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false collection claims

My brother was contacted by ARS and they left him a voicemail saying that they needed to speak with me so they could deliver papers and that I needed to go to a court appearance regarding a $7000 medical bill back in 2012. I was freaking out! When I called the number the lady was VERY rude direct like [protected] EXT 5437. She said that she needed a card on file to lock in my payment plans so that I don't get sued. I told her I wasn't giving her my card information and she responded very snappy almost like she failed at getting a payment from me and was disappointed. I told her I would contact my lawyer and she asked for my lawyers name and I told her no! She then said if I don't get her info by the end of day today that I would be served. It's funny that they didn't have the correct address or phone number on file, but I've always had the same number for 7 years now. Don't give them any information! She didn't ask for an updated address either. I just had my brother block their number and I did the same!!!

Resolved overcharge and said pipe broken when not

The technician showed up and told me it would be $200.00 to clean out the kitchen drain. I said the website said $88.00 and he made me show him. He acted upset with me and then proceeded to do the job. He called me out and said he could not unstop the drain that I had a broken pipe and showed me sand on the end of his snake. Did I want to call the guy with the camera to come out and show me the problem. I told him no and would get with my insurance company.
After he left I put a ticket in with AHS and had their technician come out. The first technician had stuffed a sponge and cloth down the drain. AHS pulled out the stoppage to show me. ARS/Roto Rooter technician was totally unethical. DO NOT USE THEM.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Ar
    ARS Customer Relations Jan 12, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mr. Patrick, ARS/Rescue Rooter strives to provide each customer with an exceptional service experience. We apologize if we were unable to do so in this situation. Please send us a private message with your contact information so we may address the situation immediately, or, if you prefer, call Corporate Customer Relations at 866-803-0879.

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Resolved unfair pricing

We called and scheduled to have a drain cleared in our bathroom sink. Advertisement said $88. To have one drain cleared. Serviceman arrived and immediately said he wanted to do a "free inspection" of house. Although I was only interested in getting drain unclogged - I agreed. He then tried to sell me on various hot water heated valves etc. I declined and asked him to service drain. He looked at drain and said it was going to be $376.!!! I was shocked - but needed to have work done and had already missed a day of work waiting for him to arrive so agreed. He completed the work in less than 30 minutes. I do not like ARS's deceptive advertising... and I do not like that service companies are trying to sell you extra service work through their bogus free inspection. VERY VERY UNHAPPY WITH THIS COMPANY.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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    ARS Customer Relations Sep 02, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Meritt, thank you for sharing your experience. ARS/Rescue Rooter strives to provide each customer with an exceptional service experience. We understand your situation and would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your experience. Please call Corporate Customer Relations at 866-803-0879.

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ARS is a scam. Let me start by saying that asking for 50$ up front even if you dont work is a can...


These guys are scam artists. Avoid at all costs!! I was looking at hybrid water heaters at Home Depot. A guy...

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hidden charges

Company came over to clean my sewer. First price was $359.00, I asked if they could do any better and they dropped down to $250.00 within 10 seconds. The plumber goes to his truck and as I look out my window I see him snort something up his nose from the dash of his truck. He runs the machine through the sewer for about half an hour and tells me he is going to have to charge more for the extra time. He explains that if the job goes past the first half hour the price will go up 75.00 additional per half hour, this was never explained to me. I told him was not happy about the additional charges. HIs response was, If you don't like it call someone else but you still have to pay for the service that was done. At this point I told him to leave, His response was a verbal tirade. What really surprises me is that the BBB gave them a great rating. I also looked at the company site which stated that all employee's are drug tested, Which I find hard to believe.

air conditioning unit

On June 11, 2011, I contracted to have a new airconditioning unit installed, fabricated duct work and a new duct run to an add on bedroom on income property that was tenant occupied. As of August 15, the work is incomplete and the company has already charged $6000 to my credit card. When trying to have the work completed, the company's represenative avoided me, made excuses or extended deadlines, and did have the work completed timely. Today, I contacted my credit card company to file a merchant violation. I am unhappy and very frustrated because I was trying to do business with a company that would be best value, long history, and would honor the agreement. As of date (August 15) ARS Rooter has not honored their agreement.

not needed repairs

This company recommended repairs to the tune of

$447 that turns out were not needed. As it turns out, it was a problem with the building, as I had indicated to them, of course, i did not know what I was talking about, according to them. They finally admitted that it was not my problem, but a building problem. They also stated that they do not recommend work that is not needed. Well, I have an invoice that is contrary to this statement. Also, this company took $106 from me for a permit, of which i signed a statement requesting their assistance in the permit process, 1 year 2 months later, no permit has been pulled from the city. I called the city and asked if a permit had ever been pulled for my location, the City said no. I do wonder how they explained this extra $106 in their accounting process, and wonder how many others this has happened to ???

working conditions

I am a former ARS Rescue Rooter employee. I answered an ad in the want ads looking for a plumber position...

plumbing repairs

American home shield sent ars to my home to repair leaky toilets in june and july 2010. I have discovered ar...

furnace cleaning

I had ARS come out to clean the furnace and check the faucets and drains. They were running a special and the appointment had been rescheduled twice.
When the first technician came to do the cleaning he looked at my 39 year old furnace said the furnace was older than he is. He called a coworker, and told him that he didn't know what to do because the furnace was so old. He said that he was scared to hook up any of his monitors because it might "blow up." The person he called told him to just take the readings and close it up. He said do not do anything else to it. Turns out the heat exchanger has a crack in it. The first tech did as instructed, wrote up the job and left. He suggested we call American Home Shield (AHS) so we could have it replaced.
Called AHS and told them that we had the furnace serviced and the company told us that the heat exchanger had a crack in it.
They sent a second guy from the same company to look at it. The second guy said that the crack came from neglect, not age. So, AHS said they would not replace the furnace based on what the second tech said. I called ARS to speak with the second tech and was told he was with a customer, but would call me back when he was done. Have not heard from them yet.

  • Wa
    wanmore Dec 03, 2010

    Please ask what type of maintenance would cause a heat exchanger not to crack. AHS is notorious for attempting to get out of repairs. That is the whole purpose of the lawsuit they just ended. Are they at it again already? Did you do recommended repairs and cleanings when notified by your maintenance company that they were due? The federal government recommends replacement of a furnace after 10 years (check

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ARS-American Residential Services - charges an exorbitant 'parts' charge rather than time and materials. They replaced a capacitor and relay and charged my 87 yo mother $681 and then tried to sell her a new unit to boot.

Stay away from these guys!

Use a company that charges time and materials.

With ARS, you'll get a novice repair man with incentives to put in parts you don't need. The more parts, the higher the cost (like $300 for a $20 capacitor!). Then they'll try to sell you a new system that you don't need. Horrible company; they are all over the place too!

  • St
    straightcashhomey Oct 07, 2010

    Especially the one Corona. They came over for a scheduled cleaning of my system and they ended up tearing my furnace apart. They then told me I needed to replace my system because it was supposedly leaking carbon monoxide. I told the man it was two years old and it still had warranties. He said no it didn't and refused to put my furnace back together. I told him this was ridiculous and he said sorry but he was just following orders from his boss. This company is a scam.

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heat pump

I had a service contract w/ARS Rescue Rooter. On 12/8/09 they had their second annual check on my Heat Pump...

non stop calls - very rude

My name is not Gerald Bernard. This company has been calling me for 5 years now and refuses to quit. Who ever Gerald Bernard is and what he did is still a mystery to me, but I can say he used to have my phone number and has completely disappeared from the face of the earth. I personally believe he is alien and flew away in his intergalactic space pod after running up massive debts and giving them my phone number. I have asked many times for ARS to stop calling me and I told them I do not know anything about Gerald Bernard. Attempts to find a phone number have proven difficult but they finally gave it to me after I told them I would give Gerald the message. I am on the Do Not Call Registery but nothing works... STOP CALLING ME ARS - and if you see GERALD BERNARD, tell him he owes some serious cash to someone. WTF GERALD - GIT IT TOGETHER FLUNKIE!

  • Kt
    ktlong Apr 10, 2009

    ARS is contacting my employer, neighbors, and relatives trying to leave messages for me to contact them. They are even sharing that they are needing to contact me due to a debt.

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