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I was checking my account and I noticed that its something wrong, an invalid charge from reservation rewards($12.00)but I have no idea about this company, wherever they are...and I wanna my money back ASAP if not they are gonna be in trouble.


  • Ma
    Maryo Dec 26, 2008

    Dear Fabiana: protects its reputation and monitorsthe blogosphere to ensure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate. Through this monitoring, we found your comments posted here about our membership program, Reservation Rewards.

    We would like to speak with you directly to address your concerns but do not have your contact information. If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions regarding your membership to Reservation Rewards please contact Customer Service at 1-800-732-7031 or send an email message to [email protected] We will be happy to help you.

    Mary O'Reilly
    Webloyalty Consumer Affairs
    Reservation Rewards

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2 x 12.00 charges

I bought a movie ticket through Fandango and through buting my movie ticket what i thought i was getting was just coupons but it really is a membership club that is going to charge you a monthly fee each month and if you are not aware of this they can eally get you. Fandango movie tickets on line is how they got my card number. so when buying anything online be aware that if you accpet or agree to free other things be very carefull they not charging for that service. I was able to catch the charge and call them to remove me and reinburse me as while your bank can give you the pone number from where the charge came from.

unauthorized charges

About 3 months ago I noticed a $12 charge to my VISA for reservation rewards. I had no idea what it was and...

Fraud and scam

I booked an on-line reservation for a hotel in California and suddenly charges appeared on my credit card from this company. Within minutes of complaining both on the phone and on-line I received emails from the company canceling my membership and refunding my money.

How this could have happened is beyond me other than the company having fraudulent business practices. After googling this particular company there are a multitude of complaints from scams to fraud and unauthorized transactions on credit cards.

What membership - I did not sign up for anything or even research this company. The only thing that I can conceived that may have happened was interception of my credit card with the on-line booking. I will NEVER do this again.

  • Ma
    Maryo Nov 06, 2008

    Dear Howard: protects its reputation and monitors the blogosphere to ensure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate and to identify opportunities to assist our members. Through this monitoring, we found your comments posted here about our membership program, Reservation Rewards.

    We're glad our Customer Service department was able to accomodate your request to cancel the membership and process a refund. We'd like the opportunity to address your concern about how you enrolled in the membership by providing you with some information on the enrollment process. However, we don't know who you are. If you would like us to provide us with this information, please contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to do so.

    Mary O'Reilly
    Webloyalty Consumer Affairs
    Reservation Rewards

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Keep away from them

I did some AT&T plan purchase from and they got me to a reward coupon of $10 from shopper’s discount. I don’t know why are they taking money out of my account. This company is really a big scam. Keep yourself away from them.

I tried to call the number specified in the transaction but it was picked up by IVR system. There was no representative available at night. The bad thing is that my Visa Number is out in the market to these scam sites. I would definitely have to apply for a new visa card and cancel this card.

  • Ma
    Maryo May 29, 2008

    Dear Harrison: protects its reputation and monitorsthe blogosphere to ensure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate. Through this monitoring, we found your comments posted here about our membership programs, Reservation Rewards and Shopper Discounts & Rewards.

    We would like to speak with you directly to address your concerns but do not have your contact information. If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions regarding your membership to Reservation Rewards or Shopper Discounts & Rewards please contact Customer Service at 1-800-732-7031 or send an email message to [email protected] We will be happy to help you.

    Mary O'Reilly
    Webloyalty Consumer Affairs
    Reservation Rewards
    Shopper Discounts & Rewards

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  • Ma
    Mary Paddock Jun 08, 2008

    These people snagged my teenage son's debit card info when he was purchasing a tripod for his camera online. They came up as a coupon-type offer and he filled out the information and forgot about it.

    The poor kid got a notice from his bank on Friday that he had insufficient funds. He's been so careful with his checkbook he was just sick over the charges and the fact that he was taken in by a scam.

    His father and I will take him to the bank tomorrow and do what we can to straighten out the mess, but he's now out their charges plus $25.00 in overdraft fees.

    I am furious for his sake.

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  • Ct
    C. Thorns Aug 27, 2008

    I ordered an item from and I too got the coupon offer. I didn't even know I was being charged unti I got an email from shopper discounts and rewards saying that they had charged me twice. I found two $12 charges within two days of each other but they gave me a two $12 credits on the same day. When I asked them about it they said I was offered and accepted a membership with them. I still have the email saved from the coupon and it does read that it is a paid membership after the trial period. Now if I recall correctly the pop-window offering the coupon doesn't say anything about a paid membership and after you click on the offer your focus is on finishing the process just to get the coupon and not on exactly the hook is to get the coupon. They are covering themselves even though the initial offer is deceptive. Deceptive business practices are illegal so there has to be some way to stop it.

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  • Ma
    Markbet Oct 07, 2008

    WebLoyalty has stolen $260.00 from me since 8/5/2006. I called customer service, and they told me it was my fault for filling out for a discount coupon!! The BBB knows this is a scam, the bank knows this is a scam, the lawyers know this is a scam, and yet, they are still in business doing the same thing to people, STEALING! I don't understand it, why are they allowed to continue? I wrote consumer affairs at WebLoyalty asking for a full refund, if I do not hear from them in a few day's, I am going to the DA's office, and seek private council if I have to.

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  • An
    Aniko Oct 20, 2008

    They are a huge scam company they got me and my husband too - I am so disappointed that companies that I trusted and to whom I am a loyal customer let this company prey on their customers. I have started emailing all the companies I have done business with to stop allowing this to happen to their customers and I have stopped ordering from some companies that use shoppers network - the only way to stop this scam is to tell the retailers who allow it that we will boycott their stores.

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  • Tr
    TR Caywood Feb 01, 2009

    I was billed $12.00 on this scam. Maybe I am lucky because I was able to talk to someone and got charges removed and a conformation letter from the co. I have notified the Att. Gen of Ok. and also Ct. and complained. I have also taken out card fraud proction with card co.
    I will do no more transaction on the inter net.

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  • Ma
    marky Feb 17, 2009

    I made a purchase from - then a few weeks later I got billed from Shoppers Discount Rewards for 12.00! I called them and was promised that my card would be refunded and my "account" closed.
    I don't know if my account was closed but my credit never happened.

    About a month later I made another purchase from (giving them the benefit of the doubt - in case I hit a wrong option) - low and behold here comes another Shoppers Discount Rewards charge for 12.00. Another phone call and another promise that my credit card will be refunded the 12.00. It has not either.

    It's not the scammers and ripoffs so much (Shoppers Discount Rewards) but more importantly BUY.COM. I can't believe a reputable (at least I thought) company would partner with scammers and ripoffs. Beware doing business with BUY.COM.


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  • Sa
    samantha Feb 24, 2009

    I too got this "rewards" from shoopersdiscount by making a purchase from Never again will I make a purchase from them. I have been charges 12.00 a month for a few months now I am so angree.

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  • Mi
    michele Mar 03, 2009

    I bought movie tickets on and got offered $20.00 off my next movie ticket purchase. I then got charged $12 from Shoppers Discount and $12 from Shoppers Rewards. I called "You have our Guarantee. If you're ever dissatisfied, simply call Shopper Discounts & Rewards at 1-800-889-8776 anytime Monday through Friday 8 AM - 11 PM, Saturday 9 AM - 6 PM and Sunday 9 AM - 5 PM (ET) to tell us you wish to cancel your membership benefits and your credit or debit card account should not be charged for any future membership periods. All the money you save is yours to keep! " and cancelled right away. Sucks but glad I caught it right away and it was only $12. I know BOA won't reverse the charges so not going to waist my time.
    I did check into the $20 off my next movie ticket purchase and you would not believe the hoops you have to jump through to get it. WHAT A SCAM!

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  • Yj
    yjl0730 Apr 30, 2009

    I didn't even know they were charging me until i logged in to my bank account and saw the billing statement. They've been charging me $12 a month since last year. I'm a college student, and I don't recall clicking this discount offer. This is my first time being scammed, so i'm a little bummed out. I cancelled the membership just now, and the man on the phone didn't even sound surprised: i guess they get this kind of call everyday. This is obviously scam, yet how can this scam go on? Like it's legit. I don't understand.

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Scam and fraud!

After looking over my credit card bill online, I see that I have been charged $10 a month for a very long time by someone called Reservation Rewards. Having NO idea what this was, I called them and asked who they were and what was I being charged for. Their customer service representative seemed to know nothing but said he would cancel my subscription immediately, and read some standard answer off to me about how they provided people with coupon books and other kinds of savings.

He also told me that somehow I had signed up for this service when I subscribed to Classmate' This is definitely not something that I would sign up for in a million years. I am not a coupon person and I definitely would not agree to pay someone $10 a month for a service that I had no intention of using.

I feel like I have been robbed, and I would like to warn others that this may be happening to them.

  • Ma
    Maryo May 29, 2008

    Dear Kenny: protects its reputation and monitorsthe blogosphere to ensure information posted on our company is truthful and accurate. Through this monitoring, we found your comments posted here about our membership program, Reservation Rewards.

    We would like to speak with you directly to address your concerns but do not have your contact information. If you are unhappy with your subscription or have any questions regarding your membership to Reservation Rewards please contact Customer Service at 1-800-732-7031 or send an email message to [email protected] We will be happy to help you.

    Mary O'Reilly
    Webloyalty Consumer Affairs
    Reservation Rewards

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  • An
    Anonymous Aug 08, 2008

    Let's face it. You're another person that accepted the "offer" without reading the terms and conditions right in front of your face. I have seen the ad many times and know it by heart at this point. The $10 coupon is on top, the terms and conditions are the only text on the page, and to the left there is an icon saying "Free 30 day Trial, then $12 a month thereafter!". Then at the bottom of the page is a box explaining that by entering your email address twice in the spaces below as an electronic signature indicates that you are agreeing to the terms listed above and are authorizing them to bill the card on file. I don't know how much more clearer they need to make it for you. I don't even know how this can be considered fraud when YOU are the one entering your email address and "authorizing" the transaction. It is just beyond me how people do not read a damn thing and then call companies like this a scam. Let me guess... you did it "unconsciously"? What does that mean? You blacked out during your online purchase and you forehead hit the keyboard accepting the membership? Just admit that you are ignorant, do not know how to read, and need to stop shopping online so that way these "fraudulent charges" stop appearing.

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  • Sm
    SMG Junior Feb 11, 2009

    My question is this.. if they have more than 140 partners why don't they bother putting them up on their website. Oh and just for the record i have not entered my e-mail when i have bought anything online..makes me wonder.

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Credit card scam!

I have been charged $10.00 from my debit card since September 21, 2007. It drew my attention when I received my statement on March 7TH, 2008, six months they have been taking unauthorized money. I shopped on for the first time in August, 07, and I only authorized I called Reservation rewards and told them I did not join nor give you permission to go into my credit card account, and how did you get my information? They said through my purchase with They have only refunded me $10.00 from Feb., and said they did refund me the other $50.00 on 3/10/08, it never has been put back into my account. My bank only goes back 3 months, I want the $50.00 from Reservation Reward that they stoled from my account.

Unauthorized charges on my visa bill!

I noticed these odd charges on my visa bill. It was $12 a month from reservation rewards. At first I didn't think anything of it, I thought it must be something I purchased. But then after 3 months I googled reservation rewards and discovered it's a big scam. I called visa to dispute the charges and they suggested I call the company,, which I did. Thankfully it wasn't to hard to cancel my membership to something I never subscribed to and have my money refunded. They said I subscribed to their service (I still don't know what that is) when I ordered a software program from I didn't do that.

The web is littered with similar complaints about reservation rewards; I don't understand how they can be allowed to continue to operate.

  • Ea
    eaglescut16 Feb 21, 2009

    Never heard of reservation Rewar until the other day and they are taking money out of my account and I never authorized anyone to do that.

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  • Gb
    gbao Apr 16, 2009

    Yes, someone got to do sth against this fraud, I was charged since last Nov. to now

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  • Da
    David May 21, 2009

    This is not a business. For some reason we had a $10.00 unauthorized taken from our personal account. I never gave any information or permission for this. How can this happen and how can we get our money back? Also how can we prevent this from happening again? The people who took it called themselves Wil Reservation Rewards. I would appreciate any information and help you can supply. Thank you.

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  • Ma
    Maryo May 22, 2009

    Hi David:

    I just read your post and want to give you an official response on behalf of our company. It’s important to me that your concerns are addressed and that your issue is resolved. If you would like our assistance or have questions or feedback, please contact our customer service team at 1-800-732-7031. Alternatively, you can contact me directly at [email protected] If you contact me directly, please reference this post.

    Consumer Affairs

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  • Pa
    PA Runner Aug 12, 2009

    I called reservationrewards also. They said I joined after buying biking accessories from

    Will not be doing any more business with - because you know they are getting kickbacks from reservation rewards.

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Charge card without knowledge!

Found chg on card, they insisted that I order it, it occurred on the day I order tickets on line with us air ways, I filled report with attorney general office on line. I also read several other e-mails relaying to this issue. One person said they order flowers. The guy name Kile stated I clicked e-mail twice which indicated I knew about the charge.

  • Ka
    Kaitlyn wright Jan 07, 2008

    I ordered tickets to fly home in Oct of last year and the charge occurred this year on my statement its total bull and i think the company that i ordered my tickets from should be held accountable and investigated they have no right giving out your personal information.

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  • An
    annis c. allen Jan 10, 2009

    $12.00 charges on my credit card

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  • Ti
    ticked Mar 11, 2009

    Beware of the $20 gift when ordering from by entering your email you "allow" this company to rip you off!!!

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Internet fraud

I was charged $10.00 for a 'membership charge' that I did not authorize, nor did I sign up for this service. I am not sure how this company acquired my credit card information as I use online services for many reservations. This company needs to be investigated, prosecuted, and shut down. I have been online and received a confirmation via email that I will be credited for the charge. I will take the matter up with my bank and insure the charge is reversed.

  • Valerie Dec 26, 2007

    WLI Reservation Rewards had been taking $10 a month out of my account with out my consent. I think that something should be done about this if it is affecting so many people.

    Beware people!

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False charges

Reservation Rewards -

Some information regarding reservation rewards. I use my credit card for business regularly. I use priceline for hotels and air travel. For several years now usually after booking some trips online with priceline I noticed a charge for $9.24 for reservation rewards. I assumed that this was a service charge from, and I just let it go. After all I was saving lots of money with Priceline and the $9.24 was not really a big deal. This morning I noticed the $9.24 charge on my Amex card and asked my wife to call them as I had not used Priceline for the last 5 months.

Well here are the results from this mornings call. Amex called reservation rewards while I was on the line to find out about these charges. These are false they have nothing to do with Priceline.

The girl at reservation rewards is issuing a credit for $ 252.00 since june of 2005 for these phoney charges. If your bank or credit card co, tells you they cannot go back more than 60 days this is ###.

I called this morning about an explanation and am getting back $252.00. Millions of people must be getting ripped off like I was (thinking the 9.00 was a legitimate charge) after all when charging several thousand dollars a month the 9.00 is really insignificant. These companies thrive because idiots like me don't question these small charges.

Gotta go now I am checking my other credit cards and bank statements.

  • Gi
    Giri G Jan 18, 2008

    I heard the same comment from my bank " not after 60 days".. and i did not bother to hand around. These pppl Reser Rew must have claimed billions in fraud like this..

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  • Ho
    HoboJoe Mar 28, 2009

    Just noticed the same thing today. I responded to a $25 off next Expedia reservation and thought it was through them. I can't believe I put in my credit card # on the offer page but if I did I guess I'm partly to blame for not reading everything. Nevertheless, I am positive it never clearly explained this "rewards" program had an automatic MONTHLY payment of $12 to get the $25 offer (and other coupons which are available all over the internet free of charge if you look)

    I called and explained how I'm going to issue a complaint with the CT Attorney General's office (which I am) and they quickly issued a refund of the $48 (which have to see if it's true but seems to be). I will also be telling Expedia how I'm not doing future business with them since they give this company access to their customers. I fly at least once a month so hopefully that hurts them.

    Obviously this company is fully aware of their shadey practices and I bet have been sued before. I say this since when you call their number, 1-800-732-7031, the first automated promt is for info on cancelling membership, press 1. Then it's for hitting #1 again for info on how to "immediately cancell membership." I choose to speak with someone and he immediately when into an explaination of what Res. Rewards is all about and how I become a member. He offered to cancell my memmbership right off the bat since 99.999% of their incoming calls must be for this reason! I told the guy that I know it's a tough job market, but please try to work for a more ethical company!

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  • Bo
    Bob May 13, 2009

    I had the same experience with Reservation Rewards and Expedia. I had been billed $10 a month since June '07, presumably on making a reservation through Expedia. Yes, I should have investigated sooner. Expedia refused to refund my money, as did Reservation Rewards.


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  • Fr
    Fred May 29, 2009

    Can't say anything more then others have.
    Same thing happened to me.
    Stay away from Expedia for this reason!


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They got me too!

WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS.COM - They got me, too. Apparently I made a purchase online from US Auto parts on May 16, 2007, and "automatically became a member" for $10 a month. I know I had to provide my e-mail address related to my purchase but not for WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS.COM to use it as though I wanted to be a member. What a rip-off!?I called their toll-free no. today and was adamant that they cancel my membership. They did, gave me a cancellation no., and I was told a credit for $30 (Jun-Jul-Aug) will be issued within 5 business days. Wow-- that was quick but, let's see....

How do they get away with it in the first place...?

  • Mi
    Michael Chandler May 29, 2007

    WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS.COM has withdrew 10.00 out of my bank account twice without my permission and if it happens again I will be forced to call an attorney for advise in the matter

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Unbelievable scam!

WOW! What a SCAM! I am now an official "GOT SCAMMED" member of the club! Bought flowers at FDT, ended up with 6 months of charges I didn't even pick up on my discover card - $10. didn't draw my attention as I scanned the bills.

GOOD NEWS IS - called the company, waited for a "Customer service rep" to answer my questions - how did I get charged for this, etc. how long have I been charged for this...

Said I NEVER signed up - wanted a full refund for all months - or I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau - Got FULL CREDIT for 5 months!! TRY IT ! I still can't believe this scam - UNBELIEVABLE!!

Unauthoirized credit card charges!

After deducting money for a cd i ordered,not only did Time Life deduct more funds, unauthorized from my account, but also from their website, another co. "Reservations Rewards" is now deducting out of my account and tells me my "membership" that i was not ever exposed to any info. about, was initiated and this is what funds taken out of my account are for. This to me is a wake up call,and i would like everyone to be aware of their ability to do this. Now my bank wants to show them respect by letting them have the "opportunity" to correct" this. I can not put into words how violated I feel.

  • Jm
    J. Misiano Nov 09, 2007

    I purchased a 2-package CD from several months ago. They offer a half price deal if you provide a credit card number. They then started sending me unsolicited CDs and charging my credit card, even though I never authorized them to do so. When I called, they said I could return the CD unopened and they would refund my card the cost plus shipping and handling. Guess what? I stilled paid for shipping and handling. There is nothing on their Web site about it being a membership. There is only a quick mention of it in their TV advertisement -- it just flashes quick on the screen. My credit card company was not helpful at all, so I later reported the card stolen so they would give me a new number, thus preventing TimeLife from being able to charge my card again. This company is very un-reputable.

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  • Lo
    lovestofish69 Dec 01, 2009

    We bought a cd set it was way over priced I can get it from ebay for 50 dollars less shipping and handling is outragous and slow 2 weeks from Iowa to missouri for 13 dollars these people are crooks and should be put out of business

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Illegally taken money!

I am extremely upset at this company whom I have no idea of. They have charged my VISA so far three times now...