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To repair a popup leak, I was charged $241.95. This supposed to be a free estimate and yet he took everything apart. And than said it would be $194.95 which I thought was much too much to begin with but I said go ahead and repair it, because everything was taken apart. I guess that's the trick (take everything apart so not to leave it without a pipe on the bottom of the sink)the customer would agree to pay those absorbent prices. Then after he was all finished he hit us with well the labor was $194.95 and it is plus part and tax. That all came to $241.95.



  • Jo
    John Siegel Jan 04, 2008

    As an ex roto rooter employee I can assure you they are a rip-off. All the tech's work on straight commission. The more they charge you, the more they make for themselves, but alot more for the company. Ask if these tech's even have a plumbing license, most likely not. They put a new hire thru 3 months of on the job training(they ride along with someone thats been there a year) and then send them out on the road to the unwary consumer.

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  • Ja
    Jackie Jan 23, 2008

    Roto rooter charges $335. to 'cable and clear a bathroom sink'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • Ca
    carri54 Feb 07, 2008

    since I read the last blog on how these roto-rooter employees get hired and supposedly trained, I can tell you first hand that they do ride with someone for the first 3 months, all because they park all over our street to ride with a roto-rooter employee. I also believe they don't need a liscense to do plumbing in your house. The way they park on our street I doubt very much they even own a driver's liscense. I put in numerous complaints to roto-rooter about these so called "wanna be plumbers" parking and blocking my driveway day in and day out. Roto-rooter does not care. So, this will now go to the municipality where I live.......take note roto-rooter "wanna be's" IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO PARK YOUR VANS ON A RESIDENTIAL STREETS WHEN YOU ARE NOT DOING BUSINESS ON THAT STREET, IT IS ALSO PROHIBITED TO PARK THESE VANS OVERNIGHT ON THE STREET!! The fine is 325.00..........maybe some of the customers that you ripped off all the time will feel some justice being done!!!!!!!

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  • Je
    jen Apr 23, 2008

    Complain to someone else. These roto rooter guys put in a hard days work so a grump like you can complain all day that these guys are parking on your street? Come on... get a life... get a job. If you have that much time to spare. Roto Rooter has been around for too long and has always been good to me!!!

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  • Vi
    vince Jun 14, 2008

    Obviously the ex employee couldn't make it through training. I own an 8 truck company here in San Diego and Roto is my competition. Their prices are competitive and overall they offer a quality service.

    Sounds like John couldn't make it through training because Roto does try to offer quality service techs. I own an 8 truck co. in San Diego and Roto is my competition. I think their rates are reasonable and their training program sufficient. John does not have a contractors lic. to know at least in Calif. only the Contractor needs the lic. not every plumber. I wonder if John now has a laborer job digging trenches where he doesn't have to use his brain.

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  • Yo
    YOURNAME Nov 10, 2008

    Man first off the tech shoudnt have done that and it was his mistake you get written up for doing that and if you do it afew times you get fired second the ex roto rooter employee was probably fired like most ex employee's 90 percent of them are fired and angry about it and third most the other 10 percent usually leave and start their own company's i know of other company's that have offer'd their techs a commission bump up for "acting" like they are unemployed going through roto rooter classes for pressure jetting etc then coming back get a clue buddy

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  • Ma
    Mark Nov 11, 2008

    Any service tech with Roto Rooter who takes apart something and then tries to charge for putting it back together would get written up or fired in a heartbeat if the boss found out. All these complaints I've ever seen about this company seem like they are written by the competition. The complaints always seem to lack specifics - the names of the techs, the names of the manager or supervisor they talk to to get a resolution...rarely do I see anyone even say they called the company to ask for a refund or even an explanation of charges. Roto Rooter has been around over 70 years and does thousands of service calls A DAY. I highly doubt that 99% of the complaints I see on these type of anonymous boards are legit, and the ones that are legit were due to a breakdown in communication between the customer and the company, or the customer had an unrealistic view of what things cost. Yes, you can still get a $35 drain cleaned, but I doubt it has a gaurantee, I doubt the guy has any insurance or workmans comp, I doubt the guy is sober after 5 pm and I doubt you could trust him around your stuff when you aren't looking, or that he won't cause more damage than he fixes because he lacks any training or oversight. As far as the parking on the street deal, a public street is a public street. I wouldn't want any service truck parked in front of my house either, but I would try to find a solution to the problem instaed of just complaining. Maybe the guy lives there, and you just don't like your neighbor because he wouldn't fix your plumbing issue 'on the side'? If you have an issue, you can always work your way up the corporate ladder to get a resolution, as long as you're reasonable. (and not just an unhappy former employee or unhappy competitor!)

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  • Kc
    K.C. Jan 21, 2009

    Just to give you people out there A heads up, 90% of all plumbing companies that come to your home are on A strait commission rate per tech, Roto Rooter does NOT quote prices over the phone because they do NOT want to misquote you the price, its A dispatcher that answers the phone not A plumber. Once the service tech shows up at your house you always have the right to say no thanks and send them on their way, the complaints that some...actually almost all of you have is absolutely insane.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Feb 26, 2009

    There are good plumbers, bad plumbers, and wannabee plumbers...period

    The price is the price...If one does not like the price, one does not have to accept the price.

    Good plumbing is not cheap...and cheap plumbing is not good.

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  • Dm
    dm10169 Jul 14, 2009

    Some people are missing the point... Yeah you can always turn anyone away, if you don't like the price or for whatever reason. However, you dont' expect that a "Name Brand" company like Roto Rooter to charge whatever price they want. I had a toilet clogged with one of those tiolet cleaner things that clinge to the side of the bowl encased in plastic. It got stuck in the P-Trap and 'snaking' it didnt work. So I called Roto Rooter, 1st time customer to them, but remember growing up and seeing their commercials on T.V. so I figured it was a good company to go with. I didn't expect a very young man to show up and quote me a price of $349 to clear the P-Trap. I blame myself for not comparing prices or doing research and I assumed that was the going price since he seemed like he was quoting the price off a sheet and that was the set price. I told him to go ahead, took him about 20-30 minutes to remove the toilet, snake it from the reverse side of the toilet - cleared the clog, re-caulked the toilet. I went to a Poker Tournament right after that and on the way, I came along side a plumber Van and called the # on the side and asked how much they would charge for doing the same thing and it was <$200. I felt totally ripped off and called to company to ask how much they charge to see if he charged me the correct price, but it seems that the techs can charge whatever they want and if they don't feel like deeling with a toilet problem that isn't snakable, they can just say a ridiculous price and if you say no, they are happy they dont have to do it, but if you say yes, they are happy at that point because they are going to make alot of money off you.

    Roto Rooter Sucks!!! Rip Off Artists

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  • Tj
    Tj Oct 05, 2009

    If you have a problem with the price of a plumber, quit your job at McDonalds and go to the union and become a plumber. Then write back and you will agree working in other peoples "MESS" is worth what plumbers charge. Into you walk around one day in a real plumbers shoes don't jump to conclusions and think it isn't worth every last cent.

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  • Mi
    Mike with 20 years exp. Oct 17, 2009

    Boy I wished I worked For a plumbing company where I could make my own prices. The company I work for charges $85.00 per hour. In most cases I can unstop a toilet in less than an hour for $85.00. If I have to remove the toilet to unstop it then its $85.00 labor and $10.00 for a wax ring, flange bolts, and supply line. Of course I'm only paid $12.50 per hour and $18.50 per hour for after hours calls. I would like it if I could charge $150.00 for a service call.

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  • Ji
    JimLangeFlorida Jun 16, 2010

    My experience with ROTO-ROOTER Services Company in Tampa, FL, did not leave me with the impression that the company was interested in anything but fleecing its customers.

    Two of my toilets were not flushing completely. I had augered them myself, but did not determine that there was a clog.

    I called the Roto-Rooter number in the Clearwater phone book (727-442-8787) and was told by Duke that there would be a charge of $155 to fix the toilets, and that the warranty would be six months.

    A service technician named George Broadley showed up and augered both toilets (as I had done) and told me the warranty would be seven days, instead of the six months promised by Duke. All Mr. Broadley could say is that Duke should not have given me a quote over the phone. I told him that if I had known that was all he was going to do, I would not have scheduled the appointment. Also, when George had completed augering, he simply removed the auger from the toilet, allowing it to drip liquid on my flooring and carpet. He told me that the one toilet needed to be replaced and that he could come back to do that, at additional charge. When he was leaving, he reached out to shake my hand with his, yet he had not washed his hands after handling the wet auger.

    Total charge from Roto-Rooter... $178.44
    Repair Status...INCOMPLETE

    Since the downstairs toilet still did not function, I contacted another plumber from Bob Frank Plumbing, Inc. The technician, Randy, noted that the water line in the tank was low, augered the trap and proceeded to ream out the mineral deposits that had clogged the rinse ring on the bowl. Within minutes, the toilet was flushing like new. He did this to the other toilet, as well. Randy also had a large bucket into which he placed the wet auger. And, he was wearing disposable rubber gloves to do all the work.

    Total charge from Bob Frank Plumbing...$96.50

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  • St
    steve with roto rooter Jan 18, 2011

    i am a roto rooter tech, i assure all of you that alot of the complaints i am hearing are not roto rooter policy and if the branch knew about the things that have happened those techs would probably be out of a job. i've been in the plumbing industry for 26 years, EVERY COMPANY has complaints or people who think they got ripped off after they signed paperwork saying the job was performed to their satisfaction. i always explain the problem to the customer first, giving them a detailed estimate, the customer can always say no, they ususally say yes, however, and are happy to find that the job was completed as stated in the estimate, i am very busy at work mostly by customer requests to have me back to their residence to do more work for them, so i don't know what the problem is, but i don't have any complaints from my customers. those of you complaining about price obviously have never worked in the plumbing industry, i have worked in some pristine homes, and then there is the other side of it, pure filth, cat hair, dog hair, urine all over the work area, oh and the clogged toilet that was used until it almost ran over, duh, if it's clogged stop using it, pretty simple, so how much would all of you complainers and whiners charge to go work in a cockroach infested house or deal with people's animals they won't put in a bedroom while you are trying to do your job, how much would you charge to clean a drain full of human waste that's been stewing in the heat for 3 days? don't complain unless you have ever done it, and then there is the obvious, if you knew how to repair it yourself, you wouldn't have needed to call a plumber, Benjamin Franklin, was also a plumber among many other titles, and he was right when he said that plumbers PROTECT THE HEALTH OF THE NATION.

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  • Ma
    mangusfl Mar 03, 2011

    my experience with rotor router was also very negative as I had thousand of unnecessary damages due to the fact they refused to cam my out side 4 inch schedule 40 which would of showed it ran into the house into the carpeted area because they refused to cam they destroying the right side of my out door BBQ and destroyed my tile area which cost a day of labor and thousands to me unnecessary which they flat out refused to fix even though it was there fault and unnecessary

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  • Ma
    mangusfl Mar 03, 2011

    Benjamin Franklin was worse but I can not talk about that as they settled with a 3k srettlement

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  • Ey
    eye dunno Sep 19, 2011

    on commision plumbers will rip you off. period! they will scare you with un needed repairs and scare tatics... they make money off of charging you more money... they make cash off of the things you know nothing about. they will make up problems like green copper pipes, and dirty drain lines to scare you into a re pipe or drain line repair, just remember this they make 30% off of the bill they give you. the rest goes to some dumb ### who owns the company. who owns 2-3 houses and has tons of cash... period.

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  • Mr
    mrram Sep 19, 2011

    whats real bad is these private lil plumbing companys that offer FREE ESTIMATES these are a joke.. PERIOD. I work for a lil plumbing company and want to say beware of this! they will send a starved hungery plumber to your place and look for any problem, they even make problems up - just to make money... remember they are on COMMISION! period. period! get up to 3 estimates from 3 different comanys before you pay for any work done! period. these companys do not pay by the hour! so they might have a guy sitting around for hours with no work... and then they send him to your call. the plumbing company I work for in cerritos calif is a rip off.

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  • Se
    sewerpro Dec 15, 2011

    OK, I know I'm going to lose many of you when I tell you that I am a current field manager for Rot-Rooter in Chicago, but please allow me to comment on some of the issues that have been brought up here. If you think I'm going to wave the company flag and tell you that all complaints are unfounded - you may be surprised. I support your letting others know of your concerns.

    With that said, any company will have employees, management and policies that not only seem unfair, but downright criminal. I have those above me, telling me to to act in an unethical and unprofessional manner. They have instructed me to lie, or at least mislead MY customers - to do whatever it takes, including "hard sales" tactics. These are not leaders, rather they are weak minded and immoral human beings and I will not follow where they would have me go. Surely there are those who will, from middle management to trainee. I am pleased to inform you that the overwhelming majority of my co-workers join me in rejecting the idea that money makes taking the low road a smooth and easy path.

    My position requires me to listen to MY customers' very unpleasant experiences, investigate the property's plumbing system, inspect the sewer lines (with a drain-line camera with MY customers by my side), give a very detailed explanation of my findings, give MY customers every possible option for resolving their problems and my repair recommendations based on nearly 30 years experience. Based on a company designed pricing matrix (Roto-Rooter spends millions of dollars every year to determine "market value") I offer an estimate price for the agreed upon course of action (usually an excavation repair or pipe relining). I will take as much time as MY customers need to fully understand every aspect, every detail of what is the cause of their troubles and how I, that's me - will take care of needs and see the job through to their satisfaction. For this, I ask for more than many other companies will. I tell MY customers that we are not the least expensive, but I do not feel the need to be.

    I am surrounded by people who take great pride in what they do and do it extremely well. We offer a guarantee that is several years longer than our competitors. A guarantee that actually means something, because as we have been around for 77 years now, we will be here for them should anything happen in the future, while other companies continue to go out of business - leaving their clients with no one to call should their work fail. Perfection is what we strive for, but sadly there are times we come up short and believe me, we hear about it and respond as quickly as we can - not always leading to applause and gratitude.

    What it comes down to folks, is "VALUE". If you don't see the value in what we offer, move on to the guy that only offers price as his selling point. You more than likely will get just what you pay for. We must come to your location and go through these steps to be even close to giving an proper, well-reasoned estimate. I ask you to be frightened by those who will ask you three questions over the phone and pretend to know all they need to, to be able and qualified to put forth a price. That tells me that in their minds, their customers are not worthy of such an investment of time and attention. They don't value you.

    While I write this, I am about as angry at Roto-Rooter as I can be for allowing the clueless, napoleonic and unvirtuous hold positions of misguided power. I have consistently lead this region and for one quarter of this year, was tops in this 14 nation company's sales in excavation repairs and have been subjected to unthinkable, unwarranted lies and criticism by one who actually believes that if he just keep whipping the lead dog, that the entire team, loaded sled and his own undereducated, inexperienced butt through the finish in first place. Perhaps he should realize that he is the load that slows our progress.That the lead dog knows the way and with the unified efforts of the team, success will be ours. Perhaps this young man relies on the wisdom and strength of character of others, should just step off. Enough of my airing dirty laundry.

    So, be informed, cautious consumers. It's not about Roto-Rooter nor any other sales and service's about understanding the true value of the product and services provided. Do not feel pressured into anything you are not completely comfortable with.

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  • Ba
    Babycubb Aug 17, 2019

    Terrible customer experience and service!!! Sales rep, Chad, totally unaware of what he is doing, no return calls from the managers, have left messages and still no response, Chad is in a 3rd world when communicating, which is very little. I will NEVER REFER OR USE ROTO ROOTER AGAIN.

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