Safelink Wirelessdidn't get no minutes on my cell phone

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Didn't get minutes on my cell phone first of month it's a trac phone lg i want to know why it's safelink and it's robert's it's a trac phone and model number is lg320g from janury 3 that's only time he got his free minutes after that nothing at all it's a sakelink i'm the one who order the phone for him to used i'm the only one with a laptop he want to know if he can get his minutes back on his phone or what can he do.


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      Feb 20, 2011

    Contact safelink technical support, that's it

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      Jul 03, 2012

    First of all, it's "I didn't get any minutes." Learn to use the English language properly so you sound less stupid. Anyway, instead of complaining here, and offending educated people with your horrible grammar, contact Tracfone and tell them you didn't get your Safelink minutes. They will fix the problem for you. Usually all it takes is entering a simple code and your minutes appear. Also, don't forget to leave your phone ON at the beginning of every month so the minutes can be transferred to your phone. If the phone is off, you won't get your minutes.

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      Sep 05, 2013

    My Name is Andrew DAmbrosia, my address is 535south 200 east apt 908 Salty lake city, I did not get my minites for the month of Sept, I called [protected] which now they say the number dont work, but when I had a man on the phone he gave me this ID no. 7161516 and reverifyed me and told me my minites would be on on Sept 5th 2013, I have not recieved them, I been on the phone all day, about my minites and I stilll have not recieved them, this is the phone I was sent, Trackphone, [protected], where is my minites, I was born 6 16 1953 last 4 of social 1754 what else do I need to to do to get my minites I am on the 250 a month plan, thank you.

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      Jul 02, 2018

    didn't get my montely minutes on my gov cell phone

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      Jul 02, 2018

    didn't get my minutes on my gov phone

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