Mr. Rooter Complaints & Reviews

Mr. Rooter / restoration group and plumbing

Aug 31, 2019

We been having a back up issue in our basement..We called Mr Rooter..A gentleman came out ..Went down and put a camera and found a pipe was bad..Not to mention we had already been scammed before about installing a cleanout...Only to find out the cleanout was bad.(that was another...

Mr. Rooter Plumbing / plumbing repair

May 28, 2019

I used Mr. Rooter, Okla City prior and was pleased, so I called them again. I had a toilet tank leak at the tube to the water line. I couldn't keep a big enough receptacle at the leak as space was small. It would run over. By the time the plumber arrived, the floor was wet again. He...

Mr. Rooter / floor drain was backed up

Mar 06, 2019

Called for service to my basement floor drain on 03/03/2019, as the water level had risen, but had not crested over onto the concrete floor - so I knew it was backed up and needed to be cleared. Technician arrived at 10am and assessed the problem & some other work and questions I had...

Mr. Rooter / cut my water line doing work on a home next door

Nov 01, 2018

Cut water line while working on house next door did not bother trying to fix it until next day show up on the job after 10 am so been without water 20 hrs. Very unreliable crew some job boss Matt [protected] riding round Atlanta wanting to know if I wanted to rerun my line I don't know what...

Mr Rooter Plumbing / water pipe

Sep 05, 2017

Mr Rooter PlumbingStay away from this company. This company broke my main water pipe and then walked away. My neighbor called Mr. Rooter Plumbing for service after his main water pipe was damaged by the roots of a tree on his property. The city read the meter on 8/15/2017 and shut down his water on...

Mr. Rooter / Plumbing

Apr 04, 2017

Approximately two weeks ago, my fiance had a toilet overflow in her town home in Houston. The restoration company recommended Mr. Rooter out of the Woodlands, Texas. A technician came out the following day, roto-rooted the line, which only needed a plunger, then proceeded to repair the...

Mr Rooter Mississauga Ontario / Plumbing racket

Nov 24, 2016

These professional scam artists are interested in getting commission cheques, not fixing problems. Charged $600 to poke a hole in toilet paper with camera described as a snake over a one hour period. The next morning after "fix", my basement floor was covered in sewage resulting from the...

Mr. Rooter / Plumbing

Sep 22, 2016

On 9/9/2016 I called on Mr. Rooter to snake a clogged toilet. The guy showed up and said it would cost $165. I thought that was high but said OK anyway since I needed a working toilet ASAP. So he unclogged the toilet and I thought that was that. He asked for the check and I asked for an...

Mr Rooter / Costed me $330 for a snaked sink

Sep 09, 2016

Nice guy came the same day but he charged me more then switching the whole sink.Granted he told me the price before but he made it sound very bad(like i have to switch the pipes etc)after he finished the job i look at the receipt and it said he snaked it... I could have bought drano for 5...

Mr. Rooter / Hot water heater service

Aug 20, 2016

Called a plumbing service (Mr Rooter) as my 17 month old water heater was tripping off and had to be manually reset due to an intermittent fault. A O Smith's service line said a technician had to be there to go through diagnostics. The person Mr Rooter sent asked me how to reset the heater...

Mr. Rooter / Overcharged for dishwasher installation

May 18, 2016

We needed a dishwasher installed and I called Sears ($150), Home Depot ($140) and a contractor ($150) to get a quote. I thought it would be easier to use a plumbing service because I also had to get a couple of lines snaked. I called Mr. Rooter accidentally, (I meant to call Rotor Rooter...

Mr. Rooter / Unethical behaviour

Mar 31, 2016

My father Called Mr. rooter in Tucson AZ when he had a clogged shower drain. When the plumber arrived, he just did not look like a plumber, he was very well dressed and carried only a clip board and cell phone. After a quick look at the water on the shower floor, we returned to the living...

Mr. Rooter / Tech failed to take better care of putting a water line for fridge

Mar 08, 2016

I contacted Mr Rooter to install a water line on my refrigerator. First of all he did not have all the parts necessary for installation. Had to leave to pickup parts. Took a long time to return. Upon returning he took a very long time to do this job. The price I was charged over $500 plu...

Mr. Rooter / False claim of brocken main sewer drain

Dec 23, 2015

Please don't use this company for any plumbing needs. This company is not even registered under the name Mr. Rooter even though all operations and invoices are being handled under "Mr. Rooter." The company name is registered under 4648863 MB LTD. I was scammed by this company...

Mr Rooter / Service quality and bad experience

Sep 01, 2015

Mr RooterMr Rooter from Hamilton, 180 Volusia avenue, NJ was called on late July to fix my renter 281 Sprint St, Trenton, toilet which was draining water on the floor. I had asked her to call Roto Rooters, but she ended calling Mr. Rooter. Some one came and plunger her toiled for 10 minutes and...

Pace Plumber/MR. Rooter / Outrageous prices

Aug 09, 2015

Called Pace plumbing to my home to fix pvc water line that had a small leak. AT MAX a 2'x2' hole was dug. Workers failed to call in advance at 830 or 9 so I left home at 1045 to run errands. Shortly after 11 they show up. They replaced a 6"piece of pve pipe that had the leak...

Mr Rooter Plumbing / Rude, poor customer service

Feb 20, 2015

I called Mr. Rooter plumbing several days ago to make an appointment. They told me they would come Friday between 10 AM and 12 PM. When I called them Friday at 10 AM, they said they had no record of an appointment with me. They said they would come on Friday but it would be later so we...

Mr. Rooter / Poison Company

Dec 04, 2014

Heavily micro-managed company. Hiring offer not kept and written request found in trash can with chew spit on it. Employees work in horrible conditions, given nothing to help do the job and heavily criticized for any mistake (EVEN NOT YOUR OWN). Lied to repeatedly and payroll is something...

Mr. Rooter / Overpricing

Apr 10, 2014

Less than a month ago, I called Mr. Rooter to install a kitchen faucet. I paid $417 which I thought was high but I've never had any work like this done before, and I had no idea what the going rate was until EVERYONE I know told me I got ripped off. Today, I noticed a strong mildew...

Mr. Rooter / Scam

Oct 09, 2013

I call Mr. Rooter to clear by drain from backing up; they came out and ran a camera down the pipe and told me that, the pipe from the house to the clean out need to be replace, because it was sagging and that will take care of my problems and I would not have any more backing up. They...

Mr Rooter / Plumbing

Aug 30, 2013

On a Wednesday night I noticed that my lines where not draining, I called mr rootor as they are a big company. They arrived late afternoon and after trying to talk me into more work he finally unclogged drain. When he put the camera in he said it was full of grease and I need to replace...

Mr. Rooter / Scam Artists -

Aug 11, 2013

: Called Mr Rooter for an estimate to camera my sump pump line. I was told that there were no prices in the office and for $47.90 I could have someone come out and give me a price. On July 18, 2013, Taylor from Mr. Rooter came out and immediately gave me a price of $250.00 to camera...

Mr. Rooter / Botched repair

Jun 11, 2013

Strongly recommended against. Poor quality work which they will not stand behind and is not honestly described. Botched repair on water main leading to house, managed to destroy threads on city supply and begin releaking within three months. When contacted about the recurrence of leak, wa...


Apr 02, 2013

I was out of town when my wife called and told me that our water heater had leaked out all over the floor in the garage. The house is approx. 15yrs old so I figured the water heater needed to be replaced. I told her to turn off the main water supply and then the breaker for the HWH and...

Mr Rooter / Poor service, damaged toilets and problem was not fixed

Mar 13, 2013

I had plumbing problems and decided to call Mr Rooter as my regular plumbing company, Millcreek Plumbing, was all booked up. I needed to get my toilet unplugged before my company arrived! So, a man from Mr Rooter came over and when he came in the door, he didn't bother to wipe hi...

Mr. Rooter Oklahoma City / Damaged drainage pipe and refuse to fix it

Mar 03, 2013

DO NOT USE THIS PLUMBER!!! We called Mr. Rooter to unclog our main drainage line leading from our house. They got their snake stuck in the pipe and told us that they had to cut in to the pipe to get their snake out and that they would patch it up when they were done. 4 days later every...

Mr. Rooter Plumbing / Poor diagnosis of problem and no repair

Jan 31, 2013

My shower did not work. A technician from Mr. Rooter Plumbing came, turned on the cold water faucet and the shower stem. No water came from the shower. He never touched the hot water faucet. He took off the shower head and water flowed slightly. When he put it on again, no water came. He...

Mr. Rooter / Unethical Business Practices & Shady Employees

Jan 27, 2013

On 12-24-2011, Mr.Rooter was called to address the issue of sewage backing up into the basement. "J, " the technician, agreed with the plumber from another plumbing company sent by HSA, who came out three days before he did, that installing a clean-out was necessary in order to accommodate...

Mr Rooter / Incompetent Work & Blatant Lies

Jan 26, 2013

On 12-24-2011, Mr.Rooter was called to address the issue of sewage backing up into the basement. "J, " the technician, agreed with the plumber from another plumbing company sent by HSA, who came out three days before he did, that installing a clean-out was necessary in order to accommodate...

Mr Rooter / Incompetent service

Jan 18, 2013

Don’t ever call or hire this company. They are incompetent. The bottom line is I spent $569 to clear a clogged kitchen drain that ran freely for only one week! Here is my story: On a Saturday of a four-day holiday weekend our kitchen sink became clogged. These things always happen on a...

Mr Rooter San Fernando Valley / FRAUD of a Senior Citizen


Mr Rooter of San Fernando was called for a clogged drain service on Saturday 10-13-2012. They met with my 76 year old mother and said that they could not clear it and that they needed to go on th roof to clear the clog. After several hours, they said that they had to open the wall and the...

Mr. Rooter / Double billing


I had a hot water leak under the slab in my home. The person who located the leak called Mr. Rooter and was told that they could insert a plastic tubing within the half inch copper tubing that was leaking and thus bypass the leak. When the Mr. Rooter 'technicians' (note they...

Mr Rooter / Mr Rooter is a rip off


I wish I would have found this site sooner- we were so ripped off by Mr. Rooter. we paid extra for an extended service plan which gave us priority scheduling and discounts on service. I called and scheduled for a plumber to come at 5 PM. on Friday. (The person who answered said because of...

Mr. Rooter / Way overpriced and recommended unneeded work


I already posted this as a reply to another complaint but wanted to start a new thread with it as well so more people see it. Our basement toilet backed up so we called a number of plumbers and Mr. Rooter was able to come out the quickest. The tech did do a good job of snaking the drain...

Mr Rooter/northern Colorado / non payment of wages


worked for these guys for 2 days this spring:('12)never as of yet got paid.was assured by steven, their dispatcher, several times that the check is in the mail.ha!also they do not have enough work for the few guys that they do have.they give them 1-2 jobs a day.they are on...

Mr Rooter / Clogged Washing Machine Drain


My washing machine keeps backing up, called them to come out and they arrived same day, (good) the service man did not have his small router so he cleaned the basement drain which we had no problem with. Well the washer backed up water all over the floor that evening when I did laundry. I...

Mr Rooter Dfw / Service not delivered


We had backed up toilets into the shower. We called a plumber and in the meantime my husband had gone to Lowes. At lowes he ran into someone that was very nice that worked froo Mr Rooter and he said to call and they would help. We called and cancelled the other plumber and made the call to...

Mr. Rooter Plumbing / Bad job, big price


Mr. Rooter PlumbingI got a sewer line replaced, I don't think that the person running the earth moving equipment had ever done so before because they didn't backfill under the sidewalk or steps which is now causing both of them to fall down. I contacted Mr. Rooter of Syr to come and fix it, and...

Mr Rooter Of Roswell Georgia / Rip off


Horribly overpriced and tryed to fix what is not broken. In short they wanted $2323.23 for replacing a water heater. They wanted $1128.25 for a 40 gallon water heater. I can get a better spec'd water heater at Home Depot / Sears / Lowes for $400. Another company fixed/replaced...

Mr. Rooter / failure to follow company philosophy rules


I decided to call Mr. Rooter to have a clog in my toilet unstopped. I looked on the Internet and saw wonderful ads showing how their service people carried a mat & wiped their feet before entering customers home. In reality, the service man didn't wipe his feet at all, augured my...