Resolved Rowdy Sunset ArtHarassment on phone

I got a credit card with Overstock thru Chase, I did not receive a bill until this month and I have become disabled. I talked to the person on the phone and let him know this and asked what the least amount I can pay till I am back on my feet was, he told me the full amount again, I explained to him I had surgery and cannot do that at this time..he told me again the amount and would I like to pay now?! I told him I cannot, and from that point every day several times a day and night he calls me and also a woman, they both sound like they are from India or Iran, I have tried to talk to them but they will not listen, they keep saying do you want to pay now. I have written them a notice to stop the harassment with the guide of The federal "Fair Debt Collection Practices Act" (FDCPA) but they wont stop and I cannot pay... what can I do??? Any advise??? I want to sue them and stop this crap! HELP!

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