Rodale Booksovercharge / refund


I was not scammed online, but through the mail & by telephone. I kept getting books I did not order & sent them back. They would send them again for my perusal along with an invoice for payment. If I liked them I paid for them, but then would get charged again later, so I forgot I had already paid for them. They did call & say they owed me a refund, but the person who called would talk so fast you could barely understand them & then they would say is that okay, (sending me books free of shipping charges instead of the money they owed me). I never got a word in edgewise to say NO, I want my refund. I called to get my refund & they said it had been sent on a certain date & to give it 2-3 weeks, which I did & still no refund. I called again & they repeated that it had been sent on that same date, & they would get in touch with their head office & after taking my phone number said they would be getting in touch with me in 5-10 business days. No way, Jose! I am going to call again & let them know I am contacting the BBB & will no longer do business with them as they do not know how to treat their customers. I have been very patient with them & I am beginning to not believe a word they say. They speak with (forked tongue). I am dating myself, but I see them as gypsies, tramps & thieves, especially the latter.

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