Quest Diagnosticsspouse's test results sent to me - how is this not a hipaa violation?

K Jul 06, 2018
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Yesterday I received my spouse's lab results -they were addressed to me. Working in healthcare I can not see how this is not a HIPAA violation. I am not his guarantor - rather I am the policy holder. On their site, Quest claims what I have quoted below. However, I didn't JUST receive an invoice, I received his lab results. How does this not violate HIPAA?

"The policyholder is responsible for payment of co-insurance, co-payments and or deductibles incurred for covered services provided to you as a covered dependent. If the invoice is addressed to your spouse, it is likely your spouse is the insurance policyholder."


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    K Red Sep 20, 2018
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    Am having a problem now with Quest and was told to file a complaint with their Collegeville PA office and with Health and Human Services. Since they sent you his information he should file a HIPPA complaint with the Office of Civil Rights.
    What I am having a problem with is our state doesn't have a regulatory agency that oversees the labs. Why? Years ago, when the new TBGold came out, I tested positive for TB. Not once, not twice but three times. Each time I had the test cost me $250. I went through a year of Isoniazid therapy and had to see an infectious disease doctor every other month before I was cleared. I may interest you that with TB, it goes dormant in your body, but you always have it. That is why after being diagnosed you have to have a chest x-ray. Anyway, my new rheumatologist ordered blood work and one of the tests was the TBGold. I asked and he said it was negative. I then had a TB test that checked your DNA, that too was negative. Turns out I never had TB. Who do I complain if they are not regulated?

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