Regions Financial Corporationcustomer service

Z Oct 10, 2019

A check I deposited in my business account was placed on hold on 10/07. This has happened before and I have went to the bank and went through the verification process. My banker verified everything and said the hold would be removed by noon and funds would be available. 4pm funds were still not available I called my banker and he said the manager is on vacation so it will be 10/9 and the funds would be available. Any transactions will go through and any fees will be waived due to their end not being held up. 10/10 still no funds available I have $150 in fees that have occurred that they will not do anything about I've talked to them 3 times today and they keep saying funds will be available soon they are not doing anything to help this situation checks are bouncing and my fees keep racking up. I have even contacted the customer that wrote the check and everything has been pulled from his account and yet I have none of it. I've never bounced a check with this bank never overdrafted never deposited a bad check. I've had several other Banks and I will return to one of the past Banks regions is the worst experience I've ever had with a bank.

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