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Raise game — EUR54.95

I am Ridwan Ibrahim from kontagora Niger state NIGERIA
I have been charged £54.95 today without my conscience and now I'm in deep trouble because I don't even own the money it was transfered to my account by a customer
The same have happened on 16/03/2020 £2.95 and I don't know how it happened pls help
I'm pleading to this company to pls reverse my money pls.


unwanted membership or purchase

Never ordered your product. Cancel my membership please. I want no more charges to my account. Cancel and unsubscribe me . I'm not sure what the charges are.for, but I want to end whatever it is now . You can keep whatever.$ You have gotten but I do not and will not pay for your service anymore. If you need to contact !e you may email me with concerns

for a game on my phone that was free

They charged my card 39.95 for a game the was free to download and didn't not send me any notification that my card will be charged or that I was purchasing a game at all... — charged my credit card — never heard of this company!

Checking our banking info online and I noticed a charge on our credit card for $39.95 on 23Dec2013. I asked my husband if he had ordered anything and he was as shocked as I wa...

Raise Game — scam

Ordered game didnt work, requested refund and was charged for the free trial requested refund. For donation I did not make and was told no refund... Watch out for these guys

RaiseGamedeceptive tactics

I have never subscribed to any programs provided by They called me and claimed that I have received an e-mail (which I actually didn’t receive). They know all my personal details including address and bank account information. I don’t need their services at all. Please stop using your deceptive tactics!

  • Ja
    Jay Krout Nov 04, 2018

    I just discovered 2 purchases from risegame I never ordered! I've luck calling their number it won't let me talk to a human when I call. file a claim with my bank to $ back. I don't know how long ago, but its.difficult to cancel my account, .that I Never authorized

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  • Ca
    Carolyn Copland Dec 21, 2018

    Yes, have charged my credit card $123.20, completely unauthorised. The bank doubted that I would be reimbursed. I have had to shut down my credit card.

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  • Hs
    hs2802 Dec 22, 2018

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