Regions Financial Corporationdebit card, fraudulent activity and resulting incompetent libelous actions by regions

O Jan 03, 2020

On December 16 the and 17 th there were four 125.00$ amounts removed from my checking account after using my debit card at a Shell station. During the holidays regions BLOCKED my card for a 20 something dollar transaction at a gas station where I ROUTINELY purchase gas and I had to contact them to confirm that I indeed made that purchase. For the FOUR 125.00 amounts they DID NOT BLOCK MY CARD!!! Over a week later as I was looking at my transactions online I saw the fraudulent activity and wondered WHY I was never notified by Regions. I checked my email and they had sent me an email for the first 125.00, asking if I made this purchase. During the holiday season I had not seen or checked my email however they SHOULD have blocked my card for FOUR, yes FOUR 125.00 debits taken out. That's one. I called regions when I saw these debits and reported them to a fraudulent activity " specialist" who told me my card wouldn't have to be blocked on his end and gave me instructions on how to go under lockit and toggle the lock/ unlock on and off at my convenience. That was number 2 mistake. He said I would get another card in the mail and he started an investigation. I called back a few days later to see when my money would be put back into my account and your second fraud specialist was appalled that the first " specialist" didn't block my card. She said she would block it. I received my card on Jan. 2 Nd. The paperwork said my PIN number would stay the same as my old card. I went online to make sure everything was unblocked before I tried to use it at a Walmart. It showed locked so I unlocked it online. My new card could not be used. I called regions again and was told that not only was my old card STILL not blocked but a debit had gone through on it that very day! Good thing the thief didn't wipe out the whole amount in my account, eh?!!! I then went on with this " specialist" ( I am in the checkout line with groceries I am trying to pay for), who told me to tell them to run it as credit, not debit. The cashier said it said, " incorrect pin". I told your specialist that my letter that came with the new card said the pin would remain the same. He said he didn't know why it wasn't working. The " specialist" said he also didn't know why the old card wasn't blocked!!! We left WITHOUT THE GROCERIES!, , 🤬This specialist told me he was sending YET ANOTHER CARD IN THE MAIL AND HE HAD ME TELL HIM A PIN OVER THE PHONE THAT HE SAID HE WOULD ATTACH TO THE SECOND NEW CARD. So REGIONS has LOST me as a customer.i will be transferring my banking needs and account with regular payroll amounts of over 3000.00 every two weeks to my credit union. IF IF IF they are EVER able to find the ONE person who is knowledgeable and does their job efficiently and my money gets put back into my account and I get ONE DEBIT CARD THAT WILL WORK and IF THE THIEF who stole out of my account to start with doesn't wipe out the WHOLE amount because of the incompetence of regions employees, then I will move forward into the NEW YEAR with the literal JOKE of Regions customer service fallacy in my distant memory only. I am a Registered Nurse of 36 years. If nurses were allowed to go through our jobs as incompetent as my service has been during this, then surely many patients would die. Not only did you put ME at risk to have my WHOLE bank acct wiped out, your incompetent employees out REGIONS liable to assume the resolution of any amount the thief decided to help himself/ herself to at ANY TIME. And I STILL don't have a debit cRd that will work. Disgusting.

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