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loan modification denial

I tried to call regions to have them reduce my second lien which they hold on my house by half since my 1st lien holder agreed to do. I requested this since my house is not appraising for what I owe. They stated they are not reducing any loans.

If they would have agreed to half, I could of refinanced both and they would have been paid. Now that I will be walking away from the property then they stand to get nothing since second lien holders never see payment once the first is paid. I think they could of worked with my and met halfway since the primary agreed to do so. Greed will get you no money at all.

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    An Angry American Oct 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, we lost our careers when the economy tanked and trying to hang on w/ low paying jobs. We have our mtg w/ Regions (gangsta mtg co.) and we applied for the modification and for three months they lowered it by $300. We paid it easily and on time, at the end of the 3 months, they came back and said we no longer qualify and wanted the $300 for the three months ( $900) back immediately.
    We are about 2k behind ONLY because we were sending in partial payments several times a month WHICH amounted to the entire payment being received w/i the alloted month. BUT, since it wasn't all in one check, they put it in our escrow account instead of applying it to our mtg. and added finance, misc. charges. Now they are trying to foreclose on us.
    The escrow office (Memphis) and the mtg office (B'ham) can't even call each other to move our money where it belongs.
    Even tho they w/ other banks and wall street caused all this economic mess and Even tho they: Regions (gangsta mtg. co.) OWE us taxpayers tarp money to the tune of 3.5 BILLION dollars? Total Hypocrites! BOYCOTT Regions (gangsta mtg. co.)

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fraud and cheating

I am another regions customer who was victimized by Regions' scam. The bank held a deposit and allowed...

taking money from my bank acct. without my authorization

I retired in Sept. 2007. Since that date TWX*AOL has been taking $30.90 from my checking account each and...

tellers / branch manager

Tellers that don't have the training to look at the systems that the client can not see online and the branch manager that has to pick up a book because he don't know how to read the same information that the teller read incorrect at the Irving Tx location in LosCosta.
Now when a customer enter office the staff is begging please get a loan you can't get to the teller for the no thank you . Asking the teller for the begining balance of your accout is a 10 minute battle,teller is is talking to the other teller because the teller that waiting on you don't know what they are look at.1o minutes past ,now you ask what has cleared the account .You provide the amounts and teller informs that those items have cleared and that available funds are $$$$. So what happens Being charged ISF for over 250.00 because the teller stated that the charges had clear. Here's the funnie, I was told since I opened my account in Memphis the Memphis office would have to refund the ISF back to my account for an error that the Irving office stated with the incorrect information. Branch Mgr in Memphis returned the funds after President Day. Well guess what, while getting this cleared here we go again.Teller/ branch mgr at the Irving office provided incorrect funding amount in account. And again the branch mgr states that the memphis office will have to refund the charges from the same incorrect information provided by the Irving location. ISF charges mounted $$$. If the tellers and branch managers can not read or understand the info in front of them theres a problem. I know since the change from Union Planter to Regions,now lets add Amsouth to the banking world of Regions 30 people that I know have removed there accounts from this nightmare of a bank about 6 have being large accounts. Different location same ending.

scam and abuse!

When my great-aunt died in 2003, it was discovered that her care-taker had withdrawn over $250,000 from her...

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BEWARE!!! When you receive notification from FIA Card Services regarding your APR--- read the fine print. You may not even know what account is affected. Unless you mail a written notification of rejection of the high interest rate (in my case it was 27.99%), they will automatically raise your rate. This was for an account that I have had for many years, with good standing. They are sending this out to all customers and if you don't reject, you pay!

added unauthorized charges!

FIA card services added what they called a credit protection plan to my closed account that took a 3k bal to...