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Complaints & Reviews

Lied about Price and coupon

We had a heating element out in our water heater-a $10 part which we purchased. We turned of the water and...

Estimate charge misrepresentation

AVOID Roto-Rooter at all costs! [2/19/2011] We called to request an estimate for sewage blockage...


Its alledged in Massachusetts superior court that Roto Rooter sends Unlicensed people posing as licensed...

Damaged our property

Mr. Rooter located at 11122 E. 47th Ave., Denver, CO 80239 was called by our daughter to our home because of water dripping into the front entryway light fixture. They arrived over an hour later and the dripping had stopped. This was not an emergency.

They asked our daughter, who has no knowledge of plumbing or drywall, if they could open the ceiling beneath the tub to find the leak and she said yes. They proceeded to take their hammers and rip two gaping, ragged holes undermining the drywall in the surrounding areas (extensive damage).

The proper method is to cut holes with a sheetrock saw to minimize damage.

In my opinion they took advantage of our daughter's lack of knowledge of plumbing and drywall and were completely unprofessional.

The cost of plumbing repairs: $195.00. The cost of drywall repairs:up to $400.00 for a grand total of $595.00.

The owner has been contacted several times and adheres to her plumbers having done nothing wrong, paraphrasing, "I'm not losing money over this." She also asked if they had to give our daughter an IQ test. Insulting and unprofessional.

  • Yo
    YouWontLikeMeWhenIAmAngry Feb 09, 2011

    When dealing with a water leak the biggest issue is not always the leak. For example, if the leak was caused by a running toilet there is no plumbing work to be done. HOWEVER, you do need to remove all drywall that was water damaged or you risk mold and then you will have a repair bill in the thousands.

    So if you go with the idea that "The proper method is to cut holes with a sheetrock saw to minimize damage." then you are most likely going to be paying for a mold removal bill in the near future and that would be significantly more than the 595$ you paid.

    The proper method is to remove all wet and damaged drywall. You can do it with whatever you like, but after you remove the wet drywall you need to then replace the drywall and it is recommended to spray the area with a mold ###ant chemical to reduce the chance of mold growth.

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  • Ro
    rotorooterflag Jul 03, 2011

    My question is: Why is the artical and complaint under Roto Rooter, and not Mr Rooter The above complaint clearly states Mr Rooter was called out, as a Roto - Rooter Plumbing Franchise owner, i take this kind of thing personal, and if you are fileing a complaint please get your facts straight befor you set yourself up for a slander suite.

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Performed work not needed

On Friday 12/10/10, my ice maker line had sprung a leak, and the company I always use, had no technicians available. I did call four other companies before contacting Roto Rooter.

I knew that it was my ice maker line that had sprung a leak, but the technician wanted to perform a diagnostic, at the cost of $189.00. I explained that I knew it was the icemaker line, and he said he could fix that, but if that was not the problem then it would be extra.

He then told me I needed separate shut off valves for my ice maker, dish washer and sink. I submitted a complaint with Roto Rooter, and I did receive a call back from a general manager. I was told that they are required to bring the plumbing up to code and the cost was justified.

  • Bi
    BigGuy201 Nov 29, 2011

    And they are right. By LAW, get that? LAW A Plumber ahs to BY LAW bring a facilities plumbing up to code if any additions, repairs, or alterations are ever made on a building, whether residential, or commercial.

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Service charges for free Estimate

We called them into our Newmarket Ontario business to evaluate a plumbing problem, 2 toilets not draining properly. Offering a free estimate, they sent in their franchisee who checked things out and charged us $100.00 plus taxes when we refused his estimate of close to $400.00 to simply change a toilet (and that did not include the toilet!)

We called head office and they supported his fees.

AAfter checking out complaint forums (we should have done this first) we discouvered this is typical. They over charge for what they do.

Forget about using these guys! Try a local independant pumber and use references.

Caused $15k in damage and refused liability

Our condo association called out Roto Rooter to snake out a clogged kitchen pipe. They came and did the job...

Roto Rooter - Chicago


Northern Virginia Rotorooter really knows how to "bend over their customers, " instead of taking care of them. They think its perfectly reasonable, to charge you $410 for twenty minutes of labor, with no parts. That's right, snaking a pipe that has a small blockage in it. Avoid these scammers, as all the other plumbing companies I talked to were disgusted by this.

In addition, their management "sleeps well at night' with this amount. They also refused to take my calls for five days.

bad bad company

Roto Rooter not only did not fix a slow drain problem, they had left damage and will not acknowledge or offer...

Roto Rooter

over priced/rip offs/poor work!

called roto rooter because water was backing into the house from the toilet and tub! when tech shows up he tells me my main line is clogged and he needs to snake it. ok no big deal right? WRONG! he tells me it will be $225.00 to snake it and an extra $125.00 to dig the hole to get to the pipe. i ended up digging the hole to save myself $125.00 and he snaked it about 85-90 feet out cleared the clog and set me up with an appointment the following tuesday to have a camera run through the pipe and see what was going on. tuesday came around and the camera guy never showed up and 4 days later the pipe clogs back up! so i call roto rooter about 12pm on a sunday they tell me a tech will be out in an hour..doesnt show until 4pm! as soon as he gets there he tells me he's going to come back in the morning because it was drizziling and he didnt want to get him or his machine wet!!? i convince him to stick around a minute to see if the drizzle stops and it did 5 minutes later. 25 minutes later he tells me he ran his snake out twice 100 feet both times and couldnt clear the clog! the next day the camera man finally shows up to run the camera and of course couldnt see anything because the pipe is filled with water. he tells me i need my whole main line replaced and gives me an estimate of $5000.00 (yes thats 5 thousand dollars)! so the next day i went to home depot and rented a snake for $52.00 and ran the snake out 85 or 90 ft and i hit the clog!! after 5 minutes of toying with it i got the clog out and water is draining fine and havent had a problem since! THANK GOD! but do yourself a favor and stay away from ROTO ROOTER!!

  • Ej
    ejko Nov 17, 2011

    if u ever call a plumbing company and they dont give u the price over the phone..hang up.. i am a plumber and these guys(roto rooter) are out to make money however they can.. not saying where i live, I work for roto rooter and my boss told me the other day that if a customer cant afford to pay for a sewer replacement, get this...I SHOULD TELL THEM TO GET A LOAN FROM A BANK...un real.. i have been doing plumbing for over 12 years, and the way these guys do business is outta control..I have never in my whole career seen some of the things that these guys do.. been with them for just 3 months..had no other options but am trying so hard to get somewhere else..they docked me 200. dollars this week because a customer didnt want to pay their price.. 3 times they have done this..they suck..worst plumbing company ever...

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  • An
    Answers Feb 13, 2012

    I'm also employed with a plumbing company and have never heard of an honest contractor performing a diagnosis over the phone. Please ask yourself this. When you have an ache or pain, is it common for your doctor to diagnose and quote you a price over the phone? Contractors quoting a price via radio ads and or over the phone know this; By "Low- balling" or "Putting the foot in the door, " a customer is surely going to bite if the $99.00s sounds great! This type of unethical practise gives all plumbers a bad name. Now once this contractor is at your door, he's already made it to second base. Its up to you if your going to allow him that home run invoice he wants you to sign. To make a long story short, obtain 3 estimates from contractors who provide "No obligation" estimates. And remember this; Contractors factor many things into a price. Ask lots of questions. And yes, prices for parts can be up to a 400% mark up of the wholesaler price.

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WE called the 800 number a year or so ago for Rotor Rooter to fix a few problems we were having in our bathroom. A older gentlemen arrived and my husband went into the bathroom with him to show him what needed repaired. Well, I guess in conversing my husband mentioned he did some auto mechanic work. The next thing I know, the Rotor Rooter employee comes out and informs me that since my husband fiddled around with car repair, he should be able to fix our bathroom. The man left and did not do a thing. My bathroom is still not fixed.

  • Jk
    Jkoe1978 May 12, 2010

    What exactly is the scam? How did the older gentleman benefit from the situation? Did you pay him for doing nothing? What is it with people posting complaints about companies that don't exist? Maybe you meant Roto Rooter?

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Price & Equipment

Residential house drain needed blockage cleaned out. Called Roto Rooter at about noon. Wasn't told how many down the list I was. Didn't arrive until after 5:00. Worked for a bit over an hour, and told me he went in 105 feet, which was the limit of his equipment, and couldn't clear the block. He called for a pressure water jet truck for the next day, and cut my $308 bill to $180. What a bargain. Next day, the pressure water jet truck showed with a camera. Cleared the line easily. No roots, just buildup plus what the first truck loosened. Charge was another $550, for a total of $730 for a simple blockage that actually flowed, but very slowly. It turned out that it did not need the force of a pressure jet, only a mechanical router that would actually reach the city line. City sewer easement is on the other side of the street, so line distance from cleanout access to city line is about 140 feet. Trucks apparently don't carry that cable length. This is old residential. Submitted a survey complaint online to Roto Rooter, which was of course ignored. Talk about severely gouged because they don’t carry the equipment to handle residential lot sizes, and they don't tell you that when they see the location, either, of course.

Flooded our house

Dealing with the Roto Rooter in Northern Virginia has been an absolute nightmare. We called them to fix a faulty water heater and the technician said we just needed to fix a part. We trusted his judgment, had the part fixed, thought all was well. Wrong - water kept leaking without our knowledge until a few days later we noticed signs of water damage on the ceilings and carpet of 3 floors of our townhouse (water heater is on 3rd floor). Called Roto Rooter back and this time the production manager, Ron Shifflett, came along with the technician. Immediately the manager said the technician should have put in a new water heater in the first place and told us the admin office would contact us to straighten the issue out. We said, fine, they put in a new water heater, and left after getting our money.

Now we were left to deal with the damages to our home, spending a LOT of $$ to dry carpets/dry walls/ceilings, painting, putting in new carpet - a complete nightmare financially and otherwise. And we NEVER heard back from Roto Rooter regarding the mistake they made - no compensation for the botched job whatsoever, they won't take our calls or answer our emails. Tried reaching their General Manager in Northern Virginia, Calvin Williams without so much as an acknowledgment. When we finally heard back from the Production Manager, Ron Shifflett, he says the reason for the leak was the water heater pan was too small - not even a sensible argument - and refused to acknowledge what he himself said while doing the job, which was that the severity of the leak was the technician's fault for not replacing the water heater when we called them the first time.

If you are in the Northern Virginia area, do yourself a favor and DO NOT use Roto Rooter. If their technicians mess something up they will deny it, take your money and run. Don't trust them. I learned the hard way.

  • Ri
    Richard Burch Aug 11, 2015

    I just had a terrible experience with Roto Rooter myself. This past Sunday night my toilet got clogged, so I went and bought a plunger...didn't fix the problem. After trying to treat the problem with Drano, buying a snake, buying an auger, then eventually taking the toilet off the floor and using the auger, I called Roto-Rooter. The tech showed up 3 hours late and was there until 1AM, didn't fix the problem. They said I'd need a jetter to unclog the drain so this stocky Cuban guy with a bad attitude shows up at my door the next day with a bossy attitude. One of the first things he asked me was if I had a vacuum. The day prior I had just purchased a brand new 12 gallon wet/dry vac at Home Depot. He then told me I would be his "helper" and that he'd need me to stand next to him and vacuum up water the entire time he worked on my drain. I didn't mind, but then he told me not to put the vacuum hose near the drain, that instead I should allow the liquid sewage to overflow out of the drain and onto my nice porcelain floor, then soak into the baseboards of the walls. Never mind the idea of vacuuming the water BEFORE it gushed out of the pipe, that would make way too much sense. He refused to listen to anything I suggested, then every time my 12 gallon vacuum would fill up the bathroom would flood with 1/4 inch of sewage and I'd have to quickly turn it off, take off the top, run with the full vacuum container to the front yard, dump it out, then scurry back to the bathroom and continue vacuuming the sewage that had accumulated while the vacuum was shut off to be emptied. Anyways, the mess got so out of control that he asked me to get some towels. So I had my wife grab some towels and, to make a long story short, we used all 15 of our bath towels to soak up the sewage. My wife then came down stairs and he asked me to go check on something for him in the basement. (by the way, I actually did more work than this guy did and I was the one paying him!) The entire time he was there he had me running errands for him. One time when I stepped away I noticed his voice changed from strict to sweet. I came upstairs and it appeared he was flirting with my wife. This made me furious but I just wanted him to get the job done and leave so I didn't make a big deal about it. After all, we were unable to use water. So, when he finally did get around to leaving he just took off and left my wife to wash every one of our towels while I stood in the front yard sanitizing the vacuum. I ended up having to go buy a new filter ($30) for it, I'll probably ended up having to drop $200 on towels, and I spent the good part of my Monday cleaning up the aftermath of what this guy had done. To top it all off he didn't even take the time to re-install the toilet (which I had already taken off for him prior to his arrival). So I basically paid this guy $1150 to come into my house and stick the jetter in the hole and walk out.

    This was by far the worst experience I've ever had with any service company in my life. For $1150 I'd expect to be able to sit in my kitchen and enjoy a cup of coffee while TWO technicians take the time to seal off around the hole, come prepared with their own vacuum, their own towels, and have the courtesy of actually installing the toilet afterwards. What would've happened had I not had a vacuum? or towels?

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Over charged, done wrong, bad cust service, no refund

I called RR to get a "snake" job (my sewer line was clogged). Got charged $245 dlls. Technician only went around half of sewer line. Technician spent around 1.5 hour trying to get through the entire pipe. He was unable to and showed me with his camera how there was a blockage at around 60" but he did not determine if it was a broken pipe, but stated it was a "bad pipe". I had a camera inspection from another company and had the blockage at 68', "which might be roots because there is a tree nearby" they stated, also claimed that the snake that Roto Rooter used SHOULD have gone through al the way, which they wonder why they didnt. I called roto rooter back and they said I was under guarantee, and they sent the same technician back. When he came he said it was not guarateed because "I had a bad pipe" and I needed a knew one, he gave me their excavation guy's number. He asked for my invoice and since I did not have it, he said he was going to take a look at it and call me first thing in the morning. I also called their office to be sure this was going to get addressed. I had no phone calls from anybody next day, and then I called in the afternoon asking what was going on, and they said we'll call you back. No call back. I just called them and my invoice says "Jetting job". I asked the dispatch lady why it said that, and she responded "I dont know, is this commercial?" I said -No...and she went quiet. She did not understand why invoice was charged as a jetting job when I actually ha a snake job.. I called another company to unclog my line for $99 ($99 rooter), they did a camera inspection and my pipe is IN PERFECT CONDITION. RR Manager called me back today and said "I can give you the $99 charge that you got from the other company, but not for the $245 we charged you". I submited a claim via Better Business Bureau, and hopefully this will get addressed properly. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY, THEY DONT CARRE FOR YOUR MONEY OR FOR SERVICE!!! I HOPE THEY WILL BURN IN HELL!!!

Broken water tank

I needed to have out dated gas line valves replaced in the basement connected to my water tank and furnace. After services rendered the water tank began to leak. The leak wasn't visible till hours later due to it being a drip of water from the front area from one of the legs...hours later a puddle has formed under the tank. I was not there watching, but I did hear a few very loud bangs. The service guy broke a piece of piping connected to the water tank pipe and had to go to home depot to purchase an extra piece. The same pipe that the service guy fixed the broken piece and valve on is now not parallel ……it’s slightly concave. If the pipe needed to be cut down or a threaded piece screwed in further…… should have been done, poor workmanship. This pipe is adjacent to the very leg that leaks in front. Contacted customer service about the leaking water tank and they sent out the same service man. I showed him the water tank that is now leaking………..he did agree the tank didn’t leak before. He took a look at it and thought it was odd that the tank leaks from the front of the leg, not the bottom; the tank was dry inside as well. I showed him the pipe and he said that was normal. He explained that when the gas gets turned back on it should stop leaking, metal reacts to hot and cold and sometimes they leak. The gas guy said the same thing when they turned the gas back on, but the tank has been leaking to date since 8/28/09, the gas was turned back on 8/31/09.
The pipe was parallel before services were done and my tank did not leak. The tank is not new, but it has been very reliable and with no signs of malfunctioning due to rust at the bottom as most due with age. It leaks from in front of a leg not the bottom. Something happened during servicing on 8/28/09, the tank worked flawlessly before and now it must be replaced. I feel very strongly that any company that damages your property should be held liable, as anyone would.
My husband and I have attempted a resolution with them with no success, all they will offer is to come back and fix the pipe properly……That doesn’t fix my initial problem of a now leaky water tank. We have experienced enough financial damage and are not interested in their services, will find a reliable company to fix it properly. We would however be interested in a partial refund to cover some of our cost, we paid them $600.00 for this mess and would be happy to recoup half back.
I came into this with a fully functional water tank, something happened during service cause now it leaks. You can be the best in the business and can have a bad day or something may go terrible wrong, accidents happen. I called Roto Rooter because I felt I could trust a reputable company to do the work, at this point I'm not comfortable that I made the right choice and truly wish I could have had my husband do it. The parts cost was under $40, I was charged $600.00 for a now warped looking pipe and a leaky water tank. Based on my experience at this point I wouldn't call Roto Rooter again, nor recommend them to anyone...I fell as if I wasted $600.00 and now I must dig deep in my pockets to fix the damages.
Roto Rooter does not care about customer satisfaction or the quality of their work, they will take your money and run…..leaving you to fix the mess.
Beware of Roto Rooter is an understatement!

Bad Service, Bad Warranty

On 8/19/2008, we called Roto-Rooter to investigate a leak coming into our garage. They determined the mainline into the house had broken. They dug a trench at the outside wall of the house and replaced bad sections of pipe. The cost was $540.

Two days later, water resumed spilling into our garage. Roto-Rooter came out again, dug a hole in the same place, said the previous technician had done an inadequate job, and patched it up at no charge. (We did not receive an invoice of this visit. However, we tipped that technician with a check, suspicious of why we would not be given an invoice. That check has been cashed and we have record of it at our bank. The tech did the work by himself.)

One month later, on 9/11/08, water again began leaking into our garage. Once again, Roto-Rooter was called to make the repair. (Their own technician said he didn't believe the previous technicians were qualified to make the repair.) Whatever the case, they destroyed our new landscaping, dug a hole in the exact same place, and fixed the problem under warranty.

Then on 7/28/09, water again began leaking into our garage. We called Roto-Rooter again. The technician diagnosed the problem and immediately said the work would be covered under warranty. I gave him permission to dig a hole and repair. After digging a new trench in the exact same place, destroying our landscaping again with a large tractor, I happened to walk outside to ask them about progress. The busted pipe has already been removed, and the technician said the problem was not under warranty, even though they had already began repair work. I had no way of verifying this claim. The trench they dug was the exact same trench before. They then informed me that this would continue to happen unless I installed a new kind of pipe. (I was not told this on previous visits.) I paid $650 (invoice 214195) for this repair. At the time, I wanted to call another service, but felt pressured to use Roto-Rooter because the problem had to be fixed and the hole was already there.

Two days later, water began leaking into the garage again. I called Roto-Rooter. The tech determined that the hole they drilled into the garage needed to be sealed. This hole was created a year ago by their own technician, who apparently didn't patch the hole to prevent water from spilling into the garage. The tech at the time we would not see any problems with it. There was no charge for this visit. Roto-Rooter has refused thus far to hear out my complaints in an in-depth manner. Diane, their rep, has called, but she is clearly not interested in understanding the history. They won't even apologize for the first two visits! They refuse to honor their warranty.

Corporate Roto-Rooter says they have nothing to do with it. Whatever!

  • Mi
    Militarymale Sep 24, 2009

    Roto Rooter service is very poor and inadequate. I had a tech come out and give me a price on putting in a backup sub pump system that i already had on site. $184.00 fully installed and under warranty can do work tommorrow. I scheduled them to come back and a new tech comes in starts to set up and says it will be 408.00 and he needs new parts as well. I called his office to talk to his manager and gave them the details on the agreement yesterday he told me that he would look into it. I told him that his guy is being escorted out. He told me the base price is more than what i was told yesterday i told him i dont care you agreed to do work for a specific price and your required to do it for such. Management in this company is just as bad as the plumbers i would have them do my plumbing. Just a FYI the tech they sent i asked for his license he told me he didnt have it on him today.


    Manassas Virginia

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  • Ne
    Ned Collins May 18, 2010

    Roto Rooter is a bad company. My technician was very unprofessional and could not put a 3 inch blade or a two inch blade through a three inch pipe. The tech said his two inch blade could not get through a three inch pipe and then proceeded to put the cable without a blade at all through the system all the way to the middle of the yard. The cable came back with some tree root shreds crapped around the spring at tip of cable. The tech would not continue with clearing the three inch line and called in the camera testing. The camera testing showed that the cast iron line is open and clear of any obstructions and that a root problem does exist in the middle of the front yard. Roto Rooter should be able to clean out the mineral deposits in the cast iron and get to the root in the yard with the 2 an 3 inch blade. They could not do the job right and wont refund my money. $409.00 for a service that Roto Rooter CAN NOT PERFORM!

    Bad company bad service. I will contact my Better Business Bureau and file a complaint.

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We had a simple clogged floor drain in the basement and called Roto-Rooter as my 64 year old husband had recently had knee surgery 3 days before discovering the problem. The service tech arrived and had my husband sign for repairs to fix a slow drain (ie use a snake to clear it...10 minutes of work at most) I looked at the paper and saw a price of $395.77. I went out and told the tech to leave as he hadn't started to unload his truck. He told me that it was a fair and standard price. I told him that I wanted to call another company. He showed me a paper and told me that was the price that he charged for unclogging a floor drain. I told him to leave and then he said that he was already there and would discount the price by 25%. At this point, I said to go ahead with the work but still feel overcharged. The final bill was $259.50 for 10 minutes of work. He said that he gave me the "discount" in exchange for no guarantee. I feel that this company overcharges and takes advantage of senior citizens with health problems. I will never use them again for anything.

  • Ak
    akbarjoe Nov 20, 2010

    i am sorry to hear about your husband's health.however having said that if the guy is so wacked out that he is'nt responsible for his actions don't let him deal with the service guy, you can't have it both ways, you can't let him sign for service and then try and make it sound like the service guy took advantage of some old fart.the service guy has absolutely no idea of the family dynamics granny...if you truly felt you were being overcharged then you are a fool for letting the service guy proceed.the man did YOU a favor by dropping his charges by %25 and you still [censor]...your health problems are sad but of absolutely no concern to the serviceman or the company.does the local grocery store charge you less because you are sick or old?how about when you get gas at the station do they knock off a few cents per gallon for every year you go past you 60th birthday?you just have that poor old me victim mentality.grow up!take responibility for your own agreed to the price, work was done as agreed, you paid.shut the [censor] up!

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No Show

A serviceman was confirmed to be at my home between 5 - 7 p.m. At 7 p.m. I was called by dispatcher to say he was running late would be wrapping up his current job and heading to my home (approximately 20 minutes away). At 8 p.m. when no one arrived, I called the dispatcher who apologized and said they would call me when he was on his way. At 9 p.m. he was a no show and it was time for me to get ready for bed. I again called the dispatcher and told her to cancel the order and how dissatisfied I was with the service. I stayed home from work to wait for someone who never showed.

"Thank you for scheduling your service with Roto-Rooter. One of our customer service professionals will process your request for service.

You will receive a call on the day you requested service, Tuesday, Apr 28, to confirm an approximate time that the service technician will arrive.

Order ID : [protected]"

  • De
    deal_jaime Dec 28, 2010

    Too bad you can't trust Roto-rooter to clean the pipes. Instead of pulling a tree root ball out (as past plumbers had), the tech tried to push it down the line. The tech even stated (to me and district) he ran the full 110 feet down the line. After giving him a check, he added "No guarantee until video inspection done." on the invoice. No comment of why or any problems he had. First washing machine of clothes, the line is still backed up. Calls to the local and district offices. Even with a video showing the root ball and a transponder showing it at 97-1/2 (2-1/2 feet short of the main). Roto-rooter still would not come out to redo the job unless I paid a second fee. Had to hire a 2nd plumber to redo the sloppy job. He snagged it with the blades and pulled the 2 foot long root ball out. I even got a discount because he had just finished another botched roto-rooter job one street up. I'll never call Roto again!

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  • Ma
    magnusfl Jan 18, 2012

    I got screwed also and would never do business with rotor router

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Roto Rooter trains Services Techs well. Their employees at a regional call center are taught not to give prices. This is so the Tech can sell you at your home. You as the consumer are in a tough situation: you have sewage all over your floor, most likely have taken time off work, and have concerns about health issues for your family. To encrease the number of sales, usually, they will try a couple sales tricks to preasure you. Like assumptive close, "Sign here and I will get started" or "do you want me to bring my tools through the front door or back door". Or choice close, "do you want service a or service b". So, you go ahead and pay what ever is asked. To my knowledge Roto-Rooter is the MOST EXPESIVE pluming service to use in most cities. In the city I live, they have had three recent price increases. (PS: The Tech's pay for their own tools, van, and gas) In short, get an estimate up front for basic services. Or better yet, call three plumbers at the same time. Best of luck and dont be afraid to say, "NO!"

  • Ti
    tim the plumber Jul 31, 2009

    I do not work for Roto Rooter and am in no way affiliated with their company. I own a small private plumbing company and I will never ever quote over the phone. No legitimate company will quuote over the phone. Have you ever had a car accident and called the body shop and asked how much it was to have the car fixed? I am pretty confident they will tell you to bring the car in so they can see the extent of damage and what the job requires before giving you a price.
    People who quote over the phone are scamming you with a low-ball price in order to get into your home. Once they get there they tell you it is not what you described, which is true. If you could accurately describe the problem on the phone, you would be a plumber and not need anyone else to fix it, and that is why you can't ever quote on the phone.

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  • I worked for Roto -rooter and they were taking money from my check to pay my aflac insurance I was carrying and was supposed to be automatically paid from mt check- $400 worth and my policies were cancelled for no payment of premiums.

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  • Ey
    eyoung0470 Sep 22, 2009

    Please give me a call at 610-940-9099 to discuss confidentially. I think I can help you with this. My name is Eric Young and you can look me up at

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  • Th
    This dude Nov 12, 2010

    Go to and check their current cases list and join the may be entitled to any monies you spent while working there...Van, tools, gas etc

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  • An
    Answers Feb 13, 2012

    when you have an ache or bad paid, does your doctor diagnose you over the phone?

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  • Pd
    pdqgp Mar 13, 2014

    I agree.

    Hard to believe there are so many strong reviews about them around the web. I will not be one of them. Mainly because my wife and I have been held hostage due to a hot water heater blowing out and putting our family in a spot. Is there ever a good time for such a However to charge us nearly $1, 500 for a 50 gal hot water tank to be installed...are you kidding me? Sure, my wife had to make a call in a pinch while I wasn't available but that's plain unethical.

    Call around, get estimates and if you're ever in a spot like us to get it done right another company. Anyone else. I've since been making calls to inquire and no one has been over $900 even at their high end via a simple phone call to which most all said they were quoting high to protect themselves and offer no official offers anyway. I'm shocked and disappointed in the company.

    Roto Rooter has lost a customer and created one that will be very vocal and very outgoing on social media about this whole ordeal.

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This company charged my elderly mother $932.28 to install a 40 gallon water heater. The owner of this local...

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