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Unauthorized and scamming charge

I never used the website www.programstop.com. But 4 weeks ago, I found out that these scammers took $98.78...

I don't gave money for such scam

I loged on for christmas purchase for grand-children, this popped up, by the time I relized what was going on I got out of this site but unknown to me it still went thru & charged my account! i find out by receiving their crap in the mail, as of [protected] am I am getting ready to cancle this as stated on document to go to www.programstop.com, if this shall fail I will file charges. I am a disabled grandmother on a fixed income $ don't have this money for such a scam, I'd rather donate to the needy.

Illegally charged my credit card 3 months so far

For Three months my credit card account has been billed 424.95 for god knows what. When I guestioned the...

stole my debit card info

Company with web site www.programstop.com debited my bank account with out me knowing. So far that I have found its for a total of $50.00. I am a single mother of two, just lost my job and having to fight for my unemplyment. This is something I cant afford like most people in our country we are pinching pennys. These people need to be stopped.

  • Cr
    Cranky Old Lady Jun 24, 2011

    Lets try this again. I've said it before, will say it again Dont Give Out Your CC Information to anyone then you wont put yourself in this situation & Think about your finances & Your Children before You go online & Indulge Yourself in shopping sprees you clearly could'nt afford.

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unauthorized charges to my debit card

From July to October, I have been charged $24.95 ($74.85 total) for something I did not subscribe or...

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unauthorized charges

I have found a charge on one of my credit card for a membership fee that I did not authorize ofr $24.94. When...

unauthorized charges & membership

I do not know what I am being charged for! I looked at my statement, and they charged me $126 plus monthly...


When inquiring my account balance this morning I found 4 UNAUTHORIZED transactions to my account. Two for $16.95 each to Homeplay & Two for $16.95 each to Vacation Passport. I called the numbers provided & got voicemail which sent me to the site www.programstop.com (for both companies). I immediately printed all information including 10 pages of complaints & went to my bank & filed a dispute & contacted visa. I went to Better Business Bureau & they cannot help because it is FRAUD-a CRIME & a CIVIL LAW VIOLATION but they provided me w/ Volunteer Lawyers Network [protected] Minneapolis, MN 55402 & North Dakota Supreme Court State BD of law examiners [protected] E.Boulevard Ave., Dept.180, Bismark, ND 58505-In addition the parent company of homeplay, vacation passport, cooking in style, explore usa, essentials for home, gleam & glamour, value, funsource, value access, duets, glamour in you, out of balance, buyers plus & chase ultimate rewards plus is PROVELL, INC. 11100 Wayzata Boulevard Suite 680, Minneapolis, MN [protected] (fax #[protected]) I hope this helps all of you & hope you follow through as I am-they need to be prosecuted! Marlena Capparelli

  • To
    tooltime Feb 07, 2009

    I have been charged $14.95 for almost 2 years before I noticed it on my statement. I canceled my card. When I called them and asked what they are she said it was for coupons. Has anyone ever been reinbursed for all the money they were ripped off?

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  • Pr
    Programstop.com Nov 20, 2010

    This company has committed fraud. No idea how they got my charge and have been since 9/10, 10/10 and 11/10 charged $19.95 a month for something never heard of. Contacted credit card company and they are investigating as fraud. Tried to submit cancel and request money back and gives web error and won't go through. Called and said not there and go to www.programstop.com. Have no idea what this is about. Will be contacting my other accounts about this company.

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  • Ta
    tamura 61 Jan 08, 2011

    What the Hell is this? I go to my account to find $24.95 gone to some place I have no knowledge of nor did I give permission to. I called the number and here I am on this website reading how these people have been doing this type of thing to alot of other people. How can this be ?? Are there no laws to protect us consumers from fraud of this caliber?I am livid and this will n ot be the end of this for me.

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unauthorized debit

In reviewing my transations, I came across a $19.95 charge. I have no idea what this is for. I don't do...

stole my credit card number


unauthorized debit from my bank account

I am like all the others, unauthorized debit from my accounts. I have called three times and they still...

unathorized charge

I received my credit card bill for Oct and I have charge for $19.95 on 9/6/08 and $1.99 on 9/7/08. I called the number on my statement and all I get is a machine saying to go to programstop.com. I went to it and filled out the form to cancel what ever it was I supposely have a memebership to. I hit enter and it says this website has a programming error. I am angry. I have no idea who or what this company is and why I was charged. I will keep calling and filling out form on internet to get them to stop charging my credit card. I don't know what else to do. !!! I am on a very budget income and can not afford this my credit card is only for emergency like if i break down in my car. I am so angry!!!

  • Ju
    Julia Mar 24, 2009

    This ia a very active account that I keep paid up(except during the holidays), through my neglect these people made 8 charges to my Discover card of $24.95 each. Am now in touch with Discover. Doubt I'll get any money back, but want to make sure they don't get any more.

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  • Pe
    Peggy Harris Jan 01, 2012

    for the last 4 or 5 months you have charged me 24.95, and I don't know what it is for . I want you to stop charging my credit card, cancel it. and credit my card back. I believe I called you before and canceled the same thing. I will get in touch will my credit card company to let them know you are charging me with out my consent and they will take action on you. Happy new year!!! thank you Peggy Harris.

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  • Ch
    Christopher Brooks Sr. Mar 08, 2013

    I was scammed the same way. For the past three months a charged of 24.95, from a company called Coupon Connect. I never heard of this company before or used their services, and I don't know HOW THEY GOT MY INFO. I reported this company to my local BBB and my credit card company, and they are taking action. Ya!!! I wont my money back, but I really wont their address. HELLO!!! GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER!!! Christopher Brooks, - Washington, DC

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  • Ma
    Mary M Palmisano Nov 02, 2013

    I was told that I would get a 14 day trial but was charge before the trial period ended.
    I'm going to stop payment to this company and file sue if they continue to draw money out of my account.
    I'm a low-income senior citizen I don't have much money as it is. My social security isn't very much now.
    I think that this company should be shut down for fraud.
    Mary Palmisano

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  • Na
    Nancy Russell Jun 03, 2016

    My credit card was charged $24.95, and I don't even know, who you'll are, nor what you'll are, other than, SCAMMERS.
    I want my money credited back to my account ASAP.
    If not I'll be in touch with the, BBB...and have my Lawyer sue this co. for the 24.95 plus alot more!!!
    And I mean each and every word of it!!!
    Nancy Russell

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This website has charged $16.95 to my credit card two months in a row now. I want to know how they got all my...

They are thieves

Somehow they got my cell # & my VISA #. I only deal w/secure online sites. So they call verify my name, then tell me they are sending me vouchers for gas, food, car rentals, travel, etc... & will only charge a buck for the 1st 30 days then $19.95/mo. I tell them no they will not & how did they get my ph. & card #'s & who the hell is this, click they hang up 3weeks later I get "my membership" info & if I would like to cancel please call [protected]. I called & the recording said to go to www.programstop.com. Obviously there is no such website cuz' here I am. They stole my ID info now they're trying to steal my $$. If there is or will be a class action suit I'm in.

  • Wm
    Wm. Stoneking Nov 03, 2008

    I too was promised a gas card and other vouchers, but have not seen a card, vouchers, or any memebership information, yet they are still taking the $19.95 from my social security disability. I am now trying to cancel this b.s., and then I am going to notify my local press to inform them of what is going on here, so they can warn others!

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  • Gi
    gina wright Jun 28, 2011

    I also received these things, was trying to order a bottle of CELTRIXA. I told these people repeatedly that i wanted nothing else andf I asked them over and over to be sure and clear, that I only wanted the one bottle of celtrixa they assured me that's what i would get and i got 3 bottles!!! with a paper saying i owed then 70.00$ a bottle, i flipped out. I have now learned not to order anything over the phone or internet.

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  • Gi
    gina wright Jun 28, 2011

    just want to add that the television ad states that it is a risk free trial all you pay is shipping & handling and they are giving away 1.000, 000 free bottles. I haven't been billed yet, but this just happened about a week ago. I just received the budget savers stuff in the mail today, called and cancelled. Hoping and praying it doesn't go any further, will keep you posted!

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  • Ga
    GatorGirl68 Jul 06, 2011

    I ordered the Nubrilliance from one of those TV adds and then I get these phone calls saying they were sending me all this membership crap to other things I didnt want. They charged $1 a time 3 times and I had to wait to receive whatever crap they mailed to get the membership number to cancel. I told them I wasnt interested when they called but they wouldnt shut up. I cancelled 2 of them but then a 3rd was charged of $29.95 to my credit card today. I did call the 1-800 and emailed them and they said it would be cancelled and the refund would go back on my card. I hope it does because its such a hassle calling the credit card to dispute it and then cancel that card and get another.

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My credit card was also charged 99.99 for "WC Cooking In Style" on March 13, 29008. (I do not even cook!...

Fraud and cheating!

I have never even been to this site or its affiliates, yet somehow my bank info was used for a $70.00 charge...