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SafeLink Wireless reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 11, 2009. The latest review 7 11 STORE DEERFIELD BEACH FL 33441 was posted on Sep 21, 2021. The latest complaint government free smartphone was resolved on Apr 19, 2017. SafeLink Wireless has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 190 reviews. SafeLink Wireless has resolved 22 complaints.

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Safelink Wirelesscell phone

I am low income and I have a free phone with safelink. I've been having nothing but problems with the service and every time I call and speak to someone, they claim that the problem is fixed but it never is. I submitted all of my documents as proof that I am low income and I was approved and given the minutes that I was owed, but now, again, as usual, when the beginning of the month came, I did not get my minutes. Also, I tried to make a call today and I was informed that I couldn't make the call. I've been having nothing but problems with this service for the past few years and I can't seem to get anywhere with customer service. I am now at the end of my rope with this company.

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    Safelink Wireless — customer service for safelink

    I am on a fix income and I don't have a phone. That is why I applied for a safelink. I pushed the wrong...

    Safelinkwireless services and technical support

    I have never been treated so poorly by any company. What a rude female. She should be fired! I am on hold with a safe link wireless agent. She left me waiting for a manager and never return to say anything to me. I am still waiting I could hear everthing in the back ground so I know she was there. I kept saying hello she wouldn't say a word. And now I can't hear anything. She put me on mute I guess and will not respond to anything I say. I have been on hold for over 20 minutes. What a great company. Not! All this for a simple technical question. Shame on Safe Link Wireless.

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      Safelink Wirelessorder #[protected]

      Applied June 1st 2018. Never received phone! Cannot call customer service, or doctors or pharmacy that delivers my meds! I am disabled! I need a phone! I cannot afford one! There is apparently no other way to contact SafeLink about my issue! No email! Tried Chat to no avail today! From Daisy to Isidora and finally Luis the Manager! Nobody could or would help me! Kept saying I had to call. To which I responded I could not call without a phone! I have no friends or family member to use their phone! There are no pay phone in my area! My only contact is through the mail or online or email! This is the reason SafeLink exists! For people like me! But they are failing miserably!

      order #[protected]

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        Safelink Wirelesscell phone

        Had safelink plone 2 years worked 2 months at diffrent times Call them need some information and send me a reaply every month at least 6 times so far each time takes 5 6 weeks to received send and never hear back call again need to reapply again did so today after doing so 5 weeks ago when I send everthing I could think of birth certif drivers mariage USAF discharge Elec bill SSI card oh about 10 items. I am going to get it fix sending Trump a letter

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          Safelink Wireless — government phone

          My father is 74 years old and depends on his safelink phone to stay safe and get ahold of people, due to...


          Safelink Wireless — cancellation of service

          Hello, My name is Adam Brady, [protected]. I noticed that my phone service was cancelled with out...

          Safelink Wirelessmy cell phone service

          My phone number is [protected] it is with safelink through tracfone. I have been trying to verify my eligibility with you since April of 2018. I have submitted my proof via cell phone texting, emailing scanning and downloading and finally regular mail. In the meantime when I have had the funds I have purchased minutes through tracfone. Then after 30 days my minutes disappear. Yesterday I had 200 minutes and today none. Those minutes cost me over $20.00 and I have had to add them a total of 3 times. I don't know what else I can do to get my phone back on. I am currently on the phone with Mark at Tracfone I have been on the phone for over one hour today trying to remedity this problem. I am currently holding for a supervisor, the last time I was on hold for a supervisor I was put back out in the que for customer service. Please help me I want my phone turned on today. I feel it is with urgency that someone look into this problem. The last proof I summited was through regular mail which I mailed to the given address of safelink wireless p o box 220009 Milkwee, Orgeon 97269 over 23 days ago. I mailed my proof of income which included my letter from Soc. Sec. Disability, a copy of my tax return from last year. Everything had my cell phone number on it along with the enrollment ID # which is [protected]. my address is 1100 Lore Ave. #207 Wilmington, De 19809 my DOB is 10/01/1960

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            • Al
              AlexTrac Sep 10, 2018

              This is Alex from TracFone Wireless. I see you need help with your phone. We apologize for the trouble and inconvenience that you've encountered with our service. This is definitely not the experience we want you to have! We would love to address any concerns you may have. Please chat with us using this link For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. You may also text the key word HELP to 611611 to view our self-service menu with a list of help key words with valuable information. Thank you.

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            Safelink Wirelessinept customer services

            It has been two months of numerous calls, emails, text messages and long (sometimes 40 minutes or more...") telephone conversations with Customer Service Reps that seems to have a scripted message for everything without solving the issue at hand.
            They keep telling me that they need proof of benefits, of identity, of physical address...

            Followed their webpage instructions:

            1. Uploaded documents to their webpage...when it works...almost never works.

            2. E-Mail documents - most of the times I get error messages from Safelink or my email provider:
            - "No enrollment Number" - when it is clearly the only and first thing on the subject line"
            - "Email has no proof attached" when the message (I sent copy to myself also) - when it's clearly there.
            - "Message not delivered"

            3. Fax all documents requested to the number published on SafeLink Webpage [protected]) Cost $12.00 USD.

            4. Sent Certified Post Office Mail. Cost $12.00 USD.

            ...and they want me to send it all again??? What???


            inept customer services

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              Safelink Wirelessmy phone service

              I was re-certified in March for my Safelink phone.

              My due date was February but having a fire in my rental house before that forced me to have to move, and the trauma made me forget to change my address with you.

              No problem; just re-apply, right!

              However, I have been forced twice since March to recertify for my phone service and after recertifying online last Monday, and faxing my SS Disabilty Verification letter within 5 minutes of the online certification that same day, I have YET to receive my minutes this month.

              My recertification was approved on 09 March 2018, according to your records.

              Upon re-certification in March, I was told I needed another SIM card. I did not get it for for four weeks, since my sister was in the hospital in Arkansas and I went there to support her (car accident); I got the SIM card in late April and installed it first of May. Since I did not get the SIM card before I left out of state, I had to wait until I got back (most people understand a family emergency supercedes worrying about a SIM card being received).

              After installing it, I was told to reinstall my OLD SIM card, which I did. So I went over a month without service because you wouldn't simply re-activate and use my old SIM card; but asked to use my OLD SIM card after I got the new one!

              I also did to get my minutes in June of this year; I had to re-certify online again; only at the end did the person realize that I was already certified for the year; which I kept telling your CS person over and over for an hour! They then put my minutes for that month on my phone.

              AGAIN, this month, you have refused to give me my minutes; telling me that I had to re-certify.

              On Friday, 06 July, I sent my application printed from the website (with my name and address already filled in), a copy of my CDL Class A license, a copy of my Social Security Disability letter with my 223 Straight N Narrow Road address on it, and a cover letter by fax.

              Since I didn't have my minutes again for this month by Monday, 09 July, I called to find out where my minutes were. I was told that you ignored my complete faxed application sent two Fridays ago and I would have to recertify by phone. I told the CS person that I had to go through this crap in June; I was informed that there was no record of this.

              My friend, Mark Harmell, loaned me his phone to call you and get my minutes in June; he sat and let me take over an HOUR trying to get my minutes from you on his phone.

              Juanita, the front lobby lady at Campbell and Battlefield Burger King, listened to me yell and rant on the phone while I was trying to get my minutes in June..she kept telling me to "Relax" and everything will work out.

              Anyway, last Monday (09 July) I recertified online with your worker and immediately faxed a copy of my Social Security Disability letter to the number given me.


              A copy of this is being forward to the Attorney Generals' Office along with a copy of my Social Security Disability letter I have been using to recertify with your company.

              Since this month is halfway over, I expect the remaining minutes this month to be forwarded to next month, along with my August minutes as well.

              I do not have a way of going online to get an updated copy of my Family Services letter, so I switched to my Social Security letter instead. Both are supposed to be accepted by your phone company

              I have a copy of my "continued Food Stamp" approval letter which I receive every month, which also lists the SSDI amount I receive every month on it. I am also giving the AG a copy of this letter.

              I am tired of this crap ever month of not receiving my minutes! I should not have to recertify until March of 2019.

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                • Bu
                  Buluck Jul 24, 2018

                  Does everyone know that all the rude/ignorant people that answer the phone at SafeLink are from the Philippines? This is a US Govt program and we hire people from the Philippines to assist us? Pathetic! All of these negative comments listed here by other upset people are ALL TRUE! I have spent hours on the phone with them trying to get a replacement phone and they all lie to you. They keep telling you to “please hold while they check their manual” and then after an hour, they tell you something that is not true. For example... “yes, a new phone is on its way” and then it never shows up. Or, to get a new phone ... you will have to re-enroll, but then you try and RE-enroll and their website won’t let you. You call back and waste another 2 hours on the phone to get another person telling you something else. I was complaining to one person tonight and I demanded to be transferred to their manager. After 15 mins, I got to speak to a manager who was reading from the same dumb manual as the last person. I got nowhere with the manager, so I asked for someone higher than him. He told me he would transfer me to “Corporate”, so I held for another 10 mins. I finally get someone on the phone and told him my complaint and he tells me he is NOT the CORPORATE DEPT, that he is just another manager. So, another lie! The last customer service rep told me specifically he was transferring me to Corporate (which was a higher position then him). I got sooooo frustrated, that I hung up on them. I guess I won’t be getting a replacement phone. Why can’t a US Govt program be staffed by US Citizens that know what customer service I should all about.


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                Safelink Wireless — safelink/tracfone tech support & customer service

                My father decided to pay for the $15 unlimited call plan as I was running out of minutes due to an influx of...

                Safelink Wireless — sales representatives

                Ive witnessed and others witnessed your sales reps are taking the costermers information and then denying...

                Safelink Wireless — my phone does not work with safelink service which is a government provided plan

                It is at least 6 month I am not able to make phone calls. Each time I am trying to call my phone showed a...

                Safelink Wirelesszte phone

                Can't hear when someone is calling.. Letters A, L, N some times wont work.. Changes wallpaper.. Hangs up on people.. When texting won't pull up contacts.. Makes calls by itself.. When trying to erase the curse goes the wrong way types random letters. They dont want to fix this. I need a phone that works. I live by myself and it's lifeline . This my 2nd time reporting this. I also called 5 times.

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                  Safelink Wirelesslifeline services

                  been with safelink for over 5 years last week I didn't recertify because I always had no service an rep told me to open a window or go outside an find a signal I am disabled an what if I fell or had a heart attack how could I go outside so I asked my service to end of month after using my mins up give me I had 298 mins left but the cancelled my service an phone now have no phone to use I reported my problem with no service an no response but will check it out but continued

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                    Safelink Wireless — lifeline cell service

                    Never had any problems getting recertified for Safelink lifeline service until April 2018. I got a text...

                    Safelink Wirelesstrying to get a phone!!

                    I have been trying to get a safe-link phone for over six months now... Today... After supplying all needed information to them... I get eight separate envelopes in the mail, that all say the exact same thing!!! "immediate attention required", same date, same everything... Eight separate envelopes... That's just crazy!!!

                    So I call the 800 # and talk to this sorta/kinda english speaking person and try to explain my problem... He didn't have a clue! He told me he had my food stamp #, which was required to get the phone... Then told me I would have another packet of mail within 7 to 10 days, with the same information, that I already gave to them!!! Wtf?

                    Has anybody else, had this kind of treatment from these (I don't want to call them [censored], so I wont) people, and how did they handle it?

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                      Safelink Wirelesszte phone

                      Can't hear when someone calls, voice mail does not recognize the numbers, when calling someone have to do it twice, won't answer calls, changes wallpaper, won't pull up contacts. I've called 6 times. They reset the phone. Nothing changed. I was Hung up on. Rude people. I want a new phone, this phone can't be fixed, My next thing to do is to complain to the BBB & USAC. [protected]., I have no way to call if I need someone. I live alone. This is my life line.

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                        Safelink Wirelesssafelink wireless

                        Safelink wireless is absolutely demonic. They train their employees to be demonic as well. Either you guys are here to help low income individuals, or its just another way to keep up with the class of folks in the world who are wealthy or whos not. Get real, step into the light and out of the darkness safelink. Stop being evil because this is not your world, of course, as we know this world, everything in it, and the fullness thereof belongs to our lord and savior, jesus!!! Yes, satan, you lose and you are the biggest loser to be and will ever be.. Be careful safelink because jesus is not playing. You take minutes away from people whos not even exceeded their minutes, but you say that you are for the people??? What if it was an emergency, someones child was sick, or someones grandmother fell and they need to call 911. Just stop it safelink, the government, and all!! I pray for you all's mercy because you are going to need it. It is already hot enough on a hot summer day, so why send your souls to hell just because you can. I'm sure that you all have children, grandparents, etc. Just like those minutes are free, so is salvation!!! Get it together because it is obvious that y'all are not thinking wisely at all. I plead the blood of jesus over our world, the government and their children, families. Satan you lose, lost, it is a wrap, done, over... Get that in jesus name, and all of you demonic folks should thank god, jesus, the holy spirit because the only reason you have the little power that you do have is because of jesus! You silly rabbits!!

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                          Safelink Wirelessphone minutes

                          Since December I've been try to get my minutes taken around in circles for months just to get my minutes. I've done everything right on my end but everything time I call it's another problem and another 30 days I have to wait. Since Dec/Jan and I don't understand why I have to go thru so much and why it's always another excuse as to why I can't get my minutes every time I call something happens where I have to wait 30 days and I'll call back in 30 days and then somethings else happens and I have to wait another 30 really frustrated with all this back and forth I just want my minutes

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