Safeway - 41st & Evergreen, Everett, WAmanager attacked a shopper then me

On Saturday night, Jan 30th, 2010, at 10:15 pm, I was at the Safeway in Everett, WA on 41st street and Evergreen Way.

I was in the frozen food aisle and was looking at tv dinners when the manager walked up to a lady a few frozen food doors down from me and started yelling at her. She was saying she didn't want any problems and he was trying to pick a fight with her, telling her he didn't like her attitude. I don't know what their issue was.

I asked if he was a manager because he looked like one and I wanted to go get a higher manager to intercede. He then started yelling at me..?

I told him I didn't want to argue with anyone, I was just surprised that he was a manager and yelling at customers. I asked if there was another manager higher than him. He said he was the only manager.

He told the woman he had been yelling at, to get out of "his" store.

She said she would call the General Manager on Monday(today.) and I offered her my phone number as a witness to what happened.

He then told me to leave.

I said all I did was offer her my phone number. And he started yelling at me and saying I was a problem too because I was giving her my number to report him. The he said was calling the police if we didn't both leave. And pulled out his cell and called the police while I was telling my disabled mother that we had to leave. She was in the next aisle.

We went to the parking lot along with several other people who came out of the store and all waited for the police and described the yelling manager to the police when they showed up.

The police talked to the manager then came out and apologized to us and asked us to leave for now and make sure we reported the manager on Monday(which is today, Feb 1, 2010).

I have shopped at that Safeway for years. It upset me and my disabled mother so much that we won't be going back, even though we own a house by the store.

I felt assaulted after being yelled at and told to leave for no reason. You need to remove that manager, he's bad for business. And he's scary. Too scary for me to go back.


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    normalguy477 Jul 31, 2010
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    I work at this store and I was there that night. The reason he was arguing with the woman is because she was freaking out about not being able to cash a check at 9 p.m. at night. If you've ever been in line late at night stuck behind someone freaking out about something irrational then you might understand. He may not be perfect but I have seen him buy food for a kid who was starving when he should have told him to leave the property. I've also seen him take a crying coworker aside and talk to her and give her time to calm down when the managers would likely rather have her work until the end of her shift. He isn't a perfect person but he always went out of his way to help a customer and now that he is gone you can expect longer lines at night and more people in the parking lot at night cracked out begging you for money and whatever else.

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    Thesadtruth Aug 01, 2010
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    I also was there that night all this happened and why was he telling the other lady to leave the store? Cause after he told her he wouldnt cash her check her son threatened him. So wouldnt you be pissed off too? The kid was a punk and if the mother couldnt keep her teenage child in line, i think they deserve to be kicked out.

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