Rent a Center - Galveston, Texasrip off its customers

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This is a major business that intentionally rips off its customers. The business should not be allowed to charge so much interest and sometimes charges that are not explained. I was recently ripped off by RAC here in Galveston Texas. I had been a customer of RAC since 1998. My first purchased from RAC was a bunk bed set for my daughters and to say it was paid for and I did not have much hassle from them. I ended up paying $3500 for a bunk bed that would have cost much less in a regular furniture store. The interest was ridiculous. Then again on December 21, 2005, I purchased a bedroom set for myself. Upon purchasing the bedroom the representative was very kind and said he would do anything to make my purchase a success, which soon turned into disaster. The statement he made was a lie. About six months into making payments on a bi-weekly basis, they begin to harass me for the payments. If I was one or two days late, someone was calling my home or my job demanding payment.. Then they would not ask you when you were coming into the store, they would tell you what time are in expecting to be in their store.

They are very rude workers and I would advise no one to purchase or do any kind of business with them. To this day I have lost $4785 recently on July 16, 2006 because I only had to pay less than $400 to pay off total cost of my bedroom and they showed up at my home to pick it up because it was late and they did not want the money. So literally they made me pay all the money for the bedroom and then waited until I owed a small amount and took it from me. They harassed my kids and husband and took my bedroom while I was not at home. The representatives are unfair and love to argue with their customers who is wrong and it is nothing can be done about it. I have tried to contact the corporate offices for this agency but it is hopeless and I would really love to file a suit against them for all the harassing calls to my job, to my family, and wrong doings the store has done. So please do not get caught up in the web of lies from Rent a Center. They are here to rip off all customers and resell your property for double amounts.

Galveston Texas

  • Updated by Robert Jarvis Jr · Aug 09, 2018

    Sent complaint they will call back with in 2 days never did after all the business I gave them


  • Sy
    Sylvia Pittman-Hand Jul 01, 2007

    I rent from the store in Big Rapids, Michigan and when I started my contract I want to know if I could have them take money off my debit card from time to time. They said the only way was to come in and fill out a paper with all my information so they could keep it on file. So I did. The next month I was a day late so I called and told them they said fine. When I got my bank statement I notice that there was a attempt to charge from Rentacenter. I did not say anything because there wasn't enough money in that account for them to get anything. The next month the same thing happen only this time it made a check bounce so I called and of course they said some one called and gave them permission to do it. This wasn't true. I raise all kinds of h*** and they paid for my bounce check fee from the bank and the store but now when ever I am late with a payment or call for any reason they are really cold and unhelpful. Really nasty acting when I come in with my payments. My last question was, where is all of my money going? In April I owed 388.00 and now in July I still owe 312.00. This is at 51.00 payments. So I will never go back to Rentacenter again and I advised ever one else to leave them alone.

    Truly sincere,

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  • Jo
    Joni Wigger Sep 27, 2007

    My husband works for Rent-A-Center. If you couldn't make your payments you should have just returned your items until you could afford it. You can always pick your items back up and all the money that you previously paid is still credited to the item. It is actually a great thing for those with no credit or a huge sum of money. Plus if you used a credit card, they would charge just the same if not more $ in interest. When they call to collect payments, they are just doing their jobs. Can you imagine having to call people to collect their payments? It isn't fun for those who work their either I suppose.

    Now, the thing that makes me mad about Rent-A-Center is how they treat my husband. They always want him to come in on his days off, however, the boss and two of the other employees are always outside during working hours throwing a football around. The only way the boss gets away with anything is because his boss happens to be his cousins husband... isn't that considered a conflict of interest?

    Oh well...

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  • Ch
    Chris Jan 12, 2008

    This company can charge whatever they want as far as intrest is concerned. If you don't like it, don't rent from them. How else would this business make any money? They are actually doing you a favor by taking payments and not having to take a huge chunk of money out of your bank account for an item.

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  • An
    ANNA REYNOLDS Mar 31, 2008


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  • Gi
    Gia Lauren Apr 22, 2008

    Rent a Center was involved in a huge class action lawsuit, back in 1999 I believe...I got all my money back from a sofa set I had rent to owned...THey actually tracked me down, 8 years after my last payment!!! I was so surprised, happily...Since then, I believe they cannot use the term rent to own. They were sued, class action, for the amount of interest they charged all their customers...Maybe, this is something you folks should look into..Starting up another class action lawsuit against them..and yes, even back then, it was their normal practice to constantly HARASS their clients to get a payment, even if it was a day late...They are a bunch of sharks, and I dont know how their employees sleep at night...

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  • Sa
    sabrina May 20, 2008

    I work for rent a center and I sleep very well at night! when someone comes in and rents they sign and agree they will make their payment before or on the due date its not like its something they dont know rent a center trys to provide a service to peope who just cant go out and purchase it straight out. payments are set up on their pay sched. So if you cant afford your payment return it then you can get it back and start where you left off. Rent a cent has a life time reinstatement. If you loose your car you cant get it back and start where you left off.

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  • Ro
    Robert Jarvis Jr Aug 14, 2018

    Lost beds do to mold and chemical s in the house which condemned the house made this complaint before no one got back to me don't think I will do business here again pay insurance on it can't even use it or replace or stop lease damage was not by me by landlord

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  • Ho
    Hotincalifornia Aug 28, 2018

    On Saturday August 18, 2018 a female employee banged on my sons windows doors woke my grandchildren, drove on his grass entered his vehicle threw flyers everywhere and called him a "B" I want this employee taken care of immediately. This is not the first time he has already stated the person they are looking for does not reside at this address

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  • Am
    Ambitiouz Temp Aug 29, 2018

    I promised to pay them, which i am. But my check hasn't arrived in the mail just yet. I haven't even had the merchandise two weeks, and they're already harrassing me and my family. Calling restricted, backing their truck into my driveway.

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  • He
    Herbert foster Aug 29, 2018

    Had my tv.wadher dryer a year get a call that payment was going up very roude dist manger will not refere rent center to no one when u pay monthly and u still get weekly calls had use rental center for years no problem since Christmas 2016 my payment had gone up twice even got a contract sing

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  • Ja
    Janel E Thies Sep 01, 2018

    My boyfriend and I have been getting more than one phone call per day, and I am on the primarily holder for the phone calls. and I would like to have only one phone call a day.. not 3 or 4. even when I have a late payment they call me and him about 5 times a day.

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  • Ch
    Christina Banks Sep 01, 2018

    As a person who does rental furniture I would never consider your company. The employees that you have are not only rude, they are crazy. This employee needs to be removed from your company, and higher standards should be put into place . This is all over groups in Tucson, and your customers are threatening to leave your company.

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  • Er
    Eric.Jay Sep 05, 2018

    An employee was hired, later it was found that he had an old account at rent a center which he never paid. He agreed to start paying off his debt, never paid a dime back and he is still there collecting a pay check. Basically they hired a thief, and they haven't fired him. If this is how they do business it's no wonder why their stock is down!

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  • Ti
    Tigar Sep 19, 2018

    Dm willnt let her employees better them selves if they try to she will give them altamatives where you have to quit whatever it is that you are doing 5o better yourself

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  • He
    Helena Hudson Oct 03, 2018

    the rac store in Cleveland ohio on 105th st clair is bugggggggggung the hell out of me because im one, one payment late!!!

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  • Je
    Jenniferlomax Oct 22, 2018

    I talked to them 5 times today drove 51 miles here to get the hp computer advertised online for 19.99 I drive all the way here btw they knew I was coming then I get here and they don't even have any laptops and the guy I talked to is not even here so I e wasted all this time and gas for nothing

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  • Lt
    L. Tortelli Oct 27, 2018

    I am very frustrated that I am unable to speak directly to anyone who can address my problem. I called Customer Care and was told that someone from the district office would call within 48 hours! I need this bed out of my house and I have no place to sleep. 48 hours is not acceptable!

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  • El
    Elecia Combs Nov 12, 2018

    I have paid for a bed that I haven't got in two weeks... A few weeks before that they was supposed to bring it and they never did... Once my payment is done with my cell phone n coach I will not be coming back... And I'm going stop all my friends from going to rent center due to there failller..

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  • Ga
    Garcia001 Jan 23, 2019

    I lost my job back in November, I have been working with Gus at the Fredericksburg location. I informed him I am out of town training for work with the government and he keeps calling and calling or treating for my payment. I informed him once I get the money I will make payment. I don't want to get kicked out of my training Bc he keeps calling...

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  • Ta
    Tammy Pritchett Jun 10, 2019

    My current contract should have been honored and marked paid in full as agreed upon please. Thank you so much.

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  • Co
    connie lawton Jun 24, 2019

    So many problems don't know where to start. Ripped merchandise three times delivered. Then brought a used piece and it was dirty!!! Nate the sales person smelled so bad!!! I had to spray air freshener everywhere!!! Beyond pissed!!! Customer service is disgusting

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  • Ma
    Mark Stambaugh Aug 19, 2019

    The store mgr was rude to us so we did not what the labtop any more they call my wife like 4 times .

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  • Ti
    Tiffyy Aug 22, 2019

    I had enrolled in auto pay with my credit card I asked the manager of the store today via text if he could please help me un enroll so I could link my bank account now no response from anyone at all now I'm going to be charged for there mistakes

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