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Reservation Rewards Complaints & Reviews

Reservation Rewards / Avoid this one at all costs

Dec 28, 2012

I noticed today a charge for Reservation Rewards of $12 Canadian on my Visa Card. Not something that stands out, no excuse however as it has been going on for 12 months. First Charge was April 08/11. Fortunately there is a phone number associated with each charge. I called them and asked...

Reservation Rewards / Charged me $24.00 in the past two months; unauthorized charges

Jun 22, 2011

I was recently browsing my bank statements today and noticed a charge for $12 on my bank statement, well i called my bank and found out they have charged me $12 last month and again this month. I never authorized this company to charge my account and had the bank flag it as fraud. I'm...

Reservation Rewards / Monthly Membership Fee $12

May 3, 2011

I made reservation online for my trip to Las Vegas in July 2008; however, I was not authorized Reservation Rewards to charge to my credit card for $12 monthly membership fee. I received my credit bill in August and I called 800-732-7031 (reference # on credit card bill) immediately to...

Reservation Rewards / Accessed my checking account without my authorization or knowledge

Mar 23, 2011

On 11-3-2007, WLI withdrew $10.00 out of my checking account without my knowledge. I do not know this company and I do not understand how they got my checking information and how they succeeded in making the transaction? I have notified my banking institution and I have...

Reservation Rewards / Reservation Rewards Scam

Jan 26, 2011

I was doing my taxes today and going through my bank statements when i discovered a $12.00 charge from a Reservation Rewards. I called there number 1-800-732-7031 and talked to Felisha(not sure of the spelling). I asked Felisha about my charges and she said i signed up when I made a...

Reservation Rewards / Unauthorized Charges on Credit Card


In 2007, I went to EB Games and supposedly signed up for a service that offered discounts on several difference services. I did not authorize these charges. Since contacting their so called customer service, I had to sign and return an affidavid stating what had happened. The way they had...

Reservation Rewards / unauthorized charges


went to buy movie tickets online through and Reservation Rewards window popped up and asked if I wanted to receive coupons via email. A year and a half later, they were debiting my checking account $17.95 and $12.00 every single month. This company has to be stopped...

Reservation Rewards / $12 monthly deductions from my atm card....


I just happened to notice a $12 fee on my charge card. I never sign up for these promotions so when I called and they said I did I knew right away something was off. This is a $144 dollars out of my pocket for the last year...I requested to be cancelled immediately and to send me paperwork...

Reservation Rewards / unauthorized credit card charges


My wife & I recently closed a couple of credit cards. After we shut down one account we received a statement from that card with a $12 charge from Reservation Rewards. We called the 800 number listed on the credit card statement and spoke with a customer service rep who readily agreed to...

Shopper Discounts And Rewards (Aka Reservation Rewards) / $12.00/month charge to store card


Back in July, I started to notice that there was a $12.00 charge on my Jessica London card. I review all the charges on my card monthly and was concerned as to why this charge suddenly appeared on my statement. I called Jessica London right away to try and rectify the situation and wa...



Bought airline tickets from Orbitz. Realized $12 charges for two months. Got unsubscribed and refunded after calling and complaining. The person on the phone insisted that I had been sent an email notification from them when I had been signing up. I have never received such an email...

Reservation Rewards / Scam


I discovered the same $12.00 charges on my bank statement that everyone else describes on this board. Totally confused, I called this company and spent a long time just trying to figure out who they are and what reason they have to be taking my money. As in, when did you get my cc...

Reservations Rewards / Unauthorized charges


Three times I was charged fees for reservation rewards that I didn't sign up for. I bought plane tickets on Allegiant Air and you have to bypass this reservations reward. I got some of my money refunded, but then months later got a charge from here for $25 annual fee from this place...

Reservation Rewards / Unauthorized billing


In looking at my bank account this morning, I found $10.00 charge from a Reservation Rewards company. Further research with the company found that I had purchased something from Chadwicks back last October and supposedly agreed to join a membership with Reservation Rewards to save hundred...

Reservation Rewards / HIDDEN SCAM!!!


I purchased jewelry around valentines day from a website When I logged into my banking account today, i noticed that $12 had been charged to my account, although i have not used my card. that raised some questions, so i went back through my account and sure enough... $12 had... / billing scam to credit card


After 4months of unknowingly paying $12.00 a month to a company calling themselves, I contacted Discover Card and they immediately flagged the account! I never signed up to receive any info from this company as I am an IATAN travel company and do not need thier...

Reservations Rewards / Smart Shoppers Savings / My Leisure And Savings / Shoppers Discounts / Fraudulent charges


My Husband has left on a Sea faring adventure so I am minding our accounts while he is gone. (he usually does the banking for us) I just noticed two pending charges on my Debit card account. I called my bank to inform them of suspicious activity and they gave me the 800 numbers listed for...

Reservation Rewards & Shoppers Discount / deducts money from your banking accouts


This company showed up on my bank statements. A couple of times a month I noticed 12.00 amounts subtracted from my bank balance. The company name in the description section of my bank statements showed reservation rewards. I looked up the website on the internet and found it. It is a false...

Reservation Rewards 800 - 7327031 CT / unauthorized billing


I have been charged $ 12 on my credit card by reservation rewards. I have no recollection of authorizing the payment.

Reservation Rewards / charge


I was checking my account and I noticed that its something wrong, an invalid charge from reservation rewards($12.00)but I have no idea about this company, wherever they are...and I wanna my money back ASAP if not they are gonna be in trouble. Thanks Fabiana

Shopperdiscount / Reservations Rewards / 2 x 12.00 charges


I bought a movie ticket through Fandango and through buting my movie ticket what i thought i was getting was just coupons but it really is a membership club that is going to charge you a monthly fee each month and if you are not aware of this they can eally get you. Fandango movie ticket...

VISA Reservation Rewards / unauthorized charges


About 3 months ago I noticed a $12 charge to my VISA for reservation rewards. I had no idea what it was and just assumed it was a charge I received when I traveled. The same thing happened last month and I didn't think much about it because I was away for work again. Well, I just...

Reservation Rewards / Fraud and scam


I booked an on-line reservation for a hotel in California and suddenly charges appeared on my credit card from this company. Within minutes of complaining both on the phone and on-line I received emails from the company canceling my membership and refunding my money. How this could have...

Reservation Rewards Shoppers Discount / Keep away from them


I did some AT&T plan purchase from and they got me to a reward coupon of $10 from shopper’s discount. I don’t know why are they taking money out of my account. This company is really a big scam. Keep yourself away from them. I tried to call the number specified in...

Reservation Rewards / Scam and fraud!


After looking over my credit card bill online, I see that I have been charged $10 a month for a very long time by someone called Reservation Rewards. Having NO idea what this was, I called them and asked who they were and what was I being charged for. Their customer service representative...

Reservation Rewards / Credit card scam!


I have been charged $10.00 from my debit card since September 21, 2007. It drew my attention when I received my statement on March 7TH, 2008, six months they have been taking unauthorized money. I shopped on for the first time in August, 07, and I only authorized I called...

Reservation Rewards / Unauthorized charges on my visa bill!


I noticed these odd charges on my visa bill. It was $12 a month from reservation rewards. At first I didn't think anything of it, I thought it must be something I purchased. But then after 3 months I googled reservation rewards and discovered it's a big scam. I called visa to... / Charge card without knowledge!


Found chg on card, they insisted that I order it, it occurred on the day I order tickets on line with us air ways, I filled report with attorney general office on line. I also read several other e-mails relaying to this issue. One person said they order flowers. The guy name Kile stated I clicked e-mail twice which indicated I knew about the charge.

WLI Reservation Rewards / Internet fraud


I was charged $10.00 for a 'membership charge' that I did not authorize, nor did I sign up for this service. I am not sure how this company acquired my credit card information as I use online services for many reservations. This company needs to be investigated, prosecuted, and...

Reservation Rewards / False charges


Reservation Rewards - Some information regarding reservation rewards. I use my credit card for business regularly. I use priceline for hotels and air travel. For several years now usually after booking some trips online with priceline I noticed a charge for...

WLI* / They got me too!


WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS.COM - They got me, too. Apparently I made a purchase online from US Auto parts on May 16, 2007, and "automatically became a member" for $10 a month. I know I had to provide my e-mail address related to my purchase but not for WLI*RESERVATIONREWARDS.COM to use it a... / Unbelievable scam!


WOW! What a SCAM! I am now an official "GOT SCAMMED" member of the club! Bought flowers at FDT, ended up with 6 months of charges I didn't even pick up on my discover card - $10. didn't draw my attention as I scanned the bills. GOOD NEWS IS - called the company... / Reservations Rewards / Unauthoirized credit card charges!


After deducting money for a cd i ordered,not only did Time Life deduct more funds, unauthorized from my account, but also from their website, another co. "Reservations Rewards" is now deducting out of my account and tells me my "membership" that i was not ever exposed to any info. about...

WLI ReservationsRewards / Illegally taken money!


I am extremely upset at this company whom I have no idea of. They have charged my VISA so far three times now within the past month. $10.00 every time. I am really getting upset about this. I have no idea who this company is and what they are charging me. I have no recollection of signing...