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rite aid is so wrong

I went to my local rite aid yesterday in Toledo Ohio on W. Sylvania Ave. to have a script filled i had just left the hospital after being there for 6 hours. I dropped my script off for Viado in and the filled it with an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection.

That totally explained why I was up all night in pain from my broken ribs. I am just astonished that this takes place. i returned it today and they corrected the problem but can you imagine if i would have been allergic or had a seizure do to this?

I’ve always wanted to own a pharmacy! I have been a customer for 35 years but no longer. Please be advised I missed A DAY OF WORK FOR THIS!

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    Penny00 Oct 05, 2012
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    Verified customer

    The Rite Aid in Lexington KY ( Tates Creek Area) filled my 12 month old babies meds with the wrong dosage. The meds were suppose to last 5 days and was gone in one day. And all she could say was she had a hard time reading the docs hand writing... I will never use Rite Aid again. They OD my 12 month old baby. My attorney will hear from them.

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racism & sex discrimination

Rite Aid Age Discrimination - Employment Discrimination .. The Rite Aide Pharmacy Stores in Augusta, GA...

pharmacy poor service

visited the Rite Ald Pharmacy, 1038 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA ("Rite Aid Pasadena") to pick up a refill for test strips. I decided to purchase a new (generic) Rite Aid Trueresult (sic) testing monitor. I picked up this Trueresult monitor, went to the pharmacy counter to pick up my test strips and told the pharmacy tech to give me test strips for the Trueresult monitor. I have had the freedom to do this because my doctor allows me to do this, as long as he has no specific reason to give me a specific monitoring machine. He has NEVER required me to get a specific machine; in fact he always asks ME which one I am using. When I purchased both the machine and the test strips at the same time, I assumed I had been given the right one. I got home, set the machine up and discovered that the test strips were the wrong ones! Since it was a long trek ( I take a 45 minute bus ride, after a 10 block roll down bumpy streets in Monrovia), my son suggested I call the Rite Aid at 308 E. Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA ("Rite Aid Monrovia"), to see if they could just transfer this prescription over and fill it, since then I would not have to endure the heat, a 10 block wheelchair roll, and then a 45 minute bus ride (both out and back), to and from Pasadena. I was told that they could do just that. I had already called Rite Aid Pasadena, and was told that I should do just that -- go to Monrovia, and I could get the right test strips without paying anything extra -- they would just do what needed to be done over the phone. When I got to Rite Aid Monrovia, imagine my surprise when the people told me that the Rite Aid Pasadena pharmacist had told them that I had come to Monrovia on my own -- in short he called me a liar! He was obsequious, and condescending as well. There is no way that I would have gone on my own, and put myself through riding 10 blocks in my wheelchair to a store that was not going to give me the right test strips. I was completely out of test strips, which I told both Rite Aids. After much protestations, Ms. Ng told me to please go to the side, and let her wait on the customers in the line behind me, and that she would get back to me. When she finished with the customers behind me, I looked up and the pharmacist and she had closed the cabinets, and rolled down the windows!!! They never had any intent to (a) tell me they were closing, nor to (b ) get back to me to find out what they could do to resolve my problem. I started raising my voice and demanding to be heard. They opened to cabinet long enough to tell me that I had to go back to Pasadena to get the strips. I kept on demanding, and finally they gave me a 50 count test strips, and told me that they would get the other 50 pack of test strips. I had to pay $15.87 for the test strips at Rite Aid Monrovia, and was told I had to take the opened wrong ones BACK to Pasadena and get $10.00 back from Pasadena. I am writing this complaint here, and will also be posting complaints on Facebook, the and Rite Aid's Board of Director -- why? because when I asked how I could contact the Regional Managers of both stores, I was told that "they had already talked to him and his boss." As to whether these "managers" would bother to contact me as the aggrieved customer, that was not clear. In short, Rite Aid set themselves up for this open complaint. I have severe osteoarthritis, bilateral carpel tunnel, diabetes, knee issues, etc. I do not find it funny to be running around on my own to and fro. I always make sure that I find out precisely what I have to do and where I have to go. The level of disrespect by both Rite Aid Pasadena and Monrovia staff was and is appalling! Rite Aid Pasadena's pharmacist and Rite Aid Monrovia could have handled this transaction far more easily than they did, and I am truly outrages that neither one of them respect their customers. Shame on them!!!

rite aid rebate has expired

I purchased a Libman Freedom Spray Mop on 9/21/11 at 1303 Woodbury Ave. Portsmouth, NH 03803 with a mail-in rabate sticker on the mop for $5.00. After going online I was informed that the rebate expired on 7/31/11. I bought the mop thinking that I would get a rebate of $5.00. Unfortunately, Rite Aid did not remove the sticker on the mop and I went online to see that the rebate date expired. Posting on the mop that I would get a rebate if I mailled all the corrected information to Libman was not correct.

I would appreciate any response to this email. I have found that I really have to make sure every purchase I make with Rite Aid is as it is advertised.

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    moonpies Dec 08, 2011
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    You bought it in is now Dec.


    Was there an experation date on the sticker? I find it hard to believe there wasn't, considering the manufacturer is the one who puts rebate stickers on their products, not the store.

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  • Ri
    Rite Aid Apr 20, 2012

    Hello: Providing an excellent customer experience is important to us and we'd like to resolve this with you. Please privately message us your contact information at so that we can get in touch with you. Thanks! - Rite Aid Social Team

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extremely rude and unpolite

Definitely the rudest, laziest, the most useless people of all! I NEVER EVER EVER got proper greeting while entering or exiting store on Anderson Cliffside Park, NJ. and for me, simple 'hello' and 'bye' would do just fine. I NEVER GOT A SIMPLE "THANK YOU"!! Moreover, employees spend most of their time on phones having personal conversations instead of helping customers- they never helped me find what i was looking for...but what they did was to follow me around the store making me feel like a thief. also, more often that not, shelves are empty and/ or without properly displayed prices!!! today i made a decision that i will NEVER EVER visit this or any other RITE AID store again! I'M TAKING MY BUSINESS Elsewhere where i'm gong to be more appreciated!!

  • Ha
    hagg Aug 01, 2012

    Ive been to that Rite Aid and I agree about the personal phone calls and basic lack of customer service skills but trust me the stores in Jersey City NJ are THE WORST!!! ghetto ghetto ghetto... I have called to complain numerous times nothing ever happens.

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  • Ge
    geribomb Sep 26, 2013

    I TOTALLY agree...riteaids pharmacists are so damn rude im done with them..I have missing pills n poor attitude for the last time..i live in buffalo and Jerry Braun is the head pr$ck there and i have filled complaints anywhere and everywhere I can about his rotten attitude..If you hate your job then QUIT..

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avoid at any cost guys

Today my mom purchased 3 bottles of Coca Cola at Rite Aid in Union, NJ 07083.The two bad bottles had yellow caps (with Arabic writing on them) whereas the bottle with the red cap tasted fine.I opened the first bottle poured a cup for me and my brother and it was God Awful. So we then opened the next bottle with the yellow cap and it was again Disgusting... Then we tried the one with the red cap and it was fine. This has Never happened before.It really made me ill. Can someone Please let me know what is going on here?

rude/poor customer service

This has to be the rudest most non-customer friendly place I have ever been. I have come up to the service...

4 comments Mount Holly Drug Stores

store manager

The head manager for Hammond, LA Rite Aid is the ABSOLUTE rudest, most unfriendly manager in the entire area! I actually started shopping solely at Walgreens because of her! She is also a racist. Whoever hired her has really poor judgement!

  • Bo
    BodeyB Feb 06, 2012

    I agree! She is definitely not a people person! She is very lazy and when something is said to her about the store she doesn't bother fixing it!

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  • 4n
    4now Feb 07, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yea, the head manager there always has a terrible attitude! I am not sure about the "being a racist", but I definitely agree with your other comments KMTM. I also agree with BodeyB...nothing in that store is ever right! She has been there over a year and should know what she is doing by now. All of the other employees there are very friendly. She just doesn't seem to fit in. I really believe they should be working on a replacement to keep customers satisfied.

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  • Sh
    shopper59 Feb 14, 2012

    I have shopped in that store a thousand times and never had a problem. I see every race represented in the store, how can the manager be racist? The manager has obviously hired many races, so the racist charge here has no basis in reality. I have seen asians, blacks and whites all working in the store as one happy unit. This type of comment/charge shouldn't be allowed on the board.

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  • Li
    lisak1985 Feb 15, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I pick up my meds from this rite aid every month. I have always found the entire staff to be friendly and helpful. Once when it was raining I watched the manager Donna walk customers to their cars with and umbrella. Racist! I am Black/Asian American and I never had a problem. And not all blacks play the race card. Tasha4. The fact of it is you cannot please some people no matter how hard you try. Black or White.

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  • No
    Nola7 Jan 12, 2013

    I agree that the store manager always has an attitude and not friendly at all. I don't believe she is racist but is an absolute poor choice to be a store manager. Because of her I do not shop there anymore and fill prescriptions elsewhere.

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lost prescriptions, rude pharmacist, awful customer service

First Incident : They lost my prescription and told me just go back to the doctor and get another one. No...

poor treatment, unfilled prescription for baby with pneumonia

My daughter was diagnosed with pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics and nebulizer. Pediatrician submitted...

don't give me an attitude just because i'm using coupons

I was at the Whitehouse Station, New Jersey store at around 12:15 pm on July 26, 2011. I brought with me two Video Values coupons from July: 1) $5 off Any Foster Grant Sunglasses, and 2) $5 off Any StyleScience Sunglasses. I was going to use these coupons on children’s sunglasses as there’s nowhere on the coupons that states “excludes children’s sunglasses.” The Children’s sunglasses I picked out are priced at $7.99 for StyleScience and $6.99 for Foster Grant.

At checkout, the shift supervisor said the coupons can’t be used on children’s sunglasses because it is “nonsense that such high value coupons would be given out for things priced at $6.99 or $7.99.” She went on lecturing me that the store does not make any money with those coupons. I told her first of all, the coupons do not state that I can’t use them with children’s sunglasses, and second, I know some of my friends have used these coupons with children’s sunglasses though not at the Whitehouse Station store. It was fairly busy at the store at that time, and she went on doing her thing without even a word of “sorry about the inconvenience” or something to the same effect. There wasn’t even a simple smile. I was left there feeling like I did something wrong. The manager came out and said he would take my coupons, but he still said that the coupons should not be used with children’s sunglasses. I showed him the coupons where it says “ANY, ” and then he said the children’s sunglasses I picked out are not StyleScience or Foster Grant. I was too annoyed to show him the words “StyleScience” and “Foster Grant” written on the sunglasses I picked out. I ended up not buying anything and left the store. Keep in mind, there was NO SIGN stating that I could not use my coupon (nor does the coupon state that I can not use it for the sunglasses I was going to purchase).

I was truly disappointed in the store associates’ attitude. I think I wasn’t a horrible customer to deal with as I didn’t yell at anyone, and I was just trying to explain that I was using the coupons the way they were intended to be used. I didn’t see any friendly smiles from any of the store associates. I think it is ironic that the following statement is posted on Rite Aid 's website because this just wasn’t the kind of treatment I received today.

“Rite Aid is a place where customers are treated with respect and they feel appreciated and welcome… Our associates are trained to offer our customers friendly, helpful service in every area of the store.”

  • Ja
    jaberwocky Nov 02, 2011

    "I didn’t see any friendly smiles from any of the store associates."

    try dealing with annoying customers all day and put on a friendly fake smile at the same time...

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  • Ramelle Nov 02, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Kimberly only runs on 4 cylinders and 3 of them are blown.

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  • Don't worry Kimberly, the thoughts you hear, are squibs welcoming you to my3cents. She is one of our greeters.

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  • Yes peanut snacks would be a great thing to offer newcomers to the site. Great thinking ragon. I appoint you to lead the party planning committee.

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  • Gay means happy.

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  • Ha
    hagg Aug 01, 2012

    Did you call Corporate? Rite Aid is becoming a huge nightmare if you dare use coupons and are knowledgable about their policy regarding said coupons. If each and every customer who is treated badly would call coropate when rude staff and Manangers mistreat them Rite Aid would be forced to address their employee's. I call whenever I am treated with disrespect!

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mistreatment of employee

I have been in the store twice when the manager has yelled at one on the parttime employees.Not quietly or in the office.This employee has been there for at least two years.She is always pleasent and helpfull.This girl works a full time job.Besides this part time one.I don't know where he was trained, but I do'nt think it it right for him to be yelling in front of customers.I am right in the middle of three different Rite Aids, plus many other drug stores.If I see this again I am going else where.

bad shopping experience

I stopped by the rite aid on 42nd st and ave D today on my way home from church and encountered a very rude manager by the name of Arnold. I stopped in to get some christmas lights, and as it is customary to ask that the lights be tried before purchasing to ensure that they work, i did. First of all I turned around and saw this employee standing right behind me and I said excuse me please...He pretended not to hear me so I repeated my self about three times before he finally acknowledged my presence. I was not even asked if I needed help but instead was ignored when I tried to ask for help. So i said to Arnold (manager) "is it possible for these lights to be plugged in so that I could ensure they light before I get them?" He grunted "NO, if they don't work just bring them back." Then went back to opening his box. So I continued and said that I don't live in the area and it would not be convenient for me to bring them back before the holidays ended. He looked up again and grunted. "I SAID NO & that's that." I could not believ my ears. I am a Pharmacist who worked previously at rite aid as a supervising pharmacist and left to go back to medical school. I am now a doctor with colleages who work in the area and send many patients with rx's to rite aid to be filled. I was shocked at the disdain with which this individual spoke to and looked at me that I could not let this incident go. I think if this is his normal behavior and customer service skills, then he should not be in management where he is expected to deal with customers on a regular basis. I hope this manager is adequately disciplined so that no one has to be treated in this manner again over such a simple matter.

  • Br
    bradman2010 Jul 21, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you thought there could be a problem if they didn't work then why not just buy lights somewhere closer to your home? What if they worked in the store but didn't work when you got them home? The manager was rude and I would of just threw the lights on the shelf and left. They obviously don't want your business.

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  • Do
    Doza Jul 29, 2011

    get over it, Dr Sensitive.

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billed insurance I didn't have, now stuck with expensive med I would have otherwise gone generic

A few years ago I went into my local rite aid pharmacy. I gave them 2 prescriptions i've had filled...

work ethic, boundries, and communication

Rite really can be a great place to work however it does have corruption and could use some changes in the way it operates.

There is a constant changing in programs to keep the customer coming back for more. But these programs have proven to have many holes in the ways of how they work and is creating more problems. The new Wellness Plus system is absolutely awful in the way that it works. I don't think Rite Aid see's it. It is so buggy, can be complicated and I won't even go into details how customers are robbing the company blind with all of these 'back doors' and 'loop holes' found. Also, you will find that many members of management or associates don't even know how all of these programs work either. Which all in itself creates a whole new slew of problems.

Upper management is an absolute mess. Pay rates are very low. Hours can be so scarce. Unexpected Lay-offs. Seniority means nothing. Positive communication does not exist (it's only mentioned if it doesn't need to be mentioned. when it is something that needs to be inforced/expressed/fixed... it's concidered a chore and it does not get accomplished).

You only receive yearly raises. Little or no training is offered when hired. It is hard to grow professionally due to favoritism and personal feelings of others. Excessive bouts of pessimism and criticism is not the key to a sucesseful company or work place. Not enough staff in some stores to maintain all quota's for the stores upkeep or proper customer service (which is why ratings are down for so many) thus creating tension and suffocating our best workers due to expectations held too high for them to uphold.

Also? I'm very certain that one half an hour break every 6 hours isn't exactly legal either (if you can even obtain the time to gain a break. but if you're caught with overtime, you get your head bitten off rather quickly and the system is very quick to point figners).

There isn't enough security for the stores. Theft/Scams are such a huge issue because it is not properly taken care of right off the bat. Polices really should be re-written and inforced, promptly as it should be.

You can give your all but don't expect anything in return.

  • Mi
    miramontez Mar 29, 2011

    I am in the seventh month of my sexual harassment complaint against Ken Gass at #0268 pittsburgh. My hours have not changed and my hearing on april 5 has been pushed to april 27 because Mr. Hanson and his friends need to conjure a good story about why Mr. Gass grabbed my hair and tried to cut it off on August 6th and 18, his excuse was 'it is his job to initiate the new girls'. I have told Denny Palko and Debbie Breed that if they want more information on my sexual harassment complaint to contact the commission on human relations but members of corporate keep calling me and showing up at Rite Aid in my opinion to intimidate me into thinking that what Ken did to me is not big deal. In my opinion Rite Aid should take sexual harassment of women from male bosses seriously and not tap dace around it or ignore it because if Mr. Gass grabbed me he probably grabbed someone else and they did not report it to the police and corporate like I did. I can't prove it but two members of coroprate were at the store this monday and lied about who they were, I know they were from Rite Aid because the second gentlmen had a distinctive brief case just like Denny Palko that only a Rite Aid corporate manager would have, I think these two men waited until my shift was over and returned to the store to talk with the employee's behind my back. I have seen or heard employees cuss out customers, leave the cash office door cracked open so they would not have to use their key to get back in, cuss out the boyfriend on their cell phone, let family members in the cash office or use the employee only bathroom, give out orphan cards to customers when they know Steven Gaughan sent a memo ID#575924 on 2-09-11 that stated it is not allowed and Robin and Terry did tell everyone that you could get fired on the spot for it but for some reason that rule does not apply to the women that Ken likes, they ask customers how much something is, key it in without checking. But because I asked Ken Gass twice on two separate shifts to stop pulling my hair and trying to cut it off I am being financially crippled because I don't like the touchy feely game.

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  • No
    noname123456789 Jul 21, 2011

    All this corporate cat and mouse crap is rediculous. Employees are expected to engage every customer that walks thru the door. however we get "told" about it if we dont do it, yet we are being rude to customers we are waiting on if we do, do it. employees get a written notice for voicing an opinion when asked a simple yes or no question, when the answer is not the correct one. The corporate big wigs are fake. tell you what a good job you do, but then go in another room and rip you to shreds saying how poor the store looks and the staff is miserable. gee wonder why we are the way we are. 1/2 the employees have foot or back prblems from standing 6-8hrs a day. with very little break time. then you talk about dress code. females have to wear slacks and nice shirt, nothing that is revealing or has writing. thats fine. males have to wear dress shirts n ties? hmmm.. I think in the environment that we work in, a golf shirt would be better . moving heavy boxes and totes can ruin dress shirts, not to mention ties can get caught. I dont know what they expect. we are not puppets. we are human beings. frankly, I think my boss is great, and most of the employees I work with are wonderful people. but from DMs on up there is a little to be desired.

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unfair labor practices

When this company bought out Brooks Pharmacy in 2007 they began to fire associates all over the warehouse...


So i statred working for Rite Aid almost 3 months ago and it was going fine. I called out sick once for the stomach flue about 2 weeks after they highered me. Then I called out for an extreme family emergency probably during the 2nd month of my workin there. The next week I had called out for the last time because I had a fever and a very bad cold. I called my shift supervisor and asked her for my week schedule and she said I had to call my manager because I wasnt on the schedule anymore. So when I called my manager 2 see what was up and before I cld say even three words she said "You called out three weeks in a row" <which it wasnt> and then she says "I knew you had issues ever sense you started here sense the day I highered you." Everytime I tryed to explain she wouldnt let me and kept saying no, no, no, no!" When she said I had issues I said oh well thanks a lot. She said we all have problems but we keep comin to work everyday. I even asked her if she wanted me to come in with a fever and she said no! So what was I supposed to do. I hardly got to say antything before she said thats all I have 2 say and hung up on me!
I chose to go in and get my paycheck the same day so I didnt have to worry bout goin back in there later. When I went in she and the other employe where saying no way did she rlly just come in here. I said can I please have my last paycheck and she said sure. Well as if she didnt make her message clear as it was she tried to really put it in my brain that I didnt understand and that I was the one who was rude to her on the phone and right as I was about to explain myself she said I need to ask you to leave. I didnt even say anything. I told her I did understand and that I was truley sick. She said I was unreliable and that I guess I shouldnt be working! She looked at the older friend who was with me and said "She doesnt understand" We chose 2 leave in that moment. I wasnt rude to her at all... I didnt deserve to be treated the way I did, it was unfair!

  • Ja
    jaggedy2k Feb 21, 2011

    Sounds like you have too much drama. If I was the manager I would of fired you too. Your employment at Rite Aid was at will meaning they can fire you and you can quit at any time. Even though you say it was unavoidable, calling off so much in the short amount of time as a new hire is not a good thing. Its unfair to the store your not there and you haven't put in any time to claim any type of relationship or seniority. You might be upset about how it all unfolded but grow up. get over it, and move on.

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dishonest customer service

I was at Rite Aid. I was awaiting for various medications for my two year old who has been pretty ill the...

false advertising

Rite Aid advertises prices in the store and when you get to the cash register the price charged is not the...


I was in the store last week I had ask the manager for some help. That's when her cell phone stared blasting music. She answered and started going off. First of all if you are going to have your phone on at work atlaest cut it to vibrate. Second if you are with a costermer do not answer. I mean if it was not for the costermers she would not have a job. I think that if you get a complaint i think you should be wrote up and after 3 you should be gone. I come to a stor e to be treated like someone not to be treated like my business means nothing. Do not forget about mystery shoppers . They are going to be really upset hen i turn your service in .Thank You, Connie Brown

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