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Attn: ms. monica serrano

Riu palace resort

Luis riu, president and ceo

Carmen riu and luis riu, jr.

Riu palace resort

Cc: leonel fernandez reyna felicio jimenez jeff, duty officer

President minister of tourism american embassy

Dominican republic dominican republic dominican republic

New york times new york daily news new york post

Travel editor travel editor travel editor

Dear ms. serrano:

We are writing this letter to you with a copy to all of the above regarding the deplorable experience we had at riu palace macao resort, punta cana, dominican republic and the unprofessional behavior of the staff at the resort and the authorities in your country.

My husband, who was born and is a citizen of the dominican republic and whose family still resides there, and I decided to renew our wedding vows for our 25th wedding anniversary at the riu palace macao on october 8th 2007. (we arrived on october 5, 2007.) we reserved rooms for our guests who were traveling with us from the united states and over 60 people were attending the ceremony and reception to help us celebrate our special day. all reservations and plans for our wedding and reception were confirmed many months in advance. before we go into what happened on october 8, 2007, let me tell you what transpired from the first day of our stay.

Our guests, robert dobles, his wife sylvia and their daughter laura were staying in room #3336. their cell phone and ipod were stolen from their room. our niece, priscilla arias was staying in room #3338 and while she was bathing she heard someone trying to open the balcony doors, thinking it was her sister trying to get in she went to look, it was not her sister, it was someone trying to break into her room. she startled him since he probably thought the room was empty and he ran and climbed to the roof. she went to get my husband and our friends who tried to find him but were unable to. both of these instances were reported to sub-director, franklin trinidad when we were finally able to locate him many hours later. he was very nonchalantabout both these incidents and his response was that there was a safe in the rooms for valuables and that he was already working 'two hours over his usual work time'. he did not feel it was necessary to address the incident with our 19-year-old niece who could have been badly hurt or worse if she was attacked. safety of your guests does not seem to be an important matter to your hotel if mr. trinidad is your representative. while we were speaking to mr. trinidad, we met two women who were staying in room #3317 who also had their cell phone stolen. mr. trinidad shrugged his shoulders at their story and did not seem concerned. I guess robberies in your hotel are a normal occurrence. we inquired with the front desk if a police report was issued for the robbery and break-in and we were told that no police report gets issued only a 'resort report' will be issued. the two women in room #3317 reported the incident to their travel agent who contacted the resort and told the resort representative that they were not going to refer vacationers to riu palace macao unless the women's issue was resolved. the women were immediately compensated for their trouble. (priscilla arias had her room changed to #3357 after the attempted break-in)

We met with your so-called wedding planner, magnolia on saturday, october 6, 2007, to confirm all aspects of our ceremony and reception on october 8, 2007, and to discuss alternate plans for our ceremony in case it rained. our 24-year-old daughter, my mother, cousin, our best man and his wife were also present when we discussed plans with magnolia. our main concern was the weather and what alternate plans were in place if it rained. magnolia stated repeatedly that 'it is not going to rain'. each time we asked her to tell us what the alternate plan was if it did rain she said, 'it is not going to rain'. no matter how many times we asked, she would not elaborate on any alternate plans if it rained. she told us that we were not to worry everything would be taken care of. needless to say, it rained, and her alternate plan was to put over 60 people in a small, dingy, moldy smelling room near the kitchen for our wedding ceremony and reception. this was done only after our guests, my husband and myself were allowed to sit in the rain until her alternate plan was in place. october 8, 2007 was supposed to be our special day. we were married 25 years ago by a justice of the peace and we wanted this day, 25 years later, to be special. well it was, it was 'especially horrible'.

We spent the entire morning of our ceremony waiting to speak to mr. trinidad. we went to the reception desk at 9:00 am on october 8th and when the front desk contacted mr. tinidad, he said he would be there in 20 minutes. he did not show up until 11:00 am and was not the least bit concerned or apologetic about keeping us waiting. as a matter of fact, he stated that he is not a 'robot' whatever that is supposed to mean. we have recorded proof of mr. tirnidad's condescending conversation. by this time, we were angry and upset and insisted upon speaking to mr. tinidad's superior. mr. miguel rodriguez who we were told was the 'director' finally spoke to us. we wanted to know what he was going to do about securing the safety of our guests and the guests of your hotel. he stated that 'there would be security on our floor and that we could put our valuables in the safe deposit boxes in the rooms'. this did not comfort us at all. the only time we saw security guards posted on the night of october 8th, and the police were still not contacted about the robberies and break-ins. my mother-in-law, alma arias a dominican citizen and resident, finally had to contact the local police and a report was made.

On friday, october 12, 2007, we 'bumped' into mr. trinidad and asked him how we could get a copy of the police report. he told me we had to go to the police station in person. we asked him to arrange transportation and make arrangements for us to speak to someone once we got to the police station. mr. trinidad made arrangements for us to speak to the person who was 'supposedly' in charge of the robbery. when we arrived at the police station the person we saw refused to give us his name. we explained what transpired at the hotel and that another one of our guests had a pair of $150.00 sneakers stolen from his room. he made a joke of this and told us, 'he had a pair of sneakers he could give him'. everything was a big joke to him. my husband was very angry and this 'person' taunted my husband by getting on his knees and begging my husband to hit him'. we have witnesses to what transpired at the police station and cannot believe the way we were treated. this person then told us we had to go to the 'tourist police station', we had to buy stamps and then come back to him. by this time, we had enough. we went back to the hotel and asked to speak to miguel rodriguez. while my husband was speaking to mr. rodriguez, I called the american embassy to relate what was going on and how threatened we all felt, how we were being 'taunted' by franklin trinidad and that we were all afraid to be alone at any time anywhere in your hotel. the american embassy representative told mr. rodriguez to keep mr. trinidad away from our group.

Also on a side note, on october 11, 2007 one of our guests julio negro room #3341, rented a quad with his son for a sight seeing tour. at 11:45 am on october 11, 2007, he passed the tourist police precinct and saw your director, franklin trinidad standing in front of the precinct with officers in uniform, drinking beer.

Needless to say, our 25th wedding anniversary, renewal of vows and our vacation along with our guest's vacation, were ruined. we were devastated and heartbroken. I needed to seek medical attention upon my return to the united states and now find myself under doctor's care due what we were put through. we spent what should have been one of the happiest times of our lives scared, embarrassed and humiliated. it was a nightmare. what we planned for months, was totally ruined by your unprofessional staff and government officials. we did not receive any satisfaction in any way from anyone associated with your hotel. no one said 'i'm sorry'. no one tried to help us in any way. you should all be ashamed of yourselves and your countrymen.

We promise you, we will not let this rest. we will now become your 'nightmare'.

Yours truly,

Virginia and julio arias

  • Updated by Phillallen · Oct 02, 2017

    I will be putting riu on blast on all social media. The service, the hospitality, the disrespect these staff have for paying customers is unacceptable furthermore it is diabolical. We do not work hard to be disrespected by third world country peasants. The staff of riu have no manners no hospitality and this all stems from bad pay. There monthly and annual salaries are so disgusting the staff are forced to beg for tips for every little thing, steal customers personal possessions. Until riu staff or any other resort staff in these third world country's recieve a decent/fair pay us as tourist will always be victims of crime as these pheasants are led to believe we as tourist live on a island of gold where money is infinite. I have friends we connected friends who have millions of followers on social media my mission is to make sure riu ocho rios pay for spoiling me and my families first trip to Jamaica and I will not rest until they are exposed for the crI'm in also they really are. I promise you, you will never recieve such a service and lack of respect for human rights in any other country compared to Jamaica. What's more funny is the staff all work together misleading you with this fake positive greeting but they are just calculating what positions they see of yours are worth. NEVER in all my travels NEVER EVER have I witnessed the kind of service that me and my family have had to endure for 10 days in riu ocho rios. I will expose this company fully until these fraudulent members of staff are flushed out of the company and I am refundedicated for this diabolical nightmare called a restful tropical resort. I should of stuck with sandals. Look out on social media is am maKing it my nber one mission to get to the bottom of this.


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    Phillallen Sep 10, 2018
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    Verified customer

    A waiter saw me drop my phone and came over to me with a dirty cup trolley deviating my attention asking if I wanted a drink or if I was ok, she bent down like she was picking up a dirty cup and walked off. A minute later I am looking all over for the phone. I go to my room even though I know the waiter took it, the assisting staff are useless.

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  • Ar
    Aranda Aug 21, 2018

    I stayed at the Rui hotel in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 this year it was great this is the secound time I have stayed at a Rui hotel but am still waiting for my membership cards

    Mr stuart crook
    51 Hart road
    Old harlow

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    lenny verdica Oct 28, 2017
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    We were almost killed in RIU PALACE MACAO. I was stabbed in my left eye with a champagne fluted glass I'm blind in my left eye today and my friend was slashed across the face and needed 77 stitches in Roy Palace Macao we want 10 million dollars for our permanent disabled blackmailed made us pay for hospital bills and for damages in your hotel which we were the ones who were attacked in your hotel and you let two people leave that country that should have been arrested and we should be compensated 10 million dollars is what we want from rui Palace Macao attention Carmen and Louis RIU the owners of the hotel you gave us a claim number 45333 we're waiting for your response we're going to mainstream media we live in NYC I had 2 major surgeries done here in new york, I've lost site due to your negligence &security in your hotel that we stayed at.this vacation was a catastrophe minors were injured in your hotel.this isn't over yet.your gonna pay us, 10 MILLION dollars for our can find me in N.Y. and my friend to.attention Luis RIU &Carmen RIU the owners of this huge hotel chain.10 MILLION is a fair place too name is Glen VERDAGUER & Michael MANZO from new york.this story is 100% percent true & accurate. We hope to see the owners soon.This story isn't going extorted us under duress situations and blackmailed us.we were guest of the hotel RIU. All your business will suffer until you come to see us here in new york travel and tourism can contact us anytime and all of the world is welcome to questions & answers to this disaster vacation thats left me blind in 1 eye today, and my friend 77 stiches.

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  • Ca
    Carlos Sierra Aug 07, 2016
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    All of these happens because you preffered to go to a **cheap** low quality branded hotel, like RIU. Next time, choose better, cheap comes more expensive at the end, always

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    The Fedz Sep 16, 2015

    Good Morning Madam/Sir,

    I am writing to express my concerns at the Riu Montego Bay. I can honestly say, I have nothing but complaints. From the food, to the service, to the rodents in this facility, my trip was just awful.

    From the time my friend and I arrived (Friday, September 4, 2015), the service was very bad. We carried heavy bags all the way to the other end of hotel, as our room was across from the beach. Once we got to the room we needed a cold drink, but to our dismay the refrigerator had not been turned on and all the drinks were just as hot as outside. The room itself was decent. But just decent. It was like a step above a motel as far as the comforter and sheets were concerned. For the money we paid, it should have had more features in it including: separate queen size beds, and regular toilet with the handle on the side, better flooring made for sand so sand would not be tracked all over the floor and then in the bed and bathroom, garbage bags in the room lined around the garbage can, and maybe a pamphlet describing what there was to do. We dropped our bags down and tried to figure out how to actually turn on the lights and the refrigerator for over a half hour because one switch turned on one thing but another switch may have turned on two other things and so forth. Once that was all figured out we decided to check out the food. The food was pretty bland. I looked at other people's food plates and saw basic things such as salad, bread, burgers, and fries. Expecting Jamaican food, since we were in Jamaica, we really did not see anything other than a stew beef and rice and peas. The food really had no flavor to it. Even the "American" styled food was gross. The food, I understand, is suppose to be catered to the liking of the majority, but if you go to another country that makes certain types of food, you would think they would have a lot of that type of food the way it should be cooked. Things that are suppose to be spicy, perhaps should just have "caution food may be spicy" signs around it. Why deprive the people that like the spices of the Caribbean from the spices?

    The next day was Saturday, and we were trying to figure out what there was to do other than the beach and pool. We were told there were no buses or shuttle buses to go into the city but, if we did chose to go anywhere, the cabs would be $20-$30 per person, which I found absolutely absurd. There should have been a free shuttle bus to take guest to the malls and around town after all they had to pay to get to the hotel and stay there. We chose to stay at the resort that day and had reservations at the Asian styled restaurant Kalu. We checked out the water-sports that the hotel offered. The inconvenience of the waiver signing place was a little bit much, especially when the sand was pretty hot. When we finished signing the waiver, a group of four had gotten there before us. Although there were three paddle boats, they only had one pulled out. One guy told me he was not allowed to pull others out because he was told not to. Another guy told me that it was too much work for such a slow day. So we had to stand there and wait until these people finished, which there was not a time limit so we ended up waiting about 45 minutes. Later that night we had reservations for Kalu. Once there we tried to understand why we had to make reservations for yet another buffet styled dinner. The food there was absolutely gross. The rice for the sushi was overcooked and under-cooked which really confused me and the sushi was not fresh. My friend ate the rice and chicken and took about two bites and asked if we could leave. We went back to regular cafeteria and had "Jamaican styled dinner" and all the oxtails were gone which really was the only thing I looked forward to. Jamaican night consisted of about four things that actually was something "Jamaicans" actually cook. I figured I would just have some pizza. The pizza was so nasty. It had no sauce and should have just been called a mozzarella cheese sandwich. The thing we did enjoy most was the nightly entertainment provided by the hotel. It was very entertaining.

    The next morning, Sunday, was excursion booking for us as well as "Jamaican styled" breakfast.
    We woke up bright and early hoping that we were just having bad luck with a few things but maybe things would be better. The breakfast was pretty decent that day. There were a lot of Caribbean dishes that I was happy to see. We sat down enjoying the meal for the first time since we arrived at the hotel and to my disgust, I see a mouse crawling under the table in front of me. The couple next to me saw it as well and started recording it. (Be on the lookout for a video because during the video the man was saying the name of the hotel) I told one of the bus boys and he told me it would not harm or hurt me. I was extremely mad, and also disappointed. We left not even halfway through our meal. We went to book our excursion with Vacation Express, but met another guest along the way. She was telling us about her experience with some of the excursions she had went on and told us she did not recommend certain ones. I could tell the Vacation Express lady was getting frustrated because she began rushing us telling us she had other things to do. So we ended up leaving the resort for a few hours to get away. We got a cab to go to the market and sight see a little which cost us $25 per person, which was seriously over priced. I thought Adrian was a great cab driver/tour guide although the price of the cab was a little ridiculous.He was patient and he took us to a few good places. Once we came back to the hotel we booked our excursion with the Vacation Express lady who told us we needed to speed things up because she was hungry and was going to pass out. After that we went to the pool around to the bar side. My friend and I sat enjoying our drinks some other people started coming with their children. I did not mind it until their kids started jumping into the pool and doing canon balls, splashing water into my drink. One kid jumped so hard, my drink fell into the pool. I understand that there is not much you can do to keep the kids out of that area but there should be some guard there preventing splashing and things especially in an area with other adults who are drinking. Later that night we went to the Steakhouse. Their food was pretty good although my friend asked for a medium well steak and it came out extremely red. The manager was extremely creepy he kept staring at us as if we were going to steal the steak (that we clearly had already paid for). He continuously kept coming over to us asking us why we did not eat this and why we did not eat that. (At a regular restaurant a manager would come over maybe once to make sure everything was okay or if there were any concerns), but this guy was really borderline harassing us. He was hanging on the wall behind us just standing over us. Then when he said something, three of the waiters came behind us and started staring at us as well. Seriously, creepy!!!

    The next morning, Monday, we got up and had breakfast. There were two roaches on the cinnamon buns. I really do understand this is an outdoor facility in a hot environment but between the mouse and the two roaches my curiosity about the foods sanitary condition is very unsettling. We bought a piece of JackFruit from a market downtown. The JackFruit ended up being very bad so we left it in the refrigerator. It began to smell. This facility has absolutely no garbage cans anywhere which does not make any sense to me. Something like a fruit should be able to be disposed in a garbage outside somewhere. We saw a cleaning lady's cart in front of someone's room so we placed the JackFruit at the room next to the one she was cleaning so she could throw it out. This was about 1pm and we went to the beach. We came back to our room about 4:30 pm the room had been half way cleaned. What I mean by half way cleaned, was our beds had been made up but had no pillowcases were on the pillows. My bed had black dots all over the top sheet, the floor still had sand all over it, and the sanitary disposable bags had not been replaced. My friend asked one of the cleaning ladies if someone could give us pillowcases, new sheets and the bags. The lady told her with a very nasty attitude that she was not our cleaning lady and once we were out of the bags they would not be replaced. When she came back and told me, I called the front desk. Within 10 mins of the phone call we had pillowcases and a cleaning lady and her supervisor came in to look at the sheet. They whispered something to each other and then the supervisor handed me the bags. The lady took off the sheet and started changing the sheet. She put on the new sheet and again saw some black dots splattered all over that sheet. She got yet another sheet, and that one appeared in better shape. (I could not understand why they were still cleaning our rooms past 5 pm it was such an inconvenience.) We ended up napping and slept through dinner. Around 10 pm we got up and went to the bar. On the way back to our rooms about 1:00 am the bag with the JackFruit had been placed right in front of our door. Instantly, we came in a checked our safe deposit box along with our items. We could not understand how it was that someone new that 1) we had been the ones to place the JackFruit there and 2) someone waited until after 10 pm to then place the JackFruit back at our door. We assumed it was definitely someone who worked for the hotel. There was no one outside when we placed the fruit down and the cleaning people were the only ones who actually knew we had the fruit.

    Tuesday, we woke up very early, because we had an excursion, to magically have found garbage cans all over the facility. They were EVERYWHERE, which they should have been from day one. At first, I really thought I was going crazy seeing things, and started thinking “maybe there were garbage cans there the whole time, ” until I saw two of the maintenance men putting a garbage can up on a stand. I could not believe it.

    Wednesday, was our last day there and since I had a fairly decent experience at the Steakhouse, although my friend did not, I choose to go back. The food to me was pretty good. We went back and they sat us in a different area his time. Once the waiter brought our food over I cut into my steak, and of course with my luck, my steak was bleeding. I was actually disgusted. The couple in front of us barely touched their steak, there were two women to the left of them that did not eat their food either. The waiter did not ask me or the two other ladies who had not eaten their food, if there was anything wrong with the food, or why the steaks all appeared to have one bite taken out of them and were not eaten. However, he did address the couple sitting in front of us who happened to be Caucasian and we were African American. The lady gave an excuse of being “too tired to chew” her date just said he was full. If I told you the amount of steaks on the “garbage cart” was enough to feed a small village that would be an understatement. All the steaks looked like mine and the meat was very tough.

    I think what I was most displeased about was the tipping. This resort was suppose to be a no tip resort, but of course for good service, you could not help but tip. These people would give you terrible service but expect a tip and if you tipped them in the Jamaican $100 bill they looked at you as if that money was no good. I had one person tell me they did not take Jamaican money.

    The thing I enjoyed most about this resort was the nightly bar crew, Clive, David, Chris, and Allen. They really were very nice guys and really did their job well. I saw them cutting off people that were overly drunk and just genuinely enjoying what they do. Steve, the maintenance guy was my favorite person on the entire resort. He got my coconuts all the time, as well as many other people, and he was quite popular. He really just had a great personality.

    Although, you probably can not tell from this letter, I am really not one to complain. This resort however, gave me so many things to complain about daily. I have honestly never been to a hotel or resort like this, whose staff was not concerned at all about rodents or bugs, a facility that did not have garbage cans, where the cleaning people were still cleaning rooms well past 5:30pm, where the food was more than likely unsanitary because of the bugs and rodents, the food was just really tasteless on a tropical resort, and the service was just horrible. I really did try to be positive while I was at this resort, but I am very sorry I wasted my money here.

    Fedie McKenzie

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  • Ns
    NSDe-Roux May 17, 2015

    Anyone who knows me, knows that Riu all-inclusive hotel in Ocho Rios was my favorite place to escape to. I have recommended so many to this so called paradise I have stopped counting. My dear friends daughter got married there on my recommendation and I could continue listing, but I will stop here. Now, for those who know me, you know travelling and hotels are not new to me as I do a little World touring with a very popular stellar award winning Gospel reggae artist.

    Now on Oct 14, I checked into Riu All-Inclusive Ocho Rios, prepared for a time of fun in the sun. I have never been fond of hotel safes and this was actually the first time using one. I know you're asking why use one this time? Well, you see, my friend's mom had given me over US$2500 in cash to give to her on my return to the US, and I was just being extra careful. Everything about the vacation was lovely as I always have a good time there, you see this was my 4th time at this location. Now, this safe key was with me always, as I thought I was the only one with a copy. (In the USA you have to pay to have it drilled if you loose the key). On the 21st of Oct., I took the money out, just as a precaution and counted it. It was all there. I replaced the money in the safe locked it and had the key with me always. After that we decided not to have any maid service and when they came to fill our mini bar, both me and my aunt were there. We were scheduled to leave on the 23rd.

    The 23rd of Oct gets here and its 5:38am, we're all packed and the shuttle is to pick me up @ 7:45am and my aunt @ 10:45 am, as we're catching different flights. So we're up, dressed, ready to go have breakfast and then check out. It's now 7am so I go to the safe, take out all the contents, grab the envelope with the money, and it's empty, I grab my wallet which only had US$40 and that's gone too. I grow flush as I fall to the bed and yell, auntie P, we've been robbed. She rushes to where I am, shocked as I am, and instructs me to call the front desk. I call them to report what happened and they immediately tell me security is on it's way.

    The security personell gets here, very professional, he takes a statement, starts to inspect the room, realizes that the balcony door is unable to lock, however we're thinking were on the 4th floor, and we have had the safe key with us always. He asks me if I want to get the police involved, I said absolutely! He suggests we go have breakfast, and I decide right there in my mind, I am not leaving, until I see a police officer, I give a statement and I have said statement in-hand.

    So here begins the drama and cover up. My aunt and I went for breakfast, we both were in shock so we had to force ourselves to eat. Me more so because I had already taken my meds and couldn't allow my levels to drop too low so I had to eat. I was told that upper management would not be in until after 8 am so I would need to talk with them. You see I had expressed that I was not leaving until I gave a personal police report/statement and in so doing, I needed to be guaranteed that I would have a place to stay, in the event, I missed my flight, at no cost to me, as this was a breach of their security. Well so called upper management came and addressed me, by the way, without introducing himself, or telling me who he was (Jamaican). After expressing myself to him, he, in a very scolding tone let me know, that is not their protocol, and he will not be able to help me as that would mean they are accepting liability. I then proceeded to point out to him how rude and unprofessional of him, not to introduce himself to me, that's when he told me he was one of the upper management staff there and I saw his name tag that I will just use his 1st initial P. I told him, I needed to speak to his boss, which some little short guy with an accent came out, very professional this one, his initial R. told him my position, he told me something close to the same mess, I told him no game. He then invited me into an office where, a female who I think she said her name was M. wanted to hear the story again, which I told again, and in a very condescending tone/smirk she started to real off not their policy. I guess longevity and faithfulness doesn't count for this here company or their upper management. Maybe I was the wrong color or nationality! I don't know IJS! Anyhow, I realized I was getting nowhere with missymoo, so I saved myself from her patronizing/condescending tone and walked out of her office. I guess now we're gonna do things my way.

    I went into the main dinning room, and shared with the guests dinning what happened to me and to be careful as it could happen to them too. and I proceeded to down the lobby and let anyone who would listen, hear what I had to say. Now at this time Missymoo and a short little security personnel, let me know that my behavior was unacceptable and I have to leave their property. So I followed them to their office, as I had no problems doing that, as long as I get to speak to the police and and get my personal property. Well guess what friends, they went and got my bags without me, and told me my bags were secure, ( I guess as well as the safe) and that they were arranging for me to leave the property. I immediately called my attorney who told me, not to leave until the police come and wanted to speak to management, who management P. refused. Well, I started getting scolding from missymoo and management P. that my type of behavior is not acceptable. I guess their stealing is. So I'm not allowed to go to the bathroom by myself without being escorted. (I guess criminals run free and they need to be protected from the victims) My mother calls and I'm telling her on the phone what happened, well...Mr. security is telling me stop creating a scene! (on the phone now). So I go back to the office(time-out corner) to wait. I'm in touch back and forth with my attorney, waiting for the police, when managment P. comes in to let me know, the ride is there to escort me off the premises, I said ok, is the police here, he said no, I said "well then, the only way I'm leaving before seeing the police and giving a statement, is if you drag me out here" to which he replied he wouldn't put his hands on me.

    Thank God, the police finally arrives. They search me, part of protocol, I don't mind, then we go to the scene of the crime. this is 10 am now. remember check out is suppose to be @ 12. and this is a crime scene.
    GUESS WHAT????!!!???

    Room is cleaned, before cops get there, upper management P. is there giving instructions, of course I still don't know how to keep my mouth shut and I'm pointing out all the obvious. Management P. in my opinion is too chummy with Mr. male cop. Female cop is doing her job to the T. (just bringing all observations to light. no cover ups here). It also came to my attention that this has been an on going problem for this location, as they have several similar cases WEEKLY. They wanted me to disappear, they wanted me to go without filing a claim and then they would just put it under the rug. But The barked up the wrong tree. You, see not only am I taking legal actions against them, I'm also getting heads on platters, because, I have gotten contact info for one of the regional Managers of all of the RIU globally. They will be exposed!!!

    Nadine S. De-Roux

    Isaiah 54:17
    No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against me in judgement I shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and our righteousness is from him.

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  • Bi
    Bill Shardlow Sep 30, 2014

    i TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS PERSON, AND WE HAVE JUST PUT A COMPLAINT IN WITH THE RUI CORPORATE OFFICE, which is at Customer Service [email protected], as we just came back from there and Upper management don, t care about U. As no matter what u need, If u don, t ask the right person, u get nothing, but Lies...

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  • Ou
    Oudom Jul 18, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After I read all of this Posted I am feel sick inside my stomach. I hope people look at the RIU motel customer compliant review before booking If they don't they are vacation will be nightmare, Or they will be paying a lot of money but get a penny service.
    The RIU hotel is world class hotel, they are may be a 4 or 5 star but wont be for long if you see all of the compliant review. They are ruin there own reputation.
    The RIU motel management and the customer service from top to bottom is seem like their don't have education, no manner, very rude. The manager are No respect to the customer, there don't know how to handle things.
    Here is what I just experience one and I sent this to the customer service. There is no respond.
    Here is what I sent it to them. I like to share with you how disappointed I am on this trip that I ever experience with RIU management teams.

    For last five years I have been travel in Mexico. twice a years I only stay at the RIU hotel RIU PVR, all RIU Cancun. All RIU Cabo san Lucas And. RIU mazatlan. This is third time in four years that I have stay at RIU Mazatlan. This is very disappointed I ever experience over the world class hotel like this.

    On the second day that I stay at the RIU Mazatlan, during this trip There where incident happen. One of the Hispanic guy was looking for his daughter desperately at the pool area At that moment I knew how his feel there where nothing scare more then loosing your own kid.
    at that time I ask him how old his daughter is. what she is wearing, how tall, after that I told three of my kids. my wife, and my self help him looking for that child
    About a couple minute gone by after we looking we could find it I decide to bring it up to let the management of the RIU hotel know the kid are missing because this is under they are responsibility so there can do something about it before it too late.

    At that time I thought the manager of the RIU would radio the gate for the security temporary lock down first ( no one in or out at the gate ) then have the people look for the kid until we find it. than follow up the second Step that what ever that it

    When I bought that up to the manager. First he was very mad, angry. for he is being mad I kind the understand that, but I couldn't or never understand the way he respond it back to me. especially world class hotel like Riu.

    He respond was sir! this is big problem in Mexico for loosing the child. Then he said to me you can be kick out of the motel for it. Then he said you much be very stupid to loosed your child and walking away, and he said with the angry voice.

    He repeatedly say " you much be very stupid to loosed your child, and. He say you have to leave the motel "

    I try my best to talk to him to let him know that was not my kid. I am trying to help only. But the manager was way too angry. Not listening to what I trying to explain to him. He just let his motion taking over him. If you let me guess he is about mid 50. Man of this age. And the position that he is he should be calm and handle this very well.

    I don't know how did he got the job at the world class hotel like this. His assistance handle batter then him. Clam more then him.

    About 5 minute later they found the kid than the riu manager walk past by my daughter and told her you much be very stupid to loosed your child. And than he walk past me while I am talking to one of his step To explaining to him that is not my kid. While he past by he threatening me next time you out of here!!

    Than I told his step ok check me out. return my money. I am more then happy to leaved here right now. There is no next time. I told him I am not very happy to be here anymore. I am disappointed. And disgusting how he talk to me. And how he handle. Calling me. And my daughter stupid. He is very disrespectful for the manager like him talk to customer like me who try to help.

    Then his step was calm me down, and. apologize for his behavior. After his step talk to me i was happy at lease there where one good employee handle right I decide to stay.

    In my opinion he should thanks me for helping out.

    After the next day I talk to the step that who calm me down and apologize for his boss mis behavior, very disrespectfully to the good customer. I ask him have you explain to him. I ask. He say yes I did and he said the manager are understand and know now that he wrong

    After that I was expecting his apology. There were he walk past by me 4 time he didn't even say hello.

    I understand that no one is perfect.

    But this is I never understand how the world class hotel manager are very disrespect like this.

    This manager he is about late 50's his anger is more then his cool. He doesn't know how to handle the situation.

    His name is Zamora.
    ! Report Spam

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  • Ye
    Yelenys Jul 09, 2014

    My name is Mario Caraballo, I'm claiming the loss of $600 in my purse which was in the closet of my room, 2103. I don't have any other complaints because I like the hotel and everything else but I've felt very uncomfortable with this situation. We hope that you can be able to fix this problem.
    We stayed in Riu Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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  • Na
    Natalia Salzano May 25, 2014

    I've been to different Riu Palace hotels and first time in the one in Punta Cana. I absolutely loved all Riu hotels I've been before. But this one Riu Palace Punta Cana was terrible! Am I just disappointed? No, I'm pissed off! It was terrible experience! I'll tell you why. First of all, the hotel seems like it's haven't been renovated for years! There are cockroaches everywhere! Second, food is obviously not a first day freshness, felt like some of it was a left over from last night dinner. A choice of food is not as comprehensive as in the other Riu Palace places.
    Third, you have to really watch your stuff!!! On a third day of my vocation I got my photo camera stolen and at the same time my friend got her purse gone forever! It happened right in the hotel, in sports bar. Me and my friend were having drinks at around 2am and getting tipsy and laughing like you normally would do at your vocation. Then, realized an absence of the stuff. When tried to talk to security guys (there are bunch of them), I realized they don't speak English( most of the staff do not speak any English or any other language besides Spanish)! And hotel doesn't have security cameras anywhere! Wow!!! We went to talk to manager (he speaks great English though). We felt like we're ###ed while talking to him. He started asking us the same questions about the accident over and over again, like how a detective would do in the "Law and Order" series, you know. Oh, by the way, me and my friend were not allowed to contact police, (we wanted to make a report), like you normally do in civilized countries. But the "funniest" part is that the manager, after he finished with his questions, said that he normally can not do anything about this situation!!! What ever we tried to do did not work, we even offered a reward for a person that finds our stuff or to a hotel's management for helping us find a thief. I'll tell you that it was an empty bar and we just talked to a couple of guys (they were drinking a bit too much), and our stuff was in front of us all the time. It was a professional thief, obviously someone from a hotel staff!
    We could've had such a great time, but vocation turned out to be a hell! Me and my friend were so disappointed and stressed out from this hotel, so we actually had a huge fight after all in the end of vocation. I hope I review everything useful for helping you have better experience in the future. Hence, please, take all that information to your consideration if you don't want to end up like me and my friend! Stay safe!!!

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  • Ri
    Riu palace bed Buggs Feb 27, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Each day me and my husband had bites on different parts of our body and tonight i woke up and was unable to fall back to sleep due to the excessive itching. Bed buggs had crossed our minds but i thought no it might be lying by the pool and something bit you. I started to search and just as we suspected there were bed buggs. I could not believe my eyes i had never seen a bed buggs before. Now here i sit @ 4:45m in a different room unable to fall asleep and don't go home to tuesday. All our belonging are in the old room with the bed buggs. We don't know what happens next, i will keep you posted.

    Most important thing there was no written inspection protocol in place and employees had no direction or instructions to give guest.


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  • Ri
    Riu Varadero dissapointment Jan 12, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My 2nd stay (Dec 6 2013) at the not so 5 starish RIU Varadero resort this time a complete dissapointment. Was there the exact same time in 2012- it was terrific. THe gorunds were spotless, resort itself was clean, service was a premium and more . . . we raved about it. This past trip I talked a family member into coming and was rather embarrassed. From the moment we arrived to the day we left nothing but bad service, unclean grounds, litter, empty glasses, cigarrette butts everywhere - no upkeep on the buildings there are these utility doors between some of the rooms in our building that lead to water valves these doors, made of a thin wood were smashed and falling apart (un safe to walk by ) - no one seemed to notice the safety hazzrd i guess as debris was scattered all over the hallway. The room itself was cleaned daily and no complaints about the mini bar etc. The Buffet food mostly "Bland" but we knew that from previous trip-but you can find tolerable edibles ie. very good Omelettes, fresh fruit and breads in the morning. Don't do the "Raw Burger" pool side snack bar-yes mine came as red in the middle as you would find in the supermarket. Thiis time around there were a lot of annoying drunk, obnoxious young rowdies that seemed to be loaded and picking fights the whole time at the pool bar, a reason i chose not to go to Mexico. As for the A la Carte restaurants that you have to book in the very early a.m. we did this 3 times in order to get a table as they do a count on how many people they sit each evening - the Italian was truthfully terrible, we actually walked out after the salad. the other two were okay probably the Asian being the best if you don't mind extremely small and limited portions, glad to know the buffett was still open Lol. and oh yea why do they run out of things ie shrimp cocktail appetizers, smoked salmon hmmm don't they do a head count for each seating ?
    The beach and weather were great, a few tips (probably good for any Cuba resort; bring your own larger plastic cups if you like Beer like me and actually the Crystal Beer was as good as I remembered from last year, you may want to try the Mayabe Beer as well. I also brought a large "Bubba" jug to fill so less trips to the Bar at the Beach or poolside, however you do break the seal and gotta get up anyway Lol. The pool - good scenery, and activities but annoying loud repetitive awful music. Why not a decent collection that everyone can relate too ? Tips - yes, seemed like more requests with hands out than I remembered. Sure we brought trinkets like most Cuban visitors - but seemed like it was expected Hmmmm. . . whats up with that RIU ? As a world renown resort company i would suggest an improvement on training cooks, maintenance, hospitality staff and grounds crew a whole lot. Oh yea as for the grounds keeper working at raking etc. How 'bout some proper tools and gloves the poor sucker I chatted with and gave a pair of sunglasses to had a rake with 7 plastic tines on 2 bamboo sticks tied together with a piece of wire - whats up with that . . . my rating 2.5

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  • Je
    JessicaScham Jan 09, 2014

    Hi Virginia and Julio Arias-
    I know it's been a while since you posted this and I'm unsure if you will even see this to respond, but I am VERY interested in knowing how this turned out.
    I have contacted "customer service" several times, several different ways about the horrendous trip that I purchased for my husband for his birthday. I have had no luck. Our trip, ALL 10 DAYS, was a disaster, disappointment after disappointment and they tried to "regain our trust in the company with a 2 day trip. Who can afford to go out of the country for 2 days?!
    Anyway, I would like to know if you go anywhere writing these letters. I feel I have already wasted so much of my time with these people and am curious if it worth it to waste even more.
    Thank you- Jessica

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  • Li
    Linnyrn Sep 15, 2013

    This is my ordeal: .
    On Saturday, May 18th 2013, a friend and I arrived at the resort, checked in, basically given our keys and sent on our way. The front desk staff was less then cordial which was only a glimpse of things to come from that staff. We had to drag our suitcase over bridges and around half the resort before finding our building. Never were we offered assistance to find out room or help with our luggage.
    On Sunday, May 19th, after dinner we went into town for a few hours and arrived back at our room at approximately 0100 hours on the 20th.
    On Monday May 21st, at approximately 0900 hours, we discovered that our safe was open and approximately $900. 00 US dollars was missing. We immediately went to the front desk and reported the theft to “Gerry”. He had us fill out a form and when we asked to speak to a manager, we were told to come at 1100 hours to speak with “Gina” aka Georgina Ramos. We were then escorted back to our room by the “head of security who simply rummaged through our belongings (including undergarments) to see if we had “misplaced” the money. After he essentially found nothing and said nothing to us he left. We then returned to the desk at 1100, 1200 and 1330 hours at which times we were told Gina was out of the office in the resort area. When we asked if she could call us when she was available, Gerry took out number but we never heard from her. We approached the desk 2 more times (each time we could tell the staff was becoming more annoyed with us) and finally were able to catch Gina when one of the bellboys pointed her out. Upon meeting with Gina we found out that security had found our room door open sometime prior to midnight on 19th, the night of the theft. To say that I was a little stunned that they were aware of this and never notified us would be an understatement. Additionally, she was completely unsympathetic to the fact that we had NO money and no way to access money. The 1 credit card we each had we cancelled as we were not certain if the numbers had been taken off the cards that been in the safe. She also stated that there had not been any other thefts recently or in the remote past. We asked to file a police report and she said she would help with that the following day and then we were summarily dismissed.
    This same day I spoke with the guests located directly across from our room who said there had been people in and out of our room all day Sunday and they were not housekeepers. This info was very distressing to find out and our safety at the resort began to be a great concern.
    On Tuesday, May 22nd we attempted to see Gina at the time she had given us and were told she was not available. Every hour on the hour for 4 hours we went back to the desk and were told the same thing. We finally saw her walking around the resort and had to run after her to speak with her. We passed on the info the other guests had told us and asked to be relocated to another room. We also if we could be comped the massages we had scheduled as we had no way to pay for them and she said she would obtain vouchers for us. She also stated that there was no way anyone can open the safe except for the guest and that we must have left the safe open, therefore the resort was NOT responsible for anything. When I said that I did not believe for one minute that no one else could get in the safe, she relented and stated that only 2 managers had keys or codes to get in the safe. I found this to be completely unbelievable as I doubted that a manager comes in the middle of the night when a guest is locked out of their safe. However, that evening we were moved to another room that had no view (the first one had a view of the pool) and a used condom under the bed. That was more than disgusting.
    On Wednesday May 23rd, we again had to repeatedly ask to see Gina to see if there was any investigation into the theft, to file a police report and to obtain the vouchers for the massage. Again, we had to find her on the grounds and chase after her to speak with her. When we went back to her office she said she never implied she would get us vouchers, (I recorded all of the conversations on my cell phone and she most certainly did) and basically called us liars about that and the fact that we had money taken. She said we probably let in the people our neighbors had seen in our room and/or left the door open for then to enter the room. The conversation did not end well but she did tell us that “Sonia” would help us with the police report the next day.
    In the interim, we learned from various staff members, who by the way had NOTHING good to say about either Gina or Sonia, that in fact that had been a number of thefts the week preceding and the week of our stay. Multiple people had money, I- pads, I- phones and other media devices taken from their rooms and safes. We even spoke to a couple who had a cellphone and an I–pad stolen. Additionally, I was told by the staff that BOTH security and maintenance were able to access the safe without the presence of management.
    On Thursday, May 24th we attempted to meet with Sonia. This was even more difficult than meeting with Gina. Starting at 0900 hours we approached the desk almost hourly. However, we were told she was not in her office on multiple occasions. By this time the front desk staff did their best to avoid us and were becoming rude and hostile to us. They were making derogatory statements about us when we were at the desk in Spanish (which I speak). Finally we heard one of the desk staff call Sonia’s name while looking into an office and we discovered she was in her office although we were told she was not. We then walked around to her office and was shocked by her appearance. She was dressed so scantily and so unprofessionally that I literally thought she must be a prostitute. She had on a skirt that barely covered her female parts, stilettos and a tight shirt with much cleavage showing. I am not a prude but this is not what I expected of somewhat in a management position at a large corporation especially since all the other employees were clearly in uniforms including the front desk staff and Gina. The conversation with Sonia was the worst experience of the whole stay and the worst customer service experience of my entire life. She also called us liars about having missing money, refused to call the police for a report and told us we had to go into town to file it (we had NO money for cab fare) and said to us verbatim “You rich Americans come here and think we are all poor and want to steal your money”
    I was and still am, incredulous at this statement. First of alI, I am not rich. I work two jobs as a nurse and worked extra hours to pay for a vacation during which I had money stolen from me. Clearly this individual has resentment issues with “Americans” who I assume spend money a great deal of money at your resorts worldwide. I have never in my life been treated with so much hostility by anyone let alone someone whose JOB it is to ensure guest satisfaction. Her job should be ensuring guests will never return because she excels at that.
    Finally, on the day of our departure, May 26th, due to massive flooding at our arrival airport in Houston, our early morning flight was cancelled. However, we received a call that we could make another flight if we were able to be at the airport within the hour. A friend from another resort arrived in a cab to ride to the airport with us, however, we were stopped by “Jose” and asked for our room key which we had inadvertently left in the room in our haste to get to the airport. Jose ordered the cab not to go anywhere until we provided the key. He demanded we go back to the room for the key or we would not be allowed to leave the resort. By the time we walked 10 minutes to the room and 10 minutes back, we all knew we would not make the flight. So not only did “Jose” cause myself and the other guest to miss the fight, but 2 other people as well. In the US keeping people against their will is called kidnapping. Four of us were held hostage at the report including 2 people that did not stay there for a key! To this day it is unclear why this transpired except that he was from the front desk “crew” and wanted to cause us further distress. Well he did, because I had to pay for the missed flight and sit in the Cabo airport for 7 hours. It took us 22 hours to get to Philadelphia.
    All in all, the way we were treated in Cabo was beyond appalling and to this day I still cannot believe all of this happened and that I actually paid for it!
    To date I have been unable to submit a complaint to this hotel chain. The official site comes back "undeliverable". Isn't that special

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  • Ho
    Hotel Critic Aug 06, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rui Montego Bay needs restructuring in many areas. Firstly and most importantly security on the property needs to be seriously addressed. Workers with keys to the rooms are entering the rooms at night with people sleeping or out enjoying the night to rob them. The room safe have no use, they know how to open them without the code.The food and beverage needs a complete overhaul. People leave the states and other continents to experience the flavor of the islands. Most of the food served does not flavor of the islands except on the beach lunchtime. Nightly entertainment is probably the only area that is good and properly organized. When has Jamaica become a latin country.

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  • De
    Denise Guzman Jul 24, 2013

    My name is Denise Guzman, my husband and I saved all year to vacation in Cabo San Lucas for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We arrived July 18 -22, 2013. I did my research and was impressed with the beauty of the RIU Palace. Upon our arrival everything was as expected, our room (#3083) junior suite had a perfect view of the swimming pools and ocean. I was disappointed on the first day when wanting to take a shower all we had was cold water and the toilet water ran all day and night. I complained to the front desk the first day of our water problem. They said they would send out an maintenance man out to fix our problem. On our second day still no hot water and the toilet was running all day and night. The front desk told us AGAIN they would send out an maintenance man out. It wasn't till the THIRD day our water situation was fixed. I was very unhappy, because as a woman I need at least warm water to shave my legs!! I don't know if i would stay at the RIU Palace again. I was hoping they would at least complement me a spa treatment for all the days of cold water. When checking out on the 22nd I told the front desk that I hope the next guest who stay in room 3083 junior suite don't have the same problem...NO BUENO!!!

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  • Mo
    Mona Nozohour Jun 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello all, We were in Riu Palace Pacifico From June/20 to June/27, I hope you get to read this before attempting to book a room. I have stayed there for 7 nights with my husband. Any ways I have always been very cautious about my belonging in hotels I always use safety deposit boxes to put money and valuables in, well, don't do it in this hotel because they will get in it and steal as much as $200. place was okay but no matter how okay it is you should not stay there it is not safe, we have noticed that people (staff) have been in our rooms multiple times!!!so please stay off this place or you will be missing things. find out that someone had gotten into the safe, took all the money!!!
    We talked to a supervisor and her name is:Cristina villacorta acuna, she is the Subdirector anfitrion in that hotel, She was so rude, acting like nothing happened!!!And telling me how can i know your telling me the truth?!!!show me pictures!!! Security guy came with us in to our room and said 100% someone break the safety box from the behind and took our money and jumped to the phone and called the front desk and was talking in spanish and shaking his head!!
    We left Riu Palace Pacifico with a very sour taste in our mouth and NO plans to re-visit anytime in the future!
    We saved for a year for this trip and very extremly disappointed.That was about where the honeymoon went bad :(
    It's a shame for RIU resorts.We are done with RIU!!

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  • No
    NoMoreRiu Apr 10, 2013

    We recently stayed at the Riu Guantacaste in Costa Rica. We had several items stolen from our room that totaled over $800. When I filed a complaint with the manager he was so rude and disrespectful. He asked if we put the items in the safe and I stated no. He said well it's not our problem then. He would not look me in the eye. He constantly turned and walked away the rest of our stay if he saw me. The safe was not big enough to fit a modern day purse in it let alone all of the valuables for 4 people staying in a family room. I emailed the customer service representative that I was assigned. Her letter was a very basic plain blanket letter of don't rock the boat about the manager and if you didn't put it in the safe, not our problem. I am currently writing back to state that their offer for "points" to come back and stay again is offensive. Our concern is the safety in the resort since they do not have one single camera and every staff member that works in housekeeping, maintenance, stock room, security, and room service has a key that can get into your room. I will never ever stay in another Riu resort. There are enough other facilities that offer better security, customer service, and numerous other amenities to stay at. Here is a copy of her response to me: We would like to thank you for sharing with us your experience during
    > your stay at our hotel Riu Guanacaste. We appreciate to respond on
    > this occasion. RIU Hotels & Resorts always welcome feedback from our
    > customers, since it gives us the opportunity to make appropriate
    > improvements and changes where necessary.
    > As a service minded hotel chain with the clear objective of having
    > satisfied guests, it is certainly of our most importance that our
    > clients enjoy their stay while at our hotels and therefore we honestly
    > regret that you were so severely impacted as mentioned in your
    > correspondence. Please rest assured that all your comments have been
    > forwarded to the responsible management here at the RIU Corporate
    > Office in order to take the appropriate actions to improve our service
    > and security standard.
    > We did receive a full report on this situation from our staff in Costa
    > Rica and we are concerned at your negative feedback regarding one
    > member of our management team. Please rest assured that Mr. Alfaro is
    > an experienced member of our staff, who is familiar with the RIU firm
    > philosophy since years. May we ask you to accept our apologies and we
    > would rather not stir this matter further as we know that the
    > interpersonal domain is a difficult field. Anyhow, we regret the
    > impression left very much. Surely Mr. Alfaro did not want to
    > disgruntle you during your stay at the hotel.
    > At the same time, we kindly ask for your understanding that
    > unfortunately neither on a journey nor in every-day-life the danger of
    > theft can be totally excluded. Due to the strong demand from the
    > majority of our guests, all our hotels provide safes in the clients'
    > rooms for their own comfort. As mentioned on the registration card on
    > arrival, valuables and important documents must be kept in the safety
    > deposit box - provided free of cost. Please be informed that the
    > family rooms are always merely equipped with one safety box. When
    > necessary, valuables can always be stored in the general safe at our
    > front desk.
    > We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause but the
    > insurance companies merely take responsibility when the objects of
    > value were stored in the security safe at the moment of the
    > disappearance or in case of forcible entry as already explained in
    > your check-in documents. Please find attached a document, which you
    > could pass on to your insurance company.
    > You surely will agree that it is quite difficult for us to comment on
    > remarks made within the Internet due to their unknown origin and
    > motivation. Thank you for your comprehension. On the other hand, we of
    > course have our own intern statistics and a soon as a negative trend
    > is detected, we initiate the adequate follow up and action.
    > As we of course do understand your concerns and your position, we are
    > hoping that you will give us the possibility to welcome you and your
    > beloved ones again in one of our RIU Hotels & Resorts. Therefore, we
    > would like to offer you the participation in our Riu Class Program.
    > The program is recommended to all clients that travel to the RIU
    > Hotels & Resorts. Enroll in the Riu Class Program and start enjoying
    > exclusive benefits and discounts today.
    > We would be delighted to welcome you soon as members of our Riu Class
    > Program. As sign of our regret and guest appreciation we would like to
    > benefit you, in case of a future membership, with 3000 RIU Class
    > points additionally.
    > In order to obtain the offered compensation please complete our
    > on-line enrollment form at with your personal data
    > and click "send". Please be so kind and inform us about your new RIU
    > Class number, so we will add the 3000 points onto your new account.
    > Dear Mrs.----, Dear Mr. ---, finally, we would like to thank you
    > for taking the time to write us and to reassure you that we will be
    > acting on the points which have been raised. In time, we hope, we will
    > be able to welcome you and your family on another RIU Hotel & Resort
    > as we value your custom greatly and would love the chance to restore
    > your faith in us once again.
    > Assuring you of our best intentions at all times,
    > We remain with kind regards,
    > --
    > Julia Jäschke
    > RIU Hotels & Resorts
    > Customer Service
    > Corporate Office, Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
    > --

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  • Gl
    glenn n.y Dec 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    RIU Hotels has its headquarters located some where in Mallorca Spain.There are most likely others, they have too have someplace in the USA, after all they are doing business here..RUI PALACE MACAO don't go there.The place is a nightmare.The police are corrupt the government doesn't care.If you have been injured in Dominican Republic they do not care about the people, tourist, etc.When we were injured so badly we were thrown out of the hotel palace MACAO that we were staying in.All they wanted was money.But like i said its not over.They are very selfish in that country, if something like that happen here in new york, forget would be out of business here, or wed already own your hotel or hotels you own, RIU this is most definitely your worst night mare..Our injuries date back too August 19, 2008, in Hotel Palace Macao.I cant believe you let 2 dutch nationals go back home.Your attorneys in Dominican republic want us to pay too file a lawsuit down their in punta cana.that is absurd.our courts will have too some how state or federal, will have to some how intervene and help all the people who have sustained injury, harm etc.There is no justice down their.Above all the owners of the hotels don't care they need too be made example of.Remember 5 million is just a start...i will post an email just shortly for people too reply too directly, this is insane what hotel owners think they are above the law.I lost an eye, sight in my left eye.My friend got 77 stitches across the face.No need too go back too Dominican Republic, Think about that 5 million Dollars Luis RIU us dollars...Some will see this sooner or later, Like i said this isn't going have the police in d.r handing out a wavier the law covering for your business hotels, what about us the tourist the people that make your business, we don't do that here in new York.its not over Luis Riu, hotel palace Macao in punta cana.cant let people get hurt in your hotels and your hotels get away with such actions and behavior, like i said 5million to start, anyone else who has been hurt or is looking for monetary damages, pain, and suffering, put it out their I'm not stopping now till this is settled, December 29 2012 pay us..glenn n.y

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  • Gl
    glenn n.y Dec 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    and my friendi would like too tell you my friends and i visited hotel palace Macao owned by RUI Hotels back in August 15, 2008. We were attacked in the the hotel lounge in palace Macao, the hotel we stayed in we were guest their.I was stabbed in my left eye with a champangene fluted glass, now i am blind in that eye, my friend was slashed in the face by the same person, he got 77 stiches across the face.We were attacked by 2 dutch nationals.who did not stay in our hotel, who were so visable drunk and caused us so much damage and harm we now have permanent injurys and scars from this.This hotel chain and the owners are responseable for our well being as tourist, guest of the hotel.they are top rated and dont wnt to pay.They let these 2 dutch nationals walk out and go home.they took our passaports and forced us to sign a wavier in exchange for us too not sue RUI hotels.the phots we have are extremely graphic, but we are trying too sue them in new york, Rui also has a hotel in flordia, Carmen and Luis RUI, pay us out of your pocket, 5 million dollarsUS maybe we"ll go away.We want something from your insurance or you...We are not stopping here.This is a nightmare of a vacation Rui palace Maco, and now youre changing it too an adult hotel only you should be reaching out for us we have attorneys and you know whats happend.How could the police hand out such a wavier and protect the interest of Hotel RUI PALACE MACAO, and we are the guest of the hotel.What kind of policy is that...Pay the 5million after all youre worth 100 billion and building more hotels .i lost sight my eye in my left eye, my friend got 77 stiches across the face.i came home with my eye out of socket on a plain back too new york and my eye lids hanging off, i was taken new york eye in famary in manhattan, and your country held us against our will their till the hospital bill was paid.Yet i had gone 16 hours of surgery done here, in manhattan new york eye infarmary, too be left blind in my left eye.and my friend has scars from 77 stiches..If you do business in the united states you can be sued we shouldnt have too go too the domincan republic after this.there is no security for the tourist.their is a huge neglience and they dont care..Security and police its awful.Well 5million is just a start, like i said its not over read this letter good 12/27/2012 if you want contact our attoneys in new york id like too see how you feel living like this...This is a true story that happen too us in the dominican republic Hotel Palace Macao..thanks for reading... Glenn.

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  • In
    inpartpa Sep 16, 2012

    I stayed at the RUI palace in Aruba September 10th to the 14th. I stayed in junior room in the new tower. Our first room was for 424, the whole floor smelled musty and smoky when we entered the room it reeked of smoke. The room was missing on iron and a service menu. The room did not feel new and did not have anything that would stand out it had looked outdated with an old tv and banged up furniture. The TV did not have all the channels working. I called up the front desk asking for iron for the room.

    I had planned on getting engaged in Aruba at the Riu Palace on the beach. I walk down to the frontdesk to leave artificial rose petals for the photographer to pickup at 5pm to setup on the beach. The photographer had gotten approval from the hotel the previous week. I was told by the front desk staff and the manager that I was not allowed to leave anything at the front desk. I had to wait in the front lobby area for the photographer to arrive so I can hand him the rose petals instead of enjoying the beach with my girlfriend. This ruined the experience a little bit and I was surprised how rude the front desk staff and the manager where about this special occasion. I had want back up to the room hoping that the iron had arrived and specially since I already ask the front desk for the second time. The iron had not arrived and the smell in the room was a bothering my throat. We had walked downstairs to talk to the front desk and hoping to change our room. we have been told that hotel was full and no rooms available, we talk to the customer relations. We told that we were unhappy with the room that was outdated, smelled and tv was not working. we had stayed at the Riu in the Jamaica before and had expected the quality to be the same. Had we known that this rui was not the same quality as the 1 in Jamaica we would have never booked with this hotel. The customer service person agreed that the rooms are outdated and the quality should be the same but it was not the case here. there's nothing that can be done. She offered for us to check out the next day at 10 am. and she could possibly have a room available that would be better. She said she would make sure the iron would be in our room.

    The turn down service at this hotel is terrible. First night only only shades closed lights turned off and the bed not turned down not what I expected from a 5 star hotel.

    On Tuesday We had walked to the frondesk area 10 a.m. and told us about other room would not be available to 3 p.m. When we go to our new room 628 same outdated look however there was no bad smell like in other room. The phone was missing contact card. And bathroom looked like it had mold on ceiling

    The casino area
    the Staff in the casino area told us that the members rewards cards are not working and new cards could not be created. During the evening we found annoying that the staff would walk around you asking if you wanted a drink even when I had a full drink in my hand. the drinks are not free the casino and I would have two different people ask me if I wanted a drink with less than a minute passing when I had a full drink in my hand. This was very annoying and happened all four nights

    The wifi
    I had asked the front desk about the paid internet serviced because i had business files i need to download and was told not to get it and that it barely worked. The lady told me it was another company and they don't know any information about it.
    The free internet that was provided everyday for 90 minutes was a very poor connection. I used the unprotected internet from the tour company which was better speed than internet provided my hotel. The computers in the sports bar are outdated, very slow and looked like they had been infected with virus and spyware I would not suggest on using them.

    The pool bar staff not always friendly and the frozen drinks are made very bad. Would pour the frozen virgin drink in a cup and then put the liquor on top without mixing the alcohol.

    The restaurants rui palace
    We have tried the restaurants and they're really not worth the time. The Japanese food was made very poorly. The Italian lacked flavor. Really not worth it.

    the entertainment at the Riu Palace
    We had been shocked at the entertainment was so poorly organized the first 3 days of the shows were really not watchable. Thursday there was a decent show and that was only because the three couples that had been used had been entertaining.

    Evening entertainment
    Hotel provided very little entertainment on the beach or near the area. After sunset the bar closes in the pool area. We had walked over to the Marriott hotel area during sunset that area was better organization and better entertainment and more friendly staff and house drinks in casino free the casino was also larger and better organized.

    I would not suggest doing a wedding or events at this hotel because I have seen a wedding and the bride was no way happy due to the poor organization at this hotel.

    Aruba is beautiful, the palm tours was well organized however this hotel is poorly organized. The entertainment really is bad. The food quality is average. The staff is mostly not friendly. I would not stay at the rui palace aruba again even for free. Really not what we expected

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  • Am
    amoosaie Sep 13, 2012

    has anyone got any feedback or compensation for RIU regarding their complaint? And if anyone has any contact info. please let me know. [email protected] I just got back from the most horrible vacations I've ever been on. Went to Montego Bay Jamaica, would of had a better time staying home.

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  • Ms
    Mskmr1 Apr 06, 2019

    @amoosaie No!!! I have contacted them several times and even sent the “President of the company emails” [email protected] after my nightmare @Riu Palace Punta Cana. This chain of hotels lack the basic customer service skills, compassion, and the inability to communicate with their clients in regards to their actual titles of work they do. I had asked/demanded to speak with the Manager on a few occasions and someone came and I explained the issues only to find out that they were NOT the Manager. This company is so disrespectful and dishonest and don’t forget, disgusting. They never cleaned up the bathroom in the room that I stayed in for 5 days and the doors were urine soaked from top to bottom. Yes, I have photographs of this after they sent a team of housekeeping staff in to clean...THEY NEVER WASHED ANYTHING!!!

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  • Sh
    Shavonda_Nicole Aug 26, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Upon my first trip to Jamaica, I stayed at Riu Ocho Rios in room 1452 with two friends 8/17/12 - 8/19/12 (beautiful resort with immaculate views) to begin, we left Miami and arrived at the resort from MBJ airport around 5-5:30pm. It took about 45-min to an hour to check in but they had "welcome punch" which was very good while you wait. Calecia assisted us at the desk with getting our room and was very pleasant. They gave us a suite instead of the ocean view standard that we requested, so we were delighted until we got there and realized it was a lover's suite (open space w/ no privacy in the bathroom) and we were just 3 gals looking to enjoy the island lol !! so we asked if we could have a regular room. They moved us on the other side which was really nice, and I was happy bc it seemed to be less children on this side of the resort. We roamed the resort after check in and dinner, and enjoyed the MJ impersonation. The next morning, we went down to breakfast (loved the variety) early to get an early start. We then went to talk to our carib vacations rep to set up our excursions at Dunn's River and Mystic Mountain. After paying, she explained that we had about 10 minutes to go change and prepare before the bus arrived to pick us up. We ran up to the room to change. In the process of changing clothes I took the money from my pants pocket and sat it on the bed, in the midst of running out, I left my money on the bed ($120 US) and realized it when we were renting the shoes for Dunn's river and my friend had to loan me the money. I immediately used the phone at Dunn's River to call the hotel to let them know. I spoke to Calecia, who stated that she would let housekeeping know. Upon returning, I found a note from security letting me know that they had the money and to call. When I called the security Gard came with an envelope which held $40 !! I asked where is the other $80 and he stated that he had to call the head security because that's the only thing they had.. When the head security came, he seemed very stern and didn't seem friendly at all. He explained that it's their policy that they can't reimburse me at that time and asked If I wanted to call the police I explained to him that I absolutely wanted an officer to come and he quickly left the room. About 10 minutes later two guys dressed in plain clothes (only one presented a badge) as Officer Hendricks (badge # 10811) came in immediately questioning me about the situation. I felt very uncomfortable with the line of questions and the manner in which they were talking to me that i got online and sent a message to my family to let them know what was going on in case something went wrong. About 5 minutes into the conversation, I felt like I was on trial or if I did something wrong bc they were insinuating that maybe I misplaced it or I was making it up. When clearly I explained what I left there, and what I spent. I even went as far as going online to show the guard my bank statement showing how much I took out right before the trip. He then explained that bc it's simple larceny I had to go down to the St. Anne Police Station (so while on what was suppose to be a relaxing get away I had to spend almost 2 hours of my vacation inconvenienced at the police station which made me very uncomfortable and nervous). He finished with the report at 7pm There were no computers and the police station sat in the middle of a very busy (chaotic) street where people were outside and I guess it was something I just couldn't get used to. But I had to take the necessary steps in getting this solved so I had to deal with it. After handwriting the statement, where I was further interrogated, having to answer questions about my job, how much money I make, where I live and who resides in the home (unnecessary), we were dropped off to the resort and I was given a Constabulary Force Customer Reference Form number 828703. When asked if I could have a copy of the statement officer Hendricks explained that the copy machine wasn't working and I would be emailed a copy of the statement, and they would follow up with me about this matter. Today 8/26/12 officially makes one week since I returned to the US and I haven't received a call nor an email from Club Riu Ocho Rios nor from the St. Annes Police Dept and I'm truly disgusted. Although $40US was returned and $80US was missing, it  really inconvenienced the remainder of my trip leaving me limited and unable to enjoy the rest of my time in Jamaica. In the midst of this trip my uncle passed the day before 8/16 and I was undecided if I should board the flight or stay home but I thought that a few days at a reputable resort would ease my mind and help me prepare for the tragic situation that I would return home to, but I actually left the island with more stress than I needed. It's really bad because I planned to bring my family back to Jamaica in April for Spring Break and I planned to stay at Club Riu Ocho Rios but after this horrible experience I'm uncertain if I ever want to return because I left with such a bad experience. Which is bad because outside of the missing $80, I enjoyed the resort and my experience in Jamaica. Had it not been for the sticky fingered employee, I would've given my experience two thumbs up but right now I have a bad rapport with Club Riu Ocho Rios and hope this can be resolved. In a timely manner. I hope to hear from someone soon.

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  • Be
    Bertram Miller Jun 12, 2012

    I must say that the Riu Bahamas policies are a crying shame. While staying there on vacation i visited my local bahamian friends(2) and we decided to catch up on old times. As a result, I suggested that we go back to Paradise Island and go up to my room for a drink and chat. While entering the hotel the night attendant stopped my black friend and told him that locals are not allowed in the hotel. My white friend however, too was a local but was never approached. This I must say is a crying shame. You should not be treated like little children. My money was spent and I cant bring a guest or guests to my room, along with racial profiling. I immediately asked to speak to a manager but none was around. I have stayed at breezes bahamas and never had this problem. As a result, and their inability to treat people with respect and humanity I will never stay at any of your locations again.
    Regards, bertram miller [email protected]

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  • Jo
    jo4756 Apr 19, 2012

    I booked RIA at the last minute due to my own error, it was thankfully short stay
    It was a clean place but the doors are of dubious quality but the safe is generous.
    What is the urine smell that is so awful @ times in the lobby of Punta Cana RIU?
    The wireless hotspot is there if you can stand the smell. I couldn't
    The two young ladies traveling with me were getting lavicious comments from kichen staff when I wasn't with them. It was a form of harrasment and it wasn't the young guys. It was the good old boys, very unprofessional.
    I was never so glad to leave a hotel in my life, even at the last minite as I was leaving I got tagged for 24$ for towels just as we found the cards I told them to keep the money its last they will ever see from me.


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  • Pe
    PeevedWithRiu Jan 07, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We went for a 7 day all inclusive vacation to the Riu Merengue, in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, with 2 other families. The resort is very impressive, the food was good and the beach amazing. It is a great place to go to if you only want to spend all your time on the beach. The problem starts if you want to do any activities. The resort offers various activities through a company called Scuba Caribe (or at least we thought it was resort approved as it is on the premises). We signed up for ATV rides through Scuba Caribe. We were planning to take our kids with us (aged between 8 to 13) and wanted to be sure it was safe. The tour operator ensured that it was very safe - that it was smooth, leisurely ride through flat lands. After a lot of debating, we decided to do it. But the rides turned out to be totally different - there were no flat lands - it was all ups and downs. We were accompanied by the guide, the mechanic and the mechanic's 12 year old son. The little kid was generally hyper, jumping on the ATVs (we had 5 ATVs in total) trying to 'help' us navigate. During one such episode involving the ATV I was on, he hit the accelerator instead of the brakes while going downhill and the ATV went out of control. I was thrown off, the ATV flipped and landed on me. The most appalling thing was that the tour operator had no first aid kit or safety procedure in place. It took over 2 agonizing hours for someone to come get us to the hospital.

    I escaped without any broken bones, but had numerous injuries that apparently would take months to heal. We tried to meet with the Customer service manager at Riu and tell him that the person operating on their premises wasn't even following basic safety procedures - his reaction shocked us - he said he doesn't care. The only reason we even thought about going on that ride was because it was on their premises and we assumed it would be safe. Wrong! According to the manager, as long as they got rent money, they would rent out space to anyone. He said it was 'business'. He doesn't care what happened to guests - the same applies apparently to food poisoning or anything that happened on the hotel premises. Shocking! He said that the hotel has no responsibility what so ever in regards to safety of guests. And that we 'Anglo-Saxons' expect special treatment everywhere.

    We are done with Riu after this experience. It is atrocious that anyone could even talk like that, forget someone in Customer Service! How do they expect people to return with 'don't care' attitude!

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  • Ge
    gerardo duran Nov 28, 2011

    I Just got back from RIU PALACE PUNTA CANA. A tour agent accused me of stealing his cell phone. The hotel manager who was his buddy came with the tourist police, ransacked my room while i protested. There after they hauled us to the tourist police station and charged us
    formally and threatened to put me in jail if I do not pay $700 . We called our travel agent at GoGo vacation, they put pressure on the agent who promptly withdrew his charges. The hotel manager was not help, claiming we acted suspicously in how we acted and how we spoke. I do not know of any hotel management who treat their guest this way. Yes the place looks ok, not that outstanding. The hotel needs a lot of upgrading, the ceiling leaks and the toilet don't
    flush. But most of all, the staff needs upgrading.

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  • Xi
    xioned Nov 14, 2011

    I booked my honeymoon and it turned out to be quite a huge disappointment riddled with frustration and mishandling. The best way I can do this is with a chronological list that constituted in the most egregious problems that listed from day 1 of the trip.
    1. October 17, 2011. We arrived in Mexico where Customs lost our camara (the one with our wedding pictures in it). It seems that as we were going through Customs someone else “may have picked it up”. We were then assaulted by a mob people claiming to be of Olympus Tours (who spent over 1.5 hrs. before he explained that he was a timeshare and that was “subcontracted” to Olympus Tours). Finally, after having in arrived in Cancun for over 2 hrs., we found the guys with the orange shirts that said they were Olympus tours and “overheard” us asking the other guy if he was with Olympus Tours, but he did not want to “interrupt” the conversation. He then informed us that our names were not on their list and he wanted to see the “voucher”. Because, without a voucher he cannot give us a ride anywhere. I showed him the itinerary given to us by Ric, of Traveler’s Village, Bloomfield, NJ. He had to call the “main office to confirm” we waited another 2 hrs. before anyone got back to us. They agreed to transport us to the hotel. They dropped us off at another Hotel, not Riu Palace. I refused to get off in that hotel which prompted yet another call to the “main office” and another 20 minutes or so of waiting time. We were told that we were going to be brought back to the Airport and we could figure out how to get to the hotel ourselves. The driver halfway to the hotel then said to us that he felt bad and that he was going to bring us to Riu Palace even thought that’s not “his job”. After arriving in Cancun I had already spend over 5 hrs., was angry and could already see that my honeymoon was being ruined and was turning out to be a complete disaster.
    2. October 17, 2011. We arrived at the hotel Riu Palace Las Americas and were told that our room was not yet ready and our names were not in their system. After over 1 hr. wait we were given swipe card keys and towel cards. Since I had previously been to this particular hotel I knew the layout pretty well. We were given room number 657 which was on the lagoon side. I paid for an upgraded Jr. Suite Ocean View with the Complementary Honeymoon Welcome. That was NOT the room that was supposed to be assigned to me. I went back downstairs and spoke to someone in front desk, showed him my itinerary and was told that they had no Ocean View rooms available and that he would see what he could do. After much arguing we were told that someone had just changed the room and we were going to be given an Ocean View room. We were then assigned to room 431. Room 431 smelled of molded carpet. I am allergic to mold and thus suffered from sinus headaches the entire time we were in Cancun. The Bed covers were ripped (attached hereto are copies of photographs showing the ripped bed covers.) The walls had holes in them and the paint was chipping off the walls as well. I again went downstairs and complained to have another room. We were told that there were no other Ocean View rooms. I know for a fact that the hotel was not crowded at all and that there were plenty of open, empty rooms and accommodating me could not have been a problem at all. It took them three (3) days of constant complaining for anyone to come and change the torn, ripped and otherwise abused bed cover. We were told that “honeymoon welcome” would not come because we did not have an original certified copy of our marriage (we just got married two days before and barely had a copy of our marriage certificate before our pastor sent it to the State to Certify same.) We were not given enough towels and so we had to dry off with beach towels. As a matter of fact one day when I was merely walking the hallway the lady in room 429 asked me to please bring her towels because she kept calling down and she never got anywhere, I guess since staff was rarely seen in the hallways, she must have thought that I was hired help with the mere fact that I am Hispanic. It was well after 7:00 p.m. before we could go downstairs to go to Dinner. Because we were late we were told that we could not enter. We had effectively spent an entire day arguing. This was our first day of our honeymoon. All this after being in Cancun for just 10 hours!
    3. October 19, 2011, We asked front desk again to change our bedcovers and to add warm covers as there were none in the room and it was a little chilly for me. I am a cancer survivor and as result of that suffer from various medical conditions including Lupus and Diabetes, as a consequence to my medical conditions I suffer from chills if the temperature is lower than normal. We again, asked for extra towels. We waited at the front desk for at least 20-30 minutes for nothing as nothing was done about our complaints.
    4. October 20, 2011. The ripped torn and otherwise abused bed covers still had not been changed dispite all of our time in the Lobby and the numerous complaints as to same. Again we spent an exorbitant amount of time in the lobby trying to get either towels, the linen changed (we were told that the hotel does not change linens unless we request it). I am diabetic and had to constantly ask them to change the soda from the room to a diet soda because they continuously stocked the room with regular Pepsi and 7up. Still no promised “champagne”, “fruit basket” or “welcome gift”. By this time I was so angered that I did not care to have any of the “extra niceties”. I would have been happy with the basic.
    5. October 21, 2011. We had come to the conclusion that Riu management did not care, had changed from my visit there 2007 and that we would just not get the service that I had come to expect from Riu Hotels. After my husband went to the front desk and explained in a very angry tone that he was not happy about the service, and asked front desk for warm covers (he would put them on himself), we were told that some towels and covers would be sent “right up”. We got a tray full of sandwiches, my guess to make up happy. And we got two different people bringing us towes and finally the warm covers arrived. A little too late since we were leaving the very next morning.
    6. October 22, 2011 - We checked out of the hotel and proceeded to wait for the driver at 10:00 a.m. as agreed. The driver showed up 1.5 hours late. And then he proceeded to drive us to two other different hotels even though I explained that I needed to be at the airport on time. We made it to the airport minutes before the plane took off. We were charged and had previously paid for the extra leg room, but because we were so late our seats were given to someone else. My husband had to again be crammed into a small seat.
    We spent every single morning of our honeymoon dealing with and taking care of the very things that were supposed to have been included and/or part of our honeymoon. This was supposed to have been my dream honeymoon, moreover, this is the first time I have been compelled to carry my anger and disappointment to this level. I feel that your company did not take importance to my honeymoon, especially since you had been prepaid for months in advance, therefore you did not have incentive to actually perform nor keep the contract. It caused me thousands of dollars, waste of voluminous and valuable time, not to mention the despair associated with such a disappointment of service. Spending my honeymoon in Riu Palace Las Americas was the most regrettable, frustrating and anger-provoking experience of my wedding and subsequent honeymoon.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Kennedy Oct 19, 2011

    I should have checked these complaints before planning my late honeymoon/couples trip a few weeks ago to the Riu Cancun. The staff was horrible and my husband and I and our guest were treated extremely unfairly during our stay. Upon our arrival, the credit card machine was not working at check in. They took copies of our card and told us to try again later. We came back and still could not settle our bill. After attempting to pay in full twice, next day we return to our room to see a note telling us to pay on the door. When we go down to the front desk to pay (for the third time) our friends credit cards went through but it would not process our Visa debit card. After having muliply staff members run our card, leave the card on the counter, come over and look at the machine and call over the supervisor to do the samething, they tell us that it is declined. My husband checks our account online, which had the funds and I call our bank. Once I was on the phone with a rep from our bank, who was able to tell me the error notice that they were recieving, the hotel staff still could not get the transaction processed. It was only after I yelled " I am not going to keep going through this here. I am done and will just handle it tomorrow", that one of the staff members who was there for the whole ordeal found a solution to the problem. He then got the card payment to go through successfully. We had friends visit us from another resort while we were there. They were staying at the Sun Palace which was double the price of the Riu Cancun. While they were there waiting in the lobby for the rest of our party to come down, they were accused of "using Riu facilities" and they tried to make us pay a 90 dollar day pass fee. Eventhough they never left the lobby and never even went to our room. The front desk called security and had them follow us as we went out to the beach for jetskies. After the front desk made a big scene, my husband asked to speak with the manager. He went to his office, spoke with him and magically the problem was again resolved and we were allowed to exit through the hotel to the beach. I honestly believe that since we were the only african american visitors to the hotel, it caused much of this rudeness we experienced. The elevator system was slow even with 4 elevators working. The liquor at the bars was watered down and you had to ask the bartenders for a better quality that was hidden. For it to be a "24 hour all inclusive" the pool and hot tub closed early as well as some of the bars. The night club to a joke and had out of date music. Our course we made our own fun, but they will never see my face there again. I also hated that we had real keys instead of card keys, this was a hassle to keep up with and have to put around your neck. I was recommended this resort but I would not spread the word.

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  • Ve
    Veniecia Brown Aug 11, 2011

    I agree with all of you about RIU. They don't allow you to submit complaints/comments or suggestions on their website. I feel that this is reflection of what they represent as a company. I stayed at the Riu Montego Bay and was severely disgusted with the service and the resort itself. The beach is a man made beach so the sand is mixed with a gravel and the bottom of the beach was filled with seaweed slime and dirt. It was disgusting. The food was HORRIBLE and they served the same thing every day. They ran out of wash cloths so they didn't distribute any after they cleaned your room you had to request them. It's was over crowded and filled with staff whose focus is NOT customer service oriented. I am severly disappointed. I will never stay at another Riu resort

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  • Sa
    Sally Billett May 27, 2011

    I visited a Riu Hotel Feb. this year after being assured that this was a wonderful chain. The very first day I fell on wet crooked stairs sustained many injuries, including a concussion. ( no I do not drink) When the fall was reported we were topld that the resort doesn't own the beach, then why do they boast of their wonderful beaches. Chidren ran freely over the stages that were meant for the entertainment -- they could hve been many injuries there. An in inebriated guest was throwing chairs onto the dance floor while people were dancing it took over an hour for security to come. There was much sickness from the food-- desk denied any problem. I am now under the care of a neurologist as concussion symptoms continue it is now the end of May!
    Sunquest was our agent they have been notified of our horrible experience with the Bachata hotel, they have not replied. Our room had a mouldy musty smell and we both came home with a lung infection. A very unpleasant experience with no one responding to the complaint

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  • Br
    Bradelina Mar 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, if you find that information please share with me...I am currently trying to figure out legal action against this hotel. Thanks!

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  • Br
    Bradelina Dec 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We just returned from Cabo and our family of 7 had booked our Christmas vacation at RIU SANTA FE. This hotel is VERY dangerous for Americans because the security hassles Americans and either tries to extort money out of them and if they can't, they will call the police and have you sent to jail. We were pushed, shoved, injured and abused by security at this hotel and the management is in on the SCAM. The hotel is very anti American and all Americans should avoid this hotel or you'll end up in a jail cell like we did. When Mexican immigration came to the hotel they told us that this hotel has issues with Americans all the time and that we should file a complaint. I want to warn all travelers to avoid this hotel, especially the head security guys CESAR and the manager Brenda. They have arranged an extortion plan to make money off Americans at this resort...heard nightmare stories from other guests as well. BE SAFE AND STAY SOMEWHERE BUT THE RIU. Besides, the hotel food, service and amenities are awful and below par and I would give this hotel a 1/2 star. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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  • Ba
    barbntom Nov 24, 2010

    I just gotback from the RIU in Costa Rica. It is only 1 year old. My friends and I stayed in room 3334 and 3335. The room was nice, but the smell of black mold was horrible. I went to change our rooms and could not because they were sold out. I took pictures of the mold and am trying to find who I can write too. At the pool, we met several people who had the same problem. I am now sick from the mold and mildew. Also, the maid broke a glass, and did not clean it up. My husband stepped on it. When leavng the hotel, we went to get our wine out refrigerator and 1 bottle was missing. I am very dissapointed. This was suppose to be a 5 star hotel.

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  • Do
    Doret Oct 22, 2010

    My name is Doret Ledford, and I do not know why I am trying to visit this chain of hotel again after the way we were treated a few years ago. I am having the same problem again, and never would these people own up to their mistakes. I am trying to book my family for the December season and signed up as a travel agent. I called them to make my reservation, and they directed me as to how to go online and book my reservation. I was told that my clients will not pay until they check in, but must use a charge card to hold the rooms. However, if I chose to book for them, I could use a charge card, defer payments, but everything must be paid in full 7 days before they check in. The customers chose to book using their own charge card. I inadvertently use someone else charge card for her sisters and believe it or not. In a few minutes the money was taken out of her account...all $4, 100. When I realize what was done, I called them and quickly cancel, but although it was their mistake as they thought it was my charge card..even though I could defer payment until 7 days prior to check-in, they refuse to admit that they made an error, and refuse to call the bank to refund payment, and the client must wait 5-7 days for her money to be back in the bank. Although the bank stated that they could call to verify and refund the money they coldly refuse. I think this is a great sign, and they we should stay away from this chain. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. To all of you, no use reporting the incidents, unless it is legal or unless we all do a class action, but customer service is one of the poorest ever.

    Good luck to all

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  • St
    Stacey Hewitt May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just returned (5/27/10) from the Emerald Bay Riu in Mazatlan and had a number of horrible experiences during our four day stay. I am a resident of the beautiful Lake Chapala area, Jalisco state, in central Mexico. Two bus loads of 100 people (Mexicans, Americans, Canadians of all ages) arrived at 9:30 am our time (8:30 am Sinaloa time) after riding all night for 9 hours -- we were told we would have our rooms probably within a couple of hours (reasonable we felt) and to enjoy breakfast and grab our bathing suits and enjoy the pools, etc. Needless to say, after 4 visits to the reception area by my son asking when our rooms would be available it was always "Senor, in another hour" -- after all those times at 3:45 pm (their time - 4:45 pm to our bodies) I said I am going up there -- Mrs. Nice Guy has taken a vacation and I WILL COME BACK WITH TWO KEYS TO KING SIZED ROOMS and I did. I won't go into particulars, but just let it be known I can be very persuasive when I want to and I am sure they were afraid I would make a scene in front of other guests checking in, asking questions, etc. The math is we waited 8 HOURS FOR OUR ROOMS...

    Unfortunately, that's not the half of it -- Mazatlan Riu is an all inclusive and I met at least a couple dozen people from Canada and US that had gone to other Rius with fairly positive experiences and therefore decided to try Mazatlan -- they stayed at Cabo and Puerta Vallarta previously. They were very dissatisfied with the "adults only swimup bar pool area" -- supposedly for 18 years and older) and tons of Mexican children (let it be known that 85 percent of the clientele were Mexicans) floating around in their plastic floating devices, jumping off side of pool and fountain in the middle and generally being children -- okay, I get it, Mexicans do not supervise their children -- it is a cultural thing -- I live here and I know that; however, when a young mother accompanied by her entire family brings in her 1-1/2 year old baby -- maybe younger -- and it is obvious the baby is scared to death of the water screaming, crying and yelling -- I ask her in polite Espanol to please leave the pool with her baby because it is designated "Adults Only" and she just starred me down. I said "fine, I'll go to the Director of Security" which I did and when we returned she and her familia were out of the pool. But, they returned in a couple of hours and as I was drinking and talking with some fellow Americans (I also had many conversations with Mexicanos in Spanish and in English during my stay) and one of the young married women screams "Oh, my God, what is she doing?" We all look around and she is changing the baby's diaper in the pool -- that is when I lost my mind and in 5 minutes we had the Director of Security, a lifeguard type and another security officer over to their group and trying to calm them down speaking in Spanish not knowing I understood what they were saying. As this resort obviously caters to Mexicanos, they want to keep their clientele and believe me they pay a lot less than the Americans and Canadians. Also, I heard rumors that there is a black market for the red wristbands needed to go in the adults only pool and get as many cocktails as you can ingest during your stay. Needless to say, by 2 pm each afternoon the water was murky from children's pee.

    Well, people, this is not the end of my story -- personally I was very, very, very poorly treated by the Director of the Hotel (Sr. Filiberto Santos Herrera) when I reported a slip and fall to him as that morning I was walking down the beautiful marble staircase which only has a railing to the third from the bottom step (very poor architecture in my opinion) -- you know where I am going with this -- when I hit the second step there was a lot of fine sand on the step and my feet went out from under me and I end up on my behind on the floor and hit my mid back on the last stair. The young man I had talked to earlier at the front desk, Jakiel, who could not authorize a late checkout heard me screaming along with some one setting up for the breakfast meal and one security guard showed up within a few minutes and called to another security guard. They, I have to say, were very concerned, offered the hospital, a wheelchair ride to my room, etc. and when I said to Jakiel that I had slipped on fine sand on the second step from bottom he acknowledged there was sand there and said "I will get someone to clean it up right away". I told all 4 of them that I know how these things go -- you are in shock and your body is traumatized and it is the next day or 5-6 hours later when the full impact and trauma shows up. Well, it did -- $160 dollars later the doctor (very nice young female doctor on call for the Hotel) checked me out and gave me a shot for the pain and back spasms and that was also $80 dollars so $80 for Hotel visit/$80 for the shot and then a prescription called into local farmacia who delivered two medications to the tune of $620 pesos (equivalent of approximately $50 US). When I talked directly with the Hotel Director, Sr. Filiberto Santos Herrera, he never once asked me how I was doing, how he could help me and he basically called me a liar to my face saying people miss that step all the time and that is what happened. That is when I started yelling, your night front desk staff who made the report, Jakiel, knows there was sand on the second to last step as he said he would send someone right away to clean it up -- and Sr. Herrera looked me in the eyes and said "he did not put that in his report, you just missed the last step". I said you can either reimburse me now for my out of pocket expenses with doctor, shot and prescriptions, or in the alternative you can wait to be sued and when I see you in court in 4-5 years (which is the way it goes here in Mexico) you can pay 10 to 100 times that amount -- I am retired and have nothing but time. He refused to give me his business card saying "I don't have any cards" and I responded that "That is abhorrent to me that an international Spanish hotel chain does not provide business cards to its Directors". He wrote on a slip of paper his name and the email address of the head of customer service -- that was all I got -- never "Senora, are you okay? Senora, I hope you are feeling better, Senora, is there anything else I can do for you?" or anything close to an apology on behalf of the supposed 5-star hotel.

    I encourage people to boycott the Riu chain of hotels -- most of the people I met will NEVER return to one even though they had mostly positive experiences before in other Mexico Rius.

    I am a reasonable woman in her 60s enjoying her retirement years in Mexico, I realize the Mexican culture is different, and guilt and responsibility is a foreign concept to them; however, THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL SPANISH OWNED CHAIN AND THE SPANISH PEOPLE ARE MORE SOPHISTICATED THAN THEIR DIRECTOR OF THE MAZATLAN HOTEL EXEMPLIFIED.

    What he doesn't know is that I talked with his Sales Manager Mazatlan (Sr. Fernando Del Toro Trevino) the day before with a number of concerns and he was extremely polite, professional, and seemed genuinely concerned about my various comments about the hotel -- a couple very positive and more not positive at all. Since I have many years in the hospitality industry and have traveled the world extensively I felt that my years of experience and my sharp eye for details would be a help to a fairly new hotel in the Riu chain.

    I just hope I have the appropriate email for the customer service department because I will not let this go -- and I, too, will become their worst nightmare!!! Thanks for reading my diatribe.

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  • Ra
    R.A. Hyrsky Apr 07, 2010

    I would like to hear from anyone who can help me contact someone in authority to help me after I was assulted by the RIU Cancun manager SueLee. She was the most unreasonable person I have ever met. She kick me out onto the street for just sticking up for my 18 yr old son's friend, we were a party of 30 guests.
    2) the food was the same everyday, got sick of that quick
    3) rooms were not cleaned everyday
    4) shows were boring and the dance club was a joke

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  • Ri
    rieb16 Dec 07, 2009

    I HATE THE RIU AS WELL! Here is the complaint I'm working on, but I too am looking for the appropriate place to send it... if anyone can shed some light on that, it would be greatly appreciated!

    To the CEO/Owner of Riu Resorts:

    My name is Melissa Riebel and I recently got married at the Riu Palace Mexico. During my stay there I was treated very poorly and unfairly and my wedding day was basically ruined. I know you may say some of the things I was very unhappy with are just Riu policy, but I can tell you I've stayed at other, less expensive resorts in Mexico and did NOT have to deal with the limitations presented to us at the Riu. First and foremost, I suggest you rethink and revise your policies. I also thought you needed to be made aware of the atrocious wedding staff at this resort so it can be corrected. I would hate for any other bride to have to go through what I went through.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could at least acknowledge the receipt of this email and assure me that you will increase the level of customer service you provide to your wedding guests in the future...

    1. Ael Enciso was our wedding coordinator at the resort and was very reluctant to work with me on anything from the beginning. I had trouble dealing with her even before we got to Mexico. The people at the Front Desk could have done her job 100 times better than her.

    2. The resort as a whole was simply unable to cater to our large group of 59 people. We were told only a few weeks before the wedding that groups of 27 or more people would have to eat dinner at the late seating which was at 8:45pm. This wouldn't have been a problem except for the fact that we were going to spend $1300 extra dollars to rent out the disco for a reception. If we didn't eat dinner until 8:45, we wouldn't have had time to take advantage of the DJ/reception. Not to mention the fact that, if I had known all of this sooner, I could have backed out and picked another resort. But Ael refused to talk to me any sooner than 8 weeks before the wedding date... and now I guess I know why.

    3. So... in still trying to solve the late dinner situation, Ael proceeded to tell me that if we spent another $700 we could rent out the restaurant and eat at 7pm, which at first, I thought solved everything. Then, we were told that all 59 people in our party would have to eat the same one dish that we chose for them. In a group of 60, its just about impossible to assume everyone will be able to eat either beef, chicken or fish. We were also told that if we wanted cocktails at the reception, it would cost an extra $9 per person (even though everyone had already paid for alcohol in their all-inclusive resort package). Between all the money we were spending on the Caprice package (the most expensive wedding package), the fact that we were bringing 60 people to their resort during an off season, and knowing that it was an all-inclusive resort, we really felt like they should have been able to work with us on some of these costs. I will admit however, after much kicking and screaming, we were awarded the choice of two entrees instead of just one. A small win.

    4. When we met with Ael after arriving at the resort, she claimed she didn't know that two (out of the 59) of our guests were staying at a different resort... even though I'm positive I did tell her that when I sent my final list to her. She then proceeded to inform us that it would cost the two of them $65/person to attend the wedding festivities. WHAT??? Rob and I were livid. Yet again, with all of the money we were spending and all of the people we brought to that resort during an off season, they couldn't waive the $65 fee for two people? It wasn't even the amount of money they were asking us to pay, it was the principle that they were actually asking us to pay it. We had originally been told that the only stipulation was that 80% of our guests had to be staying at the Riu. We certainly exceeded that percentage and I think that one stipulation was more than enough for them to get their money's worth out of our group.

    5. Thinking that this extra fee was the last of our mishaps with the Riu wedding team... we tried to be positive and look forward to our wedding day. Of course, tropical storm Ida decided she wanted to join us, so the wedding needed to be moved inside. Understanding that this was in no way the resort's fault, we just tried to stay positive when Ael told us the ceremony would need to be held in the resort's theater. She ensured me they would do everything in their power to make it a beautiful ceremony. Prior to this, several people in our group had actually witnessed a wedding in the resort's lobby the day before and said it was very nice, so we were optimistic. Already knowing how the theater was set up, I asked Ael if we could have our ceremony in the lobby instead like the other couple, to which she replied "Oh, those people paid a lot of extra money to have their ceremony in the lobby." REALLY? They paid more to have it in the LOBBY??? How come I didn't see that in the list of add-ons? How come that option was never even mentioned to me, I had to bring it up? And then when I did, suddenly there would be another expense? Why would it possibly cost more to have the service in the lobby versus the theater? It wasn't going to cost the resort any more. The service was only a half hour tops, so its not like we would have disturbed the area for very long. But honestly, I was just too exhausted to fight with her anymore at that point, so I just gave in, thinking the theater might be better than I was imagining.

    6. But no, the theater was atrocious. All they did was add an arch and, other than that, it was just the theater. I walked down an aisle formed out of pink velvet theater chairs!!! An aisle so thin that my father and I could barely fit down it. My dress kept hitting those horrible velvet chairs to the point where we almost fell over. My photos are hideous because I was surrounded by a sea of pink velvet chairs, lace curtains, horrible pink patterned carpet and ceiling fans!! We actually downgraded our photo package after-the-fact because there were only a handful that were actually any good.

    7. Not to mention we didn't hear a word from Ael or anyone else on the wedding staff the second after the ceremony started. No one checked in to see if everything went ok. No one tried to contact us to follow up and see if we were happy with the ceremony or if there was anything else they could do to help. I was simply appalled at the lack of customer service we received the entire time we were dealing with the resort. It was just awful. But I guess I know why no one followed up with us... I don't think anyone would have been happy with the way they treated us.

    8. Oh, but we're not done. Outside of just the wedding issues we had, we were also unable to make reservations at any of the specialty restaurants, except for the Brazilian steakhouse. For as large as the resort is, only 2 of the 4 specialty restaurants are open every night (again, showing they are unable, or just unwilling, to cater to the large amount of people who were staying there, even in an off month). And I'd be surprised if each restaurant had more than 50 seats. And in order to try and secure one of these precious seats, you had to get up at 7am to make sure you were one of the first 50 people in line at 8am when the reservations table opened up, in hopes you could get in. Oh, and if it was any time after 10:30am, the reservations table was closed and there was no way to make a reservation anywhere, even at the Brazilian restaurant. Maybe this is the way all of the resorts in Playa del Carmen do things, but I've been to very nice resorts in both Cancun and Puerta Vallarta and NEVER had to deal with so many rules and limitations. Not to mention the fact that we were getting married at their resort! You think the least they could do after all of that was make sure we had dinner reservations each night.

    9. And to top it all off, at least half of my guests, including myself, went home with bronchitis and sinus infections - almost positively due to the poor ventilation systems in the rooms. Several of my guests actually asked to have their rooms switched the first day they arrived because of leaks in the roofs and musty odors. For a resort that claims to be five star, you certainly could have fooled us.

    10. Some of our guests/groomsmen also almost slipped and fell while walking down the aisle and when members of the wedding party informed Ael that the floor was slippery and wet she simply wiped it up with a piece of paper and proceeded to toss that trash onto a nearby table in what was supposed to be my beautiful wedding room. Appalled by this, one of the groomsmen actually had to throw the paper away or she would of just left it there.

    11. Also, while myself and my bridesmaids were getting ready for the wedding in one of our rooms, we requested a bottle of champagne that we never received and had to trudge down to the lobby bar to get drinks for all 5 girls in the wedding party plus my mother and grandmother, and when we requested help back to the room with them, so not to spill them, we were rudely told no by the wait staff so I had to get my cousin to come help us.

    The worst part is, I only get to have a wedding once... and my day was ruined. I just really expected the resort to take more care with such a special day. I must tell you that my 59 guests and I will not be recommending Riu resorts to anyone else we know. In fact, I'll be sure to recommend against anyone every staying at a Riu. Its unfortunate because all of my issues could have been resolved very easily. I honestly feel like the wedding staff, namely Ael, was very racist against Americans and that is part of the reason we did not get the service we deserved. They were simply unprofessional, unaccommodating and downright depressing.

    Thank you again for your attention to this. I just wish I could start all over :(

    Melissa (Riebel) Stevens

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  • Sh
    s.h. Nov 02, 2009

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I stayed at your hotel chain in Miami from 10/10-10/12 2009 in room 438. I was very disappointed in my stay. I have stayed with your resorts before and never had such a horrible experience. There are list of problems I encountered from my arrival to departure.

    1) The floor was saturated with water. Later, it was explained to us, that there was leak on the fourth floor and were trying to fix the problem but have not fixed it completely.

    2) We could not use the AC because it would condensate and drip adding more water to the already saturated floor

    3) The TV did not work. We tried everything from switching outlets to turning it on manually. Then we realized it had to be a short in the power cord because nothing worked.

    4) The room had a moldy, smoky odor.

    5) The room I was put into was not the room I reserved. (Res# RNT07SRM, I have pictures of the room if you need them). The staff at the from desk (Jose Angel) seemed very annoyed that I even brought these things to his attention and offered to put us in a worse room (I didn't think it could get much worse, but it can) because there was nothing he could do.

    6) Upon on checking in I was told that if I paid for the room up front, there would not be an additional hold of $100 on my card, so I used my debit card. Upon checking out the lady at the front desk told me that there was an additional hold on my card and she was not sure why I was told that.

    If I did not pay for the room up front I would have left that night and found somewhere else to try and enjoy my vacation. Eventually I was told that there would be a room available for me by 8 am the following day, because there were some overnight checkouts. So, I waited and inquired. There was not a room available until 2 p.m. the following day. That was more than half my stay gone already. I did not want to ruin another family or couples vacation and waste the rest of mine switching rooms. I spent a grand total of 9 hrs. in that hotel because it was unbearable. I just came back from my vacation and everything else was wonderful but this was just a disturbing experience and an even worst beginning to my vacation.

    I tried calling the reservation line and there was nothing they could do. I even spoke with the general manager (Joana Calatayud) and she referred me to this department, because there was nothing she could do. This hotel looked and felt like a ran down third rate hotel built in the 80's and you bought it out, slapped your name on it, and did not bother to upgrade the staff or rooms to your standards. I really felt that it was a waste of money and would like to speak with someone about this situation so that it could be rectified.

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  • Mo
    Moniar84 Jul 10, 2009

    Since people have complaints on the Riu, can someone give me a good legal contact? There is an issue where a family member of mine past away at 12:15 am and her boyfriend cashed her two remaining checks at 9:45 and the hotel will not be responsible and never checked the check casher's ID or verified information. I would like this issue to go to the top!

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