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Roto-Rooter Group Complaints & Reviews

Roto Rooter / took advantage of my 76 year old mother!!

Mar 30, 2018

Basement flooded from the rain. Charged over 10k to clean out the water. They left machines there to dry up the basement, but after the machines cut off they still set down there for approx. 5 more days (which they charged her for the whole time she had them). She called them to come get...

Roto-Rooter Group / unethical behavior

Mar 04, 2018

Dear Roto Router, serving the Washington County area of Pennsylvania. Late this fall an employee of yours, named Mitchell Zavalla, of 315 Wood Street, Bentleyville, PA, 15314 moved into our town, almost immediately making more than one enemy in a short amount of time. Apparently, he work...

Roto Rooter / Price, no office support

Nov 23, 2015

I am a 74 year old single home owner, I call RR because of a toilet malfunction. They came took my toilet apart and ran a snake to the septic tank., told me to have my septic tank cleaned out which I did (they said it was not working as it should). They charged me $1600.00 dollars I...

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service / unethical practice

Aug 09, 2014

Recently my mom called them as a toilet bowl right where two screws hold flush tank were a little leaking. Plumber showed up, didn't bother to take His dirty boots and walked straight through new carpet. Mind you, my mom is old and alone and I know for a fact that many service...

Roto Rooter / bonding insurance check

Aug 02, 2012

I worked for the roto rooter in Spartanburg SC and worked there for over a year And when we start for the first several checks they take out what they call bonding insurance due to they give you a truck fully stocked credit card phone everything basicly you need to do your job well upon...

Roto Rooter / Lousy Customer Service

Jun 05, 2012

I had a bad experience with this supposedly-reputable company. First, the idiot I spoke with over the phone when I first made the call, kept getting my address & phone-number wrong, even though I corrected her three times. Then she said the "technician" was in the area and "would be right...

Chemed Corporation/roto Rooter / Fraud/worker exploitation

Jan 09, 2012

Chemed Corporation is now being closely looked at for securities fraud, insider trading, medicare fraud, consumer fraud and worker exploitation. They use fraud and agressive sales techniques at Roto rooter to insure shareholders stay happy documented in several lawsuits throughout the...

Roto Rooter / Business practice

Jan 08, 2012

Anybody have an interesting experience with Roto Rooter plumbers in your area? The facts that I am writing about are for the branches owned by corporate (not the independently owned franchises or contractors) When you as a homeowner call a national plumbing company like Roto Rooter you...

Roto Rooter Plumbing / Bad service

Sep 06, 2011

We automatically call Roto Rooter. This time we get a guy reeking of alcohol who drags in the same equipment as the first company from a year and a half ago, snakes for 30 minutes, says it’s not going to work, my pipes are collapsed, and maybe we could get our insurance company to...

Roto Rooter / Unbelievably tardy and expensive

Jun 07, 2011

My initial appointment was scheduled for 6:30PM on May 16th, 20011. When the plumber didn't show by 7PM, I called to hear that he would not be here until around 8PM. That was too late for my family, so I rescheduled for between 8 and 10AM the next morning. By 10:30, no one had come...

Roto Rooter / Misleading Diagnosis, overcharging

Apr 24, 2011

I had a slight drain blockage and they charged over $600.00 for a cleaning and drain camera. The technician said that there was a "break in the pipe" and would cost over $1800.00 to fix before he could complete the drain camera. I got a 2nd opinion from a more honest company that wa...

Roto Rooter / Awful customer service

Apr 19, 2011

Several weeks ago, I had RR out to snake a pipe. The service man was very professional so I was fine with paying the price he mentioned (although we thought $365 was steep), but it was my understanding, as he explained on our bill, that he was only able to go 4 to 5 feet before he...

Roto Rooter / Scam

Apr 08, 2011

What a SCAM this business is. They came over to my house for 4 days strait trying to fix my water pressure problem in my showers. They told me that I had bad cartridges in all of my showers. They then told me it was going to cost 500.00 per shower to fix this problem and the reason it wa...

Roto Rooter / snake

Apr 08, 2011

Several weeks ago, I had RR out to snake a pipe. The service man was very professional so I was fine with paying the price he mentioned (although we thought $365 was steep), but it was my understanding, as he explained on our bill, that he was only able to go 4 to 5 feet before he...

Roto-Rooter / Overcharge & Second Visit

Mar 16, 2011

Washer backing up into the tub, said the problem was in washer line, no the Plumber said in the main sewer line, cleaned it out, charged plenty, but after doing a wash the next day, the washer was overflowing, said it was a seperate drain, and had to be snaked out. Took forever to do it...

Roto-Rooter / Over charged

Mar 09, 2011

I was charged for a minor water drip in my shower. The work took about 5 minutes to change a leaky cartridge and they charged me almost $300. When I called the manager and complained, he said it was normal to double charge for the price of all parts and to add in at least one or two misc...

Roto Rooter / Lied about Price and coupon

Mar 06, 2011

We had a heating element out in our water heater-a $10 part which we purchased. We turned of the water and power to the water heater, drained the tank and could not find the right tool to get the old element off. So we called a plumber. We were quoted $85 but we wanted it done on the...

Roto-Rooter / Estimate charge misrepresentation

Mar 04, 2011

AVOID Roto-Rooter at all costs! [2/19/2011] We called to request an estimate for sewage blockage problem [2/20/2011] Technician arrived to provide the 'free estimate' and charged $150 for video inspection (in case I did not choose Roto-Rooter to fix the problem. If I contracted...

Roto Rooter / Fraud

Feb 20, 2011

Its alledged in Massachusetts superior court that Roto Rooter sends Unlicensed people posing as licensed Plumbers to perform work requiring a license in Massachusetts. Thiers also a federal class action suit claiming the company forces the employees, Plumbers and drain cleaners to carry...

Roto Rooter / Damaged our property

Feb 09, 2011

Mr. Rooter located at 11122 E. 47th Ave., Denver, CO 80239 was called by our daughter to our home because of water dripping into the front entryway light fixture. They arrived over an hour later and the dripping had stopped. This was not an emergency. They asked our daughter, who has no...

Roto Rooter / Performed work not needed

Feb 07, 2011

On Friday 12/10/10, my ice maker line had sprung a leak, and the company I always use, had no technicians available. I did call four other companies before contacting Roto Rooter. I knew that it was my ice maker line that had sprung a leak, but the technician wanted to perform a...

Roto Rooter / Service charges for free Estimate

Jan 31, 2011

We called them into our Newmarket Ontario business to evaluate a plumbing problem, 2 toilets not draining properly. Offering a free estimate, they sent in their franchisee who checked things out and charged us $100.00 plus taxes when we refused his estimate of close to $400.00 to simply...

Roto Rooter - Chicago / Caused $15k in damage and refused liability


Our condo association called out Roto Rooter to snake out a clogged kitchen pipe. They came and did the job, however, we discovered weeks later that the equipment that they used had created two large holes in one of the kitchen pipes. Water had been flowing freely through the holes and...

Rotorooter / Pricing


Northern Virginia Rotorooter really knows how to "bend over their customers, " instead of taking care of them. They think its perfectly reasonable, to charge you $410 for twenty minutes of labor, with no parts. That's right, snaking a pipe that has a small blockage in it. Avoid these...

Roto Rooter / bad bad company

Roto Rooter not only did not fix a slow drain problem, they had left damage and will not acknowledge or offer to fix. Monday July 12th, Roto Rooter had been contacted via their website to service a slow bath tub drain. The service was scheduled for Friday, July 16th between the hours of...

Roto Rooter / over priced/rip offs/poor work!


called roto rooter because water was backing into the house from the toilet and tub! when tech shows up he tells me my main line is clogged and he needs to snake it. ok no big deal right? WRONG! he tells me it will be $225.00 to snake it and an extra $125.00 to dig the hole to get to the...

Rotor Rooter / Scam


WE called the 800 number a year or so ago for Rotor Rooter to fix a few problems we were having in our bathroom. A older gentlemen arrived and my husband went into the bathroom with him to show him what needed repaired. Well, I guess in conversing my husband mentioned he did some auto...

Roto Rooter / Price & Equipment


Residential house drain needed blockage cleaned out. Called Roto Rooter at about noon. Wasn't told how many down the list I was. Didn't arrive until after 5:00. Worked for a bit over an hour, and told me he went in 105 feet, which was the limit of his equipment, and couldn't...

Roto Rooter / Flooded our house


Dealing with the Roto Rooter in Northern Virginia has been an absolute nightmare. We called them to fix a faulty water heater and the technician said we just needed to fix a part. We trusted his judgment, had the part fixed, thought all was well. Wrong - water kept leaking without our...

Roto Rooter / Over charged, done wrong, bad cust service, no refund


I called RR to get a "snake" job (my sewer line was clogged). Got charged $245 dlls. Technician only went around half of sewer line. Technician spent around 1.5 hour trying to get through the entire pipe. He was unable to and showed me with his camera how there was a blockage at around 60"...

Roto Rooter / Broken water tank


I needed to have out dated gas line valves replaced in the basement connected to my water tank and furnace. After services rendered the water tank began to leak. The leak wasn't visible till hours later due to it being a drip of water from the front area from one of the legs...hour...

Roto-Rooter / Bad Service, Bad Warranty


On 8/19/2008, we called Roto-Rooter to investigate a leak coming into our garage. They determined the mainline into the house had broken. They dug a trench at the outside wall of the house and replaced bad sections of pipe. The cost was $540. Two days later, water resumed spilling into our...

Roto Rooter / price


We had a simple clogged floor drain in the basement and called Roto-Rooter as my 64 year old husband had recently had knee surgery 3 days before discovering the problem. The service tech arrived and had my husband sign for repairs to fix a slow drain (ie use a snake to clear it...10...

Roto-Rooter / No Show


A serviceman was confirmed to be at my home between 5 - 7 p.m. At 7 p.m. I was called by dispatcher to say he was running late would be wrapping up his current job and heading to my home (approximately 20 minutes away). At 8 p.m. when no one arrived, I called the dispatcher who apologized...

Roto-Rooter / Price


Roto Rooter trains Services Techs well. Their employees at a regional call center are taught not to give prices. This is so the Tech can sell you at your home. You as the consumer are in a tough situation: you have sewage all over your floor, most likely have taken time off work, and have...

Roto Rooter Monroe Louisiana / GROSSLY OVERCHARGED


This company charged my elderly mother $932.28 to install a 40 gallon water heater. The owner of this local franchise was rude and could not offer a reasonable explaination why my mother was not given the standard 1 year warranty on labor and agreed to sent it my mom immediately. We have...

Roto Rooter / Fraud and cheating


On the morning of January 21, 2009 my wife and I noticed water backing up in the bathtub and shower. The washing machine was running at the time. We tried flushing the toilet and that overflowed. This indicated a main drainage blockage. Thinking that this would be a simple unclogging of the main...

Roto-Rooter / poor service, rip-off artists


Had Roto-Rooter come out to fix a drip on the main shut-off in the house. After the 2nd day of waiting tech. came out to give a quote. Would not give one over the phone. Thats how they get you for their $39.99 estimate. Quoted me a total of #204.00 to replace packing at handle stem or...

Roto Rooter / Overcharged for Bad service


Started with bad attitude over the phone. Was told no estimate could be given till the plumber was on place. Was told betwee 4:30PM and 6:30 PM but they did not show up till 10PM and asked for $ 350 to unclog a drain. NEVER, EVER had to pay more than $ 70 before to unclug the same drain in the...

Roto Rooter / Plumbing


Two months ago our plumbing backed up. We called Roto Rooter to clear the line. Although we had a guarantee, Roto Rooter tried to charge us. Two days ago, our plumbing backed up again. Roto Rooter came out and supposedly cleared the line. We asked how much to scope the line. They said $99...