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Complaints & Reviews

driver not paying attention

I just want to inform you that this morning around 11:20am on I-25S in Colorado Springs one of your drivers almost side swiped me. I was in the far right lane he was in the middle. He apparently needed over and couldn't wait until it was clear instead he just starts to get over and I have to brake and swerve in order to avoid being hit. He should checking his mirrors and blind spots before just trying to merge into a lane. I am more mad that I had my 5yr old son in the car with me and how ignorant your driver was by simply not checking his blind spots or simply glancing over and seeing I am RIGHT beside him!!
Photo taken after I had braked and he got in front of me.
License plate number on the Van is BAT J35

driver not paying attention

replace broken valve

Charged $350 for 1.5 hours labor on a Sunday afternoon. Charged $75 for a gate valve that costs $10 at Home Depot Yes the job was quoted and agreed to before commencement of job but I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I complained to ther office the next day and was told they charge premium prices because they provide premium services NEVER AGAIN!!


In May, I called Roto Rooter due to flooded bathroom which did some damage to my place and an apartment...


Call on July 1st at 4 p.m. Pacific time, dispatch informed me that they could have someone at my location the following morning at 8:15 with all of the equipment they would need for my situation. On July 2nd at 8:30 call to find out where are the service technician was, was informed by Dispatch that they could not give me a specific time that it would be between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. a 2-hour window. I called back to dispatch at 11 a.m. and was told that they would get to me as soon as they could but could not give me a time frame. I asked to speak to a supervisor, it took three phone calls to finally get a supervisor to call me back, I talk to the supervisor explain my situation and this was a business, he told me that that would take specialized equipment, I said yes the guy I talked to on July 1st sad that the technician would bring that equipment with him, the supervisor said he would call me back in 15 minutes an hour and a half later and still I have not received a call back needless to say when I tried to put a negative review about your company your review system seem to malfunction conveniently, but I can call and report the services to the Better Business Bureau.

took advantage of my 76 year old mother!!

Basement flooded from the rain. Charged over 10k to clean out the water. They left machines there to dry up...

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unethical behavior

Dear Roto Router, serving the Washington County area of Pennsylvania. Late this fall an employee of your...

Price, no office support

I am a 74 year old single home owner, I call RR because of a toilet malfunction. They came took my toilet...

unethical practice

Recently my mom called them as a toilet bowl right where two screws hold flush tank were a little leaking...

Resolved bonding insurance check

I worked for the roto rooter in Spartanburg SC and worked there for over a year And when we start for the...

Lousy Customer Service

I had a bad experience with this supposedly-reputable company. First, the idiot I spoke with over the phone...

Fraud/worker exploitation

Chemed Corporation is now being closely looked at for securities fraud, insider trading, medicare fraud, consumer fraud and worker exploitation. They use fraud and agressive sales techniques at Roto rooter to insure shareholders stay happy documented in several lawsuits throughout the nation. Vistas healthcare is undert investigation for medicare fraud... This company appears to be no more than another Hedge fund company looking for a quick profit on their way toward Chapter 11.

Fraud/worker exploitation

Resolved Business practice

Anybody have an interesting experience with Roto Rooter plumbers in your area? The facts that I am writing about are for the branches owned by corporate (not the independently owned franchises or contractors)
When you as a homeowner call a national plumbing company like Roto Rooter you expect that the service you will receive is of the best quality, and at the prices they charge you expect extreme professionalism. Top notch licensed plumbers with the best in materials and equipment, correct? .. sorry in most cases that’s not what you’ll be getting, this is not to say that there are no good well experienced plumbers staffed, but they are few and far between, a little back ground on the company and had how it operates and how this effects your wallet when you call them for service. Roto Rooter plumbers is owned by chemid holding a publically traded company, which has to show quarterly profits to its share holders, that’s the first problem. Each office has an expected weekly sale quota which varies on location and size of the branch, this reflex on a quota passed down to the technicians, Oh and they do not call them plumbers because for the most part they are not plumbers. Let go over on how you get a job at a Roto rooter branch. Local ads in job listings, reads, looking for licensed plumbers and (helpers no experience necessary will train) you apply go through a background check and you are hired, before all this takes place they give you a one day ride along, this is set up with the top sale revenue producer, the purpose of this ride along is to falsely entice the prospected employee. What is presented to him is the ability to bring home pay checks in excess of 1000+ dollars a week, which can be done if you are a well seasoned plumber, most new guys are finished before they even start. The technician employee turn over rate at roto rooter is astronomical. After seeing this great money making opportunity, they are informed that they must buy their own truck and hand tools, and miscellaneous supply equipment for the truck, hey not a problem I am going to be making all this money, paying for a new truck and all this stuff will be no problem, , yeah right…they are also required to pay for insurance gas and maintenance on that truck, the truck cannot be older than 3 years, how many people looking for work have the cash to buy a truck? The truck usually ends up being financed, a new monthly payment, on a already probably financially strained individual, the now new employee goes through a twelve week training program in which he is placed with a technician that is willing to train them. That’s right the person that they send to your home to fix your plumbing was probably delivering pizza 3 months ago, kind of scary, or at the drive thru at your local burger shop. Ok training is over the guy is set up with his truck and is ready to start making money, starting commission rate for new guys is 30% of the revenue labor sales he makes. And 30% on parts sold to the customer, , Oh Yeah The parts that they buy for a job in your home are marked up one and a half times minimum, that’s right a 200.00 dollar toilet from Home Depot will be marked up to 300 dollars purchased at retail and resold retail. A starting weekly quota is set at usually 3000.00 dollars a week in sales for new guys and can be as high as 10, 000.00 per week for the senior technicians. That means that they have to sell 600 dollars a day. Extremely difficult to sell when you average 1 call a day. the inexperience factor kicks in never done this type of work before so a job that a seasoned plumber would knock out in an hour, will usually takes the new technician at roto rooter 4 to 5 hours, That means that if he’s gone two days without a call, he’s going to have to make it up some way somehow, guess who’ll end up paying the price, the poor unsuspecting customer.. Payroll deductions the most feared word next to call backs for a roto rooter employee. Uniforms, truck insurance, gas, cables for the roto rooter machines yes the technicians have to pay for the drain cables new guy go through them like water at about $150.00 and change. Call backs is another problem for the technician. Roto rooter gives the home owner a six month warranty on a drain cleaning, home owner pays 349.00 or more for the service the technician collects 30% of that 104.70 in his pay check. Ok 2 months down the road the technician gets a call back on that call, he has to go and do the work again for free he does not get paid for that call even though the company is giving the warranty, which it’s not. the technician has to cover the warranty, and if he is not on the schedule that day and they send someone else the company pulls the $104.70 from his current pay check and pays the second technician that was sent out on warranty call. I have seen guys with no pay checks and starting the new week in the negative from call back pull’s, new guys will work all week for free, with all the deductions in place, who will eventually take the hit, again the customer. Weekly meeting stressing sales figures and discussing strategies on adding revenue to each call. If you are not a crook when you start working at Roto Rooter chances are that by the time you are terminated or can’t handle the stresses placed on you and quit or your van is repossessed which happens often, you’ll be one.
Roto Rooter has a system in place that is a win win situation for the company, and a always a losing situation for the employee. And of course the customer. don’t take my word for it look around the web you’ll find current and past law suites tons of complaints on the behalf of outraged customers that have been Rip off by Roto Rooter and current and past employees. It is not uncommon of customers being told that they need new sewer lines and charged three times the going rate for the same work by other companies, and on top of all that they did not need the line replaced. Below standard work performed by inexperienced personnel that wouldn’t know the plumbing code book from the phone book… It’s outrageous that this company is still allowed to operate. Stay away from Roto Rooter if you want to keep your money, this company is no better than a crack head robbing a 7-11 at gun point for a pack of cigarettes. There is a lot more that I could tell you but this article would be a book. Use a local plumbing company there are lots of small family owned and operated companies in your area, get referrals ask your neighbors or programs like Angie, s list get estimates and second opinions before doing major plumbing work in your home. If you have had work done by roto rooter and feel that you have been over charged or taken advantage of contact your local building and find out if a permit was obtained for the work. Also contact your local consumer protection agency. Or your local new consumer reporter.

  • Oh
    Oh sure! Mar 23, 2012

    You will find that many of the plumbing companies, local or not, have very similar set ups. This is a company who is in business to make money as are all the others.
    There are many personal opinions in this article and it sounds like this person had a bad experience. Many things are factual but this company is one of the few out there who are willing to give a descent person who has some skills and does not do drugs a chance to earn a living... Oh yeah and pay for them to go to school! No one does that any more! Roto Rooter wants skilled plumbers and drain cleaning techs and they take the steps to prepare the people they send out. A person does not have to be a licensed plumber to clean a drain, but don't you think after 12 weeks of hands on training by the best senior techs you could clean any drain. Roto rooter serves the city drains sometimes and lets not forget Disney world, land etc. you call Roto Rooter when you want the best!
    This guy is lame and the people who can't make it working for Roto probably won't make it any where. You are probably still paying them cuz now they are unemployed. See for yourself they offer FREE ESTIMATES so you can take it or leave it. The person who wrote this article above has nothing better to do with their life... Lame

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Bad service

We automatically call Roto Rooter. This time we get a guy reeking of alcohol who drags in the same equipment as the first company from a year and a half ago, snakes for 30 minutes, says it’s not going to work, my pipes are collapsed, and maybe we could get our insurance company to pay for the “definitely over $1000″ work (says he’ll pad the bill and kick us back our deductible) and gives us his cell phone number. No sign of the hydro-jet, which could easily have been attempted in the remaining half-hour we had paid for.

Unbelievably tardy and expensive

My initial appointment was scheduled for 6:30PM on May 16th, 20011. When the plumber didn't show by 7PM, I called to hear that he would not be here until around 8PM. That was too late for my family, so I rescheduled for between 8 and 10AM the next morning. By 10:30, no one had come, so I called the office again to hear that the plumber would be here around 10:45AM. The lady on the phone told me about a $20 off coupon online. I heard nothing until 12PM at which time I received a call telling me that I could expect the plumber in one hour. By 1:15PM, no one had come, so I called AGAIN. The person informed me of a $40 off coupon and I was assured the tech would arrive soon. He arrived at 2:45 PM, one hour and 30 minutes later. He looked at the presenting issue, said it would cost $175 and told me what I already knew about the issue. Other technician I had contacted in the phone book estimated between $80 and $100. I was disgusted by how long it took just to get someone out here, and even with the coupon, felt I would be robbed if I agreed. All that needed done was a simple valve replacement. The valves cost less than $15 at Home Depot. I am completely dismayed by my experience with this company.

  • Ko
    kohan Jul 06, 2012

    We are experiencing the same scheduling problem with Roto-Rooter of Kansas City right now. They set a time and don't show up. They re-schedule and still don't show or arrive hours later or the next day. It's been going on for a week! However in comparing prices with a small-company competitor, their price was the cheaper. I suppose you get what you pay for, but all we want is our sewer line to be replaced!

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Resolved Misleading Diagnosis, overcharging

I had a slight drain blockage and they charged over $600.00 for a cleaning and drain camera. The technician...

Awful customer service

Several weeks ago, I had RR out to snake a pipe. The service man was very professional so I was fine with paying the price he mentioned (although we thought $365 was steep), but it was my understanding, as he explained on our bill, that he was only able to go 4 to 5 feet before he experienced a block and could not continue with no guarantee to the work. Because of this, we rented our own snake and my father was able to go 35 feet with no problems.

Since then, I have tried numerous times to contact people at the Roto Rooter offices for an explanation, only to have the line keep ringing until it circles back to the general message, or to leave a message that is never returned. I did speak to Ron Shifflett once (after leaving several voice messages) and he claimed the service man was able to go 40 feet (the invoice and our conversation did not indicate that-otherwise we wouldn't have rented our own equipment). He said he would call me back after speaking to the service man again but its been 2weeks. He has not returned my call or email.

I will never recommend or use RR again. If they would have clearly explained their service in person, on the invoice and answer my call a month ago I wouldn't be this furious.

At this point the customer service has been inadequate to the point of negligence and I will not be using Roto Rooter in the future.


What a SCAM this business is. They came over to my house for 4 days strait trying to fix my water pressure...

Resolved snake

Several weeks ago, I had RR out to snake a pipe. The service man was very professional so I was fine with...

Resolved Overcharge & Second Visit

Washer backing up into the tub, said the problem was in washer line, no the Plumber said in the main sewer...

Over charged

I was charged for a minor water drip in my shower. The work took about 5 minutes to change a leaky cartridge...