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Masterplans "business plan" writing service is a SCAM! My business partner and I are literally exhausted after 2 months of fighting tirelessly with Masterplans to try to salvage something for the services that we paid $1265 dollars for! After receiving a half attempted business plan we took the document to a gentlemen at the SBA to review it and be sure it would stand up to the scrutiny of the bank lender. After review he discovered and described 21 major structural errors within the plan that are not only a must but are also considered standard in the most basic business plans. When we politely took these changes to masterplans to be corrected our planner was conveniently always away from her desk and eventually "out of the country". After a week of the excuses we were contacted by a second employee who said he would be taking over the project for us. He continued to argue with my partner and myself, defending the initial plan and refusing to extend our editing time even in light of the need to basically start over. In an attempt to move the process along my partner and I did all of the necessary research and rewrote the entire plans major components and corrected the incorrect financial calculations. We then emailed it to the new planner, asking him to simply format the text to fit the format recommended by the gentlemen at the SBA and maybe add a little beef to the core document. He proceeded to argue with us, act annoyed, and eventually hang up on us! I then called the supervisor complaining of our rude ridiculous treatment and asked him to refund our money. He then assured me that he would continue to fix the document to our satisfaction until it was up to the lenders standards, and would extend our editing time until it was accepted by us. Unfortunately 5 days later when I received the updated draft he had fixed only minor grammatical errors and still did not format the document to the simple format we were asking for. When I emailed him thanking him for his efforts and ask that he only finish the formatting correctly and we would accept it, he went off on me in an email and told me he washes his hands of our project and for me to no longer contact him and by the way "good luck at the bank"! I have never been treated so rudely or unprofessionally in my life. Not only are these business writers kids fresh out of school that have no idea what they are doing but they constantly argue with you and refuse to custom your plan the way you or your bank request it to be done. They not only ripped us off for over 1200 dollars but they also caused us much pain and anguish and delayed our start date by months. Please do not use this company and if they have already ripped you off PLEASE report them to the BBB. It is the only way to take a stand against scammers like Masterplans.

Violation of Contract; Unauthorized Charge

I entered into a contract with MasterPlans to provide me with a "ready business plan" as per the "Scope of Work" stated in my project contract. While Masterplans insisted on 5/30/2012 that I sign the pre-authorization for the remaining payment of $1, 750.00 via my credit card, I refused advising them I would not give them the authorization to bill my credit card until I'd received the draft and "approved" it.

MasterPlans "baulked" but finally acquiesced by changing the "original" standard agreement... to the binding agreement to read: "$1, 750.00 due at the draft delivery (With Approval)". I did not sign the "Payment Information and Authorization" until two days later (6/1/12) when MasterPlans had agreed to my new terms requiring my approval before billing my card.

It should be further noted, that their Terms and Conditions paragraph 3; 3rd, 4th & 5th sentences... "The second payment will be pre-authorized prior to delivery of the rough draft to ensure the card on file is still active. Once the rough draft is delivered to the client, the transaction will be conditionally settled electronically. As used in these Terms and Conditions "Rough Draft" shall refer to Scope of Work as per attached page one."

On Friday, June 15th, 2012 at 3:43 PM EST (15:43 hours), MasterPlans "swiped" my card billing my credit card without my approval and prior to providing me with the "Rough Draft". Approximately five (5) hours, 8:38 PM EST (20:38 hours) after billing my credit card, MasterPlans emailed me the "Rough Draft".

My contention is that MasterPlans violated the contract by not delivering the rough draft and getting my approval before billing my account. MasterPlans knowingly and willfully defrauded me by providing me with a sub-standard/elementary product that MasterPlans knew would not be accepted or meet the "approval" that was necessary for the charge.

While it is my position that the aforementioned is more than sufficient to support my case for non-payment of the monies in question, reviews of the MasterPlan product and recommendations to terminate MasterPlan contract by a well-respected third party that has vastly more experience in business plans... and a complied list of extensive number of nine (9) pages of consumer complaints and emails concerning my case addresses the secondary issues of an unacceptable product.

I contended that I should be refunded my investment in MasterPlans being that they have violated the contract that was set forth and agreed to by both parties. In addition, now that I have spent my money and received a product that was obviously known by them to be sub-standard (why they charged my card violating the terms of the contract in the first place)...

I have also had to spend valuable time to drop all projects to redo the business plan to include hiring my CPA to do a professional project financial analysis. Anyone who decides to use this supposed "well-qualified and reputable company" should definitely think twice. I have written many business plans in my lifetime in over 30 years in business. Deciding to choose this company to lighten my load has actually caused me more of a burden than I thought possible.

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    mchankov Aug 06, 2012

    Wow, that is odd. Masterplans was great for us. They did exactly what they told me they would and I got a VERY perfect business plan for my new sneaker shop I wanted to open.

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Credit Card Scam

Charged Credit Card without delivery of the "rough draft" and receipt of prior approval as stated in contract. The Draft finally delivered was a joke. Inconsistencies, irrelevant out dated statistics, financial reports that were totally inaccurate, etc.
Totally not what was contracted for nor what is advertised. Total Rip-Off !!!

Possible Scam company

I just contacted and I spoke with a nice lady who explain me what they offer, the price $4, 400.00 (50% at front and the other 50% at the end). Always I do researching before giving money out to a company. My present husband was scammed several times and I told him that we have to be careful. The first image of was a professional company. They have so nice designed business plans online. When I started opening the samples they sent by e-mail and research for the websites mentioned in their plans, they didn't exist. I made more investigation regarding and scam. For sure I will not move forward with this company. Thanks for all this complaints I am able to open my eyes. I have been doing research for years after I hired a company that scammed me . Hopefully someone can stop this fraudulent company. They still doing dirty businesses and is sad that they still in the market.

False Statements, Product Not Delivered as Promised, SCAM

I requested information on a business plan and was contacted by Tom Martinez who talked fast and explained the business plan process. It was like he was rushing through his script...

masterplans,, Bryan Howe, Sente — scam

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This company tauts themselves as listed in Entreprenuer magazine and doing business with Al Pacino. They are a complete SCAM. I have complained against them to the State Attorney...