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Complaints & Reviews

What isn't wrong is the better question

Okay so let me first start off by saying I called set up service I ordered a 95-gallon trash can it was supposed to be dropped off at my house on Thursday Friday came still no can now mind you Friday was my trash day so Friday when I got home from work I called again the customer service complained a little to the lady which I know it's not her fault but you guys as service is absolutely horrible so not only did I miss getting my trash out I had to wait until Tuesday to get a new can and it was supposed to be a 95 gallon can so I come home from work today and low and behold you guys did drop the can off but it's the wrong damn can it's a 65-gallon can I have a big family I am a single dad of 4 Kids I need a 95 gallon can this was told to you guys twice once when I called to set the service up and then again when I called to complain about the cannot be in here that Thursday you guys need to fix whatever you got going on fire your people get better people I don't know

garbage pick up.

Trucks drive by picking up garbage. Sometimes, they miss a house. Calling Republic customer service does have...

Customer Service

Hi There,
I was just on the phone with a customer service rep in Fremont CA. I was trying to understand why I had a past due and wasn't shown when I paid my last bill. She kept getting an attitude with me. She also hung up on me which was really rude and unprofessional. Someone should really talk to the phone operators about customer service. I am in customer service and even if a customer made me upset I would still say "thank you" and "bye" at the very least.


no trash pickup

I live in a townhouse HOA of about 26 homes in Littleton, CO. The HOA is Terrace at Columbine.
Over the Christmas and New Years holidays, trash was never picked even though messages were received about a delayed schedule. Our trash pickup is on Fridays.
Today, we were told that our trash won't be picked up because of snow.
We received about 6-8 inches of snow, but that doesn't explain why a heavy large truck can't come through and pickup trash. I had no problems at all driving in a mid-sized SUV!
I have asked our board about finding another service as your service is just terrible!

safety of employee

I've noticed a driver who constantly falls asleep with his helper on the back of his truck driving. A few of my neighbors have also noticed that this driver falls asleep at the wheel while the helper is left doing work alone. I think that is dangerous for someone to do especially with the life of other ppl around and also the person on the back of the truck. The truck number is 2076 in Desoto Tx (Hutchins Division)


I requested a 15-Cu Yd container was told only 30-yrds were available so I "pre-paid" $643.40 for container...

bad service and lack of care

Christmas morning I was taking my trash out as the truck was pulling up he picked my neighbors trash up so I...


I have been paying 30.00 every month. For years. I pay my bill. Yet y'all are always trying to price guage...

cancellation container removal fee

We had a 3-Year contract for an 8-Yard Cardboard Recycling container to be picked up and exchanged weekly for...

horrible trash pick up service!

They picked up sometimes and sometimes they did not. This is the most horrible trash company out there. Surly and late drivers, at least on my route, who would skip random houses in the neighborhood. That's why most of the people in our subdivision who had them have switched. They were even late picking up their own bins!

I switched and I've not had a missed pickup yet. Wish I had done it earlier!


We have used Republic Services for over 9 years. Every year the pricing goes up but we maintained until thi...

trash company


*** Republics canceled the service to our neighborhood leaving 50 or so neighbors needing to find a replacement. We all received a bill for $47 for them to come by and pick up the trash containers.****

I can maybe see this being the case if the customer was the one terminating the service. But this was canceled at no fault to us.
When I called inquiring about it . They said it was part of their service agreement. I looked online to see what that agreement would be and found this.

"Changes to the Agreement. Republic Services reserves the right, in its discretion, to change or modify all or any part of this Agreement at any time, effective immediately upon notice published on the home page of the Sites."
So even if this was not in the agreement when I we started I guess it is now.
Other than that the actual service was ok. The major complaints that I had with the company was with the trucks breaking down frequently and that would cause a delay in the trash pick up.

[Resolved] forced contract

[removed] Account # [protected] My previous disposal company sold my account to Republic in June 2019. It...

trash service

Worst trash company we've ever dealt with! They selected which bags they wanted out of my trash can and left the rest laying in my alley. I called multiple times to get my trash picked up, and each time, there's an excuse, or they just keep rescheduling. This is unacceptable. They refuse to pick up my missed trash.

****Beware*** Don't try complaining on social media - they blocked me! What an unprofessional way for Republic Services to handle business when THEY are at fault!

bulk pickup

I scheduled to have a rug picked up. When they didn't arrive on the scheduled day, I called the following morning when they opened and was told it had to be rescheduled for 2 days following. I called again as they didn't arrive on the scheduled day. I was given the same response- reachedule in another 2 days. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was assured this would be resolved. When that pick up date came and went I called again and was assured I would get a call back. I didn't so I called again and that supervisor assured a call back. No response. Another call and now I'm told it will be another 2 days. No explanation and no pick up and absolutely no effort to escalate or even offer to refund me for the inconvenience. So now it is a week past the date I paid for and the rug is still waiting on my curb. Horrible service and no response.

discontinuing services-republic noblesville

Starting May 6th 2019 i have requested pick up of my container after cancelling services. they missed the pick up and i scheduled for pick up. they missed the pick up again on the date requested. At this point i no longer lived there and i received a final billed with a credit balance of -24.35. I waited several weeks and did not receive a check for the balance owed to me. I then received a bill again in July saying i owed 61.00. When i called and asked why, i was told it was because i didn't return my Container. I told the person what had happened and she said no worries i will submit a credit to your account. I asked when i would receive my check and she said i wouldn't because it is just a credit to my account. I told her i closed my account and they owed me a check. She took my information for the mailing of my check and said it would take a couple of weeks.In August i received another bill saying i still owed and calls everyday from recording (which i was told to ignore) saying i still owed balance. I called again and spoke to another person who said request for credit was denied. and there is no way to credit till it was returned. so informed them i didn't live there but the container was 20ft from road and in the drive way but i did not live there anymore . I was told they would set another appointment to pick up and as long as it was visible they would pick it up. and then a credit would be issued. Now being September, i received another bill threatening collections on the account. I called today and said i drove by and the can was still in the SAME SPOT NOW FOR ALMOST 6 MONTHS. i spoke to again a different person saying that she could see any notes except for May when the driver stopped on a busy road and took a picture of the can 20' from the end of the road and still didn't pick it up.She said it was there policy to not to go on the property to pick up the can. and that everything i have been told in 6 months was false. I offered to deliver the can to the facility to get my bill credited, she said no i cant do that. I asked if there was a person in charge she said yest but i can not have there contact information. She told i have to contact the new homeowners go to there house and put the can at the end of the road. So now i have contacted the new owner and again have a appointment set for pick up on Friday the 27th. which means they are going to send me to collections and i am going to have to dispute it with my the credit Bureau So beside this i have had in 4 years 8 missed pick ups for regular trash. My dragged 500 hundred down the road 4 times and struggles with customer service the whole time.
Horrible night mare


I received a lien and a lien release fee that is 218.00, So if I was having a issue covering my bill of 47.00...

recycle pick-up

last pick up was 8/20. missed last week due to holiday and storm. Trash picked up this week but no recycle...

lack of response from ashley walker and my representative from republic waste

The email i sent July 29 is below. There has been no communication with me regarding this to date. I want to...

false charge

When I moved recently I hired Republic services then they would not pick up my trash at all so I had to...

recycling pickup

This company has no problem taking my money but can't pick up my recycling materials. My bins have been...

parking wars/angry parent!!

I complained about this already and I see it only lasted for maybe a week or so and now again TODAY AUGUST 22ND your trucks are still blocking the parking spots in the parking lot behind McDonald's in Donaldsonville Louisiana!! This has gone too far!! Today not one BUT TWO trucks were blocking the parking spots!! There's at least seven cars that park there in the morning between the hours of 5:45am to 6:15am, there were only enough spots for four cars to park. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!! IF NOT I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO GET WITH MY PARISH PRESIDENT, MAYOR, POLICE AND SOLVE THIS OURSELVES!! GOOD DAY

republic service for newark ca

Irene from the collection department for Republic Service called me and said I had a bill for about $2600. This is for 5034 Abbotford Court in Newark Ca. I owned it since 2014. I never opened an account for garbage service because I lived in San Francisco Ca. Irene said if I don't pay it will go to collections. I never received any notices about this bill and don't believe I should be paying it. I never used this service . Please email me at
Xiaowen Li

Thank You

concerned parents

I live in Donaldsonville Louisiana and we have a bus stop area in the back parking lot behind McDonald's on Marchand Drive. One of your company trucks are blocking the parking spots every morning and making it hard for the cars and bus to manuever around and pick up the kids because the lot is so small and there are other cars that's already parked. Would you please do something about this?! It imposes a safety hazard for our kids. Thank you

customer service

I canceled my service due to price. My contract was paid up to July 31 (Wed) and I was told my last pickup...

garbage services

It's been a week now and I have yet to get my trash picked up. We called every day since the missed Friday...

worker blocking road and not moving on my private property

This driver from republic garbage service was on our road and my neighbor was driving in basically a one-way...

missed trash pickup (

Having problems getting trash picked up. July 25 Thursday is regular trash pickup, it was missed, called...

trash removal

We signed up for services months ago, and had our trash picked up a total of 3 weeks. We called them constantly, and they said they would do a bulk pick up. They did NOT. The supervisor said he'd do it in person, which also did not happen. This went on for like 2 months. We had established that we wouldn't be be billed due to lack of services. But... they hiked our bill to $250.00. Yet, another bill says $100 (ish) for the same period. They threatened to cancel our acct, but when I called they stated our acct is already cancelled. Customer service said there are no notes on our (mounting) complaints. FIND ANOTHER COMPANY TO AVOID TRASH RELATED HEADACHES. Their service is inexcusable!!

property damage

On Thursday, July 4th around 10:00am, my neighbor and I were talked at the edge of my driveway. It was then...

Republic Services

missed pick up, poor unprofessional customer service, liars

My trash was missed on 7/4 making it the 8 or 9 time this year. I called to report the issue and was told...

Trash collection

Lousy service, missed pick ups. Poor local schedule for pick up on Monday's with many holidays on Monday's. No make up and no pick up until following week. Customer service lousy too. had for several years before having enough BS. They screwed up pail pick up as well, having me haul full can with garbage out in summer heat, back to the house because pick up was missed/skipped. My neighbor's was but skipped mine, I'm done with these jerks. Big company, doesn't care about service


I received a letter today from Republic Services stating that they will no longer provide us with trash services. This is quite upsetting when the week prior I had called to complain because our trash was not picked up in over a week. That may not sound like a long time but when you have 7 children, the trash piles up fast. I called everyday to find out if they were coming because not only were we piling up in garbage but I don't like keeping my trash out in my street for over a week hoping they show. It's quite unprofessional that they wish to cancel services on me when it was their fault they didn't show up.

been two times my trash not pick up

They did not pick up my trash the blue trash and black while everybody got pick up. Today the reschedule day I heard trash pick up the lid open so I taught they pick up my trash when I look inside the trash still there. They did not look if they got the trash what's going on will these happen every trash day . I got it reschedule again Tomorrow hope they pick it up for the third time and double check that the trash is inside already in there truck not just open the lid

pickup service

There is so much to say. I have not had so many problems with my garbage pickup until your company acquired our area (morgantown, wv and monongalia county). Since january 1, 2019, we have had three (3) weeks when we had no pickup and at least 4 days you did not show up. This past week (we have a friday pickup date), our service was moved to saturday because of the memorial day holiday. We received a call that "due to unforeseen issues we are not picking up today. We might be there monday but will resume regular service next week." when I called and asked for a discount, I am told that they can't. All the friday pickups know why we are delayed — the city of morgantown penalizes you for not picking up, a clause in their contract. Those that live outside of the city don't have any recourse. No that is not true — we can leave your organization.

I have drug my feet on changing as the employees do a great job when you provide them the equipment and time but you will never receive another check from me. I am switching services effective july 1.

Keith g. Myers

Cc: donald m. Slager, ceo
Jon vander ark, president
Tim stuart, coo

hazardous materials coming out of truck onto street with 100+ kids

On 05/10/2019, the garbage collection provider Republic Services serviced our sight and left us with used...

Republic Services

truck not securing rubbish removal

I was behind one of your trucks in Delaware on I95 yesterday morning. This truck was spewing rubbish all over...

Republic Services

6 weeks without recycling pick-up

Beginning the week of February 4th, 2019, Republic Trash Services has failed to collect our residential...


I have a laundromat in plymouth ma I purchased in 2014 after a 32 year career with a major corporation. Upon purchasing I took on the previous owners trash company, republic services. I signed an agreement on 5/3/14 without any explanation of a 3 year automatic renewal clause. My original cost was $52/month...4+ years later my cost grew to $110/month... A 104% increase over 4+years. I've had one price increase in 4+ years! I called your customer service on numerous occasions during this period without ever receiving a return call. That's when I understood an owner running a small business is not important to republic services. I left many calls seeking help (simply looking at all expenses)….. I never received a return call until I told your customer service to please come an pick up your 4 yard container and that I had made other arrangements... And after I read the clause in your t&c's (terms and conditions) and it clearly states, I would be "noticed/informed" of any increases via some vehicle prior to incurring additional expense. To date, during the 4+ years, I never received a call, a letter, nor ever heard from or knew a sales person existed, a message or any means of informing me of additional costs.

Hopefully republic services will respond and make appropriate changes to their notification policy, have a responsibility to small business accounts and open lines of communication. I fully realize an approximate $655+ doesn't mean much to a company like republic services, however it means much to a struggling small business.

Thomas galligan, owner


I live in hillsborough greens hoa community. Our contract is for 1 free bulk item pick up per month. When...