereby request you to consider the issue and take the handset back. I am not at fault from any side and also I have a genuine bill for this. I want a solution or else I will sue the company for wrong decision. I need a solution soon so please forward this complain to head office, korea.

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  • Pa
    Partha Kar Roy Apr 27, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a worthless company. You can say they are a bit lucky, thats all. Never buy their products. I wish I had known this earlier.

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