Safewayunable to purchase non-alcoholic beer before 6am

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Just went into the safeway located as follows:

9596 Old Keene Mill Rd Burke, VA 22015
Store Phone([protected]

Attempted to purchase two (2) six packs of non-alchlolic beer. The person that was running the only register open (the self-checkout registers apparently aren't open until after 8am? not sure why that is)

Refused to even attempt to ring up my items. She claimed that she was afraid of being fired. I asked her to try, since I had been in there before and purchased the NON-alcholholic beer before 6am and know that they just have to hit OK when prompted for the age question (I am 42 years old by the way). She repeatedly refused.

I asked her to get a Supervisor or manager, she reluctantly finally did. He did not know what to do (his name was Jayakumar), the female did not display a name tag and refused repeatedly to give me either her first or last name.

Finally after another 10-15 minutes, they phoned the manager of the store, he also would not allow them to sell the NON-Alchoholic beverages to me.

Please help me, I wasted almost an hour for their refusal to serve me and I want to be compensated and the staff at this facility educated to know that there is no store or state policy forbidding them to sell beverages that contain

unable to purchase non-alcoholic beer before 6am
unable to purchase non-alcoholic beer before 6am


  • 9w
    9wood Sep 12, 2018

    do have other places to shop
    as for your purchase could be a law regarding the sale that they are following

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