Rochester Furnitureservice rendered by one of the rochester (park meadows) employees.

I visited the Rochester (Park Meadows) on Sunday 24 September 2019 where I was assisted by a male employee, I think by the name of Jacob. I wanted to buy a couch, that was on special, on a credit agreement. This gentleman also assisted me with the opening of a credit account. The problem began when this gentlemen started asking me to sign documents without even explaining why I was signing, during the credit appliation process. I had to ask why I was signing and another colored employee would explain to me what I was signing for and why I was signing. the colored employee kept assisting Jacob on what to do and how to do it, I'm not sure if Jacob was new. I was uncertain about the insurance and additional costs but the colored employee explained everything very well to me because Jacob was struggled a bit. I only recall Jacob saying to me my documents will be sent to the finance department at their head office for some checks and then once that has been done I will receive a call from them asking me if I want to commence with the credit agreement. A few weeks later I contact Rochester Park Meadows enquiring about my credit application and I spoke to a lady who checked on the system and I told me the credit agreement had expired. I asked her how because I have been waiting for a call from them after the financial checks, as discussed to me during the application process. The lady asked to call me back and then when she did Jacob spoke to me, I tell him I'm confused why I'm receiving SMSs asking for my ID, proof of address and bank statements when I submitted these documents when I first applied. Jabob's tone was unacceptable. He then tells me the special has expired because they were waiting for me to call them back once I have read the insurance documents they had given to me. This to me is ridiculous, I believe I should've been contacted by any rochester emoloyee when the expiry date was approaching to check with me if I was still interested in the product, which I still am. Jacob then gave me an altimatum asking if I'm still interested in the application or not? He didn't even tell me that if I was still interested I would then have to buy the couch at it's original price and the ottoman would then be excluded, I had to ask him myself if the couch would be would be sold at its original sale price. Jacobs tone was demeaning and he did not care at all. I'm not sure if calls are recorded at the Rochester Park Meadows but I need for our conversation to be traced. Not once did Jacob tell me that I have to come back myself and tell them that we can proceed with the application. If the cameras have audio I would love for our conversation during application to be tracked. Customer services is about treating the customer with respect and that needs to be reciprocated to the employees as well. I believe customer servicing includes contacting the client and getting info from the client especially when it involves credit agreements, there was major miscommunication in this case. The client should never have to go out of their way to notify the service provider of anything unless expressly discussed and understood by both parties. In this case it was Rochester's responsibility to contact me regarding this credit agreement to check if I was still interested. I am still interested in the special.

I hope to get a way forward.

Nokwanda Ndlovu

Rochester Furniture

Oct 05, 2019

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