Safewaysafeway fuel

H Sep 13, 2018


On 9/11 at approximately 6:45 I went to the Safeway gas station in LaPlata, MD. I started the pump (#2), and went inside to purchase two cases of water. While inside, the pump did not cut off once the gas tank was full (should have been 5 gallons), 20 gallons of gas was actually pumped. It went all over the car, as well as all over the gas station concrete. Upon leaving the gas station, my car stalled several times on my way to work. I contacted both the gas station attendent, David and the Safeway manager, Kevin to let them know that the pump is faulty. They said that they would be shutting it off. I explained to them that my car will no longer run correctly, and that I was contacting the dealership. Since contacting the dealership, it was towed there for further evaluation. Currently it appears as though the carbon filter is full of gasoline. Not sure if this is the only issue or not. I am reaching out to make you aware of the situation. I hope to not have to file a formal complaint, and pray that this doesn't happen to another customer.

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