RCA Proscan LCD Television6 months old-stopped working and has recall for catching fire

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I have a Proscan Flat Screen T.V., purchased only 6 months ago, I heard there was a recall for they were catching fire! Also, it stopped working. In need of help and assistance, I have been trying to call them for a month now with absolutely no results.


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      Jul 31, 2011

    The power on my proscan stopped working. I wonder if this is related. ALSO cant get help.

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  • B
      Jun 23, 2012

    DO NOT BUY PROSCAN (unless you have a lot of homeowners insurance) I had two proscan flat panels - first one ended up with the blue screen of death - costco made good on the warranty. the second tv they shipped - same model of the first one that died (32 inch with a dvd player built in) caught fire while my daughter was watching the tv. I called and found out that the tv was now out of warranty by a few months so A&E, the distributor (i guess) for proscan in the US said "so sad, to bad, bye bye" - they did not even seem to care that their product could have burned my house down. They offered to send a technician out to the house ($99.00) to check on the problem - I would then have to pay parts and labor - what a nice deal. I passed on this deal and told them I would never buy a proscan again - did not seem to phase them as i guess I am not the first person to tell them that.

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  • T
      Mar 21, 2014

    My 6 year old 42" Proscan LCD caught on fire wile walking away From it.called Sears told them of the problem they just took the report.could not reach proscan at all.what else can i do?

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  • N
      Aug 07, 2014

    I bought a pro scan flat screen from Canadian tire 8 months ago and it works but no picture the screen is black, took it back today and got another one for an exchange warranty and plugged it in and getting it set up and plugged the cable into the t.v and sparks went flying everywhere, so i guess it's going back too.

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