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Romwe / tariffs issue

Oct 11, 2019

My account in ROMWE is [protected] In the politics they say that if you get charged with tariff issues they will help you pay it with a half compensation. When I asked Them to help me they decided to blacklist me and I think that is unThem to help me they decided to blacklist me...

Romwe / I ordered 6 of your products totaled 30.00$. they got the money I did not received the products. I couldn't even log into the account.

Sep 06, 2019

order was placed August 27, 2019. paid with american express. my order consist of 1- Iphone triangle bracket; 1-dinosaur stud earring; 2- circle buckle belts, 1-brown the other black. 1- pair of cross earrings and 1- pink /white jacket size XL. These things were ordered for my...

Romwe / money taken out of my account but I never ordered anything

Aug 01, 2019

request a refund unauthorized use of credit card on4-26-19 you took out of my account 50.37 also26.88 i have complained of this before and you sent me a note saying that you would return my money in 30 days and that time has lapsed. so if you could help me with matter i would appreciate...

Romwe.india / women clothing

Jul 11, 2019

DELAY DELIVERY. *Worst service* I ordered some clothes from on 3rd of July 2019 and it has already been 12th of July 2019 now but I have not received my products . I thought it might only take some 4 days to get delivered. If this is the service you provide to the customers nobody i...

Romwe / windbreaker

Jan 18, 2019

RomweI bought this cute windbreaker when it was on sale (i forget the price) but after wearing it once and washing it, the stings started to fray and after i washed it, it put my whole laundry load in a giant knot and the strings got ruined. Along with that I ordered a long sleeve shirt in my...

Romwe / bag and clothing

Jan 08, 2019

Hi I have placed some orders in November and my items have not arrived. I have contacted Romwe being told that the items will arrive soon but after waiting for over a month, I have contacted again today and they said my items was returned, without any notice or confirmation. I am very...

Romwe / money back

Dec 23, 2018

This website provided me cheap poorly made clothes. I returned and NEVER got my money back tge stuff worth $60. It is Cheap china clothes that take to long to get here. It is honestly upsetting when these sites are made and you think "that's cute" and people are just taking your money. I...

Romwe / not receiving package

Nov 26, 2018

RomweI was not home when my package was "delivered" and so it is apparently being "held for consignee pickup". I have not been told where to pick it up from or what company is holding it. I went to my local Australia post and they told me the tracking number is not in their system at all. There...

Romwe / delivery of product

Oct 18, 2018

I have ordered two items (one Ripped cuffed oFfset printing jeans and grey dip Hem chocker Neck wrap Front t shirt) on October 3 2018 .but it is showing that it has been delivered on October is Oct 18 but I didn't receive my order. Tracking id:[protected] Oreder:RWKKC38996 I m trying to...

Romwe / order rwhyb38223 from david baranowicz

Aug 31, 2018

On August 17, 2018 I ordered US$ 115, 62 merchandise and payed it by Paypal. You sent me the receipt. The clothes were supposed to be delivered at 1670 James Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (Crest Hotel Suites) with a maximum delay of 7 laborable days because I had to leave the place on...

Romwe / ordered product not received even after 15 days of payment

Aug 27, 2018

I would like to bring to your notice the poor service that i have received from Romwe.I ordered 2 products with order id number RWXYA38108 on 12-08-2018. I ordered the product believing the website where it stated that the product will be delivered within 7 working days but here i am waiting and...

Romwe / clothes

Aug 17, 2018

RomweI have ordered few clothes on 12th august and still there is no update for the order i made... after 14th august when it has departed operations facility. Order details: Order no. RWZYB38113 Tracking no. [protected] Paid: payu Please update the order and tell me the date for its delivery...

Romwe / lingerie

Aug 14, 2018

Received part of my order which was a two piece lingerie set. It was covered in hair and white discharge in the pubic region. I want to throw up and cannot believe this company still exists with these kinds of standards. I have tried reaching out to their customer service, however, someone...

Romwe / my package hasn’t been delivered

Aug 11, 2018

RomweI ordered something 3 months ago on Romwe and it says it's been shipped and delivered but it hasn't arrived. I would really like to have my order or at least a refund. The track number was PQ4SEX0736039980103730S. I would really, really appreciate it if someone would help me out on getting...

Romwe / no item received and not refunding

Jun 29, 2018

i have placed an order with rowme having order number RWBYX36687 .It was delivered to me last week.But when i opened it, it was empty.I raised complain immediately.I used my friends number for this order as it is easy to collect.They told me they will do investigation and will get back to...

Romwe / delivery of order

Jun 10, 2018

We didn't get any call from the delivery boy...and the tracking shows that the product reached the delivery place...please give us delivery boy contact number...we didn't get any call from delivery boy...please provide customer service contact number.we want to know when our product will...

Romwe / jumper/jacket/hoodie

Jun 07, 2018

I ordered a Slogan Print Cropped Hoodie and Rose Patch Stripped Hoodie almost a month ago (8/5/18). The Rose Patched Hoodie arrived like a week after i ordered them but i haven't gotten the Cropped Hoodie yet and i'm kinda ticked off that it didn't come with the other Hoodie. I've seen/heard...

Romwe / my order

Jun 02, 2018

I recently ordered 3 times for yourselves for the first time. For me it was a very risky thing to do but I did like your products therefore I wanted to buy a few things. I ordered 2 tops and a bikini, however with my order I did not receive the bottoms to my bikini which I ordered a medium...

Romwe / customer service

May 22, 2018

My granddaughter ordered 2 outfits an some rings on May 4th of 2018. Now, she is only 12 so she is super excited well here we are May 21 and not 1 word. I tried to call the number on the website I was told I had the wrong number? The I called my bank to get the number they had again I wa...

Romwe / my bag

May 18, 2018

RomweI ordered a small backpack and I was sent this but with out the straps. I ordered this on 5-3-18 and received it today (5-18-18). It had everything else that I ordered but the package contained no straps to the bag in which it was supposed to have. This bag that I am speaking of is called...

Romwe / company personal - i've written to at least 3 so far - pretend not to understand their system of alloting points from previous orders

May 01, 2018

Hello, On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I emailed Romwe - an online clothing retailer based in China - and requested that the points allotted from 3 previous orders be issued on my points page. (Ive made 4 very large orders altogether this year.) Romwe states on their website that they...

Romwe / fraud/theft

Apr 17, 2018

I've never even heard of this company and suddenly I have a charge on my card for almost $50. I provide them my address, zip code and card number to find out that SOMEHOW they charged my card without having the address or zip code correct and I've never placed an order with them. I have...

Romwe / returns

Apr 04, 2018

I ordered a romper online which turned out to be too small. I returned the item (in order to exchange for a bigger size) over a month ago and haven't heard/received anything since. I'm finding it ridiculously hard to get in contact with Romwe I'm able to find out what is happening with...

Romwe / romwe-[1295554]

Mar 26, 2018

Hi Team, Thank you for hearing us. I have ordered from romwe on 18 March, 2018 and on the same day i have found poor quality of stuff and un fitted stuff as well and i have decided to return and the company delivery exective said it will no cost for return but when I ask to the company...

Romwe / added shipping charges even my order rwaxk33873 eligible for standard shipping

Feb 22, 2018

Hi, This is Jyothi. I have placed an order RWAXK33873 today. Overall price of the order costs above 2600 but my order charge included shipping charges.But as per Rowme website, there is no shipping charges for order costs more than 2600 rupees Please look into this issue. Below are my...

Romwe / payment not received

Feb 17, 2018

I ordered from Romwe in late January around the 27th. My order and everything went through. I checked up on my order the next day and it said it could not track it. I assumed it was normal since i have seen reviews and many people said the same. I had not received any information on my...

Romwe / a rose crop top

Dec 27, 2017

I ordered this product by itself and after days of constantly checking if it had been delievered yet or not. I figured it would take longer than usual considering the holidays. So after work yesterday i come home and check again. And not only did it say my package had already been...

Romwe / scarf

Dec 24, 2017

I needed that scarf for today (Christmas [censor]ing eve and still hasn't came yet) and I ordered it 2 weeks ago! It was for my aunt for christmas and we exchange gifts on christmas eve and now i'm going to look like a fool when I come empty handed. This is annoyingly stupid how you did...

Romwe / delivery

Dec 18, 2017

RomweHello, my name is Cacey Davis I ordered a couple of sweaters and shirts, I picked 3-5 day shipping and I ordered it on December 10th my order number is RWKCC32568 please get back to me with problem or please send a new one. If you are doing airline shipping I would understand, but you are...

Romwe / order delayed

Dec 16, 2017

I ordered an outfit since December's 6 and today is the 16 it's been almost 2 weeks since my stuff are arent here, and I need those clothes right now and when I tracked my tracking number it says last seen in California what the heck my mom keeps complaining, and I barely get any update...

Romwe / scam alert!

Nov 23, 2017

Scammers activity detected! I was scrolling down the romwe pages yesterday when I got an email from romwe asking for my ID photo and number of my credit card. I don't know how they found out that I was on the website, but I don't like it at all. Please, if you got an email like this, don't...

Romwe / clothing

Nov 08, 2017

RomweUrgent!!! Good day... I ordered three items over a week now and I was sent an email to track my items but the website is not working. My address is to miami, florida but the tracking website is saying hong kong to trinidad and tobago. Please email me at [protected] to rectify this issue please. Thank you Jermila dash

Romwe / bad online service

Sep 20, 2017

I have nothing against paying for delivery if an order arrives on time. But usually dealing with this site brings different emotions. Negative ones. Regarding delivery. Never on time. I ordered 5-6 times and there's always the same story. Nothing has changed, they don't fix this issue...

Romwe / the worst store

Sep 08, 2017

Absolutely horrible. I purchased three four nice dresses and one shirt. I was very excited. But got too upset when saw what they sent me. I have never seen clothes with such a terrible quality. It looked nothing like in the picture shown on the website. Maybe that's why the prices are so...

Romwe / clothes are cheap knock-offs of ones pictured

Sep 05, 2017

The products don't look like they do in the pictures - they're just badly-made replicas. And returning said terrible clothes is so difficult. It's almost as if they know their merch is awful and want to make it as awkward as possible for customers to return stuff so they end up giving up...

Romwe / the sizes of the shirts and customer service

Aug 17, 2017

i have been trying to return the stuff that does not fit me back to romwe to get my money back since they are too small but they will not let me access the return ticket or contact customer service. this is ridiculous becausw i spent $30 on stuff that does not fit me. now, i cannot get my...

Romwe / poor quality products

Jul 22, 2017

RomweOrdered bathing suits. I know they don't except returns. But bathing suits were so poor made and stitching was subpar. Also sizing was off so they didn't even fit right according to website measurements. Costumer service rep replied with 'sorry we don't except returns or exchanges on...

Romwe / customer service / logistics

Jun 15, 2017

The first time I visited the website for Romwe I was excited because I saw a coupon for "65% off Orders $99+" So I shopped and made sure that I had a total of at least $99 in my cart, which I did. However when I applied the coupon, my total did not go down by 65%. I contacted customer...

Romwe / processing time takes too damn long

Apr 30, 2017

You guys are ridiculously slow at everything. I ordered a dress on April 17, 2017 and it is currently THE LAST DAY OF APRIL and my item is "still processing". How long, exactly, does the "labor day holiday" last for you guys? A month, apparently? You need to start doing your job and put...

Romwe / they lost a customer!

Mar 30, 2017

I heard a lot about Romwe and expected high quality service from such a well known company, but received nothing but trouble. I ordered a swimwear from them and it did not fit. It was very tiny and tight and definitely not my size. Romwe agreed to refund me and asked me to send the item back. I...