Safewaythis place offers the opposite of service!

F Sep 13, 2018

I frequent the Safeway nearest to my home (Potomac, Maryland). Today I went there to quickly pick up three items. I am accustomed to waiting in line at Safeway and always wonder why more cashiers are not available. It is not unusual to wait behind six or more other customers. I was so delighted, as there was no line and I was in a hurry to return home.

I went to the express line and put my three items down on the belt. The cashier apologized, she was closing the register. Spotting another cashier who was just finishing a customer three lines away (not express), I picked up my three items and ran over to the other line --and again, put my items down on the belt. When I made contact with the cashier, I immediately realized that he was not going to help me either. He was "closing" his line. Would have it been so hard for him to ring up my quick three things and then turn off his light?

Frustrated, I knocked on the manager's office. No one answered the door. I asked a different sales person, on the floor, if I could speak to a manager. She looked at me perplexed. She had to ask another co-worker which manager was working. At that point, I gave up and returned to the express check-out area and waited in line behind 3 other customers. The cashier who originally turned me away was spraying and wiping her belt in slow motion, acting oblivious to the line.

I could blame myself for coming to Safeway around 4:30 p.m., obviously a shift change was taking place, but instead I am blaming myself for coming to Safeway at all.

I scooped up my three items, for the second time, returned to the express line and waited behind

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