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I work at a nearby restaurant on Lafayette road in Indianapolis, In. I had a Rent a Center employee stop and visit my store. Before he left I could see that he was trouble, so I asked him if he was ok. He told me yes at first but, I knew there was something wrong. I ask again if he was ok and he broke down crying. He was crying heavily. He said that he worked at the Eagledale Location and that his boss had grabbed him and slammed him. I asked him if they had a confidential number that he could call and he said yes, that he had call the number before, but it got back around to his District manager and that she had told him that he was lying. He said that she told him that it was in his best interest to stay at that location and try and work things out with his manager. Well I just had another employee from the same location come and visit us crying because her manager verbally abused her daily by calling her names like Mark Henry, Big Fat Black and other names, and again she was told by this same District Manager that people like this guy and that if she wants to stay with this company she had to stay at that location and work things out with the manager. I visited the store and actually got to see what this manager looked like and he was so rude.I walked in and there was only this light skinned heavyset tattooed guy at the counter. He didn't say welcome, thanks for visiting or anything. There were no phones ringing but as soon as I got about 5 feet from the counter he picked up the phone and began pretending that he was on the phone. I left. I cannot, for the life of me understand how a person can get away with bully. This is the kind of thing that will cause people to lose faith in a business, but it's ok because the next person that comes to my store about this guy and his District Manager, I am going to sit them down and help them find a good attorney...


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    Burn72 Jul 16, 2008

    My room-mate got me a PC from Rent-A-Center. This last time it went in for repairs (9 in all) it came back slower and more F*cked up then when it went in. Not to mention I'm NOW blocked from my own G** D*** E-Mail!

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    Unknown Port Charlotte Sep 15, 2009


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    Cynthia Stucker Apr 09, 2010

    I purchased a table and six chairs last yr 2009 from Rent-A-Center in Herrin, IL. Now the "Ashley" table and chairs have all cracked, the wood has dried out, the legs are broken. They came to take pictures of the table and "ACKNOWLEDGE" that the furniture was defective, but as per the norm...nothing has been done to date. What a rip off, Rent A Centers are.

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    Jana W. Apr 16, 2012

    Hi, I work at RAC and I really appreciate your raising this issue. What you’ve described is absolutely against our policies and it’s something that the company would want to investigate. Please encourage these RAC coworkers to call our Compliance Hotline at 1-866-480-6135. It is operated by an outside company, Global Compliance Services, and coworkers who call that hotline are not required to identify themselves. Thanks.

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    2tiredofthisshyt Apr 16, 2012

    You know, the young lady called and got this number from another location. She called and also asked me to call for her. She never spoke with anyone and no one even bothered to contact me. This has been over a week ago. The gentleman told me that he had called and he was told to leave it alone. He was also told that it was in his best interest to stay there at that location after asking to be transferred. i mean the way I look at it is, is this the way rent A Center runs it's business through fear. We have a lot of hard working mothers and fathers out here trying to work and working hard. These people are the heart of these organization yet you all allow them to be treated this way and to make up for it you guys put up a 1800 number for them to call to make them think that you all care. Come on, my employees know I love them and appreciate the work that they do. They also know I've got there backs 100%. I am truly disappointed and I am also considering writing a letter to the EEOC. You all should check into this and also take a look at this guys turnover rate. I am disappointed!

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    r92 Oct 14, 2013

    My husband works at rent a center in NV and has nothing but issues with the DM and the store manager .. I mean everything from being written up for not meeting a sales quota when he was at home sick to the store manager verbally bashing other employees in front of non employees. The most recent was I went through a serious surgery which required my husband to stay with me for 24hours so he had to call into work and let them know that he would not be in and the next day the When he returned to work the DM called him and told him that he was responsible for the day ending bad in sales and that he needed to get his priorities a center is not an employee friendly place to work and I plan to take these issues to the labor board and the statecommissioner. I would advise everyone to look into all the claims against this company for harassment of their employees...there really should be a class action suit in the works.

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    RAC hurt on the job Jan 12, 2015

    I too work for RAC. I hurt my shoulder picking up a pair of reclining couches with a 65 year old C.A.R. I let the store manager know as soon as I returned to the store and her reply was "everyone who works with him gets hurt at some point". I asked if I should go to the doctor, she said RAC doesn't have light duty and if I needed that I would probably be let go. I spoke to the DM and she said she would take care of it. Well she was let go and I was hung to dry. A new DM started shortly after, I told him about the accident and the pain I was enduring. He asked if I was on WC and when I said no, he asked why. I told him what the SM said and he said he would talk to her. A month later, still nothing. The DM came to visit again. At that point I let him know that nothing was done about my shoulder and that I was continuously being told to use my right arm since it was the left side that hurt. To make a long story short, I got a lawyer and 17 months after the accident I got the surgery I needed. Unfortunately I over extended for so long with the right side that I will need to have it checked for damage as well. Now I'm home for 2 months, going to therapy twice a week, the shoulder is stiff as heck and I don't think I will ever get back to 100%. The job is very demanding with unreal quotas that cause employees to cheat the books in order to keep the DM's and the RD's off their backs. The honest employees get harassed and threatened. I really don't recommend anyone looking for work go to RAC.

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    Marleny Proche May 26, 2017

    1368 forest avenue rent a center roseline bailey shouldnt have the chance to represent this company... she treats employees like [censor] targeting, deviding, cussing, harassing, bullying them... how can rent a center even allow spycotic [censor] like her to be a "boss"? she is rude, uses "[censor]ing..."when talking to employees, always trying to be little them... no work ethics what so ever... she is not fit to represent thos company... she is a rude and unducated pig

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    unhappy66 Feb 01, 2019

    I am so disgusted with your store mgr. Matthew Booth in Casper Wyoming. you just had a customer VIP appreciation event, that I was called for by your sales rep and invited us in for the event, we had full intention of buying more items. The guy said that it was going to be a penny deal out to Feb. 2nd as well food and give away..I said we will be in, we arrived that afternoon and looked around and found what we were going to get and asked where the refreshments were and what the give away were going to be and when it would start? we were informed by a couple of the employees that the store mgr. Matthew hadn't arrived back with it yet. It was almost 5 pm by this time, so we decided to leave and run a errand and came back and expected to see what we were told was going to be there, we started to get together what item we were going to get and my son was thirsty so I asked the gentleman if there was refreshments available now, he said the store mgr didn't go pick anything up but he got my son some water, then we asked when the drawings were going to start, again meant with major disappointment once again, they informed us that there wasn't going to be a drawing after all... nice way to lie to your customers to get them to come into the store. By this time we were highly disappointed especially since I didn't feed my son since there was to be food there and there wasn't, this isn't the first time things like this has happened under this store mgr. Matthew, so needless to say we had to leave to go feed our son and we didn't get what we wanted to since we had to leave to go get some dinner, and we weren't coming back for a 3rd time we have been very long time customers, after we pay off this account we will be taking our business elsewhere, we are tired of this store mgr. Matthew and the blatant lies, to us customers. As well it seems like every time we go in there Matthew is sitting is his office doing nothing while the others are working very hard. The other employees in there are very nice to us and helpful, but Matthew is deceptive and has been very mean to his employees in our presence at times. I honestly don't know how they can stand him the way he speaks to them . As well he is very arrogant and condescending to people, some one needs to inform Matthew what it means to have a VIP EVENT!!!

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