Safeway, Vancouver Washingtonnon delivery/no follow up/no customer service

K Aug 11, 2018

On August 8, 2018 I ordered my groceries by 7am for delivery between 5-9pm. At 6:16 Eric the Safeway driver calls to say he's running late and it looks like it will be closer to 10pm. I tell him that's fine because I I want my groceries and I've been looking forward to this delivery all day. At 9:53 my phone rings and Eric says he has bad news, unfortunately he won't be able to deliver. On my end I'm frustrated and angry and tell Eric to cancel and refund my money. That evening I email my complaint reitering my request for a refund. I also said I'm done with Safeway as this has happened twice before in last year. I didn't hear from customer service on Thursday or Friday. My bank confirmed my $150.00 purchase yet I don't have groceries or money to go elsewhere. Today is Saturday and after 3 calls I finally got through to dispatcher in Phoenix, Arizona to hear I have to wait 3-5 business days for a refund or she could check with local Safeway for possible delivery today or tomorrow. Come on really. FYI if I'd been willing to pay extra I could have had Insta Cart deliver the very morning I originally ordered. There is something very wrong with your system that a paying customer gets treated so poorly. I'm low income and visually impaired and Safeway has made my shopping experience a nightmare. I hope others don't go through this same situation.

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