Ross Dress for Lesswage theft and unethical management

I have worked at Ross Dress for Less for over a year now. The company is very hard on managers about payroll. Communication is terrible. Associates will be notified sometimes less than an hour before their shift starts that they have been cut. Sometimes I show up to work my shift after getting ready and driving to work, only to find out my shift has been cut when I try to clock in. Managers don't care, they say that's how retail is and to get used to it. I've worked in retail nearly 20 years, even companies like Walmart that has a terrible reputation for how they treat their employees. Ross is worse! They retaliate against you for calling the Alert Line, so always do so anonymously. Managers have each other's backs, not the backs of their employees. Their new favorite thing to do is to get employees on the closing shift to clock out early and continue working off the clock. They also tell you to not clock out and then punch in an earlier time than when you actually left. That is wage theft, and it is ILLEGAL, period. If you dispute it on your time card though you get in trouble for getting the manager in trouble. They cut your hours down to nothing in retaliation, hoping you'll find another job, because they know a lawsuit can come about of they actually fire you. This company has no integrity or standards. I just have too much other stuff going on in my life to look for a different job at the moment. Thinking of filing complaints with local labor boards, but I need my job. I live in a right to work state, so they can fire you for any reason.

Oct 12, 2019

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