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This store is the reason why teenagers shouldnt be managers. I came in today to buy my nephew a birthday gift with my wife. The store is a complete disaster with employees running a muck. There are open cosmetic items and open toy boxes. As I was browsing through the boys section, I noticed the security guard, who mind you, is about 4 feet tall, socializing with the cashiers. How is this person allowed to guard a department store? Nevertheless, I continued to shop and found my nephew an outfit. While attempting to get in the tremendously overwhelming line, I noticed that there were only 2 cashier stations open. The rest of the employees were socializing and being completely unprofessional. I had the same experience as the other person who left a review for this store!!! The asian cashier was yelling for customers to come down to her station. As a customer, one would assume that employees should treat their customers with the utmost respect but apparently, this is not the case for this store. As the "manager" Melissa rung me out, not once did she acknowledge me or try and compensate for the lack of help she has. How is this person even a manager when she has her employees socializing with the security guard when someone should be stationed to the other cash wraps? As I scanned my credit card and awaited for it to be authorized, a very tall African American employee came and approached Melissa in a sly manner. It looked as if they were teenagers in a cafeteria room awaiting for privacy. Purely unprofessional and I do not understand how this store is still operating with managers like melissa and the security guard running the place. I understand that stores like Ross, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx are discount stores but nevertheless, it is a retail store that should be run ny highly trained professionals and not young teenagers or people. My wife and I are completely appalled that this store has been operating for nearly a year. I do not plan on returning to this store and I hope that the district managers for this place finds replacements for the unexperienced and unprofessional managers and employees. As the previous ccustomer said, this should be a flea market and not a retail store.


  • Brenda* Jul 31, 2012

    Now that you've told us, go tell Ross how they should run their own business.

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  • *littleshorty* Jul 31, 2012

    Why don't you Brenda?

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  • In
    InMyOpinion7 May 13, 2013

    Wow... Young people, short security guard, Asian woman yelling. You are just full of judgements. Why don't you just say they need better trained staff. Last I checked you didn't need to be a middle aged person of a certain race/stature to be able to be an effective manager. Ugh, I really don't like people like you.

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