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Red Robin International Complaints & Reviews

Red Robin International / refills

Oct 04, 2019

So i know my friends annoyed the server and all that but that doesnt mean they can not just not give refills when i didnt do anything. I even tipped $2 and now not give me anything. I'm not very happy with the outcome of this. I just wanted my refills on my cream soda. Wish you could do...

Red Robin International / got a email for bogo for 10/01/19

Oct 02, 2019

I recieved an email a few days ago from Red Robin, stating that on 10/01/19 they had abuy one burger and get another burger for free, and so my daughter and myself went there that day for dinner, and was very disappointed, they were closed for construction why would they send out a offer like...

Red Robin Restaurant / customer service and food quality

Sep 29, 2019

Came in to eat lunch on Sept 28, 19 and my daughter ordered a pork sandwich with lettuce buns rather than bread. Not only was the order completely wrong after she received it but when I told our waiter (James), all he asks is, "that's all though, right?" Isn't this the part where he...

Red Robin International / service

Sep 14, 2019

On Monday I went to eat at Red Robin in May's Landing NJ with my family. It took over. 16 minutes to get our drinks (place was NOT busy) I've been a server for years even if a customer doesn't know how things should go you should always treat your guess with the same service you'd like...

Red Robin International / serves

Aug 26, 2019

I went in with a group of 4 employees to enjoy lunch had a 75$ tab and had the worst customer service other. The server Cris was rude and never came our table unless we flagged her down. She assisted everyone around us where custoemrs who entered after us receieved service and food before...

Red Robin International / birthday coupon

Aug 11, 2019

Hello, My family and I went for dinner at Red Robin on Saturday. First time I ever went to a Red Robin and may be the last. First of all the burgers were fantastic but when my daughter and son(which were both born in August were only allowed to use 1 birthday coupon. The waitress said they...

Red Robin International / store 27-8 holyoke, ma

Aug 08, 2019

This is the closest Red Robin to where we live. My husband and I walked in this evening. There were three other parties of two waiting to be seated. The hostess said it would be a 15-20 min wait. We went and sat down: I went to the ladies room and saw at least 25 tables which were empty...

Red Robin International / service

Aug 04, 2019

8/4/19 I woke up craving a good burger. I drove 35 minutes to the Red Robin in Hilliard because I live out in the country. I was seated by the hostess in the bar area. I waited a few minutes and no one came to acknowledge me, serve me or even say I'l be right with you. I was the only...

Red Robin International / gourmet burger at henderson red robin

Jul 21, 2019

The date of this incident was in September 2017. Yes, it was a while ago ... and yes I reached out to your customer service ... but they seemed stymied as to what to do. My complain then was the poor service and the small serving of French fries (there were 7) I received when I order one...

Red Robin Restaurant / filthy conditions of restaurant.

Jun 10, 2019

Sunday, June 9th 3:00 pm.. we rent to the RR in Pleasanton, Ca. After submitting our tabel information.. another group came in and they seated them before us... the man at the desk came over and said.."Oh, sorry we gave your table to them" and walked away!!! Waited another 15 minute...

Red Robin International / service

Jun 07, 2019

My husband and two grandchildren just left a Red Robin located in Burlington, NC. We waited over 10 minutes to have someone from the wait staff to approach our table. As a matter of fact we were getting up from the table to go elsewhere for our lunch. It was about 1 pm. When our waitre...

Red Robin International / the food was terrible!

Jun 04, 2019

The 2 meals I received today [protected])as a to go order was from the Red Robin in Woodinville WA. I have eaten at different locations in the past and really enjoyed it. These meals were awful! I ordered a Cheese melt and a Cheese melt with a burger patty. The bread was old, the cheese...

Red Robin International / service

Jun 01, 2019

Red Robin InternationalI haven't visited the restaurant chain in awhile(over a year). I visited on May 31st. It took about 3-5 minutes to be greeted and seated possible due to short staff. The server was great; however my meal arrived on an extremely dirty plate. The plate was so dirty I had place my food on a...

Red Robin's Restaurant / bad food

May 12, 2019

My family and I went to Red Robin for Mother's day. I order the fish and shrimps dinner after asking the server wher is my fish he said that's all you get I said a little very little fish with a lot of batter their is no fish in side and the shrimp smell funky. Right after I got sick...

Red Robin / service

Apr 09, 2019

We were trying to order dinner the night befor my wife's moms cancer surgery and we got put through to your call center, SO I'm told". When my wife showed up to pick up food they said there was no order. She couldn't wait to find the problem, even though your people said they could make...

Red Robin International / service/long wait time/cold food

Mar 06, 2019

I visited the Red Robin location at Morse Crossing Columbus Ohio today around 4:50. Sat at the bar to order a drink and food. The bar back was no where to be found and I probably sat there waiting for 5-10 minutes before I was waited on. When she arrived, I was greeted nicely by her, so I...

Red Robin International / unethical behavior

Feb 17, 2019

I have gone into Red Robin 3 to 4 times in the last month or so and one manger, I believe her name is Amy, has me absolutely baffled. I have overheard her bad mouthing customers to her employees while they are still on the floor working, and I have also overheard her belittle her...

Red Robin International / food

Feb 17, 2019

I am not a pissed off customer but i am a regular customer. There are way to many options for eating out in this area so I thought I would bring this to your attention. We only live a couple of miles from Red Robins and we love the burgers and the variety of burgers but i also love other...

Red Robin International / poor customer service

Jan 22, 2019

Dec 29.2017 we hoped to enjoy dinner at Red robin in Richfield MN. We had a large group 11 5 adults 6 children. they told us one table finished up and were waiting on another to finish. Nobody else was waiting when we arrived. after that probably 20 people checked in. We patiently waited...

Red Robin International / about your gm in montgomery al

Nov 04, 2018

You need a new gm in Montgomery AL she is so rude and disrespectful.i witness her treating her employees wrong she has a filthy mouth.she is the reason your store is loosing customer s you need a better gm I will not be going back to this restaurant.take her name off of that door and...

Red Robin International / message received by manager

Oct 29, 2018

Red Robin InternationalI received an abusive email from a manager of Red Robin named Jeffrey Moore. I have never contacted or spoken to this person so have no idea why I received this email. I think the person should be disciplined and replaced by head office of Red Robin. I do not use social media other than...

Red Robin in Schererville Indiana / food, and service

Oct 26, 2018

Hello I recently visited the red robin in schererville indiana and I was very disappointed. My father's food was very bland and my burger was not made well. The onion tanglers were not cooked well and the burger was very sloppy. Then I accidentally left my son's baby placemat on the table...

Red Robin International / ants in ketchup cap

Oct 18, 2018

Red Robin InternationalOn September 10th of this year at around 5pm, I treated my bonus son and family to a Red Robin's meal for his birthday. We went to the Red Robin's located at 18650 Ford Rd. in Detroit (Dearborn) Michigan. While everyone was eating I had a ketchup bottle I used for my fries and I proceeded...

Red Robin International / bleu ribbon

Oct 17, 2018

I came to Red Robin with my boyfriend and two friends around October 9th or 10th. We experienced terrible serving, from a waitress, I can't remember her name, it might have been Audrey or something like that. There was no one to refill our drinks for about 10 minutes, and I am not trying...

Red Robin International / customer service

Sep 24, 2018

Went to Red Robin in Henrietta. As I was sitting with my family, I overheard what I assume to be a manager belittle an employee there. As if his insults weren't bad enough, he was using inappropriate language- in front of my children and other customers. It was actually quite...

Red Robin International / poor experience at red robin des moines washington

Aug 27, 2018

22705 Marine View Dr S, Des Moines, WA 98198 · My husband and I went to this Red Robin Saturday 8/25/2018 at 4 pm for an early dinner. We sat in the bar so I could have a cocktail. It was NOT busy. It took 15 minutes to get my well-drink!! We immediatly asked for more fries when our dinner...

Red Robin International / bad overall dining experience

Aug 26, 2018

My family was at dinner at the Redmond, Wa. location. It was again the most unsatisfactory experience. This is the third bad experience we have had at this location. Waiting period was 30 mins long & then another 30 mins wait for food. When the food finally come out - the meats were burn...

Red Robin International / bad customer service

Jul 20, 2018

my name is jonathan logalbo I was on vacation in las vegas in december of 2017 and had my wallet stolen. I am disabled and needed to take my medication for the day one of which required i stopped in a casino at a red robin and asked nicely to speak with a manager at red robin..told him...

Red Robin International / customer service/overall experience while dining

Jul 19, 2018

Red Robin InternationalWalked into restaurant. Hostess stated waiting time was 30 to 45 mins. There were several other groups waiting to be seated, many whom have been waiting a while. We waited few mins, and noticed a few empty tables that needed to be bused. I decided to walk the restaurant and noticed several...

Red Robin / restaurant

Jul 12, 2018

Over charged bad service and they never handle the situation at the restaurant or responded back to my email about my complaint thru guest support .they just take your money and that's it . I see other complaints that this as also happened to them at this location. I would think they would...

Red Robin International / very unclean and unhealthy

Jul 11, 2018

My husband and I live in West Chester OH where there are a lot of new restaurants coming to that area. I really like going to Red Robin to get their turkey burger and fries. We walked in the store and the look of the place was grimy and know one looked like they were trying to keep it...

Red Robin International / senior orders

Jul 10, 2018

We like to go to Red Robin with our friends, and we go quite often. But now we are considering going elsewhere. As we are dieting and since you don't have a Senior menu or a lighter choice menu, we been ordering from the kids menu. The size is perfect and the chicken strips are perfect for...

Red Robin International / unable to use red robin gift card

Jul 06, 2018

My nephew Dean Baughman turned 19 on June 25, 2018, so I bought him a $30 gift card for Red Robin since that is one of his favorite restaurants. On Friday, June 29, 2018, he and his girlfriend visited a Red Robin restaurant in Hershey, PA, after spending the day at Hersheypark. My nephew...

Red Robin International / service

Jun 15, 2018

Hi this was my husband and I first time at Red Robin. We were seated in a dirty area a lot of unbussed tables. Took forever to get drinks table beside left because of the weight. Barley saw waitress and when we did it was very short. Received appetizers and 5 minutes later received our...

Red Robin International / refused service

Jun 11, 2018

I went in for teachers appreciation day at 9:26 after attending a graduation and was refused service because they had been really busy all day. I was really embarrassed and disappointed. I saw other customers pulling in and going in and we're not refused service. I waited 5 minute...

Red Robin International / service

Jun 08, 2018

I want to start off with I love Red Robin and my family goes there pretty often. We usually go to the one on Harlem and Irving but yesterday we went to the one in Oak Brook. We went to have lunch for my husbands birthday and it was the absolute worst service we have ever had. The hoste...

Red Robin International / manager and employees refused to honor email specials

Jun 06, 2018

Red Robin InternationalTwo weeks ago I placed an order for two Gourmet burgers at the San Dimas, CA, Red Robin attempting to take advantage of the 20% off to go order offer I received in my e-mail. When I went to pick them up at 8:50 pm, the 20% off discount had not been applied. Alexandra, the receptionist...

Red Robin International / teacher appreciation on june 5, 2018

Jun 05, 2018

Greetings on the day and in question my wife and I went to the Red Robin in Chesapeake Town Centee in Chesapeake, Virginia for the special. We wanted in line for over 2.5 hours just to find out the hostess never put us in the waiting list. So then we tried to call in the order but no one...

Red Robin / bad dining experience request for reimbursement

May 23, 2018

I was traveling with my family through vineland nj when we all got hungry. We saw your sign from the highway and pulled in for what we anticipated would be a good hot meal. Before I continue let me just say that on that particular highway we had our choice of Red Lobster as well as a few other...

Red Robin International / bad service

May 14, 2018

I went to order a Pig Out Tavern, was very upset when I was told aioli was not going to be made anymore that all you get is mayo & bacon instead so I asked for another sauce like poppy seed honey mustard so it was okay but between a %10 - 100 service I give it a %15 because I'm no chef but...