Ryland Homesfaulty construction - heavy fascia beam on patio fell down with no reason

A Jul 08, 2019

2 huge fascia beams fell down on the patio without anything that could cause this.
This happened between June 28-30, . luckily no one was home if someone would have been standing under it would have killed them. The third one is also hanging on but we will take it down as the install seems faulty.
Inspecting the fallen beams it seems like these beasts - I do not know but they are quite large at least 20+ feet long 3x 2x4's joined together and stuccoed which made them even heavier were 'nailed' yes you read it right, nailed to the beams above causing them to lose grip by time and come crashing down.

This is unbelievable the contractor and others can not believe that these were nailed to the beams with no L brakets or even screws !

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Ryland Homes
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