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ShoppersAdvantage Complaints & Reviews

ShoppersAdvantage / Cancel membership to both

Reviewer82218 on Nov 11, 2015
I cancel my shoppers advantage thinking it would cancel both cards but found out later the shoppers/travelers are separate account when you talk to any person they will not tell you shoppers/travelers are separate account in two different department CHECK your statement.

Tlg Shoppers Advantage / Membership

Reviewer33108 on Nov 4, 2015
I cancelled my membership with Shoppers Advantage two days after it had contacted me about a membership. I researched the company and saw all the bad reviews, so I decided to cancel the membership. I called this number 1 (800)526-4848 because that was the number to call for cancellation...

Shoppers Advantage / Membership Rebate Coupons

Reviewer64923 on Oct 3, 2015
An offer from Shoppers Advantage Company comes up at the end of placing your Collections, etc. (an online shopping site) order online. A phone number comes up and offers (4) gas coupons for $5.00 each. I order from Collections etc. often so every time I complete my order, the Shopper...

Shoppersadvantage.com / website

Jason Mccoy on Mar 15, 2014
In the year 2010, I checked my bank account and i saw a lot of money missing.this company www.shoppersadvantage.com took $815.49 out of my debit card without my permission.I need this company to stop taking money off of my debit card.I told the company to put my money back on my debit card...

Shoppers Advantage / Cancel Membership

Chassidy Sagely on Jan 30, 2014
Hi my name is Chassidy Sagely and I would like to cancel my membership with you guys. When I tried to log-in, it said that you didn't have my email on file, but you taking money out of my bank account. Here is the reference number that is on my bank statement TLG*Shopper89851148JAN. I...

ShoppersAdvantage / Unauthorized Charges

Emiloo on Oct 13, 2013
Shoppersadvantage.com, Budget Savers Monthly, FamilyShoppingClub.com, and Discounttravelleisure.com have all been charging my bank of america checking/credit card more than twice monthly!! I have already had Bank of America alerted about these fraudulent charges so they sent me a new card...

Shoppers Advantage Discounts / Shoppers Advantage won't cancel the service

Dianapat22 on Feb 11, 2013
After ordering airline tikets from Spirit airlines I got an offer to receive a discout if I tried this Shoppers Advantage discount service for 1 month. There was nothing in their information that would save me any more money than I would spend on the monthly membership fee so after 2...

Shoppersadvantage.com / Don't fall for this scam

Ronane on Nov 9, 2012
I had previously called them to cancel this-but they went ahead and charged me $16.99 anyway-two months later! I am livid. It has resulted in a $35.00 fee from my bank! I have never used this for any type of purchase whatsover.It is connected to cheapoair. When I bought airplane ticket...

Shoppers Advantage / Pending charge

Inner on Sep 21, 2012
April 21, 2012 checked bank online to see a pending charge from shoppersadvantage.com of $15.99. Called the bank to see what this was and let them know this was not approved and I didn’t even know this was happening. They researched to find that they have been taking this out since...

Tlg Shoppers Advantage / Did not authorize payment

Gilbert Maestas on Jun 26, 2012
I took out a "Spirit" airlines credit card. This master card is through "Bank of America". There was a program that was attached to the casrd that I cancelled the "Great Fun" back in May of 2012. I saved the cancellation information for future use if needed. I just accessed my Credit card...

Shoppers Advantage / Stay away from these crooks

Koski on Jun 6, 2012
Got letter in the mail saying I was eligible for 1 million dollars in some sweepstakes, then suddenly i get mail from 3 or 4 different companies that charged me 4 or 5 dollars on my credit card without asking me to join, I called every company and canceled my membership and they assured me...

Tlg Shoppers Advantage / Travel Advantage / unauthorized charges

braki on Apr 3, 2012
tlg shoppers advantage /travel advantage has been charging my account since oct 21/11.i did not authorize it.it was used to book a car rental in florida a few days before the first charge appeared i guess i am at fault in not better reading my statements but since the charges weren't...

Shoppers Advantage / False Billing

Clooney on Mar 24, 2012
In spite of being told that I did not wish to receive the $40 cash card - nor join their program - they managed to bill me anyway because they had my credit card number from the hotel reservation - it was all connected. I called and cancelled again - still I am being billed. Now the Credit...

Shoppers Advantage / charges for service after I cancelled agreement

Roger Green on Mar 3, 2012
I canceled the agreement on Friday night on service@shoppersadvantage.com, the very next day I saw charges of $29.95 on my debit card. So they have given me this #12355962...This Sat. March 3rd the very next day and nobody is around to answer my questions. I saw in New York that the parent...

Tlg/ Shoppers Advantage / Fraudulent Billing

JillAvey on Sep 11, 2011
I signed up for this travel discount service and quickly realized that you had to jump through so many hoops to get a discount on anything that none of their offers would do my any good. I called before my trial period was over to cancel my subscription which was in July. Today I see that...

Shoppers Advantage / I do not want this service at all

Natasha Moore on May 18, 2011
I Natasha Moore, is requesting that you remove my name and credit card number from your records. I do not need the services and i do not want my credit card to be be debited at all please.I am requesting this as of 4/30/20112@ 11:09 a.m My contact number is (828)407-6439 and a second...

Shoppers Advantage / taking money without autorized

Michael Brightwell on May 17, 2011
My name is Michael Brightwell i ordered Some items off of Amazon website and afew days later I got A phone call from shoppers advantage they had all of my information well to make a long story short i have tried everything to stop them from taking money out of my account and ive also...

Shoppers Advantage Or Tlg Shopper / Canceled Membership/Stopping Automatic Payment

GRITSinMS on Mar 22, 2011
After sending a letter and a phone call to cancel the membership I so stupidly agreed to, the company still continues to deduct the automatic monthly membership payment. I hate to pay the bank fee to stop the draft but in the long run it appears to be cheaper!

Tlg Shoppers Advantage / fraud

For the 2nd time in one month, I have been charged 19.99 out of my account. When you call, the main number has been disconnected. After I finally get the right number, they said they will take care of it, and yet, I was just charged again today. Please warn all your friends and family to...

Shoppers Advantage / Scam

My daughter rented a truck from Budget and got a "free" Travelers Advantage gas card. Months later she got a bill from Shoppers Advantage for monthly service fee of $15.99 per month. It's fairly obvious that Budget and Shoppers Advantage are in this SCAM together. I will never rent...

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