Red Roof Innsmoney taken off my credit card 3 days after I left hotel without authorizing them to do so

D Aug 12, 2018

I stayed at red roof in round rock tx for about 3 month's during this time nobody ever cleaned my rm changed the bed linen I asked for clean towel n linen I changed my own bed moped n cleaned my own rm took out my trash. I checked out Mon Aug. 6 out clean sheets pillow cases cleaned rm better than was when I checked in. On thurs Aug 9 I co my credit card n red roof took off 60.00 with out permission I called asked speak to my they where not there to to the hotel n talked with front desk was told I suppose to stole 2 dirty pillows n the window had a crack which was there when I moved into rm n only a [censored] couldnt see the old water stain in the glass. I am 58 yr 8 old lady I was only in my rm to sleep . I got off work at 10 Don't party I wrote them a whole letter still nothing from my . will never stay again n calling better business on them also for stealing my money without permission over dirty pillows. I should get pd 3 months of cleaning detail for doing every thing housekeeping got pd to do n didn't. Don't stay there the 3rd floor smells so bad of weed that people smoke the stair well had piles of dog shot there for 3 days people stepping in it. I found a needle outside by my car told front desk about all this n they didn't do a thing about it.

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