B May 23, 2018 Review updated:

I ordered groceries to be delivered on 5/22/18 from 7-8AM.
The groceries did not arrive until 9:50AM and therefore I was late to work. I did not get any explanation as to why my order was late. I lost out on an hour of pay at my job which can not be made up.
I would like a full refund on my groceries and free delivery in the future.
Account number: [protected]


  • Wh
    What The Heck 85 May 23, 2018

    Wow, you are incredibly greedy. I can see refunding the delivery, but your groceries for free and future free delivery? Get over yourself.

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  • SubSquirrel May 23, 2018

    Talk about entitlement! Full refund for losing an hour of work. Free delivery next time. They should throw in free lobster and shrimp, too.

    You could've put in an extra hour of work, or simply chalked it up to life. Next time get off your [censored] and go shopping and bring it home yourself.

    Besides, losing ten or eleven dollars in minimum wage isn't much.

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