Ross Dress for Less / alleged manager sets policy on what the customer looks like at the time

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Reference Laredo, tx. Ross dress for less on St. Bernardo.

On Wednesday may 29th at 6:00 p.m. I was in the ross check out line after waiting for about 15 minutes several people walked up to the return line. There was about 20 people in the check out line. 3 people walked up to the returns line. The 1st cashier took the 1st return person. I waited patiently as next in line. The 2nd cashier who I learned later was the manager took the 2nd return person. That cashier manager then took the 3rd return person. 20 people in line, and when I complained I was told that's the way it was that returns just keep going 1st no matter how long the line was or how long anybody is waiting In the regular checkout line. I asked to see the manager And the other male cashier told me Alyssa was the manager, The cash you that took the to return customers in line 1st. I believe this was racial discrimination as I appear to be a gringo and everyone else was Hispanic. Last return I made here they serviced one Person from the return line and then the next available cashier serviced a person from the check out line. They make up their own rules According to who is next in what line.

May 29, 2019
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  •   May 30, 2019

    Haha. No Caucasian American uses the word gringo, especially to describe themselves!

    Look. From where I come from, most of the non Caucasian people get red carpet treatment quite often because the establishments just don't want any trouble. Where I am they cause the biggest stinks for the littlest infractions, if there were infractions to begin with. Everything causes Al Sharpton to have a cow!

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