Quest Diagnosticstrying to extort money from patients

M Aug 12, 2018

My regular dr. Uses quest labs when his own lab people are out or when they call in sick and no one is available. He's sent me to them 2 times before. The first time was about three years ago, and all I did was walk in, tell them my dr. S name, they took blood, and I walked out. No muss, no fuss.

Earlier this year my dr. Sent me to quest again, since his lab people didn't show up for work. I showed up, I told them my dr. S name and they asked "how do you want to pay"? I said "i'm here at my dr. S request, he uses you people when his are out. I never pay for this." she said quest started charging for their services regardless of any doctors having contracts with them or not. I got up to walk out, and all of a sudden her tune changed! She said "we can bill your insurance company". I told her thats what they are supposed to be doing in the first place, not trying to extort money from patients who's dr. S have contacts with them!

Recently I went to another dr. And he wanted a bunch of bloodwork done. He said he didn't have a lab, that he sends his patients to the quest across the street that he has a contract with. So I show up to this quest office and they want a credit card for payment???!!! I told the woman I wasn't giving them my credit card, and that the dr. Said he had a contract with this office. She said it didn't matter, they needed a credit card. I told her my insurance pays for all of the tests and she said "we don't have proof of that". She said "we need proof from your insurance company that they will pay". So I spent two hours on the phone with my insurance company who in turn got quest customer service on the phone. We went through all of the different procedures the dr. Was asking for, and the quest customer service guy said that all of the procedures are standard and are all covered by my insurance, so I won't have to pay anything.

So I went back to the quest office. They didn't even ask me for my insurance information this time! They just put me in a booth and had my blood taken and then I was out of there! Why did'nt this happen the first time, like it was supposed too???

Quest obviously is trying to extort extra money from patients, even from those who have doctors with contracts!!!

And even after spending hours on the phone with my insurance company and quests customer service rep... Both of which told me I would not be paying anything out of pocket, I get a bill in the mail this week from quest!!!

I am going to have to tell my dr. S they need a contract with an honest lab company! Quest is trying to extort money from their patients!! I will never set foot in another quest office as long as I live!!! If my dr. Wants bllodwork done, he's going to have to do it himself or use a different lab company!!!

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