W Aug 03, 2018

I love the Safeway in Deer Lodge...but it's ALWAYS the DELI that has problems! They overwork the DELI people first, and they can't do EVERYTHING by themselves!! Then you have a certain manager that does NOTHING! I bought 2 DELI sandwiches for $6.99 today & the DELI person wrote it all down & it was picked up & imagine my surprise when each sandwich had only 3 slices of meat instead of 6!!! I ask usually for the Roast Beef, Pastrami, & Corned Beef. But the Roast Beef was old tasting last time, so I asked for Pastrami & Corned Beef this time with all the fixings etc.. She only gave me either corned beef or Pastrami!!! Nothing else!!! Last time my daughter talked to the manager. But, he did NOTHING as usual! We had to buy a pound of meat ADDED to our sandwich at home! $6.00 for F BREAD! I'M PISSED!!! They go through ALOT of people working at the DELI but this is it! I'M NOW JUST GOING TO SUBWAY!!!

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