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still waiting for my refund

I have ordered several items and paid over $100. Weeks passed and I received nothing so I contacted customer service and they told that my order was stuck at customs. They promised to send me a replacement and said that I would get a new tracking number. Well, that never happened. Then I asked for a refund, but they refused and told me to be patient. Very unhelpful customer service. I will not recommend Romwe to anyone who wants to have a peaceful way of getting their items. I want my money back!


This was my first time ordering from Romwe and I'm not very happy. I made my order over three weeks ago and my order still haven't arrived . It is almost impossible to get a hold of anyone from the company. When they finally replied all they told me was to be patient . I wanted the dresses for 2 parties I was invited to . One party was last week the second one is tomorrow! I'm so disappointed and angry!

not happy

I ordered several items from Romwe, but received only two. Products were fine and looked nice, but sleeves were too short. The pictures on their website showed long sleeves, but items I received had very short sleeves. I am still waiting for the other half of my order, because I want to return everything. I checked on my tracking number, but it is not working. I have no idea where the rest par of my order is. For the first two products the tracking number worked pretty well. I am extremely disappointed and I am never going to buy anything from Romwe again! Now I have to go though the process of returning which is probably going to be difficult.

worst customer service

I made and order, but decided to cancel it. So I contacted Romwe customer support and asked them to cancel my order. I decided to cancel my purchase one hour later after I made an order. I received a reply the next day. They said that they couldn't cancel my order because they already prepared my package. These guys have an option to cancel an order. Their website is completely useless and their customer service is the same. They also told me I should have contacted them via email if I wanted to cancel my order. I actually did and it is not my fault that they didn’t check their mail! I’m so angry!

  • Gr
    gracia perez Mar 04, 2018

    i try to pay my order for 3 days now still waiting somebody to help me i will pay w/ credit card keep respondiing be patient bec volume orders stated 3 times.

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not happy

I ordered a few things and I must say I will not wear any of them. Items look cheap, the material is horrible and very itchy. Quality is completely disgusting! Romwe customer service is ignoring all my messages, so I can't return the items and can't even get a refund. I am going to throw all of it away because it isn't wearable. Things I received look nothing like the pictures on their website. I do regret that I decided to buy something from Romwe. I can't believe that somebody can even think of selling garbage like this. Extremely disappointed!

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I still don't know where the clothes are!

I ordered £150 worth clothes from this website, because I've heard only positive things about it. I placed my order over three weeks ago however their tracking system still says that my order is almost ready for shipping. I contacted ROMWE and they told that package will be delivered within 7 business days. They said there were some problems, that few things were out of stock, but everything is fine now. Well, few more months passed and I didn't receive anything. I'm so disappointed, mostly because I bought some things for my friends for Christmas. I'm so worried they won't ever turn up. I have left tons of messages for ROMWE with no response. I still don't know where the clothes are or if they will even arrive!

very disappointed

After reading majority of the positive reviews about this site, I decided to give romwe a chance. Mainly because of the prices. I decided to order only one item for the start. Soon I got a letter saying that my order is ready to ship. Two weeks passed and I finally receiver a new e-mail saying the same thing. I had no idea were my item was. I tried to contact customer service, but there was no response. Another two weeks passed. I decided to make one more call. I was told that in few days I'll get my item, and they will give me few discount coupons. But, really, I didn't care about coupons or any apologies. The only thing I wanted was my item. I waited and waited and after 7 weeks of waiting I finally got my item. And I wasn't happy about it. My jacket looked completely different from the picture and it was the wrong size too. The fabric was very cheap and poorly made. All my friend say that I should return the items. I would like to do that, but the jacket wasn't too expensive, so I don't want to waste my time. But I'm very disappointed with my purchase.

problems with the delivery or seller hasn't sent my order

I bought blouse and dress from the company www.romwe.com. I paid through PayPal and the payment was prompt. After that I got the confirmation email from the seller and the tracking number. I waited several weeks, but my order never arrived. Also the seller provided fake tracking number and didn’t reply to my emails. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

  • Vi
    Viktoriya Slutskaya May 23, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same thing happen to me. I called USPS and they told me they do not have the tracking number, I have no way of reaching them. Did you end up getting this resolved?

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wrong size and seller still hasn't changed the order

I bought pyjamas and dress from the company www.romwe.com. I got the order quickly, but the size was wrong. I returned both items and the rep told me that I would need to wait couple of weeks. Ok. I waited whole month, but the seller still hasn’t provided my order. No idea what to do now. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

my order didn't reach my destination

I ordered dress and blouse from the company Romwe. I paid for the order about $5, 000 and the seller provided...