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Republic Services reviews & complaints

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Republic Services - Miss pickups no credit on my account

I've been with them 10 years. In the last 3 months they miss picking up two of my cans over seven times. I have called in over 15 times to complain I've emailed them over seven times to complain every time requesting a manager call me back and I've left my phone number at every junction. I had a manager call me over a month ago same for sure they would take care of me and let me take my hundred plus bags down to their transfer station which is less than 2 miles from my home. All of a sudden he didn't return my calls anymore. Today I call in being a little bit more than upset receiving a cancellation of service notice for not paying my bill and they said OG that stuff was over a couple months ago we can't credit your account. I told them just like the other 30 plus out of 60 of us on this county Island to come pick up your cans we will switch to waste management. This company is a bunch of liars simple as that

Desired outcome: All I asked for was at least one month's credit on my bill which would cover the $45 I paid to have my debris removed from my property. I have two cans


Republic Services - Missed trash pick ups

Our trash at 43 Cedar Hill Farm Ln Westover Al 35147 has not been picked up since Dec 29, 2021. I started calling on Jan 10, 2022 and every day since to find out why our trash was not picked up. I have been told every day the same thing about how sorry you are
that you will escalate my request and it will be picked up the next day. It is now Jan 8, 2022 and still our trash has not been picked up as promised. I also tried to get the President/ CEO Jon V Ark information on the internet hoping he might be able to take care of this situation. There is no way to reach him. Email and phone number are unavailable. Please tell me what we are supposed to do in this situation.

Desired outcome: Trashed picked up when scheduled!! Credit for missed pick ups.

Missed pickups for over 2 weeks. I have called every day since Jan 10, 2022 and get the same answer each time. They are sorry and will make sure my trash is picked up tomorrow; It is now Jan 8, 2022 and still no pickup. Last pick up Dec 29, 2021.

There are four other trash cans that have not been picked up either.

What are we supposed to do?


Republic Services - Recycle disposal

I called 3 times stating that my recycle garbage was not picked up and they rescheduled twice, but did not comply… I'm a new customer, previously with Ace Waste Disposal and they always fulfilled their obligation if a miss pickup by rescheduling or compensate on my bill, if this is not resolved on my behalf, I will have to go back to Ace Waste Disposal, so I must see a compensation on my next bill for a service I'm paying for, a miss pickup, which was ignored multiple times… you can reach myself at [protected]. James Ricke

Desired outcome: 1 week charge for garbage disposal reverse


Republic Services - Tree vs. trash pick up

One of the three Republic trunks that come to our property regularly smashes into a large tree between sidewalk and street. We try very hard to maintain this tree and had it pruned last summer. The tree's health will suffer if this continues.
The tree is very easy to see, and the treatment seems deliberate. This site won't allow a photo from my phone, but currently a large brach is hanging over the street nearly cut from the tree. It will fall on a car or pedestrian if we don't clear it. This has been an ongoing challenge.

Desired outcome: Avoid ramming the tree.

Republic Services - Trash not collected

Once again, after receiving a personal reassurance from a high level operations manager, my trash remains uncollected as of 6:30 et Friday, 1/7. After experiencing several instances where my trash...

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Republic Services - Garbage and recycling pick up

We pay for recycling and garbage and we have been good customers for many years. We wait approx. 4 weeks for our recycling pick up. Dec 30 they missed pick up. I've called four times and rescheduled...

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Republic Services - Residential Waste Pickup

Its been 3 weeks since Republic Services has been down our area to pick up Scheduled household waste pickup. I have contacted the local Republic Services representatives (Warrensburg MO) on 3 occasions and each time I express my concern about the no-show trash pickup I get told that they have truck in the area and the trash will get picked up or on the last call it was on our scheduled pickup date and I was told they would be there to pick up. 3 Weeks later i have trash piled up along the road because it will not fit into the 2 full trash cans and I have raccoons, coyotes or stray dogs getting into my trash and i keep having to rebag everything. I also had trouble with them last month (Nov 2021) where they did not show up for 2 weeks and I still got charged for a full month of service that I didn't receive. My neighbors have called Republic Services as well to express their concerns and its obvious they don't care and cannot provide a service as promised.

Desired outcome: Provide a service you are getting paid for-Pick up trash as scheduled


Republic Services - I have two containers and only one was emptied ?

I have two containers and only one was emptied if I'm paying for two to be emptied I want them both empty please send someone back out to 13239 Moon Road Brooksville Florida 34613. Last week was not a problem the container was emptied I don't know what the deal is today with the driver but they need to do their job and return and take care of this problem.

Desired outcome: Container emptied

Republic Services - pick up service

I know you are on strike but in the meantime our trash is in piles. Why can't you hire some people that actually need to work. I do not get a pay increase because I am not happy with economy. I can't afford gas prices / food and rent increase myself! get people that need a job! its been over a week going on two with totes full, . Trash smells around our neighborhood.

Dec 24, 2021

Republic Services - Residential trash pick up

Our city (Seymour Texas) contracted with them to pick up trash once a week and they are totally failing!
No notices to the public of no pick up and then the city expects us to dump trash in a roll off bin?, really after we pay them for service they want 70 year old retired people to handle their own trash, I call [censored]! [censored] on the city and [censored] on republic!

Desired outcome: Pick up trash when their supposed to

Republic Services - Good telephone service; very poor follow-up

My trash/recycle pickup is scheduled for Thursday's. I place both out on Wednesday evening. Last week trash was picked up but not recycling can (neighbors were picked up, mine was missed). Called Customer Service on Friday, nice person on phone said they'll pick up that day; no pick-up. Weekend and nobody was at office. Called on Monday, different person said the ticket indicated recycle had been picked up (had not) was told it would be picked up that day. Tuesday rolled around and still no pick-up. Called back and said I'd like to speak with Supervisor. I was told Supervisor would call me back by close of business and that recycle would be picked up. Guess what? neither happened. I hate being lied to.
Great telephone service, people sounded very helpful but don't expect any follow up in getting your issue resolved.

Desired outcome: No charge for last week missed pick-up and want recycling picked up

Nov 20, 2021

Republic Services - Garbage/recycling

I have been in my home for almost a month and have yet to receive my cans requested at move in. I also, have yet to receive any services due to the customer service representative giving me the wrong days for my pick up and refusing to change my pickup location from the front to back. I was advised to just put the garbage out and someone will pick it up and now I have a pile of garbage outside getting wet and piling up. Everything about my interactions with this company so far have been completely unacceptable and services have been non existent. Someone finally picked up the recycling a day late and left boxes for me to have to pick up.

Desired outcome: Pick up my trash and deliver my cans as requested

Republic Services - Missed pickups

For the last 3 weeks they have done a no pickup. This week alone i have called 6 times and every time was told something different. This last time i was told that the manager called me and said i would have to wait til my regular day which noone has called me and yes my trash is still sitting at the road. They expect your money on time but dont want to provide services. Something needs to be done about their service.

Desired outcome: Something to be done about taking peoples money and not providing services

Nov 15, 2021

Republic Services - Trash pickup and increase of service for unserviceable

I have a surveillance camera by on trash can and on the days of trash pickup instead of empty the trash can they only get with they want and leave the rest in the can, I don't paid every month for...

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Republic Services - Pick Up of Trash

Today, 11/6/21, Republic Services failed to pick up my trash again. My trash goes out every Friday in the morning for Saturday pick-up. Out of the last 6 weeks I've had to call Republic Services now 3 times because the trash never got picked up. It is sitting out on the street in front of my house to the right of my driveway. Which is where it's been placed for over 16 years now. See attached image. The way the route is laid out my house is off to the side of a street that they go up when they're done picking up my side of the street. They have to back up. Doesn't matter if I put the trash is on the left side of my house they would still have to back up to make their turn up the that street. Apparently the driver now is too lazy to backup any longer because they're driving up and down our streets at fairly fast speeds. If I have to call Republic services one more time about this I will be deducting $4.00 for each missed pickup during a billing period. I will also contact the appropriate city and county agencies who oversee Republic Services. I have better things to do with my life then to take time out of my schedule to keep calling Republic Services every week.

Desired outcome: Pick up my trash every week as expected.

Republic Services - Trash pickup

Why is the trash not being pick up on schedule days, in Apache junction have they change the time and dates. I live at 1333 S Idaho Rd I pay for services for twice a week, Per contract, and the services are not being met. Please let me know if change have been made with the company. I will be waiting for a response or a refund. This has been going on for the last 4 months

Thank You
Debra Smith

Republic Services - Billing

I moved homes as of 9/8/21 and called in to cancel service as of the following week. I was told it would be done. When the October invoice arrived, I was being billed for the entire month of September. I called to question the discrepancy and was told that when they close the month, they close it at the end of the month. That they do not prorate. I argued that when they start service, they prorate it no problem. So, while on the phone with Republic Services, I texted the new owner, to confirm they had started service 9/13, which in fact was done. I then proceeded to request a manager to question why two different families are getting billed for the same 3 weeks in September to which they denied that being the case. I was told she couldn't give me any information on the new owner's service. The company is double billing weeks at a time for the same service which seems illegal to me.

Desired outcome: Credit me 3 weeks of incorrect/double service billed. Both families should not have to pay.


Republic Services - Missed trash pick up several weeks

We have not had our trashed pick up for several weeks. This is just not our house but our neighbors as well. My wife and I along with our neighbor have called and complained several times. The person we have talked to said they will be sending out a driver the next day, and again nothing. This is gone on, and on with no help, and very little care. At this point we have called the borough of penn hills, and complained several times! We are very upset at the lack of response, and responsibility that no is taking. This has become a waste hazard as well. WE NEED ANSWERS AND THIS TAKEN CARE ASAP!

There is a reason that there is not a review tab on this page! The service and customer service is horrible. Stay clear of this company.

Desired outcome: Action

Republic Services - Missed pickup

Republic Services was scheduled to pick up my trash/recycling bins on September 30th. As of October 12, they have yet to be picked up. I've made 9 phone calls and written 3 online requests, but have gotten nothing but empty promises. When I called yesterday, they said my case had been closed; yet, the bins still sit in the street, taking up parking spaces. They have no service.

Republic Services - Trash not being picked up

Three different times Republic Services has not picked up our trash on Thursdays. Last week they drove around the cul de sac, but didn't pick up our trash that was at the end of our drive. We phoned Republic Friday morning and was informed they couldn't pick our trash up on Friday, but they would pick it up on Monday. Monday morning I phoned Republic to confirm that our garbage would be picked up and was informed that we were on the schedule. At approximately 3 pm, I phone Republic again to verify that our garbage would be picked up and again was told that it was on the schedule. At 5:45 pm, I phoned Republic and Matthew informed me that we had been rescheduled for Tuesday. They would not give us any explanation as to why we rescheduled.

We transferred our account from Vail to Tucson and had to pay a fee to transfer. We asked that the transfer monies be refunded so that we could go with another company and was informed that couldn't happen, but they would give us a credit of approximately $1.25 for the missed pick up.

We are paying for a service that isn't being done. We are requesting the transfer fee be returned to us in order to get a reliable trash company.

Desired outcome: A refund of the transfer fee in order for us to select a more reliable company.

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