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EA.comTerrible experience

I had a trial version of The Sims: Life Story on my computer and I decided I wanted to purchase the full version of the game once the trial ended. It gives you a link which directs you to www.EA.com. I then proceeded to purchase the full version.

I entered all of my information including my credit card number, once I was finished and clicked submit it gives you a link to download the full version of the game. Once I clicked the link, the game downloaded to my computer and I installed it. When I attempted to play the game it comes up with an error that reads 'error:10000:78003 unfortunately there is a problem with your acct entitlement. This could be a system error or issue specific to your acct. Please try again later and then contact customer support if issue is unresolved.'

I thought it was an error with my computer system (having a career in the IT field), I attempted to find the error and correct it and that's when I discovered that the download had contained a virus and that the download itself was inactive.

I then contacted customer support, they responded back with an email stating that they wanted me to send them a text file of the DXDIAG.EXT which is used for technical support. So I did. They responded back that I needed to register the game, I attempted to register it and the site said that the certificate for the page was invalid. I proceeded anyway, entered all the information they needed and it told me that the code was incorrect for that game.

I then contacted the site back about getting a refund for the game and they have yet to respond back to me.

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    SaffireAZ Dec 31, 2008

    Unfortunately, not only am I having the same problem, I've had issues with EA before. I previously tried to use their Sims 2 Store online, and their system charged me 3 times for one transaction. I tried for 2 months to get them to refund the money, and after 2 months of the runaround, I reported them to the BBB. It was resolved in one week.

    Because this was a trial version in conjunction with HP, I thought I'd be safe in buying the full version. But I've run into the same error message. While I'm not an IT person, I have intermediate IT experience from the admin field, and have tried everything I can think of - altering registry entries (restoring them after I found it changed nothing), running virus scans, changing permissions, updating drivers, etc. - and found nothing. I recently e-mailed EA and got their standard e-mail saying I'd receive an answer in 24 hours. 48 hours later, and no answer. Not holding my breath to get one anytime soon, either. What frustrates me most is that I've done EA digital downloads in the past with no problem, and now when I do so, I get nothing but problems.

    If I don't receive a quick answer this time, I will report them again if that's what it takes. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice... Let's just say from now on anything I purchase from EA will be done at a retail store, because to say their support for their online purchasing is horrible is an understatement.

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    Bob SVETER Sep 02, 2010

    I bought a video game through the PS3 Store. I had no problem downloading the game. When I went to play the game, the gamewanted me to put in an I.D. and a password. The game would not accept the information. I then went to EA.com and got an I.D. and a new password. It still would not accept this information. I have also been stopped from playing any of their other games online.

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EA.com — Cancel pogo account

How do I resolve the issue of my visa getting charged $39.99 for ea.com/pogo. I don't remember signing...

EA.comTaking money out of my bank account!

I signed up for a "free trial" membership on POGO. They require my credit card info, just in case I decide to continue with the full membership. I cancelled before the "free trial" period ended (that was in November 06) and guess what??, they still have not refunded my money. I have emailed them SEVERAL TIMES and have not received even 1 response. They sure were quick to take my money though!

I am going after them through my bank & whatever other means are necessary!

Here is my warning to potential POGO Games customers... DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL!!! Only do so if you are absolutely certain you want to be a member.