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Reviews and Complaints

Ross Dress for Lessmy co-workers and m.. o. d and manager

Im working thieralmost 3months untill now... Im working hard right thier everything they want to do i'll always follow and make it even is not of my job... I dont have any complaint about that because I want to help my coworker and the store but after 2months they change it the atitude from me all of my coworker they talked all people worked in ross that they say im stilling the stuffs talkedshit my personal life, and they say im using drugs, if I have more time in my shift I organize the shoes or box even do wet all my body and my tshirt I go to breakroom to make dry my tshirt and if my manager or m.O. D walked behind me they laughing at me and they go to other coworker to say what im doing at but the things I want to make chance or imrovement the store but they dont have approaching the one i'll make it... Even the manager they cannot desipline thier employeer and he listened or believed into my coworker but I told my manager why you dont check the camera if I have something wrong happen when I worked but they say nothing and he dont review it the camera... But for me they dont know I know who is the people steeling or I know the technic to steel the stuffs and and most of that they smoke weeds inside store or they go outside even do is not break only smoked weeds and come back again inside and after they tripping me so bad and talking [censored] in my back untill my house they bother they looking if what im doing.. I already told my store manager but they cannot change it untill my payroll or hrs and days I worked they dont care I already told my boss but they dont say nothing about that... All of them we dont team worked or nice relationship to the employeers.. They want it only make some money make some good stuffs from the store or and they want to promote thier self.. This useless right because the atitude its so very very very bad... They dont care the rules and regulation in the store only thier self only want make improvement and make change thier life but the store they dont care if they have shortage or something bad happen inside the store... For me almost 3months only I worked right thier but everything is I know already because I have skills for that.. Its easy for me because every move I put in my mind... But my coworker or other people worked right thier they dont know make nice good worker only shopping even do during the time of worked they dont care and the manager he know already this what happened but untill now its thesame... Thats why when I worked right im to shy because all of them just like thesame atitude and all of them they talking me [censored] and only me I worked hard... I have a lot of information about this store they dont know I get all of the wrong regulation and wrong schedule I have a lot of not good information.. But i' ll keep it all that... So this is my experience in my job even do they make not good for me and bad thinking about me im still ok for that even do im only one in worked thats ok for me because I dont have any bad doing in store and bad saying about my manager and coworker the first important is im working hard and I know my self even do they dont care everything to prove it im good employeer... Thats it I have a lot but I cant type in my phone because im so mad and im crying about that because I trust all of them all of my power or brain to change there store they dont care about.. Im sory bye I cant I cant type anymore... Please understand my situation

Ross Dress for Lessservice

I came back to return a pair of shoes that I bought from this Ross and realized didn't fit 4 days prior. I came back with the receipt with my 2 purchases and the tag that was on the shoes when I bought them and cut off.
Manager on duty (either Susan B or Christina) then refused to let me Return the product, because she says but I had worn them, which I had not. I bought them like that. She then decided to tell me that the tags that I had brought with me were not for the same shoes that they were attached to you, and refused to let me return the product. Even tho the tag I have was not only attached to the shoes, but the same price as the receipt I brought back as well.
Obviously the employees did not put the right tag on the right shoes, which is an internal problem, and I am no longer allowed to return the product, that doesn't fit me and wasted $40, because of incompetence. And an manager that was unhelpful and condescending.